I received many questions asking for this clarification. I immediately mailed many of my known people who are in IISc and IITs and had offers from both the institutes. It was really invaluable to have their advices and I put my experience into it and made this post to help all those struggling with this question.

Toppers without any doubts go to IISc but few get struck into a decision making process because brand IIT. I hope this insight would make them clearer about their choices and help them in their decisions.

Its still cold here but I am wearing a half T Shirt just because its been a long time : D, hope I will take you out this room too soon and very soon ; ) just bear with me for some more time.

I just compared with IITB with IISc as I only consider about admission its IITB otherwise I dont even have to think about where I am going.

I am not against girls moving up the ladder. It’s a natural phenomenon that woman after certain age would like to look into certain affairs other than the office chemistry and pressure from industry. Keep that in view and amount of effort you put for going to that place should have a reasonable justification.

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With this wish you all a great luck ahead.