Congratulations! you have one of the top 5% most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012

TGIF, it’s a shiny and one of coldest of this winter. Wind was making face totally insensible. Slowly I reached office and ordered my coffee and while waiting for it just checked my mails, as usual practice.

I usually delete all mails from LinkedIn and other social networking sites, this came to me as a surprise the subject said “Congratulations! you have one of the top 5% most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012”.

Here is the content 🙂 n here is the profile

Zahid linkedin top 5%
Zahid LinkedIn top 5%

The moment I recieved it I checked who is in top 1% : D. Realised, that slot was occupied by CEOs and world leaders 🙂

Just a share to thank for all visits and love. Have fun and stay focused.



    Congrats bro!!!

  2. Surya

    A very nice blog, with a right to information approach!
    I like your blog.


    As salaamualaikum, Even i received the mail from Linkedin saying the same 5% views stuff. I don’t think it is true.

  4. selva

    sir I have 59.6 % in B.E. can i apply for GATE Exam ?? I want to do M.Tech in IIT college…

  5. m.s.tyagi

    Congralutation , young man . in 2013 u will be 1st one.

  6. kumar sourav

    well when it comes to leadership then definitely some day you will be in the top 0.5 percent.


    Thanks a lot ……..more useful this site and interact to other

  8. srikanta

    sir congrats . you deserve it ……….because who will spend that much time for others development…….

  9. Amit

    Congrates….You are doing wonderful job….

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