Ramadan 2013: Are We Ready To Make Best Of IT

Ramadan comes and goes every year. We see Muslims make tents and stalls for food and there is a lot going around markets. You see lot of people started going to masaajid and spiting a lot of time : D Yes I did see that since my childhood till I reached Korea.

I work in a place we try to make best use of everything we do, and also try to make them well in first place and try to avoid second attempt. It became necessary for me to understand the ultimate aim of something to achieve best possible way to achieve them with least effort and make it and Ramadan is no exception.

I wrote about the fundamentals of Fasting and its reasons in Ramadan 2012 and Ramadan 2011. If you look into those two posts I clearly pointed the importance and ways to benefit form. All details about Ramadan is mentioned only one place in Quran ( refer to Ramadan 2012 post ). This is just an extension of those two posts.

When I looked into the fundamental aim of fasting ad see stalls and food events feel like it’s same as watching an IPL match just a night before GATE exam. And you all know what kind of score and college admissions you can expect after that. Meaning that Ramadan is not at all about food and shopping it’s something else deep into mind and heart and if not achieved will not bring the real benefit to life.

The ultimate goal of fasting and Ramadan is mentioned in one verse of the Quran

O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may become Al-Muttaqun (the one who fear Allah). (2:183)

I would translate Al-Muttaqun as god cautious instead of god fearing. It is same as you remember an extremely important exam all the time. You have a very exciting cricket match, an exciting family drama, a super hit movie but you stop yourself because you have a much important exam to prepare for.

A friend wants to visit and you really enjoy his company, you are having guests at home and you really love and want to talk to them, whole family is going out for dinner, or any other exciting event that you really don’t want to miss but you hold back yourself thinking I have something bigger in life to achieve and sit tight and prepare for your exam. You give at most importance and wants to be focused on single goal till you achieve it.

Yes right, this is call Cautiousness and this is what is expected with fasting in Ramadan. One become cautious of Allah SWT. If you are cautious of Allah SWT, you prevent yourself from everything he asked you to stop with, and do everything that pleases him. Nothing can give you a better platform than Ramadan for that. You are not eating since morning to evening, it gives you a pointer to stop from everything wrong. And standing in nights with full of love and affection would bring the real happiness.

It’s just like preparing for GATE or some other exams and you have a month time. Nothing can bring you a big success to you if don’t plan it well, allocate time for different subjects, try to finish them in time, leave all time wasters aside. You try to complete subjects in given time and practice well to evaluate and specially last ten days you really dont have time for anything except preparation. If you don’t give this serious efforts you will know where you stand.

Food stalls, shopping and spending all time in markets during Ramadan is reading an novel or a news magazine during exam times. Better be cautious of your way of spending every single second.

I plan targets every year specially for Ramadan you can see few of my schedules here. I share a simple program I have for myself during Ramadan, not to show you all what I do, but remind myself and help other to plan as fast as they can to get best out of it. I just feel guilty every years of not making best out of, I wish one day I could take a month off during this month and spend time in Haramain.

Goals During Ramadan 2013

  • Complete Quran ( I did it one time in tough times Alhamdulliah, with understanding of every verse )
  • AHAD Organized effort and First try for Audio or Video AHAD (will post on my personal youtube channel and share on personal fb)
  • Organized Qiyam E Lail ( traveeh start to end with Khushu (concentration))
  • Charity Focus ( you can mail me at [email protected] for charity related stuff)
  • Search for Lailatul Qadr
  • Memorize Medium Chapters from Quran if complete all reading before Ramadan
  • Plan an Itikaf ( at least a little one when I am home inshallah).
  • Memorize Small Dua

Some Collective Activities I would participate

  • An iftaar for brothers
  • Taking care of Musallah
  • Daily Hadith at Asr
  • Helping brothers for Traveeh
  • Information sharing

Inshallah (God wills) my tentative daily schedule will be as below, I would follow a better schedule during weekends : ) I removed my schedule because I am feeling soo bad : ) you can search for my previous schedules on net if you are interested : )

We all just plan and Allah SWT (GOD) has a better plan for us, we are just weak can only can give our best possible human effort and bow our heads to accept our deeds.

I ask all my non Muslim brothers and sisters to help and support Muslims with helping them be more cautious. If you see me or other Muslim doing something wrong please remind us that we are fasting. Many things we do we don’t notice, please put a check on us and help us make best use of Ramadan.

I ask all Muslim brothers and sisters to humble yourself with at most cautiousness and try to make best use of every single second of Ramadan. Read and understand Quran a lot, Ask Allah SWT for everything you need, and keep the yourself on ground specially in last day of Ramadan, as you do during the last hours of a very important exam.

Most importantly keep me, my family, and whole ummah in your good prayers and ask for forgiveness from our mistakes. I request all of you to forgive me if I have not answered your mails or comments, keeping Ramadan in mind ^^

Wish you all a great Ramadan Ahead.


  1. Prayer times

    Very useful! Thanks 🙂

  2. aditya

    wishing all the happy raramdan ahead..

  3. sangeeta yadav

    i’m in big confusion…plz help me….i dropped a year after ma btech nd got 1060 rank in gate (general catagory) nd got instrumentation in nit warangal(mtech)…but i want to prepare for IES 1 more year…nd want to drop for 1 more year…sir plz suggest me…will it b right decision to drop 1 more year…or shud i go for….plz rly as soon as possible…thanx….:)

  4. jyoti mishra

    sir i wish you a gr8 life ahead………. your post are so very helpful to me ……..
    your posts truly inspired me to take t right decision on time !!!! 🙂 ..
    thanx a lot

  5. Nikita Purohit

    Great wishes of Ramadan sir……
    as always it is gr8 blog……

  6. manju

    happy ramadan sir

  7. P M G Bashir Asdaque

    Salaam and wish U all on InI a Happy Ramzaaan! Please remember all in your prayers , specially for peace in world and Ummah nations. Remember the poor, give them zakat (2.5% of annual savings). Also, always remember the core of Ramadaan, i.e. TO FEEL THE HUNGER OF HUNGRY, POOR HUMAN. So remember to do all good deeds and keep yourself away from ‘extremist’ school of thoughts. AH

  8. abdul kadir

    MashaAllah ,wat a gr88 post…i’ll follow ur schedule in Ramadan In Sha Allah…m also a student of Dr. Ankush Mittal,, and i saw your c.v u hv mentioned the name of Dr. Ankush Mittal as ur guide…Every Student of Dr.A.M has done smthing special like u,, n i’ll also do smthing large..!!!!!

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      Thanks Kanhaiya!

      Site appearance says Go Green 🙂

  10. Saptarshi Pyne

    May the Creator bless us with a beautiful plan.
    Wish a flawless Ramadan to InI Family.

  11. ISGA

    good post… wish you all a happy ramadan…..

  12. bakeel

    nice post bhai.. inshallah.. we all will make best of Ramadan.. plz remember me in ur dua’s

  13. muhammad.kv

    جزاكللاه خيرا
    oh dear brother i am very glade to know you
    you are one of the best slave of the GOD
    i am sure , your parents are very lucky by you,

    pls dua for me

  14. Google Boy

    Happy Ramadan to You sir and all the Blog Member and inspire and ignite family!!
    May Allah succeed everyone in their true effort of achieving the excellence…!!

  15. azmath

    MashaAllah brother. I am glad to see that you have dedicated a portion of your blog for articles related to Islam 🙂 . May Allah reward you for your efforts brother. Most importantly brother, do dawah through your limbs to your non muslim friends by being the best to them (by fulfilling their rights over you and upholding justice and morality). I have referred to your website many times in the past to get guidance related to GATE and have benefited. JazakAllah brother and may Allah increase your good deeds and make you righteous.


    Wish you a great Ramadan ahead…
    It was a nice analogy that you drew between Ramadan days and Exam preparation days. Thank you for keeping us on track always. 🙂
    God bless!

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