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What All We Have In Common And Uncommon With Steve Jobs

Few people die early but they do a lot more than billions of people who lived twice as they did. When say good bye to the world, even their enemies don’t have anything but to feel the loss. Many of my friends says I have a direct influence from him, but trust me I never read a book about him and never know him at all before the Stanford commencement talk. Since then when I feel losing and feel that I should make it happen, I go back there. This morning is no exception.

As I mentioned in my post, Steve Jobs at Stanford, that we will have a small booklet on him, this post is just a part of it. When I listen to Steve Jobs commencement talk in Stanford I was thinking about whole life and what made him different from others and how that can change my life more than apple products.

We have everything in common with Steve Jobs or any other person on this plant. All our share common natural resources (I mean air, water, sun light and other resources needed to survive). Even the number of hours in a day are similar too. If everything is same what let some people put a dent on the face of earth and people remember them? This question lead to a link on my research page called ( inspire & ignite ) where I kept my collection of inspiring talks. Later it became a website and then you are reading it now : ) I will share more about the story of I n I start later (promise).
Here are few things these over achiever have in common.

They have a sort of complete faith in what they are intend to achieve and they see as clear as they see the light of sun. The whole belief is so strong that they will be ready to clearly give away anything for that. They not only say it by mouth you see everything they do they have the flavor of their believe in it. Mostly we miss idea because since childhood our minds are trained to say something we believe and our actions contradict our believes. Later when we grow up its easy for us to change our believes. Yes, by change I mean we don’t value it and that spans over entire life.

They are unusually passionate about their dreams, rather consider it as a reality. Steve Job was invited by a CEO of a major tech company for his house warming party in Paris. He flew to Paris and directly went to party. The guard at the gates of new mansion says Steve was the only man in his casual jeans and t shirt. When entered he called upon few friends to a table and told them that he have something in his pocket that will change the world in couple of months. He shown the a phone (yes firsts iPhone) and 3 months later that revolutionarised the telecommunication and computing industries. When you have strong faith in something you will be passionate about it and you dont feel tired to talk about it 1000 times.

When your believe is strong you will be passionate and totally ready do anything for something you believed in.
I was visiting a Samsung photo gallery in Korea, where they kept photo memories of world leaders visit to Samsung Electronics. I was surprised to see a new addition there, guess who yes a pic from 1983. Steve was in his late 20’s and was standing with second chairman of Samsung electronics. Now third is in his 70s. In 1983 Steve was courageous to travel to Korea and meet the highest person in Samsung Dynasty, which is quite hard to believe if you know Asian culture.

Humbleness is key for life on the same time these guys dont wait a second to present their best works. This not because they want publicity, this is because they believe that they had done something which is not common. Just take for example of call drop mail from a customer to Steve Jobs. The CEO of one world’s leading company answers at 2.00AM saying please change the way you hold the phone.
I have seen many great workers reacting that way when someone question their best baby (product).

If you and I looking for giving a great dent in way people live around us, we got to stand up and follow our believes and rest will follow. We got believe even when no one agree with you but you see the future as clear as sun.

Just to sum up, we all cannot be like Steve, but all are certain about one thing, it is much more clear than a raising sun. Yes, sure I am talking about our death. Keeping that in mind lets at least try to be a good human being so that at least people in our circles admire us and pray for us when we say good bye to this world.

Remember Stay Focus Stay Hungry


  1. Ankit sharma

    Truly inspirational sir.. U have tought me a good lesson. i will never forget your lines sir.. I salute u. i will definately meet u after 3 years, but before that i have to do many things so that after my death people will remember me..

  2. dipeshj

    The Talk is simply awesome as usual,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Hwvr I LIKE the changes made on the website.its quite informal & jobs inspired,,,,,,,,,,
    Thnk U.

  3. Mohd.Mustafa Shareef

    โ€œDreams are not those which comes while we are sleeping, but dreams are those when u don’t sleep before fulfilling them.โ€

  4. nikita

    thanx sir 4 reminding me my priorities in my life always :)………………

  5. Saptarshi Pyne

    Die for Something or Live for Nothing.
    Thank you Zahid Sir for reminding us the choice we have to make.


    A truly inspiring note. It’s all about living with your dreams, trying out continuous efforts to acheive it. A perfect example to stay focussed and strive for the best.But, also spend some special moments with your closed ones too. This is how we are remembered and can make our life worthful.

    Thanks brother for sharing.:)

  7. Bharath

    Again Zahid Sir , its ur Motivation Driving me towards my Goal ๐Ÿ˜€ , Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. munavar


  9. Vageesha j.M

    Really.. true Zahid bhai..

    When i read some stories of steve and heard the speech at standford.. all i felt is more than apple he is a good human being that made him to achieve… in all the way..

    If some one want to do something understanding him self is first..
    if you try at least some people will remember you.. that is real achievement..

    Hope i will do something.. thanks for the lovely post..

  10. gurpreet pal singh mehta

    as always your article are inspiring and in between i cleared gate :D………….one correction thought it was ” Stay Foolish Stay Hungry” not stay focus stay hungry and one movie about him and bill gate about there struggle is a must watch ” The Pirates of Silicon Valley”

    1. Zahid

      haha thats the difference. I always say that stay focus stay hungry : )

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