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Which is the best engineering course?

Over the years engineering courses (department wise) have observed many ups an downs and students community observed to opt the engineering stream which tend to offer them placement opportunities later. The question remains the same for every students whoever joins Engineering “Which is the best engineering course?”. I joined engineering in 1997 and finished in 2001, during that time there were very less engineering colleges and average students usually did not get a chance to think about what is best course for them. As time moved ahead every state, specially south Indian states has allowed many engineering colleges to establish and gave students a chance to study their desired courses much more easily.

This freedom also lead to the confusion among parents and students regarding the courses. Most of the parents see the market and trends to make a decision for their children. When I passed out in 2001 most of the dot com companies failed leaving many of us job less. During that everyone just ran for Electronics and communication engineering or Electrical Engineering. Adding more to depression, parents of first year students started ranking Computer Science below Civil Engineering. I wrote a general post about all engineering course and their prospects for details visit Engineering Courses: Future, Prospects, Institutes and Studies in India.

Instead of doing little research or listening to the people in the industry most of parents just read news paper to make conclusions, which in long run make a deep impact on career and in turn whole life. Currently, after the inception of Artificial Intelligence in every other field of work and service providing industries busy understanding their customers’ behavior from available data people are curious and opting Computer Science and Engineering and Electronics Engineering courses upfront.

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Every time I visit India, many of my relatives and known people visit me for seeking advise regarding engineering courses. This always made me to think about the latest courses and their scope in view of a middle class family. Specially for girls, Parents are always worried about which is the best engineering course for girls? Instead of directly giving any advise in this regard I would like mention a little about most popular engineering streams first and leave it to you to make a better decision for yourself.

Engineering courses: Brief overview

Engineering is a basically a combination of theory and practical. Keeping this in view and thinking about the course will help you to make decision about you choice. Let me start with Civil engineering, this is a wonderful course and almost every college have good infrastructure for this, both in terms of faculty and laboratories. On the other hand this is really a tough job and most of the going to sites and taking care of construction management stuff. You can not make good money in this field working for someone and starting own company need good investment and contacts, which is difficult for a common Indian family. Mechanical Engineering comes with similar issues.

Electronics and Electrical Engineering are very good and highly job oriented courses. No doubts and questions about that fact. But when it comes to faculty and practical experiments most of the colleges does not have sufficient infrastructure. Moreover after finishing most of these engineers work in software companies as there no sufficient companies who work in core areas of Electronics and Electrical Engineering.

At last we are left with Computer Engineering and Information Technology. The infrastructure required for these courses is very easy to provide and if teaching is not good at college finding a tutor outside even in a small town is not a problem. More importantly when google, Microsoft and other top companies come for campus interviews they don’t allow any other stream than CS and IT to appear for their interviews. It is also observed that even Mechanical, Civil and other engineering stream students need to have minimum programming or computer based skills in order to get placed easily.

Even after electrical or electronics engineering one goes to software jobs, more over top software companies do not allow them to appear for test and interview. Therefore, I don’t see any logic in going for these courses if computer science or IT is available. We have more software companies than any other companies. These companies pay good salaries and also give a chance for foreign assignments that will further enhance your personal and professional skills.

If I am the student or parent and need to select an engineering course, my order of preference will be.

Engineering Courses: Order of preference (My opinion)

1. Computer Science and Engineering
2. Information Technology
3. Electronics and Communication Engineering
4. Electrical Engineering
5. Mechanical Engineering
6. Civil Engineering

Once I am done with admission in any course, I will concentrate and work hard to be best in that course. Best in any field is always rare and respected. So I suggest all of you to work hard and live to the dreams of you parents and make them proud.

Have a wonderful luck with your admissions and post question if you need any specific input or advice.


  1. Scholars institute

    Thanks for sharing such an informative blog


    SIR, i studying 12 class so i want to choose best branch of b.tech in mathematics …… i was very much interested in it …………. please tell we the best one

  3. Qdot

    nice work, i appreciate your work.
    keep up the good work.

  4. shiva teja

    SIR, I am confused on taking which stream of engineering. I am good and also much intrest in programming. Along ECE,IT AND Mechanical which stream of engineering has best scope and excellent packages in future. i want to get job in top most software companies like Google, Microsoft, Samsung etc., after the completion of my engineering. Plzz give me ur valuable suggestion as soon as pssible..thanking you sir..

  5. farsana

    Sir.i am very confused in choosing a right course in engg.can u tell me best courses other than c.sc and ece with good job offers?pls give a reply soon sir

  6. Tejesh.k

    which is best course in engineering

  7. Jayakaran

    What about automobiles..
    What work on that..
    Then jobs… salary clear my doubts

  8. Anonym

    I really appreciate your efforts for taking your time out to help students.
    My only problem is that I don’t see any logic to what you have written here.
    Besides you have stopped your article after giving your opinion about some 5 courses, while colleges these days offer at least 15 other options.
    Sorry, but to me your reasons are illogical.
    Civil engineering is good but there is a lot of site work. REALLY!!!!!
    So is mechanical engineering!!
    I know thousands of mechanical Engineering office jobs..
    Please give solid and proper justification and complete information if you really want to guide students properly, else your opinion could be misleading.

    My opinion is that people have no idea about what computer science engineering is. What we know is software programming. Software programming is an inherent part of any course these days.
    So, if one wants to do computer science engineering then they need to know what the syllabus actually is and if this interests them. To get a job, I can learn Java or C++ programming in my neighborhood institute….

  9. Arunabh Singh

    well, sir what about aeronautics and aerospace engineering? i am particularly interested in these topics.

  10. Purnay yadav

    March 24, 2017 @ 9:07 pm
    I am studing in 10 th class .
    Now I an confused to choose an Engineering course
    Please give me your opinion about engineering


    Sir I’m studying biomedical engineering. Could you please send me the details about it and what I can proceed in future and some Good companies for my job with salary 5 to 6 lakhs. Please guide me

  12. Sid afrid

    I am studying in 12 th class (puc) @ manipal and i have opted computer science.
    Now i am confused to choose an engineerinig course
    What is your opinion about marine engineering
    Can you advise me a best engineerng course nearby and their benifits

  13. Anwar

    My facebook friend is now completed 12th std .. He scored 1007/1200 and Cutoff is 141.25 . He wants to pursue Chemical Engineering .. Is it possible for his Marks ..? Chemistry 170 !

  14. Anwar

    Dear Zahid Sir ,
    I am a technical student studying 3rd year .. Shall I go for Engineering Lateral Entry after my Degree ?? Can you please give me further details about that ?? Thanks !

  15. Elavarasi

    Respected sir,
    I’m elavarasi. I finished twelfth. I had scored 1009 marks and I applied for counseling in Anna University . Please suggest me
    what course can I select. Which course has a good future. Pleeeeeeaseeeee reply sir.

  16. Shruthi

    Sir I have got 45000 engineering and 25000 medical rank in kcet which is the best course in engineering and medical for my future . please help

  17. Omer noor khan

    Sir is there any jobs of mechanical engineering for future ? and is diploma valuable?

  18. Badsha Bahoram

    Dear Sir,
    I’m Badsha Bahoram from Kolkata. I’m final year student of Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.
    So which exam or test need to Chance to learn in Bangalore B. Tech college/University? Thank you sir.
    Your faithfully – Badsha Bahoram.

  19. Arun

    i have completed my 2nd puc………i want to choose any one of mechatronics , biotechnology or bio medical…….can u suggest me which will be having a good scope in future

  20. Tony

    I have not given CET after my 12th.How can can i get into engineering without wasting my year.

  21. maheswari N

    like i took eee is there chances of me getting good jobs,will eee race the cs in coming 4 years

  22. prince patel

    which is course best in engineering????? plz tell me sir

  23. Ajith

    It is possible to join in B.Arch based on 12th cut off marks without doing NATA exam ….,, pls reply

  24. jay padte

    if a student get KT within three years of diploma…is it iligible for him or her to achieve admission at B.TECH or B.E.

  25. Charan

    Sir I’m An Average Student Can I Take EEE-Branch in Btech ….
    I Want To Know How The EEE-Branch is Going To Help Me in Future …

  26. vineeth

    Which course is best of engineering and easy to high salary jobs plz reply me

  27. Pradeep

    Sir plz help me.. Which course is valuable in this period


    very thank you sir

  29. Mk Mukesh

    I’m Mukesh from Chennai..
    What course is in great demand these days and which course helps in getting good job opportunities with a good salary !

  30. Santhosh

    Sir i am santhosh from chennai. What course is more demand in abroad for lifetime ??
    Please reply to mail id [email protected]

  31. victor mike

    My name is victor yakubu am from bayelsa state i was among the successful candidates that wrote the NAF exam in the year 2015, i am so happy as this was my fourth time of writing it and all my appreciation goes to Major General Ahmed Mohammed for his assistance i am very happy that few months from now i will be a member of NAF. if your name is still not out yet, i will advice you contact him to help you before the last list is out and it is only few names that will be released so hurry up and here is Major General Ahmed Mohammed number 08114498954

  32. Bassey

    What if someone do telecommunication as a course

  33. nuzhat fathima

    hi i would like to know which branch is more suitable for a btech ece student to pursue mtech in digital communication or avionics

    1. Zahid

      Digital Communication, VLSI, Embedded Systems

  34. akhil

    sir, i had qualified in eamcet and took seat in mechinical engineering is it good or i should change my group please suggest me

  35. Arjun singh

    I have completed my diploma with 75% From civil branch. Now there are two option to me.
    1. Take coaching for junior engineer exams and do b-tech from Amie side by side.
    2. Do b-tech from a university regular.
    now suggest me, which is best thing for me? Please guide me hurry !!!
    my email- [email protected]

  36. chandni

    Don’t you think that it will make problem in future?
    Plz sir reply fast…
    Counselling date is 14 July that is tomorrow

  37. zain

    waiting for ur reply

  38. zain

    your advice is very helpful……but i would be so glad if u say wether mechanical emgineering is still valuable in india…………..and i will also want to know which is the most valuable engineering course in india……..

  39. sai rekha

    respected sir iam realy confused iam complete inter second year so realy which group is best in engineering

  40. Syed Hameed

    My son has got admission in VIT university in CSE branch in vellore campus through VITEEE2015 exam. And he is now getting CSE in NIT Allahabad and IIITDM kancheepuram through SAT2 exam in DASA scheme. He has got SAT2 score of 2190 out of 2400. Please let me know urgently which one he should go for (VIT or NIT Allahabad or IIITDM?).

    Also please let me know which NIT is good for CSE in terms of placement, infra and faculties with the exception of Trichy, Warangal, Surathkal and Calicut. Thanks.

  41. Syed Hameed

    My son has got admission in VIT university in CSE branch in vellore campus through VITEEE2015 exam. And he is now getting CSE in NIT Allahabad through SAT2 exam in DASA scheme. He has got SAT2 score of 2190 out of 2400. Please let me know urgently which one he should go for (VIT or NIT Allahabad?).

    Also please let me know which NIT is good for CSE in terms of placement, infra and faculties with the exception of Trichy, Warangal, Surathkal and Calicut. Thanks.

  42. A.V.LOKESH

    whether any specific exams are there for entering in BE electrical and electronics engineering in IITs and NITs ?
    as I am 10th student after my result which group in 11th will guide me for the above BE major.
    if any special institutions are there for coaching for the above BE or for enterance

  43. Vijayabaskar PS

    There are no sufficient companies who work in core areas of Electronics and Electrical Engineering. So at last we have a option of CSE & IT.
    When comes to this department. If you have a oscillation to take ECE or CSE, my suggestion is that to take IT. When you said IT its a combination of both Computer science and Electronic communication.
    Comparatively IT having more Job opportunities..

    Computer science is purely a study of computers. whereas IT is a combination of Communication and Computers.
    Government prefers IT rather than CSE. Like NASA, ISRO, Banking sectors IT Officer etc.,

  44. s.kalaivanan

    which is the best engineering course for present and future?
    in which engineering course people get good placement in campus interview with leading companies?
    which engineering course pays more salary in both india and foreign countries for present and future?

  45. Pradeep

    I am planning to do eni….but it is not as popular as ece……..what shall i take up for a better future….eni or ece….someone please reply…..

  46. Ajay

    What about textile engineering?
    Please tell me about thiss engineering

  47. aman

    sir i just want to know that the persons getting excellent pakages of 1.2cr in CS branch. how they are different from any other students?? do they do any special thing??

    1. chandni

      Hello sir…I want to know that is taking CS will be the right decision if I didn’t have computer science in class 12…….? Don’t you think that it will be make problem in future?

  48. aman

    sie i just want to know that the persons getting excellent pakages of 1.2cr in CS branch. how they are different from any other students?? do they do any special thing?

  49. ameer ahamed

    Respected sir,
    i would like to request to give a openion ,just now i completed cbse,i have interest in aerospace eng,automobile eng and mec eng,which one is get good placement for me
    waiting for your valuable reply

  50. venkat

    Advise on the best BE/Btech for girls as relevance to the present day and
    scope on the same in future on various opportunities.

  51. sundara Pandian

    Respected sir
    I’m from Tamilnadu and I have finished diploma in electronics and communication engineering and I’m willing to do B.E plz tell me what are all the courses that I can take in B.E which has scope in the future plz help me sir

  52. Mohammed Rameen

    Respected sir,
    My ambition is to become an engineer. I think that is better for my future and now I am confused which option to take in engineering field. I thought of being an civil engineer but your preference is not so good about it…………..plsease help me to get settled in my life.

    Thank you

  53. jeevanandham

    Sir, I finished my 12th ,I confused to choose course which help me to settle in life, please show me a way to go , reply me sir

  54. safwan chappu

    sir now I’m in 10th standard in CBSE
    i I’m thinking to get a good engineering course
    which is the best engineering course

  55. manoj

    i’m Completed Diplamo Civil Engineering.i want most wanted one year Courses in civil engineering.

  56. Sudheer

    Sir ,

    I have completed Civil Engg ….Now I decided to join in M.E courses with Part time ,
    Pls Suggest which group is the Best & Which college is best for Part time /regular in Transportation Engineering

  57. Mohammad Adnan

    Sir, I am B.A. Last year student
    Any useful corse for a good job

  58. mohammed bajabar

    good Morning sir

    I am planing to do engineering in UK. But I am confused Please tell me which is the good course in engineering.

    Thank you
    Mohammed Bajabar.

  59. md rashid ali

    sir which is the best course in IT field please reply

  60. Emmanuel

    Please sir which course is the best between aeronautical engineering and mechanical engineering?

  61. akshay

    sir, which branch demand in 2018-19 ? please reply on email.

  62. Ajit Shrivastava

    sir, which is best engineering course?
    (1). B.tech, (2). ITI, (3). IIT & (4). Polytechnical?
    please reply sir?

  63. maenetja clement cusien

    Sir ! Amongst the 6 mentioned above , which one is the best?

  64. maenetja clement cusien

    Sir above all mentioned above, which engineering is the best?

  65. Yash Mahajan

    Respected sir.

    I am confused. in engineering which is best for me.such as
    1) Mechanical Engineering
    2) civil Engineering
    3)software. Engineering
    . But i got 85 percent in H.S.C. exam and as well as the computer tech. platform
    Is in my home .so we are guide me properly.

  66. Etibless

    Hello sir, I am actually impressed by the remark you gave here, please I want to thank you for this great compilation, I am heading for computer engineering. I know no course is bad, and as such I believe in this statement of yours “Best in any field is always rare and respected”

  67. vamshi

    Respected Sir I wanna know out of extc and IT which is most best engineering course and which 1 f this have more jobs

  68. Mahesh Marke

    Mechanical engineering ko future me scope he kya?

  69. muthu selvam

    which is course best in engineering????? plz tell me sir

    1. mac

      mechatronics will do

  70. muthu selvam

    sir i have join now engineering civil.this course is best or not sir plz tell me

  71. Rajasekar

    sir i have passed in HSC with 87%. i wnt jion Bio Medical engg. its brtter 4 me?

  72. aditi

    sir…. i just wanna pursue my career in engineering but i dont know which is the best
    pls help me sir….

  73. Harish Sharma

    Sir I am in 12 now and I got 80. % in SSC I am thinking to be an civil engineer but ur review is not so good about what’s ur thought

  74. Piyush gupta

    Sir, wat about Computer science and communication?? Is tht good for Jammu and Kashmir (INDIA) n wat about its placement????

  75. Neel Patel

    Sir,which is the best branch between chemical & mechanical engineering?

  76. SNEHA

    whether autonomous or vtu colleges are better?

    1. sabarish

      autonomous clgs are slightly better than other clgs…when u select any coure,dont think which coure is best…u have to do with full involvement in ur field..this helps u to success in ur life….!!!!!

  77. Sushanth.c

    DEAR SIR, I have completed 12th with 90+ percentage now i am in a confusion that shall i prefer good college or good course??please reply me sir.

  78. omkar

    IT engineering is best scope in future and good salary

  79. Manav Mehta

    hello sir
    I just passed 12th hsc with 72% and in jee mains i scored 30 out of 360 .
    I am confused which engineering course should i take
    N plz let me know which course is in demand in todays world ?
    plz help

  80. Sahil

    Sir,which ia best between them in forgein not in india computer science&engineering or mechanical engineering

  81. neha

    what about b arch ? it has any scope In future plz tell .

  82. riya

    Sir i have finished my 12th in 2014. i did not take computer science as a subject.. but still i want to go for cse. Is it a wise idea? Will I be able to cope up with cse in college?

  83. dinesh

    Sir u said computers is the best…
    Wt if the software market goes at time of jobs…..
    I wantd to take civil aftr seeing ur sugestion…
    Im now in distracted stage plz suggest me something.
    I cnt believe comeputer nd it cuz it mi8 go down r may raise in the market….
    So suggest me a good course

  84. atis

    just pass 12 now in 2014 which engineering course is best,this post was updated in 2009 so at present which is best?Plz help

  85. lavanya

    sir i am in confuse ,which course has very scope after 4 years?…..,and to get job easily!……………….. p/s fast replay

  86. Dhilip prabakaran

    What is best engineering i finished +2 in this year 2014

  87. lawan james

    Indians always dtudying what parent want their children to sudy. very bad, guys go for what you desire and you will make it.

  88. anand

    Sir , I compleated twelth with 78%.what are the courses can I have???
    I want to have courses which will not have field work…….

  89. Ajay Chawla

    RESPECTED SIR, i have completed my standard 12th and now very confused about choosing a particular careeŕ. i am interested in CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS Plz tell me!!

  90. ranjithkumar

    plz guide me…..which course is best in engineering and to get the job and good salary

  91. akshaya

    sir……i just wanna pursue my career in engineering..but i don’t know which is the best…..so please help me..i have a great interest in maths and chemistry…

  92. Muskan Agarwal

    Why didn’t you mention aeronautical engineering? 🙁

    1. sarath

      what are the future chance for IT enginering

  93. rahul

    i was in commerse in 12th but i was wish join to the engieering deploma its best for me and my future


    which is the best courses in engg.for future .scope of NANO TECH.

    Please sujjest as earliest SIR

  95. SriNirdheeswar

    Sir, I have seen the best Engineering Course in the above website. is this updated as in 2009? If so can u make it as on date? I am appearing for 12th standard this year and your suggestion will be useful for me in deciding the course to be selected by me.

  96. suresh

    Now i am 26 ys i want 2 do eng.it is bater 2 me r not.

  97. prashanthnaik

    hi! i had pass ssc 66 percent in inter 59 percent i had taken EEE according average candidate which i course i should join whealther i can do EEE course or shall i take EC or CSE i want ur replay fast

  98. prashanthnaik

    hi! i had pass ssc 66 percent in inter 59 percent i had taken EEE according average candidate which i course i should join whealther i can do EEE course or shall i take EC or CSE

  99. prajwal a.Upadhye

    i am computer eng.studing in third year.but in third year my second year one paper is remaining which is graph theroy and combinatorics.so i could not get admission for four th year.now what can do ? please give me suggesition.i am very offset.

  100. chaitra kulkarni

    sir, is doing E.E s not so much favour

  101. sweety

    hello sir,i got a seat in ece in nit but due to some reasons i could not join there n now i’m severely regretting for that..now i would be getting civil or mechanical in osmania university and any branch in other private colleges through eamcet..initially i was also interested to take civil bt ppl around me are suggesting that civil/mech is not that good for girls..bt i hav no other option if i want a seat in ou and private colleges in ap charge a lot which my dad couldnot afford..i’m totally confused and frustated..plz plz help me out..sir plz suggest me what to do…i wud b very thankful for that..

  102. Bhavesh

    sir I see good scope in ECe and I have done my Iyr btech from rtu with it though we have all subjects common in first year.
    I also have interest in Mechanical but don’t know much about it’s:
    1. course and syllabus
    2. current available scope and how to get them
    3. change of scope in the next 5 years by looking saturation of todays mechanical engineer population of india.
    4. same above queries for electronics and communitation.

  103. Ajinkya Kamble

    hello Sir, i just passed 12th with 81% and im bit confuse with which stream of engineering should i choose? at first my choice was automobile engineering now its mechanical engineering but i’m bit distracted towards chemical engineering
    my chemistry is my benchmark … and all over i love programming software..
    I am too much confuse right now
    which stream would you recommend me?

  104. nitya

    sir, i am getting a seat in IT engineering at dtu. shall i go for it? because many govt. jobs prefer cse over IT students. i am in dilemma! please help!

  105. MANO

    I am in a confusion to choose a college for M.Tech. My options are IIITDM kancheepuram, Anna University Chennai and PSG TECH Coimbatore. Which would be a better option?

    Pls Reply… urgent..


    accding 2 u if CS is 1 priority what if software market get shut at time of ur job v will indirectly waste our time n money

    1. Siddharth

      that is exactly what i was thinking cuz getting a good job in CSE or IT fields totally depends on the market condition and who knows if there is a recession or something in near future then these companies may even not offer jobs or they may cut salaries as in CSE there is nothing new to learn since mostly we have to work with programming languages which can be learned outside engineering and maybe a degree in btech CSE is equivalent to a degree in MCA (mark zuckerberg) so should CSE and IT be really be on top

  107. arunima gupta

    sir,chemical engeneering me kya hota hai pls tell

    1. naitik

      Chemical engineering is all about unit processes and operations. It consists of basic subjects as Transport phenomena , heat transfer ,mass transfer ,fluid dynamics, reaction engineering, but not much related with chemistry you studied in 11 or 12th. It consists how to make product on large scale. So you need to also design equipment and also process design. This is most near to the pure science branch.

    2. Manibharathi

      sir,i want to know that is chemical engineering is better than mechanical engineering..just now i have completed my 12th board examinations..i am in a big confusion sir…please help me sir..

    3. vineela velega

      Is ECM course better

  108. shreyas s amin

    hello sir ‘
    i have passed my ssc with 72% and i would like to choose my stream as engineering BUT i am to choose my stream, I would like to know your suggestion.

    1. sekhar

      ple send me phone no

  109. Nithin and Chinna

    Thanks for your help sir

  110. farsana

    sir ,plz tell me which is the best engineering course & highly salary

  111. raja

    sir i completed my inter at 85 persentage plz tell me which best course for me

  112. shaikh

    Hello sir,
    i just passed my 12 so i wanna kniw wheather which course shall i opt. So that it could help me earn much moneyvin future.

    your reply is highly appreciated

    thank you


  113. sadashiv

    sir i have finished my 12th class and i want to do MS in US.so which course is better to opt.computer scince or electronics and communication.

    1. Zahid

      You cannot do MS without BS. You can integrated MS though.

  114. swapna

    sir,which of the engineering course will have more scope in future.

  115. sandeep

    sir I am having confusion if electronics and communication engineer is beneficial for avg students like me

  116. sundar

    sir i have con fused between (computer science and engineering) and computer engineering.sir it’s are same or different.tell me about computer science and engineering
    and my ambition is to become a computer specialist.then which engineering i would study.please sir reply me.
    i am from india & tamil nadu

  117. samiksha

    i’m a 9th student & i want to ask a question that what are the right ways of engineering?

  118. R.D.H

    Which is the best engineering

    1. prince patel

      Sivil in

  119. Hari

    Sir,I have finished my 12th std,hoping best result .
    i want to know about best engineering courses and colleges.

  120. vamshider

    sir i have passed 12 with 88% and whichis the best for engineering courses should i take

  121. Abdulrazak yasin

    Thank u sir,we appreciate it.

  122. Sanju

    I had finished my second year public examination so say me which is the most best choice in engineering course which will be most benefit for my future

  123. dharini

    i have completed my 12th this 2013..as many engineering graduates are unemployed…..i am confused whether to proceed engineering or do some other courses which would offer sure jobs such as chartered accountancy…but my group is computer science …

  124. bhuvanesh

    sir I have studied computer science, maths, physics and chemistry in 12th. which engineering course will suites for me and which course at top now… my cutoff is 132. please give me a suggesion…

  125. Suman Biswas


    I have a question

    when i will got job from the course of electronics and communication engineer with 60thousand of salary


    sir, i passed +2 with 77% i am interested to go for merchant navy. sir does this course is good or not if it is good suggest any good colleges for me.and also i am interested inn nautical science sir how is that course and suggest any good colleges for that also and tell me which the best course when comparing these two and which is best another courses.

  127. losini

    sir which is the best course?(easy to study,highly paid n demand) aeronautical engineering or architecture?

    1. Mayur

      Marine is the best if u want to do smthing dfrnt.

  128. arvind

    Sir i have got 110 in jeemain 2013 and expecting 91% in cbse board
    please tell me whether i would be able to get admission in any NITs
    or suggest me agood college on the basis of rank i would get
    i want C.S.E , I.T , E.C.E

  129. valentine

    Pls where is chemical and industrial engineering group into in all the engineering course sir



  131. aliza

    ark k tech engng entrace exam of date . . . .

  132. aliza

    how many subject r there in entrance exam of ar-k-tech engng

  133. sharath

    sir i have just completed my second pu science exam which course should i take in engineering for future plans

  134. sugil

    i have finished my 12th std i too waiting for my best result i want to know about best engineering courses and collages

  135. Ashok

    sir , i have finished 12th std with good marks so how can i choose best engineering colleages and courses

    1. Mayur

      Ashok . . realy if u want to make yor crior marine is the best Field.


    i want to elect best engineering course to future plans . please tell me immediately

  137. Bini

    Sir, i had just complited my 12th std sir, i wanted to take a course which is better for future also & which is evergreen in abroad also… Plz reply it soon

  138. Krishna

    Good post. 🙂 This would help a lot !

  139. Gourav

    I passed 12 th few months ago
    what is best course for me

    1. s.manoj kumar

      electrical engineering is best course has more job vacancies in india and abroad.



  141. Deepak salgotra

    sir i have passed 12th science with 60% which is the best course in engineering

  142. Nithin karthick

    My aim to become aeronautics.but at current .this had no value.most of them talks to me..what is ur opinion sir..

  143. R.RAGAVI

    Sir,ilike maths
    know iam doing +2 i don’t no what to study
    pls guide me

  144. suhail

    hey ,
    i wanted to know which is the best course for me , all i’m good in is computer (hardware and programing) and phy . and have a passion towards games . i want to go work for a gaming company , i am about to finish 12th ,so what higher course do u prefr for me ?

  145. sarathjith k

    all engineering student got job?????

  146. Raymond

    Here in the Philippines, Electronics Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering are three different courses. I want to ask an advice on which course has a better future. I also want to include Civil Engineering in the choices.


    respected sir,
    i am about to attend eamcet exam this year i am not understanding which stream of engineering to select. will you please help me. and also would you please suggest me few other entrance examinations.

  148. Amos Onofua

    To my own oppinion, the list should be as follows: Mechanical, Civil,Electrical/Electronicals, Computer Engineering.

  149. Sanity

    I thank you very much for this wonderful advice. I have been thinking on who to lead me on the right path for me to forge ahead but you have done so. Thanks very much. I chose mechanical Engineering.

  150. mohamed zubair

    Sir I am about to complete +2 and I am confused to select a good course.Please help me with it .i like computers,Electronics,architecture,mechanical,etc please help me with it .i am waiting for your reply

  151. antika

    respected sir,
    plz tell me d diff between software engeenering and computer engenering….

  152. antika

    respected sir,
    plz tell me d diff between softwarw engeenering and computer engenering….

    1. meshark

      Sir I hv completed my secondary school i’m a science student and am so much interested in electrical and electronics engineer,but i don’t know the subjects to choose in my exams

    2. thuruvan raj

      software engineering means designing sftwares with types of languages like c ,c+,java. etc
      whereas comp engineering is applying those sftwares in computers.
      that’s it

  153. antika

    sir, m in 10th. i m intrested in software engenering bt dn’t have d whole information about it. n m also confused dat is it a gud course 4 girls? 4rm where should i take classes of entrance? plz help me n give some in4mation about enginering, computer engineering, software engineering….thanx

  154. salim ckv

    now i am studing plus two.
    which is the best engineering course after 12th (for a average student)
    & what is ur opinion of MES College ,kuttippuram
    please replay for me

    1. Pradeep

      i am planning to do eni …….but it is not as popular as ece….so i am wondering what to take up………….eni or ece………..someone please reply…….

  155. Arun raj

    please help a best engineering course after 12th.

  156. shamroz ali

    sir i am very confused about engineering courses i have less marks in f.sc please tell me about courese

  157. Vijay Kumar

    Sir,am confused about engineering cousiling n my rank is 191663 n qualified.my desired branch is Civil am belongs 2 minority.Could u plz tell is that right 2 best n suggestions

  158. Scofield A.A

    Pls,advice me.i wanted 2 study petroleum engr or chem engr but d skul i applied gave me physics(B.SC) last year..I accepted it but wrote exams 2 anoda skul dis yr..& was gven agric &biosystem engr..wat shud i do pls..shud i cont. Wth d physics or go 4 d agric engr

  159. a srikanth

    sir i have a doubt i know some software engineers they work from 7am to 10pm . they r working like machines , on the other hand jobs in PSU”S has sharp working hours with bright future .electrical engineering is an eligibility course in many PSU”S than CSE.
    under these circumstances i think EEE is better than CSE what do you say about it sir

    eagerly waiting for your reply……………….


  160. jayanthi

    hello ur so cute in ur speech and i was impressed bcoz i took biology in my hsc 12th std and love to become a doctor and i took1st mark in biology but i got less marks in physics and chemistry ,so my cut off goes down so i did’t get mbbs seat and my enggg cut off also low only then i took IT in rmk engg and technology and i was worried so much but now iam relieved

  161. saket dubey

    sir ,please suggest me that i should go for electronics engineering or IT

  162. a srikanth

    sir please give me information about other groups like chemical , metallurgy etc..,.

  163. amtul azeem

    and could you plz tell about the new course ETM

  164. amtul azeem

    sir, will you plz tell me what is the differences between the courses CSE and IT.

  165. karthikraja

    sir i have choosed ECE its value in future or not

    please give me a good line in engineering or i can take mechanical engineering

  166. karthikraja

    sir i have choosed ECE its value in future or not

    please give me a good line in engineeringor i can take mechanical engineering

  167. Suhel


    Can you please tell me the scope for:

    Electronics & Communication
    Graphics Designing

    Can you pls recommend some colleges from Bangalore ?


  168. SHaH PriYAnK

    SiR i m finished 10 th in 2012..i give 85 percent in 10th ..plese tell Me which engineering course is the best for me & which is the best engi.. course best for future?

  169. jashan


  170. ankit

    Sir, is computer science and computer engineering same..,some colleges offer computer science course and some computer engineering and some offer both.,,between CS and CE which is best in terms of placement and salary offered..

  171. jashan

    sir before reading ur views i was confused.ur views really helped me.thanks sir…………

  172. khvajahayat

    I am confuse between engineering$MBA

  173. Tejas Konduri

    Very appropriate review 🙂

  174. kethireddy

    which is the best among eie,industrial eng,ece for girls .is field work is there among these groups

  175. Niharika Aathreya

    I completed My PU This year(2012). i took up Aeronautical engeneering. Am i right in my decision? What is its scope in India and abroad? What r PG courses related to d same which can be pursuied in abroad?
    plz help me..

  176. manisha

    is there good scope for aero nautical engineering ?

  177. shiva nayak

    sir i had completed my inter(+2) in 2012,may i know what is the best course to proceed in engineering and sir tell me, what are the ever green courses and which branch holds a high wages.

  178. rajesh

    sir i am completed 12th with 60%. can i choose cse or eee. please help me.

  179. APSAANA

    i got 90 percent in plus two which course shall i take?

  180. vandana bellani

    sir is there any scope for computer or IT engineers in future>?? as more and more people are opting these fields….will the demand go down for these engineers in future??……

  181. Shrihari

    i got a gate score of 479(open) in EE in gate 12.
    is VJTI good or COEP better for mtech in control system? also which has better placements?

  182. vishnu raj

    sir , am vishnu and i have joined for IT, i want to know that , IT has scope more than cse and could i know how much maximum salary will i get, what is the difference between IT and CSE, is IT a long term job

  183. anzel usef

    sir, i had passed 12th with 98% marks. i had decided mechanical engg but after reading this article, my mind has again set in a dilemma……. can you tell me the scopes of campus interview for a mechanical engineer???

  184. jabez

    sir, m a student from karnataka completed my second puc which is equivalent to 12th..
    i had taken the science combination of Phy,chem,maths and biology… i’m opting for the engg course. as my combination doesn have a CS course, and i didn study computer science. if i hd to take CS branch for engg, would i be able to study it??..in order to study it what side course would i need to study first.?..

    my counselling starts within tow and half weeks.so please sir give yours suggestion and also if you could suggest other good top courses…plz

  185. sathish

    sir., i had completed my hsc., i take biology-maths group., my engineering cut off -188.75

    wich course can i take ., is biotechnology a good choice

  186. sarath

    sir…good morning… my name is sarath.now i am in plus two.i like to go for engineering stream.

    i like to go for aeronautical engineering.i want to know how much scope for getting job… or go to which engineering course for getting fast job?

  187. jeevitha


  188. ARNAV

    *anY other branch

  189. ARNAV

    sir my prefrnce order is:
    1.Civil Engg.
    coz there is a large scope of jobs in IES for civil and electro electrical engeeniers than an other branch.

  190. Anandu R

    Every students try to know the placement companies where ever you are getting admission.You can see most are IT companies.So for getting a job,i think IT can be the best choice.

  191. i.u.salma

    my cut-off is 170.5 , what engineering courses is best for my cut-off?

  192. mritunjay

    i want to do electical engg, bt am so confusd when i saw that, thre is 3 electical branch,
    1. electrical & electronic engg
    2. electrical enng
    3. electronic & comm engg
    am so confusd whcn one good for me,
    and whats the diffns of them,

  193. vikrant

    my son has secured 93 % in ssc 2012 . i would like to get a advice which is the best engineering course available today …

  194. Faraz Ahmed

    My son had cleared 12 th exam and AIEEE exam and counselling is going to be started from 16 June. What Branch should be the preference order.
    Kindly give some Guidance.

  195. amit jadhav

    sir my ssc results r out i have obtained 75% marks
    n i have decided to do computer engineering so sir can u please tell me that in this year is the exm of CET there or it has been cancelled
    sir please do reply fast as i have to take a decision as fast as posible

  196. samvidha

    sir, i have completed my +2 mpc. plz suggest me which course i should prefer in engineering i mean im asking which is the best course now

  197. Krishna

    I am going to pursue my b.tech. From Bangalore. Can u plz tell me which branch to choose and its scope.

  198. Paulo

    what disturbs me the most is your last statement “work hard and live to the dreams of you parents and make them proud” I agree with make them proud but live to their dreams??? they already had their own life to live their dreams (or someone else’s) I choose to live mine.


  199. priyangah

    i dont know u but wt u hav told above is a gr8 advice.i’m rly thankful 2 u

  200. tharanees

    I finish my 12th std,i have a doubt engineering.What course have a better scop.

  201. syed

    how about biotechnology, metallurgy,chemical engineering groups??

  202. Mahesh

    I have completed my graduation form biotech stream and i m interested to study further in same field or with food technology. Do u have any idea about food technology stream then please share with me.

  203. k.Maheswari

    sir my cutoff is 191.25 which college i can get in coimbatore

  204. hetasha

    i am confused about which course i should opt for.please help.

  205. sridevi

    can i join in enginner

  206. sridevi

    my mark is 682 in 12th i want to join in comp engineer but which colleage is ready to give seat for me

  207. sara viswanathan

    sir,my daughter took bio-maths as main subject.will she able to do computer science engineering.

  208. clinton prabhu.c

    sir can i join in mechanical

  209. clinton prabhu.c

    sir i am clinton i finished my hsc with 60% so please can tell me which course will be suit for me

  210. Rema.R

    Iam rema
    I confused to which engineering course selected?
    and which is got more opportunities to the job?

  211. balamurugan

    sir i finished +2 .which eng course shall i take??

  212. charu

    Sir, im doing +2 now, i would like to go for faculty, will you guide me that which course has more opportunity on faculty

  213. parth patel

    i finish 12th sci.but i have raly cofused to my futer line.which is the best line of engineering .so plz tell me sir.i have intrested civil and automobile.plz tell me something in automobile.

  214. jatin lala

    sir howz the scope of chemical engg and civil engg from nits……….

  215. somasundari

    sir may i know the best course for girls now i am studying 12th std

  216. Abdullah Maqsood

    Sir will u plz tell me about meccatronics engineering and its scope

  217. anoop

    Currenly doing final year EEE. After the completion i want to do mechatronics. Is it a good decision to do UG again or shall i go for any master degree. I dont have any desire to be in teaching field.

  218. dimple shah

    i have passed 12 th science with 80% per. which is the best engineering courses for girl?

    1. khan

      just goo for ur dreams tht is THE BEST !!!! the course in which you hve interest

  219. karthi

    Can you say does mechanical engg. great value. and tell me that i study B.E mech. means in second degree there is a chance to study about space and space vehicle like aerospace engg.

  220. Nitish ranjan

    Sir, this year im give CHSE Exam i am worrid what should i read pls help me sir..

  221. s. gaja lakshmi

    sir/madam i have completed my hsc exam. i want to know about my higher education. which is the best engg course?

  222. Upadhyay malay

    Sir recently my brother has completed 12th sci from guj board,n he is confuse between three branch that is Electronics & communication,IT,& Electronics.plz tell me which one is the best for my brother in recent world.

  223. rahul

    i am learning 12th[biology group].what is the best course in engineering for me?

  224. kishan patel

    dear sir,
    my h.s.c result is 73%
    my gujcet mark is 58/120
    my merit is 63%
    which is the best engineering course and college for me?

  225. saranyadevi

    sir,i’m completed +2.which rare engg course best? which got easily job?

  226. Hariprasath

    Sir,i confuse about EEE and ECE .which is best course EEE or ECE.Please replay me sir…

  227. rajakandhaswamy

    sir, i have completed my +2 and waiting for my results,i like do my UG programme related to design( fashion designing). Can u pls suggest me any course

  228. ashiq

    sir i finished my schooling i mean +2 i want to take engineering which course is best and good hope in future and monitary benifit also so pls clarify my doubt sir

  229. ramana

    sir i confused which is the best course in engineering

  230. mehek

    Sir plz help me i am very confused for my course in future ia m interested in maths i want to do engineering whose value and opportunity is high in the future with money….

  231. dhineshkumar

    i want to join B.E mechanical AT best engineering colleages in tamilnadu pls tell which colleages are best

  232. kmd nasir

    which course is best for me. i have a minimum 50,000 salary for per month. reply fast

  233. kmd nasir

    sir, i am finished 12th current year. but i have a no idea. i am interested in b.e arch. so i have a idea for you . and which course is suitable for biology student. i am a poor boy. please help me. i am waiting for your mail. this is my number 8438227877(t.n). please contact me

  234. shanthini

    sir i am completed 12th in maths,computer iam confused to select what courses are valuable in engeering.

    if u dont mind pls help me.

  235. gopalkrishna

    sir tell me that wat is best to do after intermediate i got 62percentage marks!!
    lot of engineering collages but not intersted in engineering

  236. Arif

    sir, now a days some people said that the computer engineering is not worthy…. please tell me about your point of view..

  237. T.D.Sudhan Mahalingam

    I am finishing 12th standard. Now i am wanted to go engineering.
    which is suitable for computer maths students? I am interested in physics. please show me a way to go engineering.I am in a poor family.which job guys are getting good salary?

  238. govind

    dont knw which engineering i want 2 tke

  239. sowndharya

    sir,i have fineshed my hslc now and i waiting for the results ,i want to do engineering,suggest me sir,which is the best course for me with high job placements.

  240. tamilvanan

    i finished 12(computer)this year ..i need a perfect course for middle student

  241. parthasarathi

    sir,i completed my HSE. I want to join a good engineering course(cs group)

  242. sucheendran

    i am gonna complete my +2 exams this month i am just confused about which course to select because i have interest in computer and also in mechanical and electrical too. i even learnt all basics for these courses practically now can you please tell me which is the best course and in which i will get a good salary
    and i even have a drawback that i am good in practical but little weak in theoretical
    can you please prefer me a good course sir


    Dear Zahid,

    Please make the list UPSIDE DOWN.. 1) CIVIL and so on…Indian companies are running short of good CIVIL engineers / Architects…as all the engineers of the last 20 yrs are busy programming..and they dont have any good work experience.. even people from aboad are coming back to INDIA to construct HIGH RISE / F1 RACE TRACKS and what not…

  244. avinash

    now i am persuing BCA and i want to be a softwere engineer so can you khow me what digree is the best for me.

  245. Princess Kate Nacu

    hello!i really like your advice but as for i really like to choose the best engr. course that will be suiatble for me.and i’m thinking what engr, course is more better for girls :)thanks

  246. ajay

    sir iam going to compleate my H S C class/my school days but iam confused to select a good course in engineering

    1. m.j.meera omar sakhan

      please give me a advice for my future

    2. m.haq

      Well, I must say that there are a lot of streams to do in engineering but i would suggest you to select your engineering stream in the following order:
      1.computer science & engineering
      2. civil engineering
      3.mechanical engineering
      4.electrical engineering
      5.automobile engineering
      as for me, i think the above order would be suitable but it also depends on your rank in competitive examination & of course, your interest in these fields.

  247. sabith

    sir what is your opinion about if i am preferred CA..

  248. minakshi pal

    dear sir/madam,
    i have complete my graduation in b.com.and suffering m.com 2nd year.
    i want to do computer soft ware engineering course. but i m worried about this. please tell me sir do this course is better for girls or not?

  249. ahmed

    In my opinion you have got the list upside down , Civil , Mech and EEE are the future the evergreen fields

    1. Krsna

      How can u say that?

  250. Sarath

    my name is sarsth babu. I am going to finish my +2 (Biology) this year.(1st year 93%) i want to know about my higher education which course of engineering i want to select.

    1. Shamik

      You can select Biomedical Engineering….that will be the best option.You can select Food technology also.

    2. balaji.p

      my name is balaji. I am going to finish my +2 (Biology) this year. i want to know about my higher education which course of engineering i want to select.

  251. vishnu

    sir iam going to compleate my H S C class/my school days but iam confused to select a good course

    if you don’t mind pls help me
    i wishto be a robotics
    ilike chemistry,maths,physics

    1. vicky

      cse is best coures..

  252. ali

    sir i have got seat in electronics engineering.but i can also join mechatronics engineering.which field is better

  253. shilpa

    sir,am going to finish my P U this year(1st year 91%) and am a M P C student I am interested in aerospace engg. can u suggest the best college thats suits my marks range…?

  254. Anfal


    I am doing plus two(COMPUTER SCIENCE) in Kerala , I am so interested in computer related things.
    After reading your posts on engineering , I either prefer to take Computer Science and Engineering or IT.
    could you please give some guidance about top collages near Kerala , relevance on these courses , top companies which can accommodate me and about the average salary .


  255. Anisur

    Hello i m a 1st year BE(computer science) student of bms college of engineering(banglore).it is my hobby n i like n love it.but i got 54%marks in 12th class.can i get job in top software companies if i shall get good marks in all semister.plz reply me.thank u

  256. asad

    sir which field is best for me .. i have got 48% in intermediate exams. so i am very upset about it. and now i promise that i will work hard more and more. plz sir kindly help me for my future. thnx

  257. NAVEEN

    Its a wonderful branch in engineering…
    There are three fields in mechanical engineerng namely production, thermal and designs.
    you can go in any field. But we can earn more money in design field. But a person who want to go in design field should have good drawing knowledge and 3D skills.
    Best of luck.

    1. avinash ghokshe

      i m passed 12th nd I m ful confused which is better enginering, im a general sciance student plz tell me if no the best one.

  258. P. lucky

    is mechatronics engineering is having value in future…..???? please suggest me anyone please…………

  259. mohot1637

    sir ,i m in last year of mca and after it i want to do m.tech.
    but i want to do my m.tech from abroad.
    can i do this.

  260. mohot1637

    sir. hello, i am in last year of mca & i want to do m.tech after it.
    but i want to do mtech from abroad. please help me , can i do m.tech
    after mca from abroad like usa, australia, uk etc.

  261. Paul

    please advise me, i want to do civil engineering…is it5 very rewarding after completion of the course

  262. sahana

    sir, I got seat in BE for electronics & communication , tell me about placements of this cource.

  263. vignesh.s

    sir, nw im studying in 2nd year mechatronics engineering… when i was complete my B.E degree what is the situation for job in core companies?

  264. ubairsayyed

    i ubair wants to know how is the automobile enginearing .

  265. Mano

    Sir, my rank is 45000.nd i have medical electronics in ramaiah and bms. Is this course good for girls. Plz tel ur value aded sugestion

  266. Himanshu singh

    Sir,i got confused between mechanical and computer engineering..i have a good rank in wbjee..i dont want to spoil it. Which stream should i prefer?plz help

  267. Sravan

    Sir/madam, i want to join in civil engg.how is the infrastructural and jobs,salaries.is it is best option.

  268. nikhil

    wich has gud scope civil or mechanical in future

  269. blaji


    my sister now join to engineering please tell me sir which group is better for girls

  270. utkarsh

    Is civil engg not better option to chose. which engg course i should go for?

    1. Pappu

      Ya Civil engineering is one of the complex and finest branches, but these days the emerging branch is the electrical engineering which is an evergreen branch..So, if u do have the passion to study circuits and power concepts which require a complete imaginative mind u can choose electrical engineering..its upto ur interest and hardwork.

  271. amit chawla

    sir,i hv got13300 rank in aieee nd i want to take add. In nit jaipur or krkshtra or allahabad.plz suggest me the streams.

  272. Tan

    Hello every one i have been selected in mechanical engineerin n every engineering course is best n scopefull the great thing is interest do in wot u r interested. . .

  273. shaju

    HI sir, i finished my 12 and my cut off is 153 and which course in BE is the best pls suggest me in to a right way…..

  274. Arminder

    sir,i am ECE student…which course should i join so as place in a good company?

  275. pavan

    sir,i am interested in mech engg,please list the core companies working on this in b’lore…? if there is a choice b/w Computer Science and Engineering or info. technology which is better…?

  276. ramya.k.c

    sir, i m ramya doing engng 4th year in instrumentation technology, do my coarse is good r nt, n can i hope to get placed in a good cmpny,

  277. vikram raaz

    iam going to join in sr engineering college ,warangal.campus ihave interest in mechanical group but i dont know about study and its job oppertunities

  278. Ritesh

    sir, i like to do best in the field of mechanics but my father suggested me to do electronics and communication. so sir, which is best course?

  279. harish

    sir eee course is done we can go to foregin

  280. krishnalalith

    I got seat in B.Tech ( Instrumentation and control engg branch) in SRM University,Chennai campus.I want to know good and bad about the course.How will be placements ?

  281. chetan

    sir, i have just completed 12…and i am going to join an engg. college..
    What would you suggest about chemical engg ?

  282. Tan

    I wish to join e.c.e.how is it?my cutoff is 153.tell me the top colleges in chennai and top course

  283. prashant m durai

    i want to become an mechanical engineering ,but what is mechanical eng ,is it about machines in car or something different.i need urs help please give your valuable suggestion

  284. himanshu rahti

    is civil is very diffucult or it books & keys are not come or their is not so much money

  285. himanshu rahti

    my pet marks is 87 which college is for me

  286. himanshu rahti

    my pet number is 87 i am confuse to choose the branch civil or cs or other and my maths is weak

  287. kannan

    i am kannan. i comblited DECE in 2008 page .i have three year working experience SMD REWORK LINE .i like software line .what i saying.i am interested higher education.
    please tell me comments

  288. kannan

    sir ,
    i am kannan. i comblited DECE in 2008 page .i have three year working experience SMD REWORK LINE .i like software line .what i saying.i am interested higher education.
    please tell me comments

    1. khan naved

      how much money of monthly salary ????

  289. vishesh

    sir, is there scope of software engineering and automobile engineering in india if done from DTU(DCE)?

  290. Tanya

    Sir,from civil & ECE,which will better for me?And after B.tech, I want to join civil services so help me.


    Sir, i am in need of help about course to select in engineering.I have my cut off 168.75%. which course would be best and I do not have idea of counselling (Give some idea).I am searching for best college in south tamilnadu.Give me some favour answer.

  292. vipul bhardwaj

    hey is my comment visible??????/
    plz rply me urgent!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  293. akash

    i’ve got 82 % in 12th cbse & my air in aiee is 34000. which branch shall i chose from ec, cs & it?plz reply

  294. vipul bhardwaj

    hello sir…..i m vipul from punjab where u know there’s very less awareness in engg fields…so sir i have after a lot nail biting finally got to think about comp. science and IT but i m jst confused abt the better of dese two….can u plz help me to b assured of what’ll never get down in its scope after 4 years and will provide me a better life to live in in all respects!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and also sir plz let me knw dat if i do btech frm a well renowned university frm punjab [not govt.] is dere a much value of it in d better india i.e. south or d middle part….plz help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
    thank you

  295. pn kumar


    i am planning to do Electrical & Electronics Engineering. Can u tell me about d Detailed Future Scope in this field. [i basically like to go in for Research in Energy & Power sector]
    Please Suggest…

  296. ameen

    Respected sir iam ameen i complected my intermediate in mpc group so iam confused to join in engineering clg which is the best group in engineering and so tell me as early as possible plz help me sir send. send mail to [email protected]

  297. Hemangi Sharma

    Hi sir, good eve… I am Hemangi Sharma from gandhidham i am plannning to do civil but my parents are recommending to opt for ec…. What are your opininon about both the fields ? Please reply as soon as possible…….

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  298. muthulakshmi

    I finised 12th. my percent 73.75%.which course is best to study.that course is helpful to me in my future.it give me better job.my cut off 137.35.pls give me good sugession sir.

  299. Vivek

    I was confused 2 engineering about decision of electroics and tel.comunication Or aeronoutical engineering what will give me a good job.

  300. Priyasonam

    I have just completed my class 12 exam & i just wanted to know the best course in engineering for girls & also which has good jobs with great scopes. Please help me.

  301. Rosey

    Hello sir!

    I have completed intermediate. And I want to know much about CS and IT. Please help me…. I hope I’ll receive your reply soon…..

    Thank You….


  302. monika

    Sir,i dont know what to do,as my parents are worried about my future regarding my engineering.actually i was interested in defence, so i applied for NDA but for my bad luck my form was rejected because i m a girl.so, let me know about any of the engineering courses that can be used for entering in defence in the future.i dont agree with the difference between girls and boys in engineering.my parents are worried that i m a girl and i should not take any of such courses which is problematic in future.but i dont agree with them.please do help me…..

  303. mishab cp

    i wrote kerala engineering entrance examination. please give a idea about order of perfomence about engineering course . thanks

  304. vishvaja

    hello sir,
    m +2 student and wish to do aerospace engineering. bt everyone told me aerospace engineering dont have scope in india. and they suggest since m a girl i should do electonics and telecommunication. bt m still confuse abt what to do. please can u help me?? can you suggest any other course??????????????

  305. Mariappan

    Sir, first of all, i thank u for valuable advice . my son has just completed his 10 +2 and seeking engg admission. pls advise the job opportunity for production engg course ? whether it is valuable ?

  306. yashika garg

    I just want to thankyou for your great suggestions.It has really sorted me out. Thanks a ton!

  307. kiruba shankar

    which engineering is related to digital electronics in future and best career


    respected sir/madam,

    I just completed my 12th and got seat in gitam university and confused in taking the best course in that university . i am interested in aeronautics or mechanical and getting confusion in choosing the best course . Please reply to my email with good suggestion , hope i will get good suggesion.


  309. zubin aby kurian

    i like electronics and communication very much,but iam a bit weak in maths.will this affect me in my course study?

  310. caprio

    Well iam planing to do aeronautical corses and iam inrested in pilot studies……and i dont knw which college s the best for aeronautical and whether t gets a placement easily @ top leadng companies……..can u guide me…….

  311. kolappan.R

    sir i just completed my 12th std in T.V.S school.At first i aimed for M.B.B.S but i got only 187 in bio.so now i am in a position to change my idea to engineering.so i could not select a course which will fetch me better job in future.so please give me your valuable sugession sir. ihave my eng cut off 198.

  312. N.kalai

    i got 67%in board exam. i like to join engineering in good college and i want to know about education loan…please help me to join in good college and tell the details about education loan….thank u

  313. raja

    I am finished my +2 exam and result will published on 9th may. And i am plan to do engineering
    but i don’t known what course to choose

  314. J.Jeevitha

    sir I have complete in 12th std i can study in engineering coursee. which is the best course for women in engineering tel me sir pls


    I HAVE finished my 12th exams
    i jus want to know the best course in engineering for girls and also wich has good jobs with greatscopes. help me about it

  316. manish

    what should i take,comp sc in vit or information systems at bits pilani or electronics at bits-goa for best package? pls reply soon as my vit counselling date is very close, i and my parents are really confused.pls help us!

  317. gopalakrishnan.k

    hello sir ,i want to know about chemical engneering.please tell me sir

  318. samiullah

    i want to learn more engineering courses. i like water supply and construction course because i am water supply engineer

  319. gesh

    What the fuck courses that all about computer and software shit.all india students know about BA or MA in engineering u know MSc computer science ,software engineering,computer engineering n IT all is peace of shit . The most demanded engineering in whole is aeronautical engineering n chemical engineering n aircraft engineering if u try this kind engineering good for your life

  320. arun balaji.b

    hello sir,
    I have finished my diploma in (EEE) and iam planing to join engeenering. i have to options in mind one is cs and the other is BE architecture (b.arch) which of this would get me a nice earning job after i complete my BE and sir is doing BE in part time good for me .

  321. aadarsh r

    I am aadarsh,awaiting results for 12th std. I would like to know the best engineering course that will have a potential for employment in future.
    In respect of pursuing higher studies what would be the ideal engineering course that can be opted now

    Thanks & Regards



    iam mithun kausik.i like to take civil.which is a very best college in civil in tamil nadu.also in civil itself there r 4yrs course and 5yrs course course.which is very valuable in that?what is meant by structural eng. in civil which is a 5 yr course.pls reply

  323. vignesh

    I am finished my +2 exam and result will published on 9th may. And i am plan to do engineering but i don’t known what course to choose in best colleges in chennai..


    Respected SIR/MADAM,


  325. SWETHA

    I HAVE finished my 12th exams . .my results are nearing within few days.i jus want to know the best course in engineering for girls and also wich has good jobs with greatscopes. help me about it

  326. swethapriya

    i do no what to take

  327. Yousuf afzal

    Hello, sir
    my name is yousuf afzal, i hav completed ma +2 and planing to do aircraft maintenance engineering. But my parents n relatives are telling me 2 do eee, mech, or arch. Sir.. They are also tellin me dat it is very tough 2 get job in ame.. Giv me your valuable suggestion sir.

  328. dagim

    hello….I’ve completed my 12th standard recently. I have many engineering courses options in front of me. I’m in dilemma. Actually I’m interested in chemical engineering. But my family members are saying to opt either ECE or CSE to get a bright future. What should I do? can you suggest me???

  329. Ragavidhya

    i need to know about best course in B.E. i am in confusion which college will be better

  330. Ragavidhya

    i need to know about best course in B.E. i am in confusion

  331. Tom okwenivi

    Sir i want to go into chemical engineering ist a nice course

  332. Nithen

    i am interested in automobiles, so can you say the subject related to it,,,,,,,,please

  333. Harikrishnan T.R

    Iam +2 student… My ambition is to become an engineer,but iam confused a lot regarding which Eng. course….??? Which Eng. course is a nice 1 .. ?? ie… gud salaries….job scopes.. etc… !!

  334. dhen_301

    Thanks a lot for that beautiful advice…now I know the right course which will fit my interests and enhance my skills..more powers to you!

  335. himanshu

    sir i m in 10th std i want to ecome engineer. which is the bet cource i should prefer

  336. arthi

    hiee…im arthi,doin my 11th since im gone 2 be in 12th within few days..im gettin serious and in a big confusion of the course which should i opt for my higher studies..from my childhood my aim was to become a engineer,ths may be due 2 since every 1 in my family are most probibly engineers…i wanna choose a nice field in engineering,which should have scope in future and which can lead a royal life with luxiouries…in future i also hav a idea of doin business so can yo sugest a field which can satisfy my needs or a better course of your choice,not only engineering it may also be a different department is also fine,i hav a little interest towards computer and designing,a few days back i came across the word “NATA”ths exam is 2 enter b.arch,i guess many of my frndz are already enbrolled in it…so my interest towardz architech is also increasing day by day…so what im askin yo is,can yo sugest me a fine engineering course with the best collage…would be very helpful for my career and future so can yo help me sir…

  337. ame

    i think the best course is what u luv the most & can perform better,,, rather than thinking of getting job… if u r gud at ur papers n understanding ,,, u will definitely get job…. every course/branch have same importance…
    i can’t sit at a place for more than 2 hrs… so the it industry is n’t my area.. even though am vry gud at programming n data management…

  338. farukh khan

    is there any info.about food tech pls publish it soon

  339. mythri

    hello am mythri planning to do engineering could u please sugguest the best courses

  340. ratnakarguduru

    Yes you can provided you get a good percentile in GATE

  341. suresh

    i have finished my b-tech in civil engg. and i have done job as a site engineer,due to dust alergy i can’t able to do,so i left.sir so now is there any chance to do m-tech in computer science.is this possible….i am in dilema sir.i am scared about my carrer..plz help me sir….

  342. Chinna

    I want to know more information about ECE

  343. Jis

    sir,which is best B.E or BTech & witch has more oppertunity?

  344. priya

    im a btech biotech stdt i wanna know what knd of jobs i’ll get?

  345. Jebin

    I have completed Mechatronics Engineering in 2010.Still am not getting any job.Which type of company I can prefer.pls hep me sir

  346. nive

    why you did not give any sort of preferences to Chemical Engg…???????????????????????????????????????????is it tat bad??
    I’m aB.tech 3rd yr chem eng’

  347. Caleb Emmanuel


    the short listed courses are job oriented, skilled professionalize and best financed through salaries but why didn’t u mention architectural engineering.

    i want to know if it is really good to study it in a country like Nigeria.


  348. binesh

    sir, i am studing inter 2nd year,i had interest in computer science . but i have a doubt of getting the seat in it. so plzz can u tell me either electrical or “IT” is better and what an software enng. do actually in detail. awaiting for ur responce.

  349. sarath

    sir/m’am please tell me the position of design?????????????

  350. sarath

    sir what isthe position of design???????????????????please tell me

  351. Rajasekaran

    sir i am intrested in doing marine engineering, please tell the collages offering marine engineering and the job oppertunities…….

  352. sheik

    sir sorry we dont know who u r,whats the job oppurtunities regarding ECE they .my family said dat it’ll b tough 2 get a job after completing these courses.im in a dilemma now.can u plz reply

  353. sheik

    good day

    sir i finished my B.E (ECE) DEGREE(2009 BATCH).
    I cant understand which is the way to get right job belongs to my profile.
    I am asking everyone till (seniors & some what)but there also dont know about field
    so finally i decided to join the course (software)
    would you plz tell me sir which is the current & advanced course in a software field
    I have lot of confusion

  354. jyostna

    Sir,i am studing inter 2nd year,i had interest in software engineering but some people are saying that is is not a right choice.So,please kindly suggest me at present which engineering is best and has good future.please suggest me.

  355. sanjay

    what about robotics and which are the best colleges for studying robotics?

  356. aamir

    sir pls help me i m realy confused to select my career . pls tell me what to took regarding job oppurtunies science , accounting and finance(mba) or computer science and it and which required less time

  357. raju

    hi sir. is aeronatical is a good course. we can get a good job.

  358. PRIYANK

    Sir,I wanna know what are the applications/uses of studying ECE engineering course??????

  359. amith

    hello sir…………… i am doing BE ‘cs’ due to my illness i dint attend for my exams n got year back……….. do this affect me while getting into job and what are the additional courses which will b help full in dis competative world and should i do Ms r M.Tech n plz send ur feed back as soon as possible

  360. saurabh singh

    sir, i am really thankfull to you for your great advice regarding CSE and IT….. but this is 2010… can this be helpful to take CS or IT..
    pleasr reply…. waiting..!

  361. vasu

    which is best boitech engineering and civil engineering in india.and give me the some information for the scope of civil engineering n india.huw much cost for studying in abroad for ms in biotech enginering

    1. Zahid

      Vasu: Both are different and have different future. Civil is a very matured field and there are very well defined jobs in that. Whereas, Biotech is picking up, and still in research phase. Therefore there are lot or research opportunities in Biotech. It depends what do you want to do. Want to sit in labs and work with chemical or comps go with Biotech, else Civil.
      Whatever you take, work hard there no job for people dont want to work, whatever field they opt. Wish you good luck.

  362. marlo kiel

    hello sir,
    i’m a 1st year engineering student in our school. I’ll be taking my major in my 3rd year. Please tell me what’s the best engineering course to take, my parents and i are arguing on which course should i take and which is in demand.
    need your response.

  363. lavanya

    sir please suggest me i want to take computer sciences along with IT is it better for future waiting for your reply i got my rank 50159
    so i how its bettr ppppppppppppppllllllleeeeeeeeessssssssseeeeeeeeee

  364. aditi

    please mention such a course that provides the best of education and bestof salary options.

  365. priyanka

    sir i interested in CSE but someone told this demand is decrease.please tell me sir is really decrease? in future is this demand increase?

  366. Esrak mollick

    i am a rank holder in wbjee and i get a chance in a college for any stream in management khota. but i can not desite which stream is best for me. please give me a suggation for engineering in cs,it & mechanical .

  367. karthick

    Sir I am finish my diploma ECE and joined BE ECE
    It is god course or not . what is the job for electronics?
    what is the qualification to get job in this field?
    please give immediate replay to me.

  368. yamini

    sir/madam sorry v dont know who u r,vats d job oppurtunities regarding cse n it?will they get boom in forthcoming days.my family said dat it’ll b tough 2 get a job after completing these courses.im in a dilemma now.can u plz reply

  369. sruthi

    sir,recently i got the eamcet rank and i am interested to take cse or mech but my parents are asking to take civil i am intersted in that too but my people are telling it will not be good for girl….please help me in taking right decision

  370. manju

    thank u for giving such a valuable information sir . i have chosen ec but many said that u might be landing in a job which will be totally different from ur studies but i need ur opinion sir……

  371. melwyn

    sir i interested in CSE but someone told this demand is decrease.please tell me sir is really decrease? in future is this demand increase?

  372. priya

    whats the difference between ece ,cse and eee—regarding job opportunities?

    thank u sir for giving reply…..

  373. vinoth

    sir i’m keen to know the salary issues and job oppurtunities if we persue EEE course. pls reply

  374. shrey

    I dont know who you are but ur blog is really encouraging. I m getting IT at one of d mice colleges of gujarat , but some of d people just come and say dat ” IT aur CE main ab kuch dam nahi raha” and i get really depressed!!!!!!!!!!!!

    pls yaar , if u cud help me wid it !!!!


    Hi sir
    now i have completed 2nd year. In B.tec which better and more jobs.
    I have these topics. 1.Chemical engineering, Mechanical,Material science engineering,Civil engineering, ECE,CSE.
    waiting for your response, pleassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse……………….

  376. D.Prabu

    Please make such list for M.TECH also.

  377. santhoshi

    sir i interested in CSE but someone told this demand is decrease.please tell me sir is really decrease? in future is this demand increase?

  378. s.rizwanudeen

    good evening sir.i took civil engineering in sastra university.i want to know the job nature of civil engineers .is there is any demand for civil engineers after finishig my ms in abroad

  379. shalom

    sir,i got 94%.iam interested in taking EEE.i wanted to know whethere is it ever green sir.can u help me sir plz?

  380. prasanna

    sir i have completed my mechanical engineering…..which computer course is best for mech engineers to do

    1. Praveen Kumar Singh

      Sir l pass 12th that year 2016 i can do electronic and communication engineering pls advise me that faculty is good or not good


    Sir now i am studying in RGUIIIT, i Want to opt material science and engineering.Say about the opportunities, specialization topic in M.tech level. AND also say about choosing NANO as my specialization in my B.Tech. Is best r not?

  382. Srilatha

    Good evening sir I like maths ,physics and chemistry. I like maths and physics equally later chemistry
    I am interested in doing ECE and Chemical engg.
    Please suggest me which one i should choose?
    please give me a kindly reply

  383. arun

    Sir, i finish my diploma in computer engineering with 85%. which is best course in engg., i am waiting for ur reply….

  384. arun

    and like to work in abroad….

  385. arun

    Sir, i finish my diploma in 85%. which is best course in engg., i am waiting for ur reply….

  386. jhansi

    sir, I have completed my intermediate course and i want to join engineering.i have the following options,
    1.chemical enginering
    2.material science engineering
    3.civil engineering
    4.mechanical engineering
    5.electronics and communication engineering
    6.computer science and engineering
    plz give me ur advise in selecting the above branches of engg.



  388. Naresh reddy

    sir,i am feeling glad after seeing your suggestions just i h’ve completed my +2 in this year with 92% of marks in IIIT basar . our university provides me 6 engineering courses in that what is the best one please inform me thanking to you sir……

  389. Ramprakash

    sir,i have completed 12th std my cut-off mark is 194.75. i belong to MBC category i would like to choose mechanical engineering course in top engineering college.is this course good for my future wheather i will placed in top MNCs companies. please suggest me

  390. santhosh kumar

    sir , i have completed my intermediate course and i want to join in engineering but i have only 5 options to choose my engineering course which are :
    1.Electronics and communication engineering
    2.Material and science engineering
    3.Mechanical engineering
    4.Civil Engineering
    5.Chemical Engineering
    6.Computer Science and Engineering
    Now what is the best course which are offered to me. Explain that course.


    which is the best courses in future.civil ,EEE or ECE

  392. navin

    i’ve just completed my +2 .i got 85% in my preuniversity education.

    in my college the following groups are available .
    please suggest me a better option to choose

  393. One advice

    i dont agree with u…u say CS is better then others becoz u have done CS….actually this post should have been concluded in other way

    The answer to the question of this post is that the student SHOULD FOLLOW HIS INTEREST….dont worry about the money…if u are good at it u will rock….

    I am a civil engineer and whetever u stated is totally illogical….i dont say that Civil is last…but i say all engg courses are EQUAL….dont diffferentiate between them…

    Please clarify


    Sir, I have completed my 12th board exam.I prefer engineering courses and now I’m in confused state to select the best course at present.My cutoff is 185.75 and I’ve got counselling in SASTRA.Can you suggest me the best courses in SASTRA and Anna university.


    sir i have completed my 12th in this year.i like to take engineering.which course is best and which college in coimbatore..please give me a kind reply..

  396. sunil

    sir have completed my 12 this year nd after 1st mock round (trial round)i got computer science in one college(MGIT)can u plezzz suggest me that i had to it or not pleasezzzzz sir.

  397. Pushpaja

    Sir i have just finished my board exams and i have 185 cut off.Pl suggest me future oriented course which will be valuable for me.

  398. achu

    i have completed 12th this year and i like to take engineering or medical as my professional course . which is best ? pls give me rly

  399. sree

    now I complete the 3rd b-tech & the corresponding branch is “ELECTRONICS & COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING”(E.C.E).sir I have so much confuse,how to get the job.which courses r better to learn.please guide me sir & give the better software & hardware courses names & how much money is need also tell me sir please…..another doubt sir,either I CHOOSE THE SOFTWARE WAY OR THE HARDWARE WAY.please tell me sir…..

  400. pallavi

    thank you very much
    your information is really very informative and suggestive for us.
    i just want to ask you a question
    i have passed class 12 this year and planning to take computer science or it.so after 4 years when i will pass out will there be any good job prospects with these…..
    are these branches evergreen?

  401. s.Tamil selvan

    sir,i finished my board exam in 2010 i got 183 cut off markes, iam confused in selecting my college….sir help me in choosing a colleges and which is best course, i have some opinion pls your opinion sir….

  402. Vivek

    Respected Sir,

    My cutoff is 193.25…….. i like maths and computer science……… which course is best for me and what is the order of preference in choosing branches to get jobs after 4 years…… i am waiting for your reply……….

  403. ranjan

    i want to know that which is the best course for me.if i have to choose between computer science or electronic and communication my rank in state is 555

  404. nishanth

    sir i hav just now finished my boards…and my cut off is 192.5..am confused in selecting my college…sir pls help me to com out of this…pls sir…

  405. ARUN

    sir i have completed my 12th with computer,physics,chemistry,and maths in 2010. I am planing to do B.tech I.T tell me about this course and career in this feild.

  406. sudheesh

    due to recession there hav been a downfall EEE field.
    Cs and it r also down
    so which course wud u prefer in dese conditions

  407. Akash

    sir…i just completed my 12th…i wud like you to help in decidin wich course i should be opting fr engineering?!?!?

  408. supreet

    hey zahid. i jst googled on d scope f aeronautical engg. in a few discussion pirtals ppl especially dose frm d us said aerospace is d highest paid engg field however u said on d contrary. is it coz f diff bw us n indian economy or u havent updated ur views about aero. plz reply soon

  409. Shobha


  410. sree

    i just completed my plus two with 93%.i want to do engineering, pls help me to choose a best course

  411. maharani

    i have completed 12th in maths & science group.my mark is 908.i like to study nursing or engineering.so kindly tell me right now which one is the best course me.if i get the engineering,which one is the best course of engineering.

  412. hari prasath

    i had completed my high school i like to do engineering.i was confused 2 choose course b/w EEE&ECE.WHICH IS BEST

  413. Makeswaran

    i have completed 12th in computer science group.but my mark is low.685 only.i wish wanted to become an engineer.so kindly tell me right now which one is the best course of engineering.

  414. SANTOSH

    i passed out b.tech with electrical stream.i want to do some latest courses which will help me a lot in future.please guide me .its urgent..

  415. priya

    sir i have completed my 12th.I am waiting for my results.Is it advised to do B.tech I.T.tell me about the career in this feild.

  416. priya

    sir i have completed my 12th with computer,physics,chemistry,and maths in 2010. I am planing to do B.tech I.T tell me about this course and career in this feild.

  417. priya

    sir i have completed my 12th with computer,physics,chemistry,and maths in 2010. I am planing to do B.tech I.T tell me about this course and career in this feild.

  418. sakthi balan....

    Computer science & IT is the best course for ur better future d

  419. sakthi balan....

    Its for u da ammu… Pray god to reach ur ambition….

  420. sakthi balan....

    I’m also be with u…Dont worry

  421. AMMU

    I have completed my 12th. Im waiting for my results. What shall I do if get the best college which does not give me the course which I ask.Wheather I can join in that college or College which offer`s me the couse which I ask .

  422. sugon

    i have completed my 12th is it advisable to take electronics and instrumentation

  423. BRINDHA

    i just waiting for 12th result. i m bio group vit match. is bio engi valuable to get good job or some else

  424. sherin

    hello sir,

    i ve done biomedical engg.. now im working n going to b 2 yrs.. i would lik to knw wat is gud for me as a gal.. shud i do MBA or MS but can u suggest me which stream shud i tak up if i join MBA or MS.,,please advise me..

    Thank you

    1. Niyaz mohd

      How are the scope of electronic&comm.engg.
      Plz tell me

  425. Adu ejiro

    I am in a mechanical engineering course,i would like to change to electrical and electronics engineering is it adviseable. Pls reply.

  426. Anu

    Thank you very much sir! Your posts help us a lot! once again I thank you for your reply.

  427. manish srivastava

    respected sir…….
    i got 1901 rank in instrumentation…..my gate score is 338…..i m from general cateogry……..which college i can expect??……plz..help me!!..

  428. Anu


    Which one should be given more importance? College or course?
    I prefer to do ece but in case I don’t get a seat in a reputed college should I change my option for the course?

    1. admin

      Anu: A balence should be maintained between them, because they both play a role in future. If you are going for a private college I recommend you to take good courses like CSE, ECE, EEE. On the other hand you have options in Govt colleges for CIVIL and MECH you should bet for them, because of reputation in Industry and Jobs. Wish you great luck with your studies.

  429. Akhil

    I am a student pursuing an M Tech ( Integrated ) course in Geophysical Technology from IIT Roorkee. I have gone through many of your blogs but haven’t seen any comment regarding the engineering courses in these disciplines. I have heard these courses have as many lucrative opportunities as any other Engineering discipline has. I found your views pretty relevant and informative so i request you to please elaborate upon the scope of such courses. I would also like you to throw light on the relevance and prospects of an MBA course after obtaining a degree in above mentioned course 4-5 years down the line.



  431. rajarshi

    i would disagree with the views expressed by zahid

    while it is true that software companies like google, yahoo, amazon etc recruit exclusively from CSE/IT, such jobs are very few in number – most students from CSE/IT end up in low-paying IT companies

    core companies like Schlumberger or Fluor Daniel offer better packages than software companies, although jobs are even fewer

    finance companies like DE Shaw, Barclays Capital, etc. have no restrictions about streams

    a core student is also eligible for most IT companies(at par with CSE/IT students), while a CSE/IT student is only for very few job profiles in core companies – such companies have very rigid requirements about how many mechanical, how many electrical engineers they want
    a core student has a wider range of opportunities than a CSE/IT student
    one of the most lucrative sectors is oil, which has little or no requirements for CSE/IT engineers

    CSE/IT is a craze only in developing countries like india, phillipines, nigeria, etc. – for most of the world, core branches have much more scope of work

    most importantly, it is the student’s own inclination which should decide what he/she will take up for the next 4 years.
    if you have an avid interest in automobiles, go for mechanical. if you are a software kid, go for CSE/IT. if you dream about designer buildings(like those in dubai or abu dhabi), go for architechture

    personally, i would grade streams in the following manner :
    1. mechanical, electrical
    2. chemical, cse, ece, it, architechture
    3. civil, metallurgy, biotech
    4. ceramic, textile, etc. etc…..

  432. amulya shukla

    i saw lot of students get confused with there branches ( in engineering). and they are not responsible for this confusion. at intermediate level schools & coaching s focus only on hard studies. they don’t bother about the guidance of students regarding the branch or college selection after class 12th. thus lot of students live in confusion even after getting admission in some engg. colleges. this retards their study & throw them out from from the world of competition.

    i request to govt., cbse, state boards & people to see the depth of this problem and to take some positive step to save the studentds from the darkness of their confusion

  433. rehan

    which one is best….aeronautical engeneering,electronical,mechanical or it?

  434. aamir

    sir i m a CBSE student & i got 90.6% in 12th board
    can i get a seat in delhi university?
    presently i m in muffakham jah college doing mechanical
    i had a choice of taking EIE in SRM.
    I wanted to ask you if my choice is right or not?
    Can i get a placement in google (offcampus or oncampus)?

  435. fathima

    Thanks to everybody for your reply.Actually iam going to write GATE exam.And then i have planned to write TANCET too to get a course in Anna University.I hope your ideas would help me to do my post graduation.

  436. Zahid

    NARESHKUMAR: Dont worry, keep working hard, you will have bright future. Stay happy with your decision and keep working. Without working hard no good field is good.

    Sathish: I m writing a post for private engineering colleges and Universities in every state. The list is almost ready but taking time because of my schedules. Hope i will post that on this weekend. It consist of private engineering colleges offering M.Tech in all the states. Hope this will help you and many more like you.

    Dushyant: I prefer any course in NITs over any other course in private engineering colleges. Because NITs and IITs have their own traditions.

    Ammu: If i m in your place i prefer IIITDM ECE.

    nabeela subhani: I answered your queries in other posts.

    saurav patel: I dont suggest you to drop, rather I ask you to join a course and perform excellent there. Time is very precious you will realize it when you dont have, so better start a course.

    Mansoor: I suggest you to opt for ME CSE, because all other courses are part of this course and you dont limit your scopes of Industry too. Can go embedded or communication after M.E in CSE.

    Jyoti: Try in M.Tech CSE otherwise you can always go for M.Tech ECE.

    Karthik: For a teaching profession this could be a good bet and also you will get a chance to continue research in the same field. All the best.

    Qayyum: I feel its awesome you only need to focus and study hard. All the best.

    Roel: I didn get your question, “electrical engineering major in computer science?” never heard about that before.

    Fathima: If you dont want to go for field change like CSE I would suggest you to move towards communication courses, VLSI is quite saturated. There are lot work going on in communication side, I think subjects related to communication are good. Otherwise join a general M.Tech in ECE. You will have both Teaching and industry opportunities. All the best.

  437. fathima

    Respected Sir,
    I have completed B.E(ECE)Iam planning to learn M.E? which course would be the best for industry and teaching?I am bit confused as there asr lot of courses?which would be the best and has a good scope?how about VLSI design?Is that too hard?How it would be?

  438. roel

    sir, what do you think about electrical engineering major in computer science?

  439. qayyum

    i am taking cse course so there is future in cse

  440. Karthik

    I am going to join in M.E Mechotronics but i am an Electrical Engineer in B.E . Is this option will help me… i want to go to teaching proffession… I will be happy if i get feed back…..

  441. Jyoti

    I m an electronic engg.now i m confused which field is good for me.

  442. mansoor

    the main thing is placement sir

  443. mansoor

    which is the best course to opt out of all theses things is it M.E(CSE) or M.tech (IT) or M.E (Software Engg) or M.E (Embedded Systems & technology) or M.E (Mechatronics) or M.E (Computer and Communication) or M.E (Communication and Networking) or M.E(Network Engineering) i belong to B.E CSE back ground could any one pls help me out on this.

    pls help me out sir .the course which u r gng to tell lies my future.pls help me out sir i will take that course which u r gng to tell .thanks in advance

  444. saurav patel

    Respected sir,
    I m in really big trouble. this is july ending & i cant decide where to go. My first attempt for JEE-09 fetch me a rank in EML and rank was 30,837.
    also 63000 rank in aieee. From AIEEE counselling I’ve got Lovely prof. uni.,Punjab.(IT) also St vincent pallotti , nagpur.(ECe) . Should I got a better rank in JEE-10 If I take drop. plz suggest me…..

  445. nabeela subhani

    THANK YOU for replying my previous query sir. Initially,I actually wasn’t able to find your response for my question so I posted the second one.I REGRET IT.
    My eamcet rank ,as I posted recently is 33,331.WEB-BASED COUNSELLING will be effective from 2009 onwards for eamcet engineering.So, can you please suggest me the good colleges that I must opt which can give me entrance into IT or CSE or ECE without any huge sum to be payed.And will I really get into the colleges I select through web-based counselling? suggest me .Thanx

  446. nabeela subhani

    THANK YOU for replying my previous query sir. Initially,I actually wasn’t able to find your response for my question so I posted the second one.I REGRET IT.
    My eamcet rank ,as I posted recently is 3 ,3331.WEB-BASED COUNSELLING will be effective from 2009 onwards for eamcet engineering.So, can you please suggest me the good colleges that I must opt which can give me entrance into IT or CSE or ECE without any huge sum to be payed.And will I really get into the colleges I select through web-based counselling? suggest me .Thanx

  447. Ammu


    What is your opinion about ECE in IIIT D&M , Kancheepuram, Chennai? Is it better than EEE in College of Engg, Trivandrum, Kerala.

  448. Dushyant

    What is scope of chemical engg.? Doing e&tc in private Engg. College(MIT,Pune or PICT) or Chemical engg. in VNIT, Nagpur is Best?

  449. sathish

    Dear sir, now iam an B.E(EEE) final year student.After U.G,i like to join P.G [M.E (power electronics and drives)].so plz guide me what are the colleges in tamilnadu famous for doing M.E(Power electronics and drives).

  450. sathish

    Dear sir, now iam an B.E(EEE) final yaer student.After U.G,i like to join P.G [M.E (power electronics and drives)].so plz guide me what are the colleges in tamilnadu famous for doing M.E(Power electronics and drives).



  452. Zahid

    Nabeela Subhani: Congratulation for your really good score in intermediate. dont worry about the selection of course. I already cleared in the above post, why computer science is better. Go with the above preferred choice list. There is only one physics subject for all engineering branches . But ECE and EEE have subjects derived from Physics.
    You may get IT in Muffakham Jah College of Engineering and Technology. As last year Max. rank admitted to IT was 37,000. Therefore I guess you should be able to make it easily. And IT have a great scope too both for industry and research.
    I suggest you to concentrate and work hard to get great percentile all over engineering. Every single mark have its own importance and when you realized you can not change the marks card. Alhamdulliah you have a great intermediate score. I wish you continue and strive for a similar or better performance.

  453. nabeela subhani

    hello sir.I’am nabeela subhani and i completed my intermediate (M.P.C)with 92%along with an eamcet rank of 33331.I’am totaly at loss to understand what course is right for me,since engineering offers many courses.I don’t like physics much although I like to know how things around me work.I fancy chemistry and mathematics.please suggest me where can Iget a free seat basing upon my eamcet rank and courses which have high scopes.please help me out.

  454. Zahid

    Shalini: I like top NITs to go and on the same time love computer science too. If you dont have big interest for research you can give preference to Rourkela. Otherwise you can go to NIT suratkal. Scope of these fields is not as big as computer science. But there are few big success stories too. But for girls i prefer CSE.

    Sourabh: I already answered your question on some other post. Please refer them.

    Anil : Thanks a lot Anil for appreciation. I think about writing every field individually too. Hope that helps build a clear idea. If you want can contribute too, I welcome your thoughts.

    Namit: my choice
    1:)opting “computer science” at guru nank dev university(main campus )amritsar
    2:)opting “instrumentation and control engn” at nit jalndhar
    3:)opting “ece” at gndu,amritsar
    4:)opting “IT ” at jaypee institute of technology ,noida
    5:)opting “ece” at jaypee,noida
    All the best Namit.

    Saurav: I prefer NITs because of student quality. If you are with highly competitive people that makes you learn many things other than academics. Actually these the people who are going to lead after few years and having association with them will definitely help you in latter stages. That association will be lacking at private colleges.

    Emo: I m trying to help then with my experience. If you have alternative view please let me know. Lets help students together. You can also read my post for the reason why I m suggesting CSE.

    Sugandha: I m sorry for that. You are left with only one good option now. IITs preparatory course. I wish you good luck with second list and also check my answer on other posts.

    Neeraj: I request you to read the post again, because I tried to focus on this question. I hope that helps.

    Heena: I think I already answered this question in other post, like top engineering colleges or so. Anyways, I vote for BITs Dubai if you can afford. All the best.

    Mr. S.M.DEVENDRAN: Wow~~ thats a big list. I prefer CSE and ECE. You can select any course related to these two. They have a good future, but be the best there. All the best.

    Ankur Singh: Galgotia is one of the best colleges in UP. You can definitely give it a hit. All the best. But work hard and get a good percentage.

    Deepak: I prefer ECE, but if you are getting Mech. in some good govt. college dont leave it.

    Nazir : dont be confuse. go ahead with

    1. Computer Science and Engineering
    2. Information Technology
    3. Electronics and Communication Engineering
    4. Electrical Engineering
    5. Mechanical Engineering
    6. Civil Engineering

    If you have someone in construction business and need you to do engineering in that, you can think of it too.

    I wish you all a great luck with your higher studies. Keep working hard, bright future is waiting for you.

  455. Nazir

    Sir, i am confused about choosing my field in civil and IT please tell of which has better scope in future. My counselling is on 15 july 2009.

  456. deepak

    which engineering is best mechnical or electronics and comm. engineering? plz my counselling is on 15 june

  457. ankur singh

    and if u could make me know about the best branch chosen it will be a boon for me as i dont have any well knowlege about it

    and wat about the fee structure of galgotia college and im belonging to sc category and also my father got less than 1 lakh salary per annum

  458. ankur singh

    is taking add. in galgotia college is good for me through uptech among all private colleges

    and im getting eee in that so i take it or wait for another cource

  459. Mr. S.M.DEVENDRAN

    I understand the you are giving valuable advise regarding Engineering Courses.I am from TamilNadu,India. I have completed B.E course in Electronics and communication engineering. I would like to join in M.E Course.
    In Tamil nadu the following courses are offered.
    17. AVIONICS
    19. COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING with specialization knowledge 20. Engineering and Computer Linguistics

    Hence out 35 couses found as bove I am having confusion in selecting a best course which gives more job opportunity.
    expecting favourable reply in an earlier date.

    1. akram

      can u help me to find which is the best engineering

  460. heena

    i want to know how is mechanical engg or aerospace engg.
    will there be any scope in these fields in coming future??

  461. neeraj

    after 4 years what is the future of it in jobs?
    seeing present what is better for future it or ec?



  463. emo

    why r u advising us to take CSE and IT as first choice… when today they are in such recession..there may be hope that it bounces back again…but the chances are rare…….
    how do u react to this???

  464. saurav

    waiting for sooner rply for my right decision

  465. saurav

    most probably iwill get civil in some of top 8 nit but i am also getting IT at vit vellore
    what should i prefer knowing nit are top brand and vit getting highest placement

  466. namit

    give me prefrence list wid reasons fr these————-
    1:)opting “instrumentation and control engn” at nit jalndhar
    2:)opting “computer science” at guru nank dev university(main campus )amritsar
    3:)opting “ece” at gndu,amritsar
    4:)opting “IT ” at jaypee institute of technology ,noida
    5:)opting “ece” at jaypee,noida

    plz send me prefrence by nos only ::[email protected]

  467. Anil

    Nice write-up. Very informative, precise and clear. But I guess probably the article was a bit biased on its choice of supporting comps sci. It would be great if you could bring in people who support other branches as well in other articles. It would let everyone to choose a branch for themselves.

  468. sourabh

    i am gettin admission in galgotia noida. i am getting civil engg. . but my parents dont think that its good having addmitted with that branch. could plz help me out wid this . should i take it or not. plz reply at the earliest ..

  469. Shalini

    If i have to choose between production and industrial engg in nit suratkal and computer sc in nit rourkela…which one should i go for?What scope does courses like production and industrial engg or metallurgy and material engg have??

    1. Rahul

      Thanks a lot for such a nice analysis, but i am confused in choosing electrical engg. and computer engg.. I was having computer science in class 12th so what shuld i do??

    2. hemanth

      My name is Dr.Hemanth, professor at ANU. I’m a study consultant.You can contact me on whatsapp for more details regarding study consultancies. My WhatsApp no. is 7207883757

  470. admin

    Richard: You are welcome, and thank for comment.

    Rahul Sharma: You see chemical engineers right from pharma companies to software industry. Mostly chemical engineers are chemical R&D companies that are involved in new chemical bio products which are either edible or non edible, and many other companies involving chemical process.

    Ravneet: Yes of course, to explain in simple way, every electronic product has some software in it. So even if only electronic industry grow then the demand for software engineers will definitely grow. So dont worry about that, that is really a flourishing field. But only key is be best there in programming and logic.

    Pradeep: IIT HYD. & its comparison with machanical engineering??? quesiton is not complete i think. Any ways, I prefer IITH computer science over the other mentioned branches.

  471. pradeep

    what about computer science at IIT HYD. & its comparison with machanical engineering

  472. ravneet

    Thanks a lot sir…. it cleared lot of our doubts.But sir is it really true that IT is in more demand than Electronics and communication engeenering nowadays??

  473. rahul sharma

    sir whats d scope of chemical engineering??

    1. NIVEDHA

      wat is the use of chemical engineering

    2. Ashvin gosh

      sir…i like to study a diffrent engineering branch plz suggest a diffrent & job oriented field

  474. Richard

    thank you very much

  475. admin

    Swaminathan: Thanks a lot for the encouragement. I am glad that it helped you.
    If you are taking it in a good university then it should be ok. Otherwise prefer only B.Tech or undergraduate course and try for a better school for Masters.
    Medical Nanotechnology is a research oriented field. Few job opportunities in the exact domain but it will satisfying, contributory and well paid. Being researcher is an open option for this field for a long time from now.
    I hope this helps. All the best with all your decisions.

  476. j.swaminathan

    Thank you very much. Your analysis has helped me clearing my doubts. What is the scope for Integrated M.Tech course in Medical Nanotechnology ?

    1. llakumi

      hello SIR i am preethi i want full information about government BE college of Hassan information and what fees they expect from us please tell me sir

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