GATE exam is over and now you all must be looking for results and desperately looking for M.Tech admissions. Most of associate our luck and fortune with our college admission. If one get into IITs feel like his life is almost settled, NITs better too and when one get into state universities and some private college, they still have a long way to in life.

I was talking to my mother last day. She said your brother don’t want to work in a while collar job. He is an MBA and sorry to say least educated my family, I mean he stopped after MBA and working now. My parents like every Indian parents wants him to do a nice job in office. They immensely love us and cannot see their children doing some odd jobs. I totally understand that feeling. On the same time I have been in all collar job and I know how it is when you do something you don’t like.

I told my mom, pray to Allah with happiness and joy, because you have a son who know what he wants in life there are a millions of office workers in India everyday goes to a job and office that they don’t like and don’t have guts to say it or take an action. After all working in a super fast growing blue chip company I only realized one thing that working in best offices in the world don’t make you happy. The most important thing is how much you understand your work and love to do it be excellent in it. Hell lot of time one need to put extra effort for giving great results and without being in love with what you do you can never get that. All your extra effort make nothing but super tired and weak.

Seriously after working in same job for couple of years you feel lost, and at that you will have a family with few kids and your degree of freedom is lost. You cannot take serious call and punch life ahead. At that very moment you start dreaming for your children and try to sell your dreams to them. That further complicates the things. I just ask you to keep life simple, think what you want to do best focus on that.

Peer pressure at young age is terrible. All classmate going to software industry, all going to IITs, few of them go to US, they are all successful and I am average as ever no job and I fail in life all the time, all these make you tensed and force you take forced decision. Trust me you don’t need to do the same thing everybody else is doing. Try to find what you like, find a guidance for it and just follow it.

Now you will be asking where to find guidance, you will have to wait for it, I think I am making a video soon on that. But I request you to keep your dreams good, have a dream that help you first and then the society. Dont get onto a wrong track and waste your life, that’s all I request you.

If really want to learn things that you could not do during engineering, if really want to correct your mistakes of engineering, if you want to see what you can contribute to, then just go for M.Tech. Don’t ever opt to go for M.Tech just because of peer pressure or parents and family pressure. You are old enough to think. See what inspires you and what it takes you to go there.

Just do something you like. Be honest yourself and give your best in that. This will make your super happy and successful in life. You will never feel tired of extra work and never give up in failures in between. Chasing every challenge will be fun and joy for you. Trust me whole life will be awesome. People see you cherish you and you make a happy self, family, and society.

With this I wish you a great luck ahead and ask you to be honest to yourself.