I received too many mails asking this question, I answered this question long time back and then I decided to make a video this morning, you can refer to old post at M.Tech or Job. I made this video many times, sometimes outside home sometimes inside home, finally decided to share the vid I made. I was dead tired and sleepy when I made this : (

The answer is pretty clear from my side. If something is not adding any value you, please don’t do it. Like M.Tech is an advantage over your bachelor’s degree, you can choose it. If you have two things in hand take the one that help you improve in long term.

Without much time I ask you refer to video and do drop questions you have.

Hope this helped you all. One more question is what to do with a contract of three years. I believe you really need three years to understand the real life industry applicable problems, therefore you can spend three years and then take a call. Just be clear in your thoughts.

I only ask you to look into it with a long term vision. If it all supports your long term goals go ahead.

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With this wish you all a great luck.