Its been asked lot many times I wrote a post about my stand on that too, you can refer to Do I Need To Drop A Year For GATE Preparation for more details on it.

My view is always same when it comes to higher studies, we should move faster to complete it. But after reading comments on earlier posts and receiving stories of students who dropped a year and then banged it to IITs I changed my opinion.

Also, when I looked into my family, how my dad supported my sister for three years of coaching for MBBS, when whole society was against the idea, helped me understand the reasons to go ahead with coaching or just moving ahead.

I leave with the video for more on the subject.

I recommend you to avoid dropping a year by spending good time with subjects when you learn them first time. If you learn them well in first place you don’t need to spend a year more to crack GATE. On the same if you already did it, just go ahead and fully focus on studies. Dont waste the time you bought on the commitment of reaching out to the best institutes in the world.

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Wish you all a great luck ahead.