Everyone knows that National Institute of Technology (NITs) are India’s premier Engineering colleges after IITs that get highest quality of students. They are definitely above any other engineering institute because of infrastructure, facilities, faculty and most importantly the quality of students. Most of the users asked me for ranking on NITs.

I tried to rank these institutes based on Student Quality, Infrastructure, Placements and finally by quality of faculty and alumni network. For NIT Rankings 2010, I considered AIEEE opening and closing ranks, GATE cutoff, Faculty and placements.

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Finally the ranking looks something like this.

Rank Institute Ranking
1 NIT Warngal Warngal
2 NIT Trichy Trichy
3 NIT Suratkal Suratkal
4 NIT Calicut Calicut
5 MN NIT Allahabad Allahabad
6 NIT Durgapur Durgapur
7 NIT Rourkela Rourkela
8 NIT Hamirpur Hamirpur
9 MNIT Jaipur Jaipur
10 SV NIT Surat Surat
11 VNIT Nagpur Nagpur
12 MA NIT Bhopal Bhopal
13 NIT Kurukshetra Kurukshetra
14 NIT Jamshedpur Jamshedpur
15 NIT Patna Patna
16 NIT Jalandhar Jalandhar
17 NIT Silchar Silchar
18 NIT Hazartbal Srinagar
19 NIT Raipur Raipur
20 NIT Tripura Tripura

In real sense, it is really hard to rank these quality institutions by placing one ahead of other. In fact it is better to classify them in three tiers. First 5 comes in first tier, they all are almost equal in that group. Next 10 NITs comes under second tier and rest of them are in last tier.

The idea is to try hard to get into higher tier as much as possible. If I have to make decision to get into any NIT after deciding the tier of NITs, I prefer an NIT that is near to my home or in big city or having some good record of research and industry interactions. Once I joined it, I will concentrate and study hard to grow bigger than the students in higher level NITs and IITs.

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