Post Engineering Confusions

M.Tech or MBA, which is better to choose?

This is one of the most common questions among final year engineering students. And the answer to this is not simple and just or no. There is not point comparing M.Tech Vs MBA or so, because both the courses are different and have different jobs and placements scope.

Answer to M.Tech or MBA truly depends on few factors such as where are doing engineering, what do you know and think about MBA job prospects, what do you want to do in long term and how any of these degrees help you to achieve this. I will try to mention my situation and decision when I was in engineering final year and had similar question in mind.

To start, I did B.Tech, M.Tech and PhD in computer science all in a row without taking a break and now want to do MBA. As mentioned in above paragraph these decisions depend on number of factors.

I was an average student in a private college and used to spend good amount to time in college library where they had subscription for some IEEE magazines and few general IT magazines. IEEE general magazines had last few pages of advertisement for professor jobs in different universities, average salary was around $60000 a year, which was around 25 lakh Indian rupees a year.

Apart from monitory benefit I also had in mind the social status of professor job, contribution to society and motivation to learn. Another reason was my dad’s respect to educated people compare to rich people. Rich were treated as normal people and students who scored good or achieved something great were always praised and remembered again and again.

At that time I know the only minimum condition for professor job and that was PhD in computer science, therefore I kept chasing it. But I never know the other conditions for that job such as publication, number of Phd, Research experience, Editorial memberships and conference organizing experience along with excellent teaching performance are just few to mention.

I did not opted for MBA after my B.Tech because most of MBA’s were from BSc. B.Com background. At that time with the name MBA I can only understand that if you are lucky enough you can get seat in some sate state universities. And I saw most of the MBAs working as either medical representatives or direct sales executives. With this vision of MBA it was clearly not my choice.

Wherever I went after B.Tech, I decided to learn more things there along with avoiding mistakes, which I did in past. The most important among them was making high scores. I had first class in B.Tech, I decided to make it distinction or university rank in M.Tech. I chased it again and gave tough competition, made maximum as my competition rather than some student. Good time started and I became one of the recognized ones and very independent. Good performance boosted confidence and I decided to move for PhD.

To cut the story short, I was very successful and happy with my decision. May be I made great decisions every time and reached to a place where I dreamed to go. Got PhD and joined as assistant professor in an institute of national importance. Then decided to see the software industry and resigned from professor job and join Samsung in Korea.

One day I was attending a lecture for new employees in Samsung and the presenter was from Harvard business school. He is a Swiss national and may be 5 year older than me but a vice president of strategy in Samsung. I met him during tea break and then we met many times in company. This made me think what a good MBA can do. MBA is not about just selling something. Its really about managing.

I decided to go for MBA, weird for many people and beyond imagination that MBA after PhD. But still I have a plan for it and I know an MBA form great school can do it. My view for MBA changed now, because I know what MBA’s does I feel confidant for that position and I m chasing it again.

To summarize, you should feel confidant about your future for the course you are opting for. This makes your work hard for it and you grow happy with that. I was confidant about M.Tech after B.Tech and thought that course will make me reach safe position, now I feel that with an MBA from Stanford or Harvard I will grow faster and server better.


  1. dinesh

    Thanks for sharing informative article. My sister is doing B Tech from Chandigarh Group of Colleges Landran, She is in her final year and want to pursue master after that. Your article will her to decide the right course after B Tech.

  2. Easy tailor App

    Thanks for sharing the ideas.

  3. Nidhi

    Hello Sir,
    I am very confused ..I just finished my graduation in bscit field.. M offered with mtech degree by wipro ..I don know wat to choose mtech or mba whether dis 4 year mtech degree has got a value in other companies or not?plzzzz help me m so worried

  4. ajay

    mba admission through gate 2016 score can it possible.

  5. Ritesh

    Mechanical student after btech why join in MBA? plz describe.

  6. pradeep

    thanks alot for providing the valuable information

  7. Akhil Patlolla

    Sir ,
    I have completed with B.Tech (mechanical engg) and got job in the very reputed organization as a mechanical engineer .. now I want to go for mba to get manager poaition ib that company .I am very clear about that but my doubt is …
    I have got mba regular seat in some college . I have managed that principal that I can do job n as well as mba at time with some time management .. they said ok … but if I do that mba regular course abd job at a time , is it work ? And is my organization consider that mba for my promotion … is there any chance to reject that mba and to say how u do that mba while u working inmy organization at a time ? Are they cancel my mba for that reason … pls give me reply soon .. im totally confused ..


    Guys….am a mechanical engg and have a 3 – 4 years of experience in construction field as project engg. Mainly doing piping activites in refinery projects.In that 2.5 years in saudi arabia.Now am planning to do in pipeline engg. From UPES Dehradun. Will it
    be a good move and one more thing will they count my experience at the time of campus placement. At the end of the Mtech course my age will be around 27 to 28. Will it affect the campus placements. PLEASE GIVE ME UR VALUABLE SUGGESTIONS AND OPINION REGRADING THE ABOVE MATTER

    the end of the course my age will

  9. arpit

    Sir m a average or dull student in study of civil engineering..sometime I feel sorry on myself y I took pcm in 11th…now I want a suggestions of your dat should I do MBA after btech.???

  10. srishti

    Hi sir,

    I wanted to ask two questions.

    First, I have heard that after lecturer-ship is the only option. And if you are actually interested in doing a job you shouldn’t waste 2 years in So, Is this true?

    Second, To be a lecturer in US or UK or any such good foreign place what are the requirements, criteria and the path?

  11. harsha

    its very helpfull sir thank you and comments about it are also helpfull bcoz i can know wat people of my age are reacting and thinking “it will be great if you pls respond to comments”.

    1. Zahid

      Harsha its almost impossible for me to answer comments n mails? Just because there are too many of them 🙁

  12. manikanta

    sir i was average student which is better to after mba or which are gain maximum salay

    1. brijes

      Man ri8…I m the same as u….
      Bit true that no one have n intrest in us like average student….
      Its better to go for mba….I suggest…..
      I m at 8th sem…be.
      Not prepared anything yet…..
      N still wann do mba….u can think y?
      Cos is like worth less…
      If u wann nuts n bolts but if good at that….
      Than go for job….n than try for MBA…
      Or DO DERECTLY an mba
      Coz sellary will be lot mor to a manager rather than an high class engineer…
      Ask a qee to ur self… u wann do…do u deal with nuts n bolts more two year…
      If yes
      N would u feel good if the sellary diff for the student of and will be 2k to 3k..

      M.TECH IS USELESS……its toooo good if u wann do phd or someresearch……

      If not planned any than I have already suggested …..

      Just do wat will be good after a long term period to u

      Just go for mba prepare gd do mba from a good college….thats much important

  13. asif

    hai guys……
    am an mechanical engineering final year student from kerala…during the first part of my studies i was definitly aiming to pursue a m .tech from a reputed college. as my mother is also a prof she gives me good support for the same…. but things began to change slowly with my studies from my first semester… i was a lot of intereste in arranging programmes managing my mates and every one praised me for my managing ability and they hope i will make up a good manager one day…. so i turn up a little and decided to check my luck in the management field…and nw trowing up a lot of coaching for CAT and all….i was also placed in TCS and L&T during campus placement…. so anyone please help me to take a decision… my family is quite sound and willing to send me for higher education…

    1. Zahid

      give your best and go ahead. CAT is tough nut so give full efforts to crack it. Good luck 🙂

  14. teraiya kamlesh

    clear all dbt about MBA and Mtech tnk u very much sir and congratulation u done gr8 thng

  15. supreet

    hey zahid. i m a 2nd yr student of CSE in NIT hamirpur. whther to do M.Tech or MBA after my btech is a question that has really puzzled me. money doesnt matter that much as i think any1 can b successful in their respective fields if they enjoy it. I love the subjects that i study. but apart frm that i love talkng to and meeting ppl. i m in the finance team of my college n i hv been quite successful there too. i hv no idea what i should choose. please guide me if u cn. i would b grateful

  16. parikshit pandya

    sir, i m in 7th sem CE …i m so confused what should i do…MBA or ME?? Please, guide me….

  17. manikanta

    the article is very nice i like it thank you

  18. salonirai

    i cant understand the change u got after ur btech hope i to get serious about my future

  19. Tapasya

    I cant decide what to choose… MBA/ MTECH… M a 3rd yr btech student of electronics and telecommunication branch… plz suggest me which 1 wil be better..

    1. asif

      hai friend,
      my advice is to find ur intersted field…if ur succesfull in mingling with a mob , loves to wrk as a team , often willing to take challenges and dreaming a higher pay…then definitly u should choose a MBA….

  20. renu singh

    sir my family force me to go in private companies because other people doing this they joined mnc and getting good package.. but i thought after is better to join any mnc… but they don’t understand. so i’m very confused plz suggest me… they said who don’t get job in mnc they r preparing for… sir help me… what is good for me… to join mnc now or after should i stop my gate preparation.. plz help me….

    1. Ashish Virmani

      Its better u join MNC now. this will take u higher in next 3 yr bcs only experience matter in it firms..

  21. rakesh

    hey guys,

    if u r dream is big, bigger ,biggest,…>>100% M B A in a well reputed college , remember only for a big dreamer.

  22. bala

    hi sir . now i’m doing B.Tech (pharmaceutical tech ) in anna university. i want to do M.Tech in any other field. what i have to do for that ?


  23. prianca

    m really motivated by ur story..i needed dis…thank yu…i still dont knw wat m i made thn i learnt one thing that is to be sure f wat 2 do..n there is no age fr persuing urs dreams..u can take them wherever and wheneva u want!

  24. shreya

    sir plz tell me mba or mtech..

  25. pria terganteng didunia

    Valuable information and excellent design you got here! I would like to thank you for sharing your thoughts into the stuff you post!! Thumbs up

  26. sruthi

    sir,i need a suggestion from u .as im getng confused whether to pursue r future which will give us the better future…plz kindly suggest me…..

    1. hasan baig

      thank u sir ,i cleared with my dbts


    thanx a lot to clear the clouds of doubt in my carrier vision.thank u very much

  28. prashant

    Namaste sir
    thank you very much for your great effort.
    you gave me direction .
    i am not sure about what to do and why to do?
    but right now …i know .

  29. shailesh kumar

    I am a final year B.Tech, Mechanical student (deemed univirsity ,BHARATH UNIVERSITY, CHGENNAI). i had appeared for gate 2010 and my marks out of hundred was 011.33, gate score was 0222. andqualifying mark was 25. but my all india rank is 18145. is there any hope for getting addmision in in any of NIT’S. plesase enlighten my path.

  30. venu gopal

    I am 2010 pass out with computers.
    And I am working in TCS. I expected development under java platform. But they gave me production support with unix platform. Really disappointed. When I asked them about this, they said , you are not from an A grade college( indirectly) and we could not give you what you are interested. So now I would like to have my freedom. And I thought that doing M.Tech in a good institute like IIT or NIT. Is my thought is correct?? and I need your guidance in this regard. And is there any specialization in Cloud Computing??
    Thank you.
    Venu Gopal

  31. ann

    I am a 2nd year student doing BE (EC branch) from a govt colg… Most of my friends are joining coachings for GATE and CAT from now only.. I am very confused about what to do…….. Mtech , MS or mba.. I am quite good in studies and till date i wanted to do MBA coz it gives u that exposure and confidence but as they say its a totally different thing.. nothing related to technical field n now i am wondering that i wud hav done mba by taking commerce also.. why am i here??
    mtech on the other hand is based on technical but what about job opportunities for mtech??? coz i dont want to go in teaching line..
    i also wanted to know about ms …
    please suggest me something..

  32. SSkar

    Malavika….it does not matter whether you are good in Programming or not….because for most of the Software jobs are not development based hence coding is not an essential….
    But M.Tech or MBA….entirely depends on your preference. If you are interested in consultancy or design based jobs where technical knowledge is required, it is better to go for M.Tech. But if you are interested in Administrative jobs, you should go for MBA.
    But in the current scenario, if you like to stay in Industry you will get higher growth as an MBA.It will be easier to go for managerial post but if you are interested in that.

    I have done my B.Tech and M.Tech both from IIT KGP and currently working with a leading MNC for last 18 years.My sole work is based on design and manufacturing. My current boss is an MBA with commerce background, she is taking care of financial decisions, labour planning along with project layout…but nothing related to Technical specifications.Although her total experience is 11 years, she can handle Financial and Operation Management as she is an MBA.

    Your salary structure will depend on your company and your career growth, not on your degree.College brand name will help first few years not for long.

    1. Vineet Kumar

      Hi SSkar, I find your comment as more i want some guidance from you if you can do so…i completed my b tech in civil in 2015 and after that rather going to site work i opted office work as BIM(building information modelling) Designer so i join a company and working their for last 2 years i am planing to do high can you advice me at this situation what is good MBA or MTech..will wait for reply

  33. Malavika

    hello sir,,
    i’m a final year btech(cs) all my friends are hiring for jobs.i knew i’m not gud in programming.My father wants me to do mba after this.I want to know whether mba will help me to get good jobs.I also need to know which stream should i choose for mba..u s really inspirational..actually i was in a confused i got the confidence..

  34. nikhil

    Sir u r really inspirational n u really gives us the life for dare to dream n u r real time hero as ur life shows that the satisfaction is more than money.

  35. dee

    i completed B.E in 2010 and joined this year and i m felling now to leave what to do?

    1. mohdtabish

      Why what problem in mtech

  36. nitin mishra

    you shud keep tracking on roi (return on investment ) for ur hardwork towards the placement u get

    it really matters for maintenance of self dignity

    gud luck

  37. nitin mishra

    hi guys
    i qualified gate 2010 with 92.5 percentile
    i was searching 4 colegs 4 doing m tech cs
    finally i got the most cheap and best collegge in india
    dat is dei deemed university
    that is truly known for its enthusiastic environment nd leading faculty members 4m all over the iits nd even d world
    my fee is only 15000 per year moreover i will get 8000 per month as gate scholarship
    i think no one can luckier than me
    so dont lose hope keep on trying
    luck and hard work both are needed
    gud luck guys

  38. menaka

    hello sir
    i completed my B.E in Instrumentation Technology this year only, now i’m confused between MTech or MBA.. I’m an average student.. now i’m thinking about doing MTech in computer science. so is that a good combination? and also tell me about job opportunities… Please do reply.

  39. AD

    I agree with Zahid, his experience elaborate that one should finalize the goal of life…then the path will always be clear to you…here we are inquiring about which path is good…without knowing where to go…asking whether MBA is good or M tech is like that only…one has to choose where to reach…! Decide that first..!! Then one need not to ask which path he choose to…

  40. wasim

    thanks for that stuff…………………

  41. shah dhruti

    can anybody reply me what sholud i do mbaor me or mtech?i am 3rd year student of CE from known college still i have lack of some basic knowledge of my field such as about language.

  42. aayushi

    nice article.. thanx sir..
    gud luck 2 u 4 ur future..

  43. sai

    sir now i enter into b-tech first year. i want to do MBA. after completing my study what opportunities i will get?

  44. praniti

    hi…i just want to know is mtech beneficial than mba…i am in second year information technology engineering…from not a well known college..i myself am an average student..but am not that well in basics..what are the job prospects for an mtech with be in i.t and for mba with be in i.t.??

    please reply at the earliest…thankyou

  45. shashank

    mr bharat go to check the psu
    in ntpc recruitment 2009 all the student who got selected were near to 8 pointer means in your language 80%(one of my friend working overthere)
    that is academics
    minimum criteria to fill the form 65% for the gen
    that will come from academics
    not by your exceptional approach
    i think you are in those students category who thinks they are just chutia……. students because they read just like labor
    and do you know most of the software companies searches for topper and the approach that you have i am sure that you will be select but check out yourself after 4 years you will be in same place with you exceptional approach
    i respect your feelings but not your apooroach
    i know after read this 1 st thouhgt will come in your mind that all the great person, mittal ambani, were not the topper despite of that they succeeded why
    because they do hard work in smart way
    you know only about smart work and nothing else
    so do not give advice to others
    do hard work and learn ,learn, learn so
    first prove yourself then give advice to others
    do not cover yourself by excuses that i am good in study but did not get what i deserve

  46. kiruthiga

    iam doing my final bsc it after finishing this i can choose mba or m-tech pls tell me about this

  47. vijay

    please tell me about the mtech admission?

  48. vijay

    this story was enspiring me!!

    and also tell me about mtech admission.

  49. Vipul

    Story was enspiring!! you solved lot of questions by this. Thanks..!!

  50. yasar khan

    hello sir …… yasar khan student of 2nd year c.s .
    tell me about admission.

  51. pradeep

    hi zahid,
    i ve completed my BE in production in 2009,and want to go for MBA in operations & material management. does it really matters from which institute u r doing ur mba. coz i ve’nt got good score in CET. still i wann to go for mba. can i go for it?

  52. bharat

    All the best sir,I hope you achieve what you want to.And just keep guiding people like us to become able like you.

  53. deep

    hi zahid,
    u r truly inspiring. reading abt ur career is like reading a dream. i hope u get admitted in harvard. best of luck!!!!!!

  54. Bharat

    Hi Dr Zahid,
    Well MBA from Harvard is a dream for most people on this earth let alone India.
    But I have heard that they require you to be excellent from the word go as in they ask for your 10th,12th,b tech background and expect you to be great in all of them.
    What should one do now as one is not from a good b tech college?
    What is the pocedure these reputed instituions follow?

    1. Zahid

      Bharat: They usually dont see you, or phd institution or percentage. They look for exceptional candidates. Just you need to show them that your exceptional out of a million people. You work experience international assignments and how you achieve results.

      That is just not based on academics, there are many factors in it. one line answer to this is one need to be exceptional and prove exceptional.

      I have really great advantages with my profile and really positive and see myself there in 2013.

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