Changes in GATE 2013 What and Why Are Important

There have been many important changes in GATE 2013, these changes are not just ramdon and have done because its not been changed for a long time. Every change have an impact and definitely would give a new direction to GATE exam.

First and foremost is GATE is going to be online exam soon. Second female students are promoted for higher studies, and with GATE score formula change GATE can be kept valid for one year from soon.

To know more just follow through the video.

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Wish you all a great luck ahead.


  1. prema

    sir, i updated my principal certificate with marking in both box of final year&past student wrongly sir .now what can i do sir.but i have complete the application form and take printout of it sir.plz help me sir

  2. namita

    i have filled the online application form 2014…..but on taking the printout of the application form…it was black and white….moreover…for the sticking of the photo…my photo was passport size…i.e.3×4 cm….can my form be rejected???

    i called at the gate help….but it seems it is busy all the time..

    Please provide me with necessary information

    Best regards,
    Namita Chandra

  3. Abhishek Manu

    I have applied for GATE 2014.i filled in all the mandatory details and made the payment.I downloaded the application form and found that the signature was partly visible. At the time of uploading the scanned signature, I was able to view the signature properly and I didn’t see any error.Please suggest me what should I do next. Is my form going to be rejected because of this? Do I need to apply again ?Please help me on this.
    I can see the status as “Application Submitted.Payment verified. Make sure that the hard copy of your application reaches the Zonal GATE Office by 10th October, 2013. Application will not be accepted after 10th October, 2013 under any circumstances including postal delays.”
    Can my application be rejected even after submission of application.

  4. Sanket

    Sir ,I have uploaded a photo with red background for gate 2014 whereas they ahve asked for a white or light background .wat should i do.

  5. Ankita

    hii……my category is NT-B.. i m from maharashtra which category i should fill in the GATE2014 application form..??
    coz there is no option about NT category.

  6. padma

    what is thegate score for converting 25,30,35,40,45

  7. Sarthak

    Hey please tell me whether gate 2012 score is valid this year.? Also how to get duplicate score card of 2012??? I have lost my card .

  8. tanvi

    Is BARC going to recruit this year through gate rank 2012?

    1. D.N.Singh Narwal

      No,I don’t think so because GATE score is valid for one year. Last year my son was also a candidate through GATE but not selected the I choose IIT Roorkee for M.Tech.

  9. mehul chaudhari

    I have seen that in my admit card there is a spelling mistake in my fathers name..then how can i correct this mistake?

  10. Anwar

    Hi Sir,

    Today I saw my GATE 2013 exam admit card, my fathers name was not correctly spelled (first name and surname are correct).
    As I can not modify my application. What I should do to correct it.


  11. NITA


  12. shilpa choudhery

    name- shilpa choudhery
    application ID- 101 R 038 X
    zonal office- iit kharagpur

    sir i have filled my form correctly but in defect list it is showing that i have to send hard copy of my provitional degree…… so i have post my form with hardcopy of my degree…. but still my status is same..

    1. Zahid

      Call Zonal office. That will help you : )

    2. Abhishek Manu

      Hi Shilpa,
      Have you sent the original provisional degree or the Xerox or the scanned copy of the same?

  13. kotesh

    I have received a mail from gate office that my signature in the printed application from is unclear.I am asked to resend my application form by signing it again,clearly. Iam doing it today.
    However I am really worried about this because even if I sign again, it would definetly be similar to the last one! can u assure me of something that would reduce my worry? please!!

  14. vidnyan

    hi sir, I want to know the marks tally of gate marks and score for 30,35,40,45,50,55,60,65 marks sir…. plase help me out.

  15. Yuvaraj

    Guys just nw i calld chennai IIT , I did a mistake by signing using blue pen.
    The person replied no pblm in tat,

  16. roshan

    sir, i uploaded a different photo and paste different one …and still my form not submitted any chance of rejection???

  17. Roopesh Garg


    I sent my application form to IISC Bangalore through speed post, and while tracking the speed post its showing delivered on 5th to Chairman Gate Office IISC bangalore BG 12. But still on Application status its showing online submitted. I checked in IISC bangalore on 8th in evening, they told that they have lots of forms, so it will take some time to get updated. Now its 10th Oct and still not showing the correct status.
    I am not sure what to do. On IISC gate helpline, nobody is picking the call. Please guide me what action I need to take.


  18. rancchhod

    sir i have submitted the hard copy of my gate form but till now i did not got my conformation mail from gate iitb website what should i do i have made payment online
    i have sent my form on (5th oct 2012)

  19. Apurv Goel

    Sir, I have posted my form on 27/09/2012 and it was delivered at the gate office on 2013 (as per india post tracking website). Till date i didn’t got any confirmation on the receiving of the application.

    Please help!!!

  20. Kush shah

    Sir, I have posted my gate form and i got reply from them is that “No/not clear signature or signed in capital letters in the printed application form”
    So what should i do change the sign which is different from the which i have uploaded.
    please guide me.i am very tense.

  21. Minthang

    Sir,please reply to my query.
    I have mistakenly used blue ink instead of black ink for signature in the GATE application form.Wil my form be rejected or there will be provision to resend the application form after scrutiny.

    Am very much worried about it as I realised this only after sending the application form.If the application is liable to be rejected then preparing for GATE would be futile.

    Waiting for your feeedback

  22. subathra

    sir, i have wrote the signature in blue ink instead of black….ll they reject my form…:((((((((can you help me out…

  23. Ajaykumar

    Sir, I had uploaded photograph with blue background and i submitted it at IISc bangalore. The application is still under scrutiny… All my friends submitted applications already accepted but not mine… What shall i do if the application is rejected???? Please reply me soon………..

  24. Priyanka Bedre

    I have uploaded dark background photo and submitted online APPLICATION FORM and now came to know the criteria please help me

  25. suniljoshi

    sir i made a mistake while giving the adress.. i didnt mention the appartment name
    now wat to do sir?? can i edit it ??

  26. mujtaba

    I have given my address wrong and submitted the form. can i change my address now? If so how? And if not what is the alternative? Waiting for the reply thank you.

  27. saritha

    sir i made a mistake regarding caste category my caste is GEN OC and i submitted OBC in the GATE and had submitted the gate form and posted how can i remove it and change it to GEN category… should i submit another form..
    please i need fast reply its urgent..

  28. saritha

    sir i made a mistake regarding caste category my caste is GEN OC and i submitted OBC and had submitted the gate form nd posted how can i remove it and change it to GEN category… should i submit another form..
    please i need fast reply its urgent..
    thank you…

  29. sravanya

    sir i made a mistake regarding caste category my caste is GEN OC and i submitted OBC and had submitted the gate form nd posted how can i remove it and change it to GEN category… should i submit another form..

  30. dilip

    hey rohit please reply to this
    i have a uploaded a photo with white background but i attached a same photo with back ground and sent the application what should i do now ??

    1. Poornima

      Just wait for the status update. They will inform you through mail once the scrutiny of your application is completed, check and find out if it is in order. If there is any mismatch or problem, they will ask you to resend with a copy of the email they send after scrutiny. No need to worry !

  31. priyanka manchikatla

    sir i posted photo as red in background and also signature in blue ink if it rejects can i apply once again using another email id plz send me reply waiting for your answer

  32. Yogesh

    Zahid sir, Can I know that this year which subject would be more concentrated for ECE branch…… Like I always heard that Every IIT has its own special subject…Like this if IITB has any special subject……….
    Plz reply

  33. Vikash


    Please help me out.
    I have done a silly mistake. I have submitted my passing year 2012 instead of 2011.

    Please let me know whom should i contact and where could i get contact point.

    I am worried about they should not reject my form as there is mismatch in form and degree certificate.

    Thanks in advance,


    1. Rohit

      they vll not reject ur form.
      If you have even speed post your form then wait for de bugging process to begin.

  34. Preetham

    Hi, i have completed my BE in 2012 june, what is the procedure for filling online Gate application form , should i upload Provisional Degree Certificate , what else is needed for fraduated student ,i am feeling a bit confused , please any one help..

  35. Poornima

    A new option to re-upload photo and signature is now made available!

  36. Poornima

    Thank You, Rohit. Wish You too Good Luck!

  37. Poornima

    A very good analysis of the changes. Thank You.
    Yes, I too would like to know if one could submit more than a single form. Or else, if at any case the photo or sign becomes unacceptable, will those be intimated later with a provision to upload the same? Because last year there was a provision to resend defective applications, I guess.

    1. Rohit

      I got my answer and glad to tell you that before paying the fee one surely can register more than once till he gets registered with successfully fulfilling all requirements ๐Ÿ™‚
      But paying two times is a foolish thing so if you have paid for first registered form no need to take headache as you said there will a provision for correction like last year.
      Applications are not rejected on the basis of registering more than once as anybody can register via fake information, it’s only after mailing the hard-copy registration completes.
      I have tried hundreds of times to contact IITB but their line is so much busy that I can’t got a chance so what I did was to contact coaching institutes like IES made easy, professional group by faking that I am their student :):) to make sure that one can re-register because it’s not the case in most exams.
      Good luck.

  38. Rohit

    Can the same person register online for gate more than once using different email ID due to submitting first form with wrong photograph or signature size or any other reason?
    I am confused as no such thing is mentioned in the brochure. It just says that –
    1. one ID canโ€™t be used to submit multiple forms.
    2. once form submitted canโ€™t be changed.
    Moreover IITB is giving no concrete answer.

  39. sathya

    Thanks you so much for the blog ๐Ÿ™‚ and I really admire ur efforts! I need a more clear info about gate validity.If the Gate score validity is changed to one year from Gate2014, does it mean that Gate2013 scores would not be valid for Gate2015 M.Tech summer admissions?

  40. shoaib ahamed

    MASHALLAH.its great to see in video………:)

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