I like ranking to help people to decide which is the best institute for their rank and ability. Ranking private colleges is a difficult task as I consider most of them as same. Once you have decided to go to a private college the most important thing that matters is your hard work. All the private colleges are same and these days everyone has placement cells and try to conduct some sort of campus placements too. Even if these colleges have campus that never goes as high as 60% on average leaving over half of students on their own. To find about best engineering courses visit which is the best engineering course, all you can also visit for all Engineering courses future and prospects.

The good news for students is that if they have good scores with good skills then there is plenty of opportunity for them, as most of the companies conduct off campus recruitment drives. Almost every good software company including corporations like Samsung, LG, Oracle and Adobe apart from Infosys and Wipro and many other companies, conduct their own off campus recruitment drives.

Few private engineering colleges in every state have good infrastructure, faculty and placements. I tried here to figure out the best colleges in every state of India and ranked them. First 7 to 10 colleges are really worth joining if get a chance and rest of them are better in on or the other aspect.

A genuine effort to find is made to find Top Engineering colleges in India and also tried ranking of NITs in India to help students find right place for their career. The list of Top NITs in India is a good resource for M.Tech and AIEEE admissions.

The list of best private Engineering colleges in India

Top Private Engineering Colleges in Tamil Nadu (Based on Anna University Ranking)
Top Private Engineering Colleges in Karnataka
Top Engineering Colleges in Bangalore (VTU affiliated)
Top Deemed Universities for Engineering
Top Engineering Colleges in Andhra Pradesh
Top Engineering Colleges in Hyderabad
Top Engineering Colleges In Orissa
Top Engineering Colleges In Punjab
Top Engineering Colleges In Uttar Pradesh (UP)
Top Engineering Colleges In West Bengal

We made our best efforts to collect the data about every private engineering college in the mentioned list and ranked them based on a statistical formulea, which is same for all engineering colleges across India. This to make sure that we can ranking all the engineering colleges in India on same scale and make clear and open ranking of Engineering colleges. This total effort is to help students with their choice.

I will be updating this ranking for all the states in India and also update ranking of Top Engineering colleges in India. To get latest updates about ranking and performance of Engineering colleges please do not forget to subscribe by email. A box is given on the top right corner of the website.

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