This is really a complicated question, because both GATE score as well as percentile are relative terms. These are measures of performance of a candidate in GATE based on the performance of other candidates appeared in the GATE exam. Before starting the details I recommend you to have a look at How to get into IITs for M.Tech, which will give you an idea of basic requirements for M.Tech in IITs.

I already wrote about how GATE percentile is calculated and also gave the details about it. GATE percentile represents a candidate’s performance compared to all the candidates appeared in that same paper in same year. Whereas, GATE score represents a candidate’s performance in comparison to all the candidates appeared in GATE exam since 2007.

GATE score and percentile change with the standard of GATE paper. If GATE paper is easy then most of the students get good Scores but the all India rank will be high too. If paper is tough then with less score one can get a very good all India rank. Please refer to a post based on one my readers comment about GATE score in 2009 and 2010 and its analysis.

Now comes the real question. How much GATE percentile or GATE Score is needed for M.Tech admission to IITs? The answer is simple. We need to find an absolute attribute to fix it and rephrase the question. A better question can be What should be the AIR (All India Rank) in GATE to get into IITs?

To answer this, let’s calculate the number of seats in IITs. According to my analysis, there are almost 50~60 seats in each department on average in IITs. And considering only old IITs take admissions for M.Tech, there will be 7X50 (350) seats for M.Tech in IITs for almost every department.

Now lets assume, few people go to jobs, study abroad and Govt. sector job we can increase it up to 500 AIR. Apart from this, few departments in IITs conduct their own test and interview for M.Tech admissions may allow students till 700 AIR to be a part of race to join IITs, but this too risky side and depends on chance.

Now we have an idea of how much rank we need get into IITs. As we are preparing for GATE we need to know how much marks we should manage to get into IITs. I already posted top marks in GATE 2010. Our average marks in test should be almost close to top marks and we can keep the buffer of 5 to 7 marks. It means we need to score something around but not less than (top marks – 7) marks.

Let’s summarize it,

Institute AIR



Top marks – 7

To check the latest cutoffs in IITs you can use the tool with up to date GATE cutoffs

All IITs GATE Cutoff and College Predictor

This will help you set your targets and get ready for the big day. Take practice tests and solve previous year questions to get an idea where do you stand. If you are getting less scores put a little more extra effort. Just don’t give it. Believe me IITs are worth giving a hard try you will enjoy you success later. This is a part of GATE preparation guide, please refer to many other posts related to GATE preparation there.

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Wish you all good luck ahead. IITs are waiting for you all. Go grab them.