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New GATE Score Calculating Formula: What does itMean

New GATE Score Calculating Formula – Keeping the novel directions GATE 2013 is giving to future of GATE exam GATE score calculator formula is designed. You would have seen my post on changes in GATE 2013 and their impact. One of the most prominent changes is GATE score calculating formula itself.

The important Question is why to calculate GATE score is when marks are available. For my understanding it’s just a measure of one’s success in GATE exam normalized with the number of candidates appeared (previously) or marks of number of students qualified (now).

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Previously GATE score was calculated on many parameters that also included something called Global average and Global standard deviation. These means the average and SD of all the candidates appeared in all years. This made it almost impossible to map scores back to marks until we know two global parameters.

New GATE Score Calculating formula is

S = Sq+(St-Sq)[(M – M q )/(M’t-Mq)]

S = GATE Score (normalized) of the candidate
M = Marks abtained by the candidate in specific paper
Mq = Qualifying marks for general category in that paper
M’t = average marks of top 0.1% or 10 (whichever is higher) of the candidate in paper
Sq = GATE score assigned to qualifying marks (usually 350)
St = GATE score assigned to top 0.1% candidates (usually 900)

As we see from the above formula, from this year GATE score is a normalized score based on qualifying marks and any score less than 300 is considered as non qualified score for general category.

It’s also possible to map back to marks once we know the qualifying marks and score of one candidate. This will help us in understating the admissions in IITs and NITs. Also GATE scores are just normalization of qualifying marks therefore can help us in making a estimate of the AIR rank hence predicting what could be a reasonable score to get into IITs and NITs based on a couple of years data.

Another important thing to note is that GATE score is calculated based on performance of candidate and whole students appeared in that specific paper. This could lead to only one year validity of GATE score in coming years, making GATE a tough call for students. They have to make a decision to join the same year. Another indicator in this direction is non eligibility of third year students from last 2011.

The changes came with positive impact on GATE exam itself, on the same time bring tough time for students to take calls on immediate basis and prepare well.

With this I wish you all a great luck ahead.


  1. karthi.s

    i have passed in out of 100 marks. but fail in normalized score what reason for to valuate the paper this way????

  2. ria

    mt bar ki value ?

  3. punit

    sir i want to go uk for study , i m in 3 rd year be ece… can i get job study there after study there ?..nd tel me some good universiry of ms of uk for me . i m really inspired from ur post of commessment of stive jobs…plzz help me .in my home no one is educated nd my father is in uk bt he is just simple worker dont know even perfect english…

  4. sreenu

    There is any effect on 2012 gate student.It is benefit or not
    I have scored 491 score and 33 marks in EE in 2012.By new gate score 2013 students will sore high score or less score with this marks.plz reply

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