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Do You Really Want To Do M.Tech?

GATE exam is over and now you all must be looking for results and desperately looking for M.Tech admissions. Most of associate our luck and fortune with our college admission. If one get into IITs feel like his life is almost settled, NITs better too and when one get into state universities and some private college, they still have a long way to in life.

I was talking to my mother last day. She said your brother don’t want to work in a while collar job. He is an MBA and sorry to say least educated my family, I mean he stopped after MBA and working now. My parents like every Indian parents wants him to do a nice job in office. They immensely love us and cannot see their children doing some odd jobs. I totally understand that feeling. On the same time I have been in all collar job and I know how it is when you do something you don’t like.

I told my mom, pray to Allah with happiness and joy, because you have a son who know what he wants in life there are a millions of office workers in India everyday goes to a job and office that they don’t like and don’t have guts to say it or take an action. After all working in a super fast growing blue chip company I only realized one thing that working in best offices in the world don’t make you happy. The most important thing is how much you understand your work and love to do it be excellent in it. Hell lot of time one need to put extra effort for giving great results and without being in love with what you do you can never get that. All your extra effort make nothing but super tired and weak.

Seriously after working in same job for couple of years you feel lost, and at that you will have a family with few kids and your degree of freedom is lost. You cannot take serious call and punch life ahead. At that very moment you start dreaming for your children and try to sell your dreams to them. That further complicates the things. I just ask you to keep life simple, think what you want to do best focus on that.

Peer pressure at young age is terrible. All classmate going to software industry, all going to IITs, few of them go to US, they are all successful and I am average as ever no job and I fail in life all the time, all these make you tensed and force you take forced decision. Trust me you don’t need to do the same thing everybody else is doing. Try to find what you like, find a guidance for it and just follow it.

Now you will be asking where to find guidance, you will have to wait for it, I think I am making a video soon on that. But I request you to keep your dreams good, have a dream that help you first and then the society. Dont get onto a wrong track and waste your life, that’s all I request you.

If really want to learn things that you could not do during engineering, if really want to correct your mistakes of engineering, if you want to see what you can contribute to, then just go for M.Tech. Don’t ever opt to go for M.Tech just because of peer pressure or parents and family pressure. You are old enough to think. See what inspires you and what it takes you to go there.

Just do something you like. Be honest yourself and give your best in that. This will make your super happy and successful in life. You will never feel tired of extra work and never give up in failures in between. Chasing every challenge will be fun and joy for you. Trust me whole life will be awesome. People see you cherish you and you make a happy self, family, and society.

With this I wish you a great luck ahead and ask you to be honest to yourself.


  1. Mainkordor

    my score is 17.something and im an st.. couldn’t do better cause i dont know much with least information, but i want to do in good colleges. should i try again or is their any chance i might get.
    ECE dept.

  2. syeda ayesha anjum

    hi I want to know that can we do m tech iam a b.a student I want to know that can I do m tech next

    1. Zahid

      I don’t think you can do M.Tech after BA in India.

  3. mayank

    is bit mesra is good college for mtech in control system.

  4. inder roy

    Couldn’t have asked for anything better today!
    Thanks for this amazing article. The insights helped me sort out a lot. Made notes and shall be using the tips right away! 🙂

  5. roshni

    I Want to work in PSU sectors so I appeared gate in my final year bt I didn’t even qualify due to lack of preparation. Meanwhile I gt admission in in a new NIT through non-gate entrance just becz of peer pressure and doubtful about myself if I could do better in goal is still to get a decent rank in gate n get placed in a good psu sector..but now iam not able to parallely prepare for gate while doing very confused what should I do now?? Should I leave and prepare for gate or continue both??
    Please help.

  6. Ajay

    Hello guys
    my gate 2014 score is 494 and rank is 10801
    please suggest me any college where i can definitly get scholarship

  7. Rahul

    sir i got a gate score of 480 in civil and i also got a job offer from a reputed core company ….which should I choose…….which would be better?…….

  8. Ashok

    @ admin .. v r men belongng to same philosophies …

  9. anandkrsharma

    sir, i got gate score 627 and rank in CS. what will i do now. Is there any chance to go in IIT with this

  10. Gajanan Biradar

    sir i want to do M.Tech in computer Networking:
    so for this course which is best college/uni.
    AIR is 3203, marks 34.67,gate score 496.

  11. Sandeep

    i wrote gate 2013 ece
    my score is 39.33
    Rank 9608
    Score 436
    general category
    can u guide me what to do
    im confused
    i cant get into good colleges with this score
    what to do?? plzz help me zahid sir

  12. Chandana

    i got 36 marks with AIR 8000 in general category.please tell me whether i get a job in PSU’S or admission in top universities.

  13. Devki nandan

    i am compter science student and in Genral Categry
    my GATE rank is 4227, GATE SCORE:468 FROM 15/03/2013 to 14/03/2014
    GATE SCORE:481 FROM15/03/2014 to 14/03/2015.

    i get 32.67 marks. My cgpa is 6.29/10
    my email- [email protected]
    …suggesd me plz…………..


    Hai…i had scored 31.67 in gate 2013 in eee stream…my AIR is 12499 and gate score is 341…Can u suggest me some best colleges where i am eligible to get M.Tech admissions

  15. sharath

    hi my name is sharath i got 31.00 marks in gate (cse).i got 5343 rank and my score is 445 can u sujgest me which colleges i will get


    i want to know in which clg i will get M.Tech. addmission if my rank is 10500.

  17. Trapti

    Sorry for being off topic, but i need Gate 2013 CS set-A, answer key. I know there are plenty of answer keys available from different institute and all , but they are not 100% accurate. I read some where that answer keys will also be available at official site *don’t remember where*. So in case IITs has provided answer keys, can you please link me , because I can’t find it any where on their Gate website.


    1. Poornima

      It is usually provided by March 15 in IIT GATE site.

  18. Vivek


    you are the best!!

  19. praveen

    i got arround 42 marks in gate 2013 electrical.
    i have got obc reservation…
    i dont know in which range of colleges i will get admissoin…
    i am curently doing btech final year…

    can you please help me..

    i am really tensed…

  20. maddy

    Ek saal drop kiya..IIT dream tha.. lost focus in the last week..sab kharab gaya..
    ab kya karoon samajh nahi araha 🙁

    1. ankit

      Hi dont be upset dude…kuch kaharab nh hua hain…abhi bhi chance hain…bahut si acchi universities bachi hain jo apna entrance khud karwati hain…so concentrate on those and forget the past. Zahid sir ke previous blogs me un sarri universities ka zikr hain…tum search kar sakte ho…


      bY ANKIT

  21. Pooja

    i have dropped 1 year for gate2013 n i’m from ece branch.. dis year paper ws too easy bt i’m able to secure only around 52 marks.. is der any chance of getting iit?.. please help me sir…

    1. kaustav

      NIT mil lajyega for nt sure abt IIT

  22. nik

    Dear sir,

    i like ur post..such a nice to read it…but, sir i’d 1 question for you that everyone is saying that this year gate-13 paper was tough than last three years except ECE..i’m CSE student. sir, what do you say?? is it true?? i’m sure that i’ll scored above, are there any chances for mtech in IIT’s or NIT’s??

  23. dipsikha

    thnk u 4 all replies. 🙂

  24. Praveen

    i got arround 42 marks in gate 2013 electrical.
    i have got obc reservation…
    i dont know in which range of colleges i will get admissoin…
    i am curently doing btech final year…

    can you please help me..

    i am really tensed…

  25. kaustav

    appeared for GATE2013 EE…now my question is can i totally trust the solutions made by some websites? for some questions they are giving different answers…

    1. Praveen

      i belive you can trust the key from ace academy…
      iit professors coach there na..

  26. Muga

    Zahid Ji, you have such a nice attitude… Really you are a big inspiration for me.. Thank you very much for sharing these GEM of thoughts.. Hats off sir 🙂

  27. Vageesha JM

    Brother Zahid,

    I don’t know why feel all the articles in this including the above written for particularly for me.. ( after reading all the comments here and other post i felt there are so many students like me and now i feel am not alone).

    Even though i am working in MNC that too in gulf with good salary, always i feel, what am doing is not my interest and because of some committements and loan i took this and that day am motivating my self to move ahead.

    Really bro your words are inspiring me too much. now only one thing is i need to find the answer that whether i can do..? yes after 2 years again am getting ready for GATE but this job eating my whole time and getting really less time to study.

    but whatever the issues. i will reach and chase my dreams…. eihter its pass of fail.. i will do it..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Muga

      Wow, thats a genuine inspiration.. The very same feeling I had when I was working in a MNC with the dream of doing an MTECH.. That was a period I was extremely stressed .. one day I just quit it all of a sudden and started for preparing GATE.. In the beginning it was extremely tough, but believe me nothing in this world will give you the happiness of chasing YOUR OWN DREAM.. you will never regret it.. Just do it, its never late..All the best \m/

  28. Mohan

    I dropped an year for gate 2013 , i dont think i will qualify..i was an average student in my B.E CSE.. i only had 69% . Can an average student like me will ever be able to make it to the IISC or IIT’s.. what does it take.. , confused about my life at the moment..
    Is there any average student like me who was able to make it to IIT/IISC? I need motivation 🙁

    1. Muga

      Dude.. Its neither about marks nor about IITs and IISC… Its about seeking knowledge.. If you have the thirst for knowledge you will definitely end up in a top place in your life.. Never under estimate or demotivate yourself with your past.. Cheeeeeeeeeer upp !!!!!!!!!!

    2. mohan

      Thanks a lot =)

  29. sivakumar

    wonderful and very essential post…. Thanks a lot sir..

  30. dipsikha

    i have also written gate 2013 in ece and expecting around 35-40 marks.I know its not enough to get mtech in a good college.I have already got a job in software.but i am totally confused should i nt join that for the preparation Gate 2014????? even i am also lacking my concentration and confidence.wat should i do?????

    1. Poornima

      Hi Dipsikha,
      I too was working in software field from ECE. I resigned job last year for GATE. I expect to be admitted into a top institute too. Don’t get tensed or confused. Just do it. All The Best 🙂

    2. Saptarshi Pyne


      My honest suggestion is that you may consider not joining the job.
      1) If you think you can definitely improve your scoreline while not pursuing a full-time job, which will engage 8-12 hours of your coming days.
      2) If you thing you can consider the lost salary of these 12 months, considering you are going to join very recently, as an investment for your brighter career.

      Why did I say ‘honest’?
      Because my friend was standing exactly at your place three years ago and he followed his heart. It guided him to IISC, Bangalore.

      You have definitely chosen the right website to gather inspiration. Other InI Friends will also help you to stay in the right path. Best Wishes.

  31. Siddharth vats

    well all I can say…some time its luck..some time its hard work…
    what if one has done so much hard work and just before the exam he/she fall ill…its luck…what if he/she gets late and could not write his/her exam…that’s also luck…but all that never mean that you should stop working hard….
    hard work can surely lead to success…but with luck…you can not count with all certainty..
    hard work can bring you near to doors…but choosing the right one is luck…and if you have right stars you would open the right door..
    now how to get luck in your favour…luck can be yours if you just be a good human…and help who soever comes to you…even if you cant help some one with money or matter…help them psychologically boosting their moral…generating a hope in them…inculcating good qualities, teaching some one, not wasting the food and water, have brotherly feeling for everyone. all the great scientist or industrialist were first good human (so they keep making stars in favour of them) but simultaneously they also kept doing hard wen the opportunity come to them in form of two doors their luck help them to choose the right door..
    And I must say this blog is also doing the same thing…doing hard work is in your hand but you always need some one to motivates is the owner of this site doing…I must appreciate he is doing the fantastic job…Keep motivating and keep guiding them.

    God bless.

    1. Rohit

      compleeeeeeeeetttlyyyyyyyy agree 🙂

    2. prajon

      very true..we need to become good human being first..very well explained…

  32. ANIKET

    First please tell me wether the GATE PATTERN WILL CHANGE FROM 2014?THAT IS WHAT I AM AFFRAID OFF? I also want to repeat it

  33. Asr

    Really very nice and inspiring post.

  34. jyoti

    thanks sir ……………:)

  35. monoar

    hi I am doing appeared for gate n getting around 32.7 marks I don’t think its goon help even though I have reservation OBC ..
    my senior always say go for job because experience matters … bookies knowledge is not going to help the organisation as much as experience ….
    m really confused what to do , sometimes i am thinking I should drop 1 year n prepare going to full time class room program ,how about that

    1. Poornima

      Think what it is that you want right after BTech, a job or a PG? Think it thoroughly and decide. You can pursue a job and after two-three years can try for a PG if you wish also. Or do PG and pursue a career afterwards. Both ways it is good; but the current job openings reveal it is best to try job first. It is such a huge mass coming out as engineers that we find the competition is too high and tiring with each passing year!!!

  36. Madhuri

    Nice post thank u so much


    friends i have less hope feom gate 2013, if i will get nit , should i go for it???? i m dropper in ee

    1. Poornima

      Sure. Do in NIT and if you want to do it in IIT, continue your preparation along with your MTech. Try next time along with the course. 🙂

  38. Nishant

    Same as unni permalink . And u write great man .

  39. santanu

    Superb… superlike…u \m/

  40. sameer Betageri

    nice post as always………but i think going to mtech is not bad atall if you dont have a family responsibility………

  41. Unni

    Hello , right now i am confused about what i should do next.. i completed my B.E CSE in 2012 and dropped an year for GATE2013. I have less hope for this years GATE and i really would want to try GATE next year aiming high. Theres a thing i am scared of and that is wasting another year if in case i fail again..maybe i lack motivation! What should i do guys? If someone experienced , who has been through my state suggests me what to will be great 🙂 , Thanks in advance!

    1. Ashish Joshi

      Don’t Think like that, You Will Be Doing Great next year, meanwhile you may consider Appropiate Collage at the rank you got this year,
      you will get the stipend, and can prepare for Next time.
      Best of Luck.

    2. rashmi

      if u want to do take next change for ur gate preperation take it,,becoz the step u take with full determination will lead u to higher position,,,nd vanish all this stuff from ur mind like,,,u r waisting ur year,,,,,,,,,just think its reverse u r investing ur one year to achieve ur goalt

    3. Kashi

      I am in exactly the same situation as you are…I will not wait for next year. I am planning to take MTech admission to I2IT(Hyderabad,Bangalore) or IIIT allahabad.

    4. isgan

      me too in the same situation, i dont have any great expecttions for this year gate. but i ont think i should wait another year.. am going to take mtech admission in iith or nits….

    5. Sakthi

      Hello Unni,
      I can understand your situation right now. I am also one among the n number of B.E graduates of 2011. I would say that just forget about Gate 2013. You have enough time in hand so join a job for now or start searching for a job. Dont worry about the salary if you get a job be there in it for six – eight months. By this time you have to prepare for gate simultaneously. After the six odd month if you feel like continuing the job go ahead and study along with it. But if you have problem with the job just drop from it and prepare hard for gate. Keep yourself engaged upto October of this year. Start searching for jobs straight away once you start working you will gain confidence.
      All the best

    6. Utpal

      Let me tell u my story…maybe you will regain confidence…I have done my B.Tech few years back from an NIT in ECE branch and currently working in an MNC. I appeared for GATE 2013 in CS/IT branch, and it was not up to the expectation. But I am not down at all. Rather I am happy because I finally got to know what really like. I feel very happy on my decision(after 3 complete years :P) to prepare for GATE as it has taken my knowledge to a different level. This drives me forward and I will come back strong next year and continue my pursuit of happiness. I would suggest you the same and focus on studies rather than worries. There is nothing to lose but a lot to gain…all the best!!!

  42. Poornima

    Thanks again! As always you speak what most others want a clarification about.

    It is truly a matter of what one wants to do in life, what one’s heart loves to do that one has to do. That’s the real success and essence of life. 🙂

  43. syed aamiruddin

    man i really like ur attitude and spirit to guide other . i only regret that this site doesnt exist in my clg day . All the best u r doin a grt work keep it up

  44. Amit

    Thanks for Nice Share !

  45. Ashwin

    i Just wrote the gate exam for EEE and got about 45 marks. I dont know what rank i would get. I am confused whether to go for mtech or to find a job. During my Btech i hated some of my subjects and just studied them because i had to pass. But there were some subjects which i liked. I would really like to have a good job in a good company..a job which i would love doing…I ve heard that doing mtech in good colleges is a great way to get a good job…but i dont think i would get an IIT with this mark
    Please help

    1. TERA

      i wrote gate 2013 ece
      my score is 47.666 general category
      can u guide me what to do
      im confused
      i cant get into good colleges with this score
      what to do?? plzz help me zahid sir

    2. vijay

      i think 45 is good marks in electrical And you have fair chance to get admission in top NIT’s or may be u got IIT.

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