Changes In GATE 2014 And Preparing Strategy

There has been a lot of speculation about a major change from GATE 2014. There were a lot of changes in GATE 2013 you can refer to my video post at GATE 2013 changes for more details.

After I received many emails regarding the changes in GATE 2014 I did some research from all official sources leaving media stuff aside. I could figure out the following things.

1. GATE is going to change drastically.
There will be entire new type of exam going to happen, as I read in a report by MHRD, saying that they are in consultation with an international and experienced test origination for GATE and NET exams. I guess it’s Prometric, that conducts GRE and TOFEL kind of exams.

For updated analysis follow GATE 2014 Changes and watch the below video.

2. A two level Exam.
GATE mains is mostly expected to be GRE type and GATE Advance (names might change) would be subject exam.

3. First Paper
First paper would be like GRE (consist of math and aptitude and may have some flavor of subject) scores can be same as GRE too. I would cover more in coming posts on that topic. PSUs and other organizations can recruit using these scores.

4. Second paper
Second paper would entirely be based on Subject and M.Tech admissions are based on the scores in second paper. To appear for second paper one need to be above certain cutoff in first paper.

5. Previous Degree Marks
GATE scores could also consider earlier degree marks for making final scores.

When this change is going to happen
As I feel Govt. is looking for it to start from GATE 2014. This will be clear after GATE notification is issued. I expect mostly first paper would be computer based and second paper can be paper based.

For updated analysis follow GATE 2014 Changes and watch the below video.

How To Prepare
If you are looking for start preparing for GATE 2014 I would ask you to start looking into aptitude and moths first as they are expected to be part of GATE in both the case. Have an eyes on GRE aptitude and maths sections in your free time. Do start looking into basics of core subjects too.

I would give more details on this as soon as some updates come from official sources like MHRD reports or government sites. For further updates on this you can bookmark GATE 2014 preparation guide.

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  1. Mahendra Singh

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  2. kiruthika

    hi sir , recently i have attended mock gate exam.. but i have score 6..and 9marks for 2 exams… is ther any chance to score 45 marks or above 20 marks in gate2015…. and please guide me how to get such mark and above…

  3. ram

    sir ,i am preparing for gate 2015 ECE branch .sir i want to know if i score 45-50 marks then what will the opportunities i will get with this .also sir is it good ???????

  4. Sakshi Jaiswal

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  5. Swati

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  6. GATE solutions


    This video helps so much to the student to understand the change which occur in GATE exams , your post is awesomeness and your way of describing thing is very appreciateable.

    Thank you.

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  7. Swaroopa

    can we apply for two papers at a time??

  8. shanu

    sir how is arihant gate preparation good for preparing for gate paper of biotech

  9. krunal

    will it be international???

  10. Maank

    can anyone plz tell gate 2014 is valid for 1 year or the same as previous that was for 2 years?

  11. amit kumar jha

    sir i want to start preparetion of gate so plz suggest me what are the thing i m reading and how? I m a 3rd year computer science branch

  12. priya

    Sir,i would like get job in psu s if i prepare n.write apptitude ,maths as stated paper 1 is that enough or i need to write paper 2 also..plz tel me sir….

  13. Ravi

    Hello plz any one clear my doubt. I wrote Gate13. I got 2 scores. This year my score was 524 but my next year score is 619. So can i get far better college then this year. Or else can the cutoff for all colleges in the next year will be increased so that the effect remains same?

  14. A

    I want to know, can M.Tech student appear for GATE if he want to participate freshly in admission procedure…..
    plz reply……

  15. A

    I want to know, can M.Tech student appear for GATE if he wants to participate freshly in admission procedure…..
    plz reply……

    1. Bluefrog

      Yes you can !

  16. AMIT

    I want to know, can M.Tech student appear for GATE if he want to participate freshly in admission procedure…..
    plz reply……

  17. Rajesh

    Online exam is good. I hope you have the option to revisit questions and change your answer. just like CAT. The problem with OMR sheets is that once you have marked an option and later realize that your answer is wrong, you can do nothing about it.

  18. Abhishek

    Below are some of key points as per the tender notice released by IIT Kharagpur dated June 9, 2013 ::

    1. GATE 2014 is being organized by IIT Kharagpur.

    2. The examinations for all the papers will be conducted in computer based Online Examination mode in multiple sessions spread over the period from 1st February 2014 to 9th March 2014.

    3. The Online Examination is proposed to be conducted in 12 sessions on 6 days (1st, 2nd, 15th, 16th February, 2014 and 1st and 2nd March 2014) with extra buffer sessions, if needed.

    4. All examinations will be conducted on Saturdays and Sundays. Time-slots decided are 9 AM to 12 noon and 2 PM to 5 PM. (i.g., GATE 2014 duration will be 3 hours.)

    5. There’ll be only one paper per branch. No two-tier exam.

    6. The structure for all papers in GATE 2014 will be similar to the papers for which the examination was conducted in ONLINE mode in GATE 2013.

    7. Different types of Questions:
    * Normal multiple-choice type questions
    * Common data type questions (4 questions; 8 marks)
    * Linked answer type questions (4 questions; 8 marks)
    * Numerical answer type questions (about 15-20 marks)

    8. Different Sections:
    * Section 1: 25 questions; 25 marks
    * Section 2: 30 questions; 60 marks (Includes Common-data & Linked que)
    * GA Section 1: 5 questions; 5 marks
    * GA Section 2: 5 questions; 10 marks

    9. Mock tests will be conducted during 25th to 29th of January 2014 using old question papers loaded on the respective zonal websites of GATE 2014.

    10. The Online Examination Test Software features:
    * Keyboard should be disabled.
    * Use of a virtual keypad.
    * The candidate cannot exit the exam at any point of time during the entire duration of the test.


    Official notification for GATE 2014 will be out sometime in the mid of September 2013. But, as of now, we can interpret some conclusions.
    Take some time to realize that there is nothing to worry about these changes and I would rather say the changes are for the good.
    Here is why ::

    1. The duration of GATE examination and the paper format remains almost the same as of previous years.

    2. The numerical answer questions will summarily wipe out candidates who tend to have less knowledge, but fluke more and get lucky.

    3. No more filling up bubbles with pen, thereby saving a lot of precious time during the examination. This is same for everybody, but I would put it this way: Nobody gets screwed due to bubble filling mistakes, so you also don’t get screwd!

    4. A computer-based examination spread over multiple sessions (at least for branches with huge no. of candidates like CS, EC, etc.) cannot be difficult or very difficult since it will impose enormous complexity during normalization of the test scores from different days. So, GATE 2014 is expected to be either easy or of average difficulty level, and therefore you can expect some pretty high scores in GATE 2014 by those who answer numerical answer type questions carefully.

    Stick to the basics.
    Practice a lot.
    Solve a lot of numericals.


  19. mayur

    GATE 2013 score is valid for year 2014..?

    1. Abhishek

      Yes, it will be valid. In fact in GATE 2013 two scores were released, one for admissions in 2013 and the other one for admissions in 2014.

  20. Prashanth

    According to the tender notice for the gate 2014, the exam will be computer based for all the papers

  21. veerababu

    Sir/madam plz conform Gate exam changes at least this month ending

    1. Vijai Kumar

      No change expect the fact that it is all gonna be an computerized test for all branches…

  22. D R V Sai Trinath

    Hello to all 🙂 i’ve found some real and useful information …. all the exams are going to be conducted in two phases ( i guess but probably it’ll be true) … because i’ve seen it in the IIT KGP Tender notices , go to the 13th page, there you will find they are going to conduct the online test for 21 papers !!! that means if you look in to GATE 2013 IITB site earlier they used to conduct online test only for 15 papers…. if you include the other Offline exams like ME, EE,EC, PI, IN, CS… they sum to 21…. so leave all the doubts… and i totally agree to what Zahid sir, had posted in his previous posts… gear up yourselves …. to give the GATE 2014 🙂 All the best 🙂 !!!!

  23. Arunanand T A

    Expected changes in GATE 2014 – Latest information.

  24. abhilodha

    Nothing is impossible….but remember Rome wasn’t built in a day….

  25. Alok Nath

    Most Probably an Online exam for all GATE papers in 2014

  26. Alok Nath

    Having a Informative blog is appreciable.
    At the same time being responsible on advocating sensitive issues is equally important for an educated person.

  27. Suraj

    The Organizing Institute for
    GATE 2014 is IIT Kharagpur. For GATE 2014, the examinations for all the papers will be
    conducted in computer based Online Examination mode in multiple sessions spread over the
    period from 1st February 2014 to 9
    th March 2014. In the computer based Online Examination,
    the candidates will be required to answer the questions that appear on a computer connected to
    a server on a Local Area Network (LAN). Answers would be recorded at a server that also
    keeps track of the time for the examination.

  28. Syed Shahid Hussain

    What is the age list for appearing GATE?

  29. Mayank

    Just hope aisa hi ho , iss saal se change na karain pattern …

    And BTW Zahid jo kar rahe hain uske liye unhain thanx kehna chahunga ….
    Wen I was looking for some help , direction , motivation He was der to help me not U Mr. Phycho..So better u shut up ..
    And its not like ki agar unse gate crack nai hua sevrl attempts main to wo GATE EXPERT nai bun sakte , non of my teacher is an IITian but UFCOURSE agar unke jaise teacher na hote to main aaj IIT main nai hota …so dear Phycho shut up…

    Zahid ji aap bahoot aacha kar rahe hain , plz dont listn d one who can only bark and laugh … 😉

  30. Bharath Kumar

    Challenges are very interesting…

    I am ready to fight with those challenges. I have lots of time to prepare.

    I will start from today itself. I will start with Aptitude, English and Maths.

    1. Mayank

      But im stcking with 2013 syllabus , im 50% done with thermodynamics…

  31. Shahid usmani

    Resevation should be cancelled instead of a new scheme of examination. MHRD is making a fool of general candidates.
    Zahid Sir we students appreciate your work, keep on doing this good work.
    Thanking you

  32. Gaurav S

    Nice one. I will appreciate zahid on this one.
    Also, the topic of this article must be “Challenges In GATE 2014 And Preparing Strategy” 😛

  33. emon

    hi, zahid this is emon.i’ve done in physics from calcutta university in a regular mode and an in information technology in distance mode from sikkim manipal university. if i qualify good in gate will i get a good college to do, i.e. jadavpur university?

  34. Yatish

    How they calculate last degree marks?
    The exam was optional or writeable?

  35. Nabeel

    Sir, can you say in one word which is better to join in this year or next year for with the gate rank 13500 in gate2013..EEE………….??

  36. abhinav

    Its a big question for iit how will they compare gate 2014 two tier exam marks with those candidates who have qualified gate in 2013 as their score is valid for two years ????..

  37. Gate Aspirant

    These IITs & IIsc cannot set 65 questions correctly in exam. In CS 2012, 9 marks were given free b’coz poor paper setters cannot set the questions properly. In CS 2013 poor guys were unable to set a simple “C” language question properly and gave marks to all. Increase in candidates is b’coz of NO FEEs for GIRLS, REDUCED FEES for ST\SC\OBC, PSU recruiting through GATE. Analyse these things. Now can you imagine the lowest marks at which ST\SC\OBC will get admission after this 2-tier exam. General candidates will suffer badly.

    1. Bharath Kumar

      Stop it dear… This is not correct place and time to discuss reservations and ability of setting the paper.

      If you are skillful none of these can stop you. So please stop blaming other. Instead improve your Skills.

    2. Zahid

      Totally agree with Bharat. Get back n get prepare.

    3. Abhishek Anand

      I simply don’t understand why We Indians always cry at someone’s rise. We don’t give even 30% of our best, still we cry on pity issues of reservation, the fees charged and on almost everything.
      The knowledge you will have by studying can’t be taken from you. So, please be patient, work hard, and make it count when matters.

    4. Gate Aspirant

      Thanks all.

  38. Nabeel

    Sir, can you say in one word which is better to join in this year or next year for with the gate rank 13500 in gate2013..EEE

  39. Shahid usmani

    You are predicting so early, i dont think it will happen so fast

  40. rajeev

    Hello Everyone…are you guys preparing for GATE..refer the videos for CS subjects here…very useful.

  41. Nirmal

    Anybody who is ready to give what it takes can crack GATE. It is a challenging task but by no means it is impossible. Cracking GATE requires 3 essential things:
    1) Practise (How quickly you can solve a problem)
    2) Mental Stability
    3) Positive thinking(luck

    If u think u are extraordinary then prove it…..All the best

  42. Hitesh Dholaria

    It’s just a new way to reach the target. So, we have to keep trying until we get into the IITs or IISc!

    No adversity justifies giving up hope! (GATE 2013) 🙂

  43. Manas

    I think we have to start from the first day of final year itself to get ourself into it…

  44. ani

    Friends, no need to worry..the thing which i got from MHRD is lik tis.. paper-1(gate mains) will be maths, reasoning, aptitude, english. paper-2(gate advance) only on technical….gate mains already you have completed in your college days when your preparing for your placements and maths is gate portion only..gate advance is original gate paper concentrating only on core dnt panic, you have more time start from now and prepare well.

    1. Nirmal

      Hope what you are saying is accurate…..

  45. anon

    guys check this link…

    iitk Professor dheeraj sanghi has written a blog on this…

  46. TecGyan

    Miss shyamala! Don’t be disheartened. You have 7 months remaining. Study with full diligence and & I believe you will definitely crack it.

  47. saumya

    @dipesh sahoo to study kyun nahi kiye btech me…laundiya baaz

  48. kamesh

    Sir thankq very much for informing us in advance. I am aiming to top in GATE score this and ur information has helped us a lot……………:)

  49. Drisya

    Will this change be implemented this year itself?Are you sure?If so they have to inform as early as possible as the students already started preparing for it.

  50. shyamala

    sir . so this will be tough to score high marks right ??? i am an average student . so preparing for both tiers seems to be a difficult task ,:(.. and i have made my mind to do well this time as i have lost it in 2013 GATE … now very much confused sir…. kindly help me out sir !!! will the total sylabus broadens or just the same as last tym ?

    1. ani

      syllabus will remain same as it in GATE paper-2, in paper-1 maths, reasoning, language,aptitude will get added

  51. dipesh sahoo

    sir,i am following ur blog for almost 3 yrs..i hav done mi in eee & passed out in 2012….due to the market situation & poor gate results ,,now i’m in a soup….dont know how to lead mi career though,,,,,,,,,,,,,,now i’m confused whether i shd go for 10-15k salary givin companies in noida,,,which is quite less ambitious for studens following this blog & do mi prep. simultaneously or shd i go for another full time prep. for gate………life is gettin confusd for me day by day,,,,,,,,,,plz. giv me some suggestion ,,sir i rewally need ur help….life is drastically changing aftr & i dnt know how to lead it anyway sir…….

    1. shyamala

      same situation 🙁

    2. anil

      Dude, if u dnt hv any finencial problm or pressr from parnts thn i wl suggst u fr full tim study… Gate is nt very tuff exam… go fr it.. ur life wl change aftr tht. Giv a try. Gud luck..

    3. Poornima

      As Anil told, if situations permit, do go for a full-time course. GATE is not really tough, but like all competitive exams is for the one who does work- both hard and smart!
      Do well, Dipesh and Shyamala. 🙂 All the BEST!

  52. arya

    Zahid sir , thanx for info btw sure about adding previous degree marks ?? any idea dat how much % would be added..?plz reply

    1. Zahid

      Nothing is clear now. All committees are set ee can just wait n see when will it happen.

  53. Ammrit

    Tentatively wen shall b the notification out?? I guess once GATE2013 admissions r over.. Dey shal notify???

    1. shyamala

      septembr i gues

  54. nikita

    Thanx Zahid sir 4 d informatn…….
    i m waitng 4 ur coming post abt changes in gate-2014….

  55. sahl

    anyways , thanks for the information sir , i asked few people , they are saying that changes if any , will be made from 2015

  56. sahl

    why do want to change the pattern . and if any changes , then that shall be done from 2015 . as most gate aspirants are focussing on Subject .

  57. mohan goyal

    thanks sir for give that information for advancing

  58. ruthmercy

    Thank you sir for this valuable information.hoping to know more. 🙂

  59. Pratik

    I dont think pattern will change drastically.. if it does then how come GATE 2013 score wld be usefull next year ??

    1. Zahid

      Easy. Just develope a mapping formula that convert pervious scores to this years n bom.
      India is known for mathematical skills n we know how to 🙂

  60. Bharath

    So is this change good for student sir ??

    1. Nitish Rawat


      Your question is very apt and good.

      Personally I felt the change to be good. Before I say why Let me introduce me. I am GATE-2010-CS 718 scorer.

      As per new strategies PSUs are taking on GATE score basis. This increases the competition among M.Tech. takers. After first Paper the competition will be reduced.

      With advent of computer, Prometric tests are encouraged.

    2. Aniket

      Dear Bharath and Nitish,
      The change is actually good.It could reduce the number of students in gate advanced,look it could also give a chance to average student to prove himself.But I personally think that they should not change it in 2014.Or if they want to change in 2014 then they should notify atleast in july. One more thing we should start studying by keeping in mind that pattern has changed.Atleast complete with maths,apti.,and three core sybjects before they notify.

  61. grt

    good change it is necessarry i fell!!!
    nly techinical doesnt do dear toppers….

    much more important techinical stuff in my site

    please have a check

  62. payal

    Thank you so mch for this information.
    we would love to get ur guidance again.

  63. Aniket

    sir please do tell us when the notification gets released. beacause if such is the case when will the two exams be held?

  64. Aniket

    please do tek me when the notification gets released. but if such is the case when will the two exams be held?

  65. YUSUF

    Thank you very much sir.
    I am worried, can it be easy to deal ?
    or difficult than previous paper?..
    whats your opinion about it.?..

  66. Vageesha JM

    This i was read in one news paper and if this is the case i think we need to put some extra effort..

    I think we have big barrier to cross this.. Zahid bahi we need your help…!!

  67. piyush

    thanks Sir for Keep Us informing,guiding preparation,motivating..!

  68. Narendhara kumar.v

    Thank u sir for your advance information. If this info known before 3 or 2 months or at time of notification we may felt as trapped psycologically eventhough prepared well. Should make our mind and heart to be ready for dual shot. Thank u sir.

  69. Poornima

    And Thank You very much indeed, Zahid Sir for the information shared so early. 🙂 Thank you.

  70. Poornima

    So it is going to happen from 2014? Great! Waiting for the change 😀

    1. Zahid

      Haha its a bouncer for gate aspirants n a good chance for average students to surprise toppers.

    2. war.native

      If they’re taking degree marks into consideration,then the toppers are always at an advantage.

      Also so many different universities and thus as many variation in paper correction standards.How will these people normalize scores from different universities?

    3. Poornima

      Inclusion of previous degree marks is not a welcoming change for any average students, right sir?
      Anyway let’s see what’s in store! An IITian surprise for the GATE aspirants. 🙂

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