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IITs or IISc, What to Choose?

I received many questions asking for this clarification. I immediately mailed many of my known people who are in IISc and IITs and had offers from both the institutes. It was really invaluable to have their advices and I put my experience into it and made this post to help all those struggling with this question.

Toppers without any doubts go to IISc but few get struck into a decision making process because brand IIT. I hope this insight would make them clearer about their choices and help them in their decisions.

Its still cold here but I am wearing a half T Shirt just because its been a long time : D, hope I will take you out this room too soon and very soon ; ) just bear with me for some more time.

I just compared with IITB with IISc as I only consider about admission its IITB otherwise I dont even have to think about where I am going.

I am not against girls moving up the ladder. It’s a natural phenomenon that woman after certain age would like to look into certain affairs other than the office chemistry and pressure from industry. Keep that in view and amount of effort you put for going to that place should have a reasonable justification.

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With this wish you all a great luck ahead.


  1. Kedar

    If I’m entrepreneurship oriented ,also interested in advance technology , electronics background but love AI , interdisciplinary research….

    What will be the good option .
    I heard ,iisc is not about entrepreneurship as iit .

  2. surya manohar

    i am energetic open minded guy but i want join in mit. which institution should i prefer iit or iisc i am pretty sure that i will get good rank in iit advanced .But my nature is like”i want to invent something new” i want do research like einstein”.sounds crazzy i know that ….but i have that kind of attitude. i want to do a phd in quantum physics……could u please break my confusion please

  3. Sam S

    I have been reading your articles for a while now and have really appreciated your effort and quality. As I am in the IIT or IISc dilemma, I came to this post.
    I am a bit shocked to hear the blatantly sexist/misogynist comment. A few months ago, you said something against love marriage. I thought it was a one off. Then i see this. I guess you have changed.

  4. Disha

    Sir this is the first time i am visiting your website. It seriously disappoints me that a person like you who is so educated and all is so narrow minded. well its your opinion i know but still its not good. you say girls cant handle pressure. well most men while trying to reach their goals have obstacles only from their career ..they only have to compete with others..while most girls have to handle pressure from society, family, companies and even people like this who are all perfectly structured in a wrong manner..stop being so do you think we have people like sunita williams n Ginni Rometty(ceo ,president IBM)..BOXING WAS AND is considered only suitable for men but mary kom proved them wrong did many other women..i just feel girls should not be influenced by society n be bold about what they want n its nothing based on gender ..i am sorry if it disappoints ..but this the fact ..check out how sudha murthy fought JRD tata ..sir please do read this article and take your words back..

    its not only boys even girls do want to rock n can rock the world by getting into iits.. my sis whose in iit is the best live example for me ..for this
    but i do like other articles of yours n it has helped and i thank you for that

    1. Zahid

      Hmmm… read the comments and answers above.

      Its not narrow minded, its clear direction. See your nature and decide, and my analysis is based on majority (statistical). If you are different go ahead and choose differently.

      Many have done it you can do it too. Watch the vid again you will understand.

      Dont fool yourself and live someones life. Take a decision based on your nature and let the world do and say whatever they can. Thats how I do and ask you to do follow that : )

  5. meenakshi

    and a large number of people who leads the world, they are and were hardly from the top institutions. am i wrong. they reached there coz they never discriminate on the ground of sex , race and religions. to be a big person, you need a degree. but to be a great human being , you need a great thinking. who says woman can’t do sacrifice, who has sacrificed in this world more than any woman. now don’t say you are not a gender biased person. why don’t you say ” the world and india also has few number of womans at the top positions, so to bridge that gap ,girls should go to the iits (according to your thinking). but you choose the other way. i don’t understand , why do the males of india so afraid of woman power. when they failed to stop them, they make comments to underestimate them, but your trick will not work today. thats why there was a time when there was no woman enterpreneur in the world, and today there are a few of them. the day is not far when there will be 50% of these womans. so encourage them, give them a way ,and please change your “attitude”, which is lying in the dust!. if you feel bad , i can’t help it , coz i want that.please take ypur words back………………..

    1. Zahid

      Thanks Meenakshi,

      Please read my about comment to JiJi for my point of view.
      Do read this post from Times Magazine for more on it.
      Dont miss to read comments on it.

  6. meenakshi

    sir, how do you expect a huge number of woman enterpreneurs, when people like you, make such a comments for girls . oh god! discrimination even in the field of choices. i think it’s all about attitude, iisc is not inferior to iits , but today very cleverly you have make it inferior to iits coz girls should studied there. please keep your personal views upto you , coz a lot of girls may feel offended. hats off! to all these womens , who make their place in this patriarchal world. institute can gives you a degree , but they never makes a person. today world needs more persons, not degreeholders as you. i regret to be a huge fan of you, coz only the bearer knows, where the shoe pinch. and being a girl i can understand what all girls might have feeling. it can change their whole personality , whether they are never going to any iits and impacts a lot, so my honest request to you ,please don’t make such a comments.only a girl can knows , what it meant to her. and my question to you , do you want the more number of womens reaching the top? if yes, why is this discrimination then………………….think it. thanku

  7. Rahul

    It is just a post graduation course.It has nothing to do with personality.The ultimate aim of gate exam is to ensure that the brightest students(ie. the top 0.01%) should get the best quality education available in our country.For a particular subject you may have to choose an IIT which has the best faculty in that department.For civil engineering IIT Kanpur is the best like that.Sir, I’m a constant viewer of this site.I’m a big fan of your’s.I believe that personality is the only thing that can be improved irrespective of the age.The top educational institutions in our country including IITs and IISC are making better personalities over the years.Its a choice of heart and not choice to be made with brain.

  8. varun

    i have 57% in my
    i wanna do is it possible to do it from iit
    if not which colleges can i get with good gate score

    i will be writing gate in 2014

  9. jijipaul123

    Dear Sir,
    I very well appreciate the fact that this is a personal blog and all the perceptions here are purely personal to you. But still, please do not make anti-feminstic comments like girls may join IISc (preferably) and not IITs. According to me, your blog is being viewed daily by a lots of readers, especially younger generation. Many do get inspired by you as well. When you make such a comment, many do follow it, knowingly or unknowingly. Such proscriptions should never be imbibed into the younger minds. Sorry to disturb you Sir, but encourage young girls to come out of shell, encourage them to become great entrepreneurs, greats researchers, great citizens… That would be wonderful…
    Once again sorry for my comment, I request your pardon to jeopardize your personal talk, if I have done so.

    1. raveena

      yes me too feel the same.stop saying like tat zahid, it will create some impact on girls plz dnt repeat it.

    2. Zahid

      @Jiji and others:

      Thank you soo much for giving your view. I really appreciate it. I totally agree with you and on your statement that we need woman entrepreneurs, researchers and citizens. Infact the whole video is about people having great importance and would lead the nation in few years, and I shared my views for both the genders.

      When I recommended a choice for girls, its based on my experience in Industry. Kindly dont under estimate IISc. I myself loved the place, tried three times didnt made it so went to IIT.

      On the same time, my opinion is based on my experience in academia and industry. As I said I see very less female executives not only in India but all around the world, because the price and sacrifice for being at the top is too high. When you are in industry you will realize what I mean by that.

      When recommended I said most of the girls, if you think otherwise, we can have a personal conversation (as others do). Many of InI followers girls, opt for IITB after seeing this or consulting. Many of the guys opted for IISc too. As I said its all nature.

      What I shared here is my opinion based on experience and statistics. Experiences I collected from students who are studying in those institutions. My opinion is not based on gender discrimination. These are just to help students across, kindly dont get sentimental over gender. Because no guy turned up to me said why you always support girls with a clear opinion where as leave guys in confusion about the choice.

      Just remember to get into IISc and IITB you got to be in top 100 AIR in GATE. Anyone reaching out there is awesome.

    3. Zahid

      Do read this article in Times Magazine and read the comments to understand what I talked about.

  10. Subhasish

    So In my understanding IIT Bombay giving the managerial aspect along with the technical thing like entrepreneurship

    And IIT Bombay is more into research in your particular domain.

  11. preeti

    NIT warangal or trichy or surathkal or allahabad wich one is best for CSE according to placement?

  12. ANKUR

    If I am getting GNR field in IITB and core in new IIT which IIT should I choose??

  13. rizwan

    I got AIR 1071 in GATE2012 CSE, I got interview call from IIT Kanpur but not from IIT Kgp… any Idea??

  14. Pranshu Agrawal

    “Go with the wind, your Nature”. \m/

  15. Vageesha JM

    Ya brother take out from that room we want to see KOREA..

    1. Zahid

      hahaha okie bro. Weather is getting better and you will see more out here. Just a recent clip 😉

  16. jigar

    thanx a lot zahid…………….its really gr8…………………..

  17. Rekha Govindaraj

    I have the same and exactly same opinion , my thought process is clearly reflected here when I chose IITKgp/IISc.. Not only acads and subjects are great abt IIT but the it makes a you very robust, competent and very well suits prudential natured candidates..
    Good job..

  18. Mayuri

    Thanks a lot Zahid. This video & the comparison you made is really awesome & very useful. I taken my decision in the evening & watched this after some hours…But after watching this I am feeling very happy about my decision. Thanks for giving a very gr8 view to look at IITB :)…& about the feeling of being IITBan

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