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Difference Between IITs and IISc: Which One Do I Choose?

First of all someone would be highly lucky and smart to get a call from both of them. If they realize what they have in their hands they can change the world around. Though for me it’s not that complicated to decide where to go, but it might be super complicated decision for many. And for rest of others it would be just great to know what these institutes are and what are their main purpose and differences.

The major difference lies in the reason of establishment itself that eventually lead to huge difference in both the institutions and their approach towards different things. IITs were established to provide finest technical manpower for building the nation. IISc was established by private bodies to conduct core research with focus on advancing the scientific capabilities of the country. Therefore these institutes provide man power to according to their fundamentals.

You see hell lot of IITians in companies running here and there with a shiny life style and if you get a chance to go to IISc you feel the calm and focus without much shiny life style and a commitment to research and scientific advancements.

That was heavy right ‘scientific advancements’, yes for me too it’s a heavy term. Let’s go back reality and talk now. Does it mean one need to sacrifice his or her life for nation if the study at IISc and live a faaar less paying govt. job. Whereas IITs have form of cash cows called placements. Nope that not reality.

IITs offer emphasis or focus on B.Tech (under grad) courses where as IISc only starts at MS or M.Tech (graduate). IITs have several thousand students studying different streams of engineering to equip themselves to set in industry where as IISc have few students working towards high end research and get into research industries in the nation. Placements in IISc are as good as IITs may be with higher positions most of the time.

Now let me answer the famous question what do I prefer. Obviously its IISc for me there are lot of reasons, let highlight few quickly.

Faculty: Have a look onto any department faculty list in IISc and IITs, you would be amazed to see people who with noble laureates and few were nominated for noble prize too still love their lab and work in IISc. You hardly find a mach anywhere close to this.

Infrastructure And Application: They have best possible in infrastructure and its application in the nation. IITs also have great infrastructure but don’t have sufficient skilled man power to exploit or squeeze the full capabilities of the infrastructure. Whereas in IISc professors stick to their specific area for years together, build a lab and collect resources and best thing they know how to use them to and contribute to scientific development in real sense. IITs usually lack this ability, they don’t have a determined group working and focused on a area to contribute to the area and reach the level of nobility. IITs give best efforts to make students understand the existing technology and try to find its application.

Research Collaborations: As IISc hosts finest faculty, creators of a field of science, and fathers of new areas, they have contacts all across the globe. Their labs are so famous that the students can easily get accepted in any of the top university in any nation. Officially IISc have many research collaboration with industry and foreign universities that IITs are in their infancy now a days.

Placements: with all these usually student don’t look for placements. Though they have a lot of enthu for placements in their first year but as they spend more time in IISc they mostly tend to move to research. Even I have friends who did MS and PhD from IISc, joined Software industry at great position and left the industry in two years and went back to pure research again. Apart from that placements are far better and for better positions in IISc.

I will write about my personal relation with IISc in some posts sooner or later. I was shortlisted for interview four time and appeared for interview four times but couldn’t make it. The best thing is that, I got IBM award in IISc from a noble laureate for outstanding PhD work in 2006.

I feel great to write about IISc and feel so relaxed and refreshed even after 14hrs of hectic work. You should visit this place, even if you don’t get a chance to study. For me visiting IISc itself is an honor.


  1. zillur

    My daughter is appearing at iisc exam. I wish her success.

  2. Megha Shah

    I would choose MIT over both. As there is no place for specially abled and home schooled kids in IITs

  3. Kedar

    Hi zahid ,great guidance in simple language . thanks .I’m confused between two fields research and entrepreneurship. I love both. Which institution will provide me best environment to start a tech startup .
    I believe that tech savvy bussinessman drives the research world . From school days we have followed stories of scientists but in college stories of entrepreneurs have changed my vision. What to do ?

  4. Srinivasan


    I would prefer to enroll my children in IISc since both my children are crazy after research . They are in the 8 th Std. Can a UG course be done at IISc? Would like to become future entrepreneurs with experience with 10 to 15 years of work experience.

  5. SAM

    what is the likely duration of M.Tech(Research) in IISc ? what about the placement opportunities for M.Tech (Research) there ?

  6. ayesha


  7. T Ahmed

    Zahid Sir, can I have your email id plz.

  8. mehul kavdia

    well thanks a lot sir. I am in 11 presently. I am preparing for jee mains but I don’t want to do engineering. I want to pursue my career in research field in branches like astrophysics or nuclear physics. It’s a common opinion that engineering from IIT has a lot of importance n degrees like bsc or MSC don’t have value. Sir is it like that? And sir do iisc offer degrees in above mentioned courses ?

  9. Adithya Gowtham R

    Sir, I got AIR 56 in KVPY 2015.
    Sir, please tell me if I can get any course related to
    Particle physics in IISc.
    Thx in advance.

  10. aditya

    sir in terms of pay packages which is best choice,iisc or iit for pg course?

  11. G S Javed

    Hi Zahid,

    It feels nice to read this blog. You have articulated the article very well. I would encourage you add an update to the article with the various comments and suggestions in the comment section. There are many valuable points and insights in these comments.

    Why do I feel nice, you might ask?
    I am a PhD scholar having my research focus on Analog/RF Integrated Circuit Design (a.k.a Microelectronics a.k.a VLSI) in the ECE Dept. I work in the area of Sensor Interface Design a deeper understanding on Capacitance Sensors.
    The naivety that drives many young Indian graduates towards monetary benefits post engineering, is one of the major reasons that hinders research in India. There are still a few among them, like you and me, who would like to pursue research and make a contribution to the technological growth.

    The campus of IISc inspires you to achieve more. You are amongst some of the best minds in the country and interacting with them itself gives you a lot of knowledge to carry. And I have heard this from many alumni that – “Once an IIScian, always an IIScian.” Its a transformation in a person’s life that enhances your thoughts and actions in the life to come.

    Thank you Sir J N Tata !!
    You are a true visionary.

    1. Zahid

      Thank you so much Javed. I will write a follow up post soon based on comments.

  12. Hrushikesh Beheruka

    Sir how i can study at IISc Bangalore ,I am UG Chemistry(Hon) student

  13. arun

    If its computer science specific, then look no furthur than IITB. IITB is among the top few institutes over the globe heavily vested in machine learning where big players like MIT are doing cutting edge research. IISc is known for research citations only to bring its global ranking while actual technical workforce supplier is IIT. And one thing, the MTechs are called sarcastically MATKAs, even some profs do that. IISc has no bias. Even IITK to some extent. IITKgp , IITD, IITB does not respect the pg community.

  14. Vikas

    Thank you for this article
    Very well written

  15. Manjunath

    During my college days did not had adviser or god father, forcibly joined some other degree working & earning enough money. Now I am getting vomit after seeing money and but don’t have satisfaction in life due to ambitions was physics researcher…… Now I am aiming for kids. Many time visited interacted with students. IISc campus it’s awesome atmosphere, fantastic culture & research opportunities, red carpet for IISc Alumni globally,. If we want to achieve and wanted to different personality rather than being ordinary man like doing some engg, earning some lakhs/crore in MNC with pressure work or working in Govt job below some brainless politician.



  17. P T R Gupta

    Dear Zahid Bhayya, Thanks for the very informative article. Can you give me your personal mail id? My mail id is [email protected]. Looking forward for your reply.

  18. SAI TEJA G

    Before reading this post I was unable decide whether to take B.sc or B.tech.
    Actually I don’t know what B.sc is but now its clear.

  19. Ieshaan Saxena

    I am aiming for IISc. with a view of pursuing pure sciences. I would like to know about the career options after I complete a BSc. Other than that I would like to know about the salary after the undergraduate course.

  20. vikash

    thanks alot… it gona help me in many ways… 🙂

  21. Arjun Gopal

    Hi Zahid, thanks for your video.
    I got AIR-15 in chemical engineering and I am joining IISc for M.E. Hope it will be a wonderful experience! Thank you for the guidance!

    1. admin

      Congratulations and I believe made an excellent decision. Chemical IISc is one among top in the world. Good luck ahead. Now you must look at the global spear in coming days. Good Luck ahead.

  22. Divya Gupta

    i also have some queries about iisc like i want to know that how much time usual iisc take to award for phd admission and i also want to know the some information about interview. which type of questions are asked to me? can you please help me to answer these questions.

  23. Saifur Rahaman

    Thanks, It really good article for motivation.
    By the way, I get an offer letter of PhD program from IISc in this session (2015-16).
    Scholarship amount of IISc is very poor, so I cant take a decision to accept this offer yet.
    Please any one give me suggestion.

  24. Vinay

    what do they ask u in interview…?
    what about scholarships after being selected to bs…?

  25. Vinay

    will d interview be after or before selection via national exams…?

  26. Vamshi

    Hi Zahid,i got air 86 in gate 14 CS.Decided to join IISc M.E straightaway!would be great if we can meetup sometime after joining 🙂

    1. Zahid

      Sure Vamshi.
      Lets plan a meet either personal or virtual.

  27. Jayraj

    I have one query , I secured AIR 67 in chemical, while filling IISc application I gave departmental preference as 1.chemical 2.nanotechnology. I got interview call from nanotechnology, but now I am feeling nanotechnology is becoming more subject specific and I just want chemical department. Now If i do not go for interview will they consider me for next round for chemical department. Or just they will reject my application.

  28. Anon

    Being an IISc student.. i must tell you both IISc and IIT is crap! if you are think that you are smart enough to pursue a phd or masters, just dont join any IIT or IISc. Indian research scenario is not matured enough to do independent research ( for PhD). If you want to make this to open a door for higher studies abroad, maybe you should join a professor with contacts, willing to help student irrespective of he belongs to IIT or IISc. If you want to end up in job after masters in India, just dont join IIT or IISc. it wont give you much in back financially. still if you want to join IISc or IIT, its upto you… but non circuit branch guys… you are putting you in real trouble… be ready for situations where you may feel like a real loser after sometime. If you judge you are really bad at scientific writing, GRE TOEFL etc… for a good CV… pursue some other career or join IIT IISc

    1. Aditya

      What do you mean? it won’t give you back financially? isn’t mtech in india cheaper than abroad? finally are you trying to say, if you can’t go abroad then as last resort go for IIT/IISc?

  29. Ankit

    Please have a look at this answer at quora. I would really appreciate if you could please tell us something based on this. I am more concerned at the selection procedure of IISc and is it really true that students there are not of strong background (study basics)?

    Why is IISc not as popular as IITs in India


  30. keerti c s

    I would lyk to join IISC for M tech.can I get here through GATE results.If so den wht should be our ranking all over India

  31. yeshwanth.m

    Please, reply………….

  32. yeshwanth.m

    I am in class 11th , published my research paper at International journal at 16 year’s, i represented India at International research fair,USA , Gold medalist for research at IRISSCIENCEFAIR ,Delhi. I am depthly interested in research , aim is To join IISc , UG ,and continue research in Biology,

    Will they consider my published and achievements along with rank in JEE mains , If i get less rankings. Or will they consider only rank in JEE .waiting for your valuable reply ,sir.

    1. Arnab sen

      You must try to get through even if you have lesser rank.They will probably consider your achievements.


    really i also think iisc is the best research institute in india

  34. Lalitha Ramanathan


    My daughter would like to join IIS in UG stream Bankalore. How to get Seat & Placements & research centre. Now She is studying +2 Physics,Chemistry,Mathematics & Statistics stream under Tamil Nady Goernment She is joining 2014-15 only +2 scoring exams or any entrance exam is there kindly tell me

    1. SATISH

      Admissions will be based on the scores of National exams like KVPY & IIT JEE

  35. Soujas

    Hello everyone.
    I’m Soujas, a class 12 student from BGS NPS, Bannerghatta Road.
    I am really confused about my career options.. I used to go to a coaching institute for IIT-JEE examination, but recently, my teachers suggested me to drop out due to my receeding grades at school. They told that even if I perform well in the JEE exam and do bad in my board examination, it wouldn’t be of any use and to properly concentrate on my 12th exams as of now.
    So, recently my mother spoke to me about this too. She told that engineering is too common and it doesn’t stand much of a chance unless you qualify from a top class university.
    She told me to do B.Sc at IISc, after my 12th exams.
    When i googled about it, I read that IISc admits only 42 students per year, who have to be rank holders in KVPY or any such talent examination.
    I really would like to get into IISc and pursue my studies too.. But I’m highly confused upon how to go about. I don’t have much of time. I know that i need to work really hard which I’m ready to do.

    Can anyone please brief me on how exactly to prepare and on how to get into IIsc?


  36. Dr. Venu Gopal Madhav Annamdas

    Very good information. Rich people with Urban background usually study in IITs for B.Tech. Poor people even with good IQ cannot reach IIT-B.Tech so for them getting GATE top score and Reaching IISc is grate feeling. The rural background people are many in IISc…. this point I wanted to add to your post…. I studied here 12 years ago and I know the difference between IISc and IITs very much… it is HONOUR to be part of IISc alumni. First job is not an issue so never be carried away by first job offers for IIT students… worthy candidates will be hired even if you are in your home ….. so be smart in selecting institutes…


    Sir!Thanks a lot for this invaluable information.I am a BE Graduate and looking forward for perusing Mtech at IISc or IIT’s.Kindly suggest me in this regard.Will be anticipating your reply.
    Thank you.

  38. Shruthi

    Can we transfer credits from IIT/IISc to universities abroad?

    1. Zahid

      Yes you can.

  39. Arvind T

    IISc is overhyped , rarely do people with MSc/ME from IISc get a chance for PhD with top univ abroad. For Jobs IITs are better anyday. Go to IISc if you can’t get into IITs

    1. Nehal

      Well if you are getting IISc, you must be getting all other IITs as well. I rejected IIT B, IIT KGP and many others to join IISc

  40. Amit Rana

    Hi, Which one is better for CSE stuents iit or iisc?

  41. Soumik Chatterjee

    Which one is better or of more value (considering all/any factor(s)) for CS students in IISc?
    ME in Comp Sc or M.Tech in Computational Science? (or any other?)
    Thank you.

  42. karan

    One should chose the institute and the course based on what exactly one wants to become in life. First decide for oneself what one wants to become and then chose the best place to learn that. If one does not have any interest in research then there is no point in chosing IISc because the focus there in on research. IIT’s recieve the best quality students for their BTech program, those with IITJee rank less than 500 are usuall the brightest in the country as far of their memorization, technical analysis and associalted skills are concerned, but they could be bad in some other area like communication. A person who has recieved a good quality basic education in a decent school and lived in a decent environment may score better in communication. Technical skills, unless in a very niche research organization, can take one only so far and at higher levels one needs management skills too where traits like communication, time management, orderliness, stress management and strategic thinking and most importantly a realistic view of the scenario is important.

  43. Batuk

    can you give few tips about IIsc interviews for MSc (Engg.) in materials engineering department. Thanks..

  44. navdeep

    hello sir ,
    i am 2010 passout student from ECE branch (b.tech) ..after this for 3 years i did nothing b’coz of some family problems. but i really love dis field . i wanna write gate 2014..& want to go for iisc ..will they ask about gap in interview ?? i m really very tensed plz reply ..

    1. gaurav mehta

      but first u write gate 2014

    2. gaurav mehta

      and no one will ask for ur gap because the r not giving u job so be prepare for gate14 wish u all the best

  45. Neha

    Can you give a few tips on the IISC aptitude test and interview?

  46. rishabh

    @zahid sir,
    hello sir.I got AIR 8 in gate(cse) this year.I know i can get sear any premier institute of country,thats why i was confused to choose between IIsc and IIT M,but after reading your article i know where m goin.thank you so much,this article helped me alot.

    1. Zahid

      Congratulations Rishabh. Great job done, keep doing great. We go to get on phone soon after you are done admissions.

  47. Karthick Krishnan

    Hi All,

    Let me break the ice at this point.

    1. IIT / IISc doesnt matter….. Your thoughts, brought up , interests & through all these how do you wanna make a living??? Thats wat matters

    2. People are brand crazy….. I know utter dumbheads from these institutes as well as bright stars from a third tier uni.

    I know after reading my comment…. Most of you would be tempted to post a comment as stated below,

    “You didnt get a chance to study in IIT /IISc…. You didnt clear GATE ….. You score wasnt decent enuf to make it big in IIT / IISc…”

    For all those people….. I am an IIT B graduate Mech. Engineer (94 Batch)…..

    Karthick Krishnan (KK)

    1. Varun

      Hello KK,

      Thats true, I completely agree…… you summarized the whole part in a nut shell!!!!!

  48. Aishwarya

    Hi, I’m studying 2nd year pu right now in karnataka and i plan to join iisc bangalore. Can you tell their criteria of selecting. Will I be able to get in if i get a good score in neet, beamause I wont be giving jee or any other exam. since I’ve always been interested in medicine, I never paid attention to the other exam and now that I am keen on studying physics, it’s too late to apply for them!. And also could you tell me if we can get education loans on india until we do our MSc, and weather we would get any financial aid during phd and exactly what jobs can we apply for after phd. Sorry for troubling you with so many questions!

  49. Yogesh

    @Zahid, I doubt your comments. Please name a few courses and profs. you work with at CSA. If you just talk to your prof. he will place you to whichever company you like or get you in whichever University you want for PhD irrespective of your grades or GRE/AGRE marks. The power is in the professor you work and you seem to be underestimating it immensely. I have yet to see Indian university from which ME/Mtech students are pulled into IBM/Microsoft/Bell Labs research directly or placed in MIT/Stanford/Princeton effortlessly. Don’t look for short term objectives and money portions but look at the long term view and stick with your professor doing research and getting few citations under your name. Everything else will fall in place and you will rise above others!

  50. Anonymous

    Hi Zahid,

    I am student at CSA, IISc, your post is almost true. Yes we have top GATE rankers in our batch including me. We have excellent faculty,I think of international level. We work really hard in Masters and we are proud of it. But you are wrong about placements.
    This year Google came to IISc but didn’t took any student(But they many from IITs).
    Samsung Korea came to IITM giving 82Lakh package whereas in IISc Samsung R&D India is coming ut they are paying basic even less than NVIDIA or Just more than TCS(CTC).
    There are many great Companies which have come to IITs till now but they are not coming to IISc.
    All my classmates are brilliant but because of less placement, some of them have to do work which they don’t even like(at least for an year).

    1. Ravindra

      Hi, this is Ravindra. Doing electroics and communications engineering in 4th year. I hv a doubt, to your post.
      If i prefer placements(core branches like ec), then should i select iits rather than iisc?

  51. saurabh

    i find this discussion a bit long ago
    now there’s even an undergrad BS[4 year] programme at IISc
    iwill be grateful if u help me choose btw
    btech of IITs and this one

    1. Ramesh

      go for IIT btech if you are getting the branch of your choice..

  52. Krish Mohan

    I am an IISc Alumni.
    What’s the difference between the IISc and the IITs?
    The IITs are there since everybody cannot get into the IISc.

    Krish Mohan

    1. Ramesh

      I am an alumni of IIT M as well as IISc.The difference is highly exaggerated.In terms of teaching and faculty quality both are comparable.The main difference lies in the focus.IITs are more industry oriented but IISc is more research oriented.At Masters level there is no big difference between the two unless one is looking for a specific dept/specialisation. For ex for Chemical or Microelectronics anyday IIT Bombay is better than IISc but something like biochemistry IISc is better , n so on. At PhD level more than the institute the supervisor matters..

      If someone disagrees one can check for themselves the citation index of the faculty- google scholar is available. Yes there is a bias in IITs against non IIT Btechs which is not there at IISc.

  53. Hitesh Aggarwal

    “where as IISc only starts at MS or M.Tech (graduate)”
    AFAIK This isn’t the case. IISc offers Bachelor of Science (B.S.) too.
    Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  54. kugan

    I am kugan and i completed by B.E .I hav a doubt whether an ordinary person like me can study in iisc ???and tell about the interview process and entrance test in iisc ??ie easy or tough ??

  55. mahendra

    i feel like floating in the air after i got admissions in IISc , IIT kanpur , madras and mumbai. but the thing that haunts me is that in IITs tehy offer particular specialization but in IISc its like ME in electrical engg. not a particular specialization. so can u help me out by suggesting the pros and cons of joining IISc leaving the rest of the iits.
    by the way i am btech student in electrical and electronics, appeared gate 2012 and secured AIR 114

  56. farha

    well,i wanted to know the future opportunities on doing B S course in IISc.it is a new course and as arun has already mentioned,no batch has passed out yet!!I’m in a great dilemma.many say that IISc has been renowned only for their postgraduate courses and same boom cannot be expected for an undergraduate course.What would be the future options?somebody,please do reply fast.I have to make a decision soon.

  57. Renuka.A

    Hi Sir,
    i got offer letter from ME Programme in MICROELECTRONIC
    Your selection is provisional and is based on your GATE score of Electronics and Communication Engineering.
    I’m bit concerned about Campus, Faculty and Placements also what’s the procedure for Admission mine dated on 28 july 9:00am , what all documents to be produced? They have mentioned to send Original GATE Score Card , and i’ve Sent my Original GATE score card to them, Does it make a confirmed Seat in IISC?
    Pls do kindly reply 🙂


  58. rohit

    nice article,
    i’ve got iisc and had some doubts,
    helped me clear them

  59. Pradeep Kumar

    GATE score can only fetch you a passage for interview to these esteemed institutions but gaining entry is sheer attitude, grit, hard work and luck. Those who get there are a lucky few. Luck is not the right word. More right to say “God rewarded them for their effort, sincerity and hard work”. Nothing else. IISc is head and shoulders above IIT’s. Nation should thank Tata for this. Tata’s trip to USA by ship, when he came under the influence of his co-traveller and gifted this great Institution to India. Many does not know that this co-traveller was none other than Swami Vivekananda. IISC is India jewel a Global Institution at par to many in the world. Entry to it is by itself a reward for ones achievements.

  60. Mayur

    Ya definetly, if we go resarch oriented then iisc most preferable but, if i wish to go package oriented then which should i prefere iisc or iit?

  61. gaddam santhosh

    I am trying only for IISc, this in GATE 2012 i didn’t made it, but im sure i will made it in GATE 2013 to get into IISc. I have listened about it from my sir who is the old student of IISc. He said everything about the IISc, one thing i will never forget is after studying in IISc when we leave IISc and comes into the outer world of IISc we will throw DUST INTO A DUST BIN only, that sentence may enough to explain how the inside environment will be in IISc, Coming to research it is the number one in INDIA now and forever, every year maximum number of Ph.d researchers are awarded only from the IISc. Also it provides the world class research education. As an INDIAN i study in IISc and will research for INDIA and will put india’s name in top if possible by me in computer research education…

  62. kishore

    i am a kvpy scholar under sx stream got 414 rank but i have heard that only 354 students of sx are being called for the counsiling will there be second counselling for entry into BS PROGRAMS

  63. abc

    hi all,
    it is a good article on i vs i but anyone can tell me what the career opportunities (both position and salary package wise) are there after doing only bs programe from iisc.

    1. xyz

      yeah..anyone please do reply…me too aspiring to join the bs programme.but,no one supports me to take such a risk since ours is going to be second batch.so,please,if anyone knows about the thing,please do reply.

  64. arun

    I have got a chance in the BS 2012 programme at IISc .I am deeply interested in Physics.But I have heard that students may not get the subject(specially physics) they wish to major in due to heavy demand.
    Also I have heard that the pressure is huge as one has to study 7-8 subjects.Another thing is that the course is absolutely new.We dont know what the future of the 1st batch is.Under this circumstances if I get an integrated M.Sc in IIT wil it be wise to take it up?

  65. devender

    its really been honor to be a part of IISC. It is one of the best institute in the world (ranked 18). since i am not a part of this institute but really its outstanding work in research motivates me a lot.

  66. confused

    you talk about m.tech courses from iit’s and iisc but have never mentioned the placement packages of these course. They are not even available on the net after searching whereas they are always available for b.tech course.
    What is the average package for a person doing M.tech in civil engineering from iit delhi?

  67. Ankitkumar Chheda

    If someone ask me, I will prefer MS(res) in IITs over IISc. My dream is MS(Res) – Comm. at ‘Bharti School’ in IIT-D.

  68. dev

    but if we want to join d core industry den is iit best ??

  69. Snehangshu Patra

    Dear Zahid, Your post is very good advertisement of IISc, and overall fundamental research. i too was pass out from IISc in or around same time like you(2002-2009 dec). i feel in love with IISc. everytime i visit iisc, i feel more for it.
    now, if you talk about quality of science (fundamental), culture of science in IISc, it is satisfactory until i went to abroad to do fundamental research. In IISc, we are lacking quality of science, understanding of the fundamentals. In general, India really lack very good understanding of science (personal view).
    now, it is not really good to comapre IIT and IISc as the culture of science is different. But IIT are now coming up with very good fundamental research scientist. Neverthless, IISc is by far best in Indian science by logic as well as emotion. good luck. your logical comments will be appreaciated with high reagrds.

    1. Ankitkumar Chheda

      I agree Indian Science somewhat lacks behind in fundamental applications, but I feel IISc is something which as core called SCIENCE in it. Instead when I look towards IIT, many under-grad prepare for GRE, CAT, GMAT or PSU exams and less or few of them for GATE and for PG students, they expect high position with well settled life style but some of them also go for PhD.
      And this is the same scenario in foreign countries. I dont know anything about you if you ask me, I will say every stream/branch/field/subject choose their own experts and its matter of time. And to prove your point, many Indian are getting nominated for NOBEL and ROYAL SOCIETY’s awards and some of them winning and all of them are not working in India but somewhere else on the globe.
      If you ask me to blame, I will blame Indian politics. We will need people like Dorabji Tata and Mr. Naidu, any more from 1950’s era. 🙂

    2. Kapil

      Hello Dr. Snehangshu Patra,

      Its great honor for I n I and students like us that you commented here and enlightened us with your views.
      Being part of IISc or IIT is, for sure, dream come true for GATE aspirants and very few of them can fulfill their desire and you are one of them!
      Can you please put more light on how lack quality of science, understanding of the fundamentals can be fulfilled and How would that impact in doctoral and/or postdoctoral studies/research?
      It happens many times that we do not get good infrastructure or environment but I personally feel at some extent it can be overcome especially in the world of internet where people are closely connected.
      I honestly dont know its possible with Pure Science students (like Chemistry etc) but certainly possible with Computer Sciences or related streams.
      Thanks again for giving time for reading and sharing your views.

  70. rkreddy

    I didn’t get seat in IISc, but I stayed in IISc campus for 15 days. I visited computer science& automation dept., labs and spoke with prof’s and HOD of CSA even I’m from EC background and I went to library. Library have so many books including international editions.

    What mistake i did is i visited campus after my GATE exam. If I visited before my GATE exam definitely I’ll try my best to get a seat in IISc.

  71. Mohammmad Mustafa Shareef


    Thanks for recognizing me.when r u coming to home man.
    I still remember when i called u for a symposium at my school.it was a great interaction between u and the pupils. i am thankful for that even now.
    i need ur phone number i want to talk with u.

  72. Sweta

    I am from IISc and I can guarantee that anyone who had studied there is bound to fall in love with the place. The entire environment is so peaceful. The pressure is undoubtedly huge but with such helpful profs and students it is not very difficult. The placements are at par with IITs + the advantage of being an IIScian fetch you better positions.

    IISc and IITs cannot be compared. They excel in their own fields. Choose between them depending on your area of interest.

    1. Kalyan

      @swethaji,madam do you mean high positions by “high Paying positions”.we are money minded people and not in a privileged situation to serve the country.so to Earn hefty package-Iisc or iit

    2. Sweta


      I meant even in companies ul b given a better position(both pay wise and post wise)
      And I guess same is the case with IITs.
      IISc and IITs are very different though.


      i have secured air 41 in gate exam…what rank is expected to be a part if iisc..and is it fully research related…or it also ensures simillar degree patterns like in iit’s..and is there ANY interview conducted by iisc as a part of their admission process

  73. Alok

    congratulations (though it’s too late now 🙂 ) for that IBM award sir 🙂 🙂

  74. Vikram Karve

    IITs produce managers and engineers.
    IISc produces research scientists.
    Both have their place and should not try to imitate each other.

  75. shakti pratap

    hi friends,
    i’m joined for ME(civil,structures) this year IISc…i would like to share few things about this college.first of all i would like to say that i used to view this website frequently while preparing for GATE 2011.its really a very good website.it helped me lot.
    now coming to point, well IISc is very nice place for those ppl who are really interested in higher studies.otherwise it will be like a hell means, lot of pressure.its not an easy to be here like in IITs.pressure will be less on PhD ppl as compared to ME/MTech(short duration programme).PhD ppl enjoy being here. so dont decide to come here (if u r not interested much) just because of name n fame of IISc.i know many ppl who came here just because of its IISc. n lots of ppl left in first year before finishing the programme.
    so decide carefully.
    best of luck all aspirants…:)

    1. Kalyan

      So good to have you here sir,can you tell how is the placement scenario in Iisc(forget about hectic work etc)is it better than Iit mumbai.you are the right person to answer this question

  76. bakeel khan

    nice post sir, i have heard a lot about IISc and think that IISc is better then IITs but don’t know the difference so clearly.. but thanks a lot to make it so clear…
    I am not so lucky that i will get a call from both IISc and IITs but have a wish to visit IISc campus once.
    but even if i ever have a chance to select one of them i will definitely select the IISc..
    About the campus it is also very good my friend has done his M.Tech. in Aerospace engg. and he is working in a very good company at a very good position..

  77. xyz

    Dear Zahid,
    I am really thankful for u for giving the major differences between the two, till today i had lots of confusions about it..this article inspired me to aim for better rank in GATE, but i ve 1 doubt, even though IISc is superior to IIT in all aspects then why is that IIT Bombay was rated higher than IISc by some foreign organisation last year?? like IIT bombay was in top 200 in the world but IISc was not.

  78. Chetankumar

    From almost four years I have been asking this question (Diff. between IISc & IIT’s) to friends, students & even to the professors also but finally I was remained unsatisfied at the end. But now I got the answer on “I n I”(actually I got more than I have ever thought). Thank you very much to “I n I”.

    Also million thanks to Zahid Sir for posting this thread & giving the students such an exclusive information about basic principles of IISc & IIT’s.

  79. narendra

    hello i motivated by your colum and now i fix my goal to study in IISC only
    thanks for your sharing

  80. Arjun M

    very true.. IISc is such a unique place. I often visit there, the breeze itself gets the feel of research.. I usually interact with the professors and every time its a new experience. I am trying my best to get into IISc. Just hoping for the best.

  81. Bikram Ballav

    Now a days older IIT’s trying to build Research Labs and Environments, if u see IIT-Delhi and IIT-Bombay CSE department site, u can find many new and prominent faculty members joined there since last few years and they are looking for motivated students .

    1. Zahid

      True Bikram, There is also talk about converting IITs into pure research organizations too, but I think will take time for them to catch up with IISc level in research and international reach.

  82. pankaja

    From 2011 IISc has started an undergraduate course named BS (bachelor of Science) which is of four years duration.

    Yes, getting into IISc is verrrry tough. I tried for this course but my rank was too less. But I agree with your point that visiting that place is itself a great experience. I will try my best in GATE (after 4 years 🙂 )and hope to get it.

  83. Mohammmad Mustafa Shareef

    The way u have distinguish between IITs and IISs it was really good and it was easy to understand.if it is possible can u inspire and ignite us on Groups/services exams.

    1. Zahid

      Walaikumsualam Mustafa,

      Woow I am surprised to see you here. How are you doing and how and why did you come here ??? So long time, still playing cricket? Wish you would have come in Indian team 🙂
      As you know I was not groups and services, though I liked that one time but didnt put much efforts to know about them, I will check them back only because you requested it and inshallah would share with you.
      Do find some time to sit together and let me know I still miss the choppadandi match 🙂 and thanks for giving me chance and trusting me as captain 🙂

  84. Mithun H

    @Zahid sir,
    its an honour for me too. …
    well .. i didnot study there nor did i visit there but i love IISc for its love and passion for science and research . If i ever go for higher studies it will be IISc.

    I loved this post. Thanks a lot .

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