How to take admission into IITs?, what it takes to get admission in IITs for M.Tech?, what is the procedure to take M.Tech admission in IITs? How to apply for M.Tech in IITs? These similar questions are addressed in this post.

Before starting reading it, I would recommend you to read all articles I wrote for M.Tech aspirants during last year β€œMust read articles for M.Tech aspirants”. This will probably clear almost all the doubts about M.Tech and its importance. Once you go through with them you already may have an idea about what it takes to IITs for M.Tech.

Basic Requirements for Getting into IITs for M.Tech.

  • B.Tech percentage must be above 60. Do read my article on this issue 60% aggregate for M.Tech admission.
  • Must have a wonderful GATE Score or Good All India Rank, or Good percentile. Don’t get confused and afraid with 99 + percentile. Percentage is different from percentile to read more about it refer to How to calculate GATE percentile.
    Also refer to Top Marks in GATE 2010 to get an idea how many marks you need to go to IITs 800+ score may be reasonably take you to IITs.
  • Be prepared to take another test at IIT for admission. Learn the basics of each subject, especially core subjects related to your engineering stream, as there may be a written test for admission to M.Tech if the number of candidates has close scores. Written test decision totally depends on the Department offering M.Tech program in IITs.

Things are not ideal for most of the times most of the students score 60% above in their B.Tech, but the real challenge comes when GATE cracking the GATE exam. If you have little less score and a great passion to get into IITs and that only matters to you, then you should continue reading.

IITs offer many interdisciplinary courses in different departments. I mean some students from Computer Science in their B.Tech can be admitted to Civil Engineering in GIS (Geographic information system) M.Tech course. This course offers computer science application in civil engineering. This is just an example program, there are many more programs. Therefore, I suggest you to check eligibility in all departments.

Placements in these courses are not as lucrative as in core branches, but as IITs are IITs, student s manages to get a job at the end of the day. The real questions comes when one need to decide between core branch in NIT and interdisciplinary course in IITs. I personally prefer IITs because they offer a far better environment in all aspects compared to any other institute in India. If a student work a little hard and learn the subject well, IITs provide better job opportunities for interdisciplinary courses too.