Are We Heading Towards A Community?

It’s been a long time I am looking for a improve interactions with readers at least our regular readers. As I mentioned the in my post A day in life: Why I am dead? that why heavy number of comments and lovely emails from regular and new readers are going unanswered. My sincere apologies to every single reader, who gave a comment asking me to help them or gave me an email to support them and didn’t get any reply from me. Hope they will forgive me.

If you look into GATE 2011 preparation guide, in the section Students “GATE Forums” , I made an open call to readers, forum and community owner to come forward and join me I help millions of students preparing for GATE. But the one replied me were not good in quality and their members are too less and have poor technical knowledge to answer questions from others. I was so unconvinced about their capability to help students in a great way, instead of just commercializing everything.

On the same time, Inspire n Ignite became three years old and have readers from all streams and backgrounds, have the people who followed inspire n ignite during their GATE preparations and made it to IITs, NITs and other good institutes. I know it because I get lots of emails from readers confused between IITs, NITs and other institutes. I took several surveys and GATE All India Rank (AIR) 1 participated in that. I strongly believe, Inspire n Ignite can bring all these smart people together to come forward in support of a very large community in the nation in return to pay back to their juniors and eventually contributing for the growth in of Indian society. It will have more impact on every single individual’s life and give an opportunity to contribute back. In future you may hear lots of voices here along with my own opinion and ideas. All these facts led me to think about very high quality forum and have wonderful community of friends all over the nation and help each other to gorw.

When I made a post regarding a forum to increase the interaction between the readers and give myself a little room to regular and normal life a reader (Kapil Gonge) started strongly interacting with me. He is so proactive that after several emails he sent me a document sharing all the minor details about the forum. Wow that’s new for me, a reader, making a document for a future release from inspire n ignite. I looked into it and mailed him back after a month we started working together. Finally after a long discussion and dedicated work from him and pushing me a lot for it we are almost in a shape to launch inspire n ignite community.

Now let me answer the question I ask in title. Yes we are heading towards nations strongest community of engineering students. We are trying to make it as simple as possible. The quality content is our major focus and we will have simple and easy to use interface. We are also looking for technical forum too, where people can come and ask the technical doubts and some of us will answer them. We can solve previous year question papers and have a large preparation material available for GATE preparations. And many more things to come..

We are now looking for 100 readers to test the forum and recommend improvement and new forums that could help many students. The selection is based on first come first serve basis. If interested kindly fill the form here Inspire n Ignite community early members. We are closed now for early members, already received over hundred requests. Please wait for next phase of testing, soon will send an invitation again. Kindly subscribe for updates in email or do like inspire n ignite on facebook.

Thanks you so much for your support and encouragements all the time. Hope we all grow fasters and stronger with the time and help a larger student community.


  1. prashant

    sir ,
    first of all i am very grateful to you for your precious guidance . please guide us about second and/or third counseling.

    thank you for your kind attention on my query.

  2. Prakash

    Will you please write one post about M tech vs PSU?

  3. rahul

    i had better option but i had taken admission due to your misguideline..
    If you think you are helping student then you are totaly wrong

  4. rahul

    i am suffring due to your misguideline. Last year you given mnit rank 6 thats why i have taken admission now no placements here.
    Its due to you zahid..

  5. rahul

    students from iitk,iitm,iitb,iitd is there. Also gate 2011 topper anshul is on gate forum and you are saying they have not good technical knowledge.
    Here what are you doing students are giving you notifications and you are posting them.
    You have not given response to a single student from last two month

  6. rahul

    after abashing if you are trying to run your own forum then its wrong zahid.
    How can u say the persons which are in have less technical knowladge.

    If you want to help students then advice them to go there its well established but you are doing politics

  7. Chandrakant

    It would be nice to blogged here than anywhere else. I am from ECE background and presently working in NTPC Ltd. In GATE 2011 I secured AIR 267. I could have cracked it within AIR 50 had I answered GA section. I Did not take admission this year. One thing I want to clarify here that Never neglect Engineering Maths and GA sections. These two sections are very easy and scoring which will inflate your AIR upward. Even 1 mark diffrence can make who is in and who is out.


  8. ganesh ram

    we are all with you.

  9. Tuhin Roy

    A nice step for us. If all gate rank holders come together to solve the problem then this will be the most popular community where there is some greater quality.
    I really like it.
    Please give me the application form as i want to join in this community .

  10. saquibnawaz

    great sir!!keep up with this work!

  11. RONAK

    bharati vidya peeth university pune and vishwakarma institute of technology pune’sform has been declare.

  12. shalabh

    hi thr,
    a nice move really

  13. shalabh

    hi thr..
    nice move.. it would be great if all the gate
    rankers come forward and share their views , study material
    books they went through, nd so on.
    nt to mention “inspire n ignite”

  14. Sreejith P

    I surely thought about helping you and ready to serve you too, please include me in the group to test the form, I had filled up the form.

  15. manish

    sir, I have taken admission in optoelectronics for mtech in sgsits indore . I wanted to know that what is the future of this branch and what is the placement information for this branch ……………..please soon reply ……so that if itis not better than I can think of switching to other branch………….thank you.

  16. samvaran kashyap

    we are ready to help u sir
    its like helping to ourselves through this brilliant idea of urs
    thank u

  17. abhishek kashyap

    yes sir,you are right perhaps now we all are more than just a daily inspirenignite reader.we are of course heading towards a community.and i wish all the best for all of us for being forever witholding .

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