Happy Valentine’s Day 2013

I wish you all a great Valentine’s day. this term I heard first time when I was in Engineering first year. it’s been a decade since then, when I look back I see, how should I react to different social things specially love and relationship, I feel happy. I kept things clear since the day one.

Just remember be honest to yourself. If you play around with people you suck your life on the same time. Calculate your social status and check how will manage the social responsibility and take a call about your relation.

Films and drama are good to watch, but never to be followed in practical life. If you like someone be honest to yourself and them calculate stuff communicate to elders to make things as smooth as possible. If ends are not meeting few chocolates and rose just waste hours and days that are more valuable.

Here is a short video sharing my experiences.

If you already bought gifts for your love and now feel that you don’t need to send it them, you can give it to your mom, dad or me of course (mail me if you need address 😉 ).

I just ask you live a simple practical life. Keep things simple you will meet someone simple, your life will be simple. If you make things complicated you will meet someone complicated and life will messy.

Try making decisions looking all sides and keep yourself away from all troubles. The long you take to decide the painful you are.
Just my personal views about it. Take it if you feel suitable or just move on 🙂

Wish you all a great luck ahead in life.


  1. sipra

    Thats grt, I always follow this policy.

  2. manju

    am confused how to prepare for networks in GATE examination and i am communications student. please help me sir


    Sir,please reply to this question wether the gate pattern is going to change from next year?

    1. Poornima

      Check these two articles from the same site:
      Many analysis on a pattern change in 2014 can be observed in other sites too.

  4. Nayanika

    All the advice was very appropriate and I hope a part of the advice for boys also applies for us girls. I too in my final year and yeah it was great to receive a video from you at the appropriate time, so thanks sir.

  5. sameer Betageri

    nice post as always……..and even i have same ideology “LIFE IS SIMPLE DON’T MAKE IT COMPLECATED

  6. Anzal V A

    nice post frnd….
    but wen u comes to a relation surely u life vll et complicated automaticaly.. der is no way to avoid dat… so better propose after knowing each other very well….

  7. mohit

    this post is amazing. makes an intersection with my ideology too……
    wishing everybody use these tips{i would rather say walks of life}. things will never complicate and future will be bright as time is not wasted in unnecessary tasks.

  8. Madhuri

    Nice Article Zahid

  9. M.S Tyagi

    Young Indian Scientist,

    I love you and respect you to giving incredible advise and guidance for Indian student while you are living in foreign.

  10. pinky

    A very good article, Zahid 🙂 Simply the truth and put up in a beautiful way! Hats off to you !!

  11. shivakumar

    I like these lines
    Keep things simple you will meet someone simple, your life will be simple. If you make things complicated you will meet someone complicated and life will messy

  12. samina

    its very nice advice specially for girls,I always inspire and like your articles not because of technical views but because after reading i always feel its written by a good human being and a good Muslim.Allah always mercy upon you.thanks

  13. jk

    ritely said..thanks to zahid… u r great

  14. Ansh

    Very good thing i wanted to add.. why we use mathematics..? just to make complicated things simpel get the solutions and keep the things in an understanding form..I think the same we should also follow in our life..keep things, simple live simple you said dont make life a messy…;) 😉 Happy Valentine day Zahid!…this is the first Valentine day since last six years i am not gonna buy flowers and chocklets..because i have reached on a simple solution 😀 😀

  15. rishabh

    nice post zahid.keep posting these kind of messages.

  16. Naveed Tawargeri

    You are right Bro 🙂 Very useful post as usual 🙂
    Need Ur help 🙂 I am in 4th semester information science engineering student, and i m preparing for GATE from now itself and collected all the stuff’s u have mentioned 🙂
    I m confused what all to study please reply anybody 🙁

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Rahul K

      This is just my experience : Having content of major subjects from NPTEL helps
      Watch and importantly : make notes , even one – two liners or brief summary will be very helpful : helps to recall the topic

      And for problems : try respective subjects assignments under Coursera

      Please also refer

      And posts form Zahid helps keeping the energy level up and keeps you going.

      All the best!

    2. Anzal V A

      hai Naveed,

      Nice to hear dat u r preparing for gate now itself…. im a 2012 Gate holder..

      My advice is dat dont get confused with all ur study stuffs.. just stick to the gate sylabus…

      Start subject by subject in the sence.. der vll b networks, graph theory, boolean algebra etc…. so take one subject and study the porsions from dat.. der vll be so many things u have studied for ur btech but for gate only u need is the abstract…
      make sure u r tharow vth the concept..
      after completing ur topic take gate solved question paper solve all the questions dat asked from dat portion..

      like dat u can complete each and evry topic one by one..

      dnt forget to start vth ur fav subject dis vll help u learning smoothly…
      and dnt forget to make small notes dat u study so dat u can easily revice bfre exm..

      solve maximum questions from 1999 to 2013 question papers…
      for a refreshment u go thrw eng and aptitude questions…

      if u realy interested to achive gate stick to dis.., u’ll surely get a good score…

      solve max question papers on last 3 days before exam….
      pray vell… afterall it all depends on 3 hrs dat u do in the exm hall…
      so prepare well and best wishes…

      dnt let ur enthusiasm down to achive gate at any cost……

    3. Bikram

      Naveed check this blog
      it will tell you How to prepare for Gate exam.

    4. Naveed Tawargeri

      @All: Thank you so much for your valuable replays and suggestions, will sure approach you people if i get any problems 🙂
      @Bikram Sir: I have collected all materials the you have mentioned in the site, Thank you 🙂

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