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I Want To Do B.Tech Or M.Tech In… Field, Do I Get A Great Job?

I have been writing since last three years about engineering studies and close to admissions I get this very common question. I myself have been wondering about an answer to this question and with experience in life I got an answer for this.

Things around us usually give pointers for us to decide upon what kind of course we take up and what kind of decision about the courses we take. These pointers would help you and have been helping many others for years to make decisions in their careers. This is one of the reasons why we see many kids in doctors’ families opting medicine and students from families having many engineers opting for engineering course. This is also very common in business families too. Now peers also make a great in making career decisions.

Now let’s begin with the question, what is a great job for you. Is that pay makes a job great or something else? Answer this question would help mostly deciding where you will be rest of your life. When I was at verge of finishing my engineering the most importance parameter for evaluating job was money. I seriously felt that nothing can fetch me more money and in dollars than a PhD and I started working for that. Why I thought that PhD would fetch more money? It’s just because I used to read a lot of research magazines during engineering. At the end of magazine there used to be academic jobs, like jobs for Assistant professor, post doctoral researcher. Every job would fetch at least $30000, as IEEE magazines are international the pay used to be mentioned in USD. This attracted me in 2001.

Similarly for many students the influencing factors can be their siblings, friends’ siblings, relatives doing cool jobs, or class toppers jobs. All these people make us think that certain job is great and make us desirous to work towards that. If you are exposed to high profile job or business early in life you would opt for that otherwise its takes time to understand what is actually great is. Few get that chance earlier than others, because of their endless desire to explore and luck support those kinds of kids.

After almost a decade of running after this question of great job I concluded few things. Having a great job is a never ending process. Once I grow higher the next higher position look great to me. The more I grow the more I work hard and look ahead. Almost everyone feels that I am doing the best but still I feel I have a long way to go. On the same time I see I am not happy. There is something missing somewhere. Finding that is more important. That was the question asked many people who changed tech industry at early stage. Right from Steve Jobs to Bill Gates to Zuckerberg asked this question and in return they did what they are doing.

After studying longer, working longer both in academics and industry and travelling all around the world and seeing what all people do in life, I realize that one can make money with any profession. The most important thing is to do what you love. Find out what like to do and enjoy and jump into it. Trust me you will have an excellent job, because every domain need very good people in the world and the first spot is always vacant.

With all my experience put in one place I can bet that you spend most of your life time at job or work place and if you want to be happy just choose a stream that interests you and you think you can do great. Money is same in every place you just need to know where to go to get that with the work you love. Don’t get influence with money and showoffs, it’s just not important. The most important is how do you do what you like.

I suggest you to keep in mind that you are here to make world a little better place. Just try for that little contribution through the field you like and think really contribute. Money is a lot there on table and trust me it’s searching for you if you are good in whatever you do.

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  1. Fazil Sha

    what iam need to take if iam go for higher studies after finishing BTECH?
    is M.S benefit to get better job?

  2. Soumen

    I am a student of of electrical course number 96.6 % in first year

  3. Kanha Meher

    Sorry sir ,, i have completed 2 sir

  4. Kanha Meher

    Hiii Zahid sir
    actually sir i am getting confusing to choose which path. And i have completed just 2 and i have some financial problem sir and if i will get job as soon as possible than i will lead my family sir . So sir plzzzz help me .

  5. Praveen Kumar

    Yes there is always and better option you could try doing your M-tech which will give a large no. of job oppurtunities or you could also try doing some automation courses after finishing your B-tech which would also give an better option for varieties of job

  6. brijesh

    I m still confused between n mba….
    And I really donno for where I good at….
    Cause in my whole engineering…
    I may read approx 8×8=64-32=32days…..n got 8/10 in engineering….
    I got almost good marks in all 8 semisters…
    But I still thinks that I donno anything….
    Some guys say go for I gave gate n got 16/100…
    that means I really donno anything ….
    Wat to do mab?….damn I really donnooo
    Mba is awesome but…. wat to dooo….yaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkke?

  7. Parth

    I am pursuing my B.Tech in Computers, and I’m interested in having Software Engineering, or I should say Software Designing as my carrier. Operating Systems, UI, UX is what I like, and I would like to know if I should continue with M.Tech or take up a job after bachelors, and if such a post exists in the industry.
    Thank you.

  8. manisha.k

    Hello sir,

    I am pursuing my B-tech final year on cse platform,so I just wanna ask ur guideline on my opinion of doing MS….
    Actually I have completd my GRE course also last one month back but due to sme financial problems I couldn’t take my GRE test ,,,but truely and heartfully I like to do my MS and proceed for my higher studies ,but my parents wann me to go with the JOB ……
    So if I get a gud job in an MNC company then after can I do my MS…..DO i get any problems with the company???
    And can I proceed with the studies after the job plzz do give some suggestion to me ……..

  9. Vinayak kini

    Hello Sir,

    I am planning for in Comp science I just wanted to know which field is best to choose between these and what kind of job do i get!?


    Thank you in advance 🙂

  10. Mohit Abhishek

    Regarding the words,

    Few get that chance earlier than others, because of their endless desire to explore and luck support those kinds of kids.

    Luck never plays its part every time. The kids who start with a superb package are actually playing this game from many years when the normal kids use to enjoy their college & school life. These kids had made a lot of compromises in their teenage & early adulthood, just because success is everything for them. They had struggled a lot & had played a game of trade-off with their golden period.

    Again, intelligence never plays its part but the hard work & endless greediness for success, money & power had made them successful. For these kids, life is a race & cannot compromise with the things, they had been given easily.

    Kids who are in the lead of the market never get satisfied with anything, whatever the amount of success they get in life. And that’s why, they continuously work to achieve more & more. The one who are satisfied remains at the same position throughout their life time.

    Greed is a lot important for success & satisfaction leads to stability.
    Someone had said this line & I cannot remember the exact line but the meaning is same; but is completely true!

  11. Pavithra.p

    Thank u Ah i got lot of information.. . But i need some more information my cut of mark is 191 (state board) and in aiee my state category rank is 4002(obc) .could tel me which college is better to choose for me plz plz plz email ur reply

  12. adnivog

    with 4.69 lakh rank in aieee,can i get a good college anywhere in india?

    1. Mohit Abhishek

      You can apply in Orissa. They use to take admission using AIEEE scores. As far as I know, you will get branches like IT, Civil etc. in good colleges.

      Good colleges means that placement in these colleges is above 60% with average package of 2.5 lakhs!

      I recommend you to go thru Orissa Jee’s website! Again, move faster else the registration dates will be closed.

      All the best! Hope you can get a pass in good colleges with a nice branch!

  13. Zara Shaista

    what to do if 2yrs gap after btech what are the opprtuinites btech cse

    1. Mohit Abhishek

      Well, there are 100s of companies waiting for you! Package is a little bit low. I mean to say that you can easily earn 12k-15K per month in metros like Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad!

      You just need to grasp over any of the following packages:-
      Dreamweaver & Action Script
      After Effects
      (Top 3 are in high demand)

      Many small companies recruit student from any stream having any number of backlogs, huge number of year gaps & a lot of things.

      They just need 3 things:-
      1. 50% marks (Some consider upto 45%)
      2. Good communication skills (Doesn’t imply grasp over English but your way of communication should be impressive)
      3. Grasp over any particular package (You don’t need to know about everything from all the domains, just need to be expertised in a single domain)

      Note for Caution: If you have little knowledge about every package, it will be of no use! These smaller companies search for developers who are expertised in a particular domain of their requirement.

      Again, add your CV on; it will provide you with tons of oppurtunities according to your profile.

    2. Zara Shaista


  14. Gate Cse

    Nice read out, people can also check Prof D Sangki’s view about that same topic here

  15. Rishav

    Hello, I have sent a mail in details regarding this. Hope you will answer that.
    I want to pursue M.Tech in software field though my B.Tech is in Electronics. But most of my seniors and friends telling to be in my own domain. But as of the ‘happiness’ u told about above.. i think it will be good for me to go for Software. What do u say..!!??

    1. Zahid

      You know what you want, see, just go ahead and grab it 🙂

    2. Rishav

      🙂 yup… thanks… i have almost decided for it. But does the IITs or NITs allow to do M.Tech in Software if is in Electronics..?? Because i have to seat on EC paper in GATE. If not, should i go for the CS paper..?? or should i try for IIITs or such other institutes..??

  16. warrior

    Hi Zahid,

    Could you please repost or highlight this article below:

    bcoz many people are asking this question repeatedly as this is the important step of their career..!!

    Job prospects after Mtech.
    Mtech vs Job @ MNC
    IIT vs Nit

    these wud be the top 3 questions ppl are asking!! Reposting them every academic year would help students or please provide links in the side pane as it would be helpful and easy to access..

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