Recently I was going through comments on InI and found this question asked many times. The question is as important as the career is. In this post I will try elaborate the difference, scope and ways to exploit the course strengths to make best use of it for a descent career. I will also try to make different posts discussing different specializations and their scope based on experience in the industry.

Both the course are from computer science and engineering background, and I believe most of non CS students are eligible to opt of these courses. For more details on how change your branch in M.Tech (Master of Technology) course please refer to How to change branch in M.Tech.

The major difference between M.Tech CS and M.Tech Software Systems or Software engineering is its focus. M.Tech CSE is focused on core computer engineering and Software System will be focused and rotate around on Software Engineering subjects.

If you look at the M.Tech CSE course you will see subject like Computer Architecture, Computer Programming, Computer Graphics, Algorithms, Data mining, Networking, artificial intelligence, Computer related mathematics such as, Discrete Math, Automata and Theory of Computation. Basically you will learn all the skills need to write a good software and understand the machines your will be coding for.

On the same time, if you look at the courses offered in M.Tech Software Systems or Software engineering they rotate around the subject of project management and development (from managerial side). Courses include Software architecture, Project management tools (such as Ration Rose, CASE, GIT, GARRIT), Software testing methodology, Software verification, ERP software education, Software Testing and Quality Assurance, Software Construction and Maintenance , Software Project and Configuration Management, Embedded and Real Time Systems,..etc.

Now the real question is which you must opt for and which course will help you land in great job? The answer to this question is bit obvious from my point of view. If I am fresher I would prefer to go for M.Tech in CS because it will open lot of opportunities for me to go to any specific industry. I can join any company that develops software for any domain and gain expertise. On the same time, if I have a bit of industry experience I would like to go for M.Tech in software engineering. This will help me to understand project development and management and help me to learn and feel the importance to project management tool. This will also help me land in a managerial position and help me grow higher in software management ladder. Without software engineering experience one might feel that M.Tech in software engineering is damn boring and mare waste of time, because many subjects are theoretical and just need intuition in to that domain.

If your focus is to go for academic jobs I would recommend you to choose M.Tech in CSE because it will help you in teaching lot many different subjects and give a great reason for colleges to hire you. M.Tech with software engineering can limit your scope a bit in academics.

I hope, I answered your doubts in this post. I looking forward to write some more posts on different specializations and opportunities related to them, based on my experience both in industry and academics.

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