With 20000 Facebook Likes I n I Is Reaching Next Era Of Computing

I was supposed to be travelling to a wonderful destination by this time, but it was destined that I spend time on InI to make move forward smoothly in the era of mobile device. I dont know how big it is for an individual but for InI, facebook fan page has been really great source of relationship with it readers. I am really thankful to every individual who like InI and stayed with it for years.

As on 10000 likes we announced InI community, on 15000 we reinstated the community, on 20000 we are moving to mobile device with responsive design. You can check how it looks on your mobile device : )

I have been a bit crazy and excited about InI and its future. Talked to too many people and shared my ideas about it. I saw from people denying the whole idea to a point they are so ready to invest into its growth. From ads revenue to no income, from a small shared web service to a dedicated server. InI is seeing a drastic change in its future and growth is enormous.

Few things we see in life happens, and we are mostly sure about them, though it’s so early to predict. InI’s growth was and is so certain for me that once ambitiously in a birthday party I said to my friends that InI would reach every single engineer in India, knowingly or unknowingly in just couple of years. Everyone laughed, I did too, one friend also told heights of optimism, while site is down for three days because of some issues at host. That was the time when InI was with a cheap shared host.

InI lost its only revenue stream in May 2010, then most thought I would stop. But the reality is, money was not in mind since day one. I cleaned the site made new design and focused on great helping content. I moved to better web services and things changed a lot, now InI handles millions of page views in a month.

Where InI is going in future.

This morning on a coffee a friend said, its going big and you are not sharing it with me. He was really teasing me, last 10 years or more we are together. Worked in same research lab, worked in same division of the company until last year I moved to a new division to explore the world of parallel computing. He know every single thing happened to InI and was happening, he became too optimistic about it as I am. Every single guy I know in office ask me about it these days and almost everyone is optimistic about its future.

Just to share with you all, InI is going to expand drastically in couple of years. We are aiming a million page views in a day (for now you just have to trust me). Dont worry we will give a great check on quality authenticity and usefulness of content as ever. We will expand specially in the areas of Engineering admissions, PhD how tos, touch areas of study abroad and completely awesome video channel, covering toppers interviews, education news and motivation for higher studies. We also plan for online test platforms and other services, that I will be sharing with you time to time. The best thing is InI is still not looking for investors : )

Today I am too tired to make a video, I will make one sure in coming days covering all in a single span. Probably I will make one by next week n I hope you will enjoy it.

With this I would like to ask you to be with InI, support it, and correct me and my team (we plan to have soon) whenever we go wrong. InI stood for its content and great information to student community. Help InI to grow faster and better.

Thanks again to all of you who are with InI despite of our weaknesses. Thanks again and I (Zahid) wish all of you a great luck ahead.

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  1. ISGA

    Hi Zahid Sir,

    Iam a btech graduate from a low profile institute.. When I started to read your blog, I became confident and studied all those stuff for GATE myself. I was alone, all my friends got placed, whenever i lost my confident,I used to came here and read ur posts and got motivated.. But GATE exam day was not mine. but I answered as much as i can.

    I was interested in material science. I got admission offers from IITK and IITH, and interview calls from IISc,IIT D,IIT P, IITbbs,etc I received IITK MTech offer and waiting for IISc phd list. Didnt attend any other interviews..

    we know you are a busy man, yet you find time to help others, You are a great personality. Your deeds inspires us to help others …
    Thank you for supporting us, for motivating us… may the merciful god bless you..

    ps: pls include that google search option…

    Thank you very much..

    1. Zahid

      You are amazing, knocked all most all great institutes in India. Wish you a very great luck ahead.

      Added search in its previously owned place. Hope that will help many others too. Initially I thought no one use it, but quickly I realized how important it is : )

      Thanks for great inputs and good luck ahead.

  2. Aravind

    Hi Zahid..

    Iam a follower of InI since i started searching for GATE in Google i.e., around 2009 ending for GATE 2010 . . . iam an underachiever at that time..always taking inspiration and ignition from Zahid.I completed my in 2011 and now placed in a Serviced based company. But still zeal in me isn’t died trying to get into IITs for the 3rd time with much more Good Rank… Zahid whatever you are doing is awesome job … Thanks for filling Inspiration and Ignition in our Brains..InI will be my all time stop for getting motivation…

  3. Vageesha j.M

    Am surprised Zahid Bhai when i opened.. Nice theme..

    Am reader since 2012 end but InI motivated me in all the way.. and made me to think my self.. Bahi we are all with you.. go ahead..

    You told me that you will reply to e-mail… all the best

    1. admin

      Working on theme again and again. Just want to make more and more easy and readable. Once done I will mail you back. I still remember it : )

  4. kumar sourav

    zahid, when are we all going to see the INI official website.. ? 🙂

    1. kumar sourav

      sorry, I meant to say FB page..

  5. Saptarshi Pyne

    Forecast: InI Website > (Facebook – InI Page).
    Honoured to be one of the InItes.
    We may miss own FB accounts but how could we miss InI?
    Best wishes to all co-InItes. Keep studying.
    After all we cannot put InI down.

    1. Zahid

      huh thats a huge complement, thank you i will try my best. Thanks a million again : )

  6. jijipaul123

    Congratulations Zahid!
    Your efforts have been helping me and many others since a few years…
    Wish you all the best for you benevolent efforts!!


    I did my BE from a tier-4 institute.I didnt have any special ambition or focus . I got placed in a service company and decided to move on with it.Accidently I came across this blog and came to know where I am actually standing and what pleasure it can bring to a person gaining knowledge was a true inspiration for me..I started to learn for things and lookout for knowledge..Now even though I couldnt make it to top IITs I could make to good college BITS pilani..This page truly deserve the name “Inspire n Ignite”..Thanks a lot zahid bhai


      Wow! Vipin, Congrats! And this is a great testimony for InI and Zahid Bhai! 🙂


    And it may take a few days for me to adjust and accept this new outlook 😀

    1. Zahid

      I will be trying lots of styles and layouts in coming days. Hopefully will stabilize it well to a ecosystem close to previous theme : )


      Okay! Kindly finalize it soon, Sir 🙂 The day b4 U changed the theme, I thought of this site and the look and had understood that the look, the ease of access to all posts(where is that google search on right top side now :o) and the content were quite unique and kept everyone coming back to the site. 🙁 May be you will find another theme that will suit the site and make people coming back here 🙂 Anyway, all the very BEST, Sir for the service that you do to the engineering student’s community! 🙂

    3. Zahid

      That theme we developed for 8 months. Coded everything into it n still love everu part of it. But now technology has changed and we have great potential in this too. Just bear with me for few days I will make sure this will be more pleasant n intutive to use : )

    4. Zahid

      Added all features of last versions of the theme. Looks much descent now. Hope you liked it.


    That’s it! a long way from where it started and long way again… The BEST for a GATE aspirant! Thanks to Zahid sir and all readers and contributers 🙂

  10. Priyadarshi Mukherjee

    this site has been really an inspiring one sir…specially for me, as though I have a dream of doing PhD from an IIT, I do search for your motivating videos and articles, when thoughts of getting into the corporate world start creeping into my mind… AND I AM BACK AGAIN ON MY TRACK. 😀

    1. Zahid

      Thanks for the support all the time : )

  11. Bharath

    Its Just b’cuz of ur Post and constant Motivation Zahid Sir , I’m a Fan from End of 2012 when i came across this Blog 😀

    1. Zahid

      My pleasure to have you all on board : )

  12. BIKRAM

    proud to be as a reader since 2010 …. keep it up Sir, my best wishes always with you 🙂

    1. Zahid

      Thank you Bikram n i know few readers since 2010 too you are one among them. Feel lucky to have you this side. Thank youu.

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