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Top Engineering Colleges in Bangalore (VTU affiliated)

Ranking of engineering colleges in Bangalore was a difficult task. Considering the student choice or not was a big decision, because most of the students prefer Colleges in and around Bangalore even if they have less infrastructure. The tendency made me to avoid student preference because of the location. I don’t feel all colleges are good enough in Bangalore. If you study in a college where there are good teachers and infrastructure for engineering studies it will open huge opportunities in future both for industry and further studies. Keeping this in view I ranked Engineering colleges in Bangalore based on infrastructure and research. You can look into KCET cutoffs which is one of the criteria using KCET Cutoffs, Closing Ranks and college predictor.

To make the list of best engineering colleges in Bangalore we conducted a month long research, collected details of faculty members, specially their research and development activities and then made a ranking. We found that few colleges are good in one department and other departments are lacking that potential. We made ranking based on the departments like Computer Science and Engineering, Electronic and Communication Engineering, and Electrical Engineering. Do follow all KCET cutoffs using the below tool.

KCET cutoff and college predictor tool

We made few most popular rankings like Top Engineering Colleges in India, Top private engineering colleges in India, NIT Rankings and Ranking of deemed universities. We tried our best to collect data. Don’t forget to subscribe by email given on top right corner of this page. You will get all updates related to ranking and other useful information for Engineering.

Rank Institute / College Place
1 R.V.College of Engineering (RVCE) Bangalore
2 PES Institute of Technology (PESIT) Bangalore
3 BMS College of Engineering (BMSCE) Bangalore
4 M.S.Ramaiah Institute Of Technology (MSRIT) Bangalore
5 Bangalore Institute of Technology (BIT) Bangalore
6 RNS Institute of Technology (RNSIT) Bangalore
7 University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering (UVCE) Bangalore
8 Sir M Visvewsvaraya Institute of Technology (MVIT) Bangalore
9 JSS Academy of Technical Education (JSSATE) Bangalore
10 BMS Intitute of Technology (BMSIT) Bangalore
11 Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering (DSCE) Bangalore
12 Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology (Dr.AIT) Bangalore
13 CMR Institute of Technology (CMRIT) Bangalore
14 Sapthagiri College of Engineering (SCE) Bangalore
15 PES School of Engineering (PESSE) Bangalore
16 New Horizon College of Engineering (NHCE) Bangalore
17 B.N.M Institute of Technology (BNMIT) Bangalore
18 Kammavari Sangham Institute of Technology (KSIT) Bangalore
19 Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology (NMIT) Yelhanka, Bangalore
20 Global Academy of Technology (GAT) Bangalore
21 Don Bosco Institute of Technology (DBIT) Bangalore
22 SJB Institute of Technology (SJBIT) Bangalore
23 M J V of Engineering (MVJCE) Bangalore
24 The Oxford College of Engineering (OCE) Bangalore
25 Atria Institute of Technology (ATRIA) Bangalore

If you are not satisfied with the ranking please do not hesitate to comment and ask for more information. Please give your suggestions by which we can improve and help more students all around the nation.


  1. Manimegalai

    By Ranking these colleges, the best students with good marks were too difficult to get in to these colleges, Very high amount to get in to Management quota, the college entrance exams in these colleges is for name sake. Requesting to stop these educational business and provide education to the best and hard working students too who really prove themselves from low economic background.

  2. utkarsha manoj

    this is wrong i have heard that jain university is a good clg to

    1. InI Labs Inc.

      this is based on KCET cutoff. Lesser the rank admitted to college is better the college.

  3. Sachin

    How is nitte minakshi for mechanical?
    Plzz sir tell me

  4. Meghana

    which vtu clg teaching is better………………….

    1. sapthagiri college of engineering bengaluru

      good envirnoment and awsm faculties,excellent placement

  5. aslam

    Dear sir I want to know about rank of AMC Engineering college bengalore


    HI sir, If you want to arrange the engineering colleges in top order go to google and type the engineering college name and at last type .stupidsid.
    Ex:- Oxford Engineering college.stupidsid
    Here in that site come below and there you can find the the suggestions of the students who studied there.

  7. Ashley

    I would like to say that BMSIT is way better off than jss in many aspects okay?. Hostel facilities, Environment. I don’t really know about the faculty but I can say that BMSIT is having really impressive infrastructure also it holds up very good reputation for annual fests. And I also wanted to point out that in almost all rankings I have seen bmsce to be on second spot.

  8. J Anil Kumar

    Hi Everyone,
    I’m 2015 Btech passed out. Now i’m working in one of the Mnc companies. I want to study Mtech. But because of financial problems i cant leave job. But i want to study. Is there any college in Bangalore that can offer Mtech openly( I can go to college on saturdays). Please suggest me guys. Thanks in advance

  9. Amardeep Singh

    Sir, what About NIE,Mysore.

  10. dhrubajyoti chakraborty

    Sir i want to ask that sri krishna institute of technology is good or not for good plscements like companies google facebook etc..

  11. Madhusudan

    Any problems / tuition ( one-to-one) / projects (VLSI, MATLAB) / doubts / in ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION CONTACT ME.

  12. Somesh

    I agree Harish.. Teaching is damm good in Vemana I T.. Dey don collect even a single rupee fine for anything.. Located in a very nice place,, Koramangala.. So many rank holders from d colg.. Even d fees is moderate.. Best colg for middle class students

    1. Sachin

      What about Acharya institute of technology?

  13. Harish

    Vemana I T is d best colg for those who are serious abt studies.. It ranks no1 in teaching..

  14. Yash

    which is better sjbit or sapthagiri college .

  15. Rakshith

    sir ive got 57696 rank in kcet and ive got a seat for ece in atme college of engineering in mysore and that college also started 5 years back is it ok to confirm the seat in that college

  16. pawan

    Hey, guys can anyone tell me the admission fee and college fee per yr of bsm college of engineering, bangalore?

  17. shashank

    Sir, I have got 13302 rank in comedk which colleges can I get in Bangalore
    My preffered branch is EEE

  18. pppandey

    This is a waste college. I have studied here . Management only cares about money. Guys, dont risk your future here. I am writing this because i once made a wrong decision. Hence i dont want you to make the same mistake. Even bright students are not getting placed.

  19. Faheem

    Which vtu colleges are good for civil in Bangalore?

  20. tarun

    sir ,can u plzz tell me about new horizin engineering college

  21. aadya jha

    please suggest me private colleges best for b-tech ,having 100% placement in the field of IT-COMPUTER,i have given 12 board exam this,please suggest me something better

  22. Akshay

    sir,what about don bosco inst. of it good?????

  23. saif khan

    wer us anjuman πŸ™

  24. nisha

    hey guys can anyone tell me how is cmrit for m tech cse branc

  25. Nilesh

    My pgcet score=43 and Rank is 8313 branch-CS. i am Non karnataka pls tell me which colleges are sutaible for my rank.pls tell whether this rank is sufficient to get admission in top 5 colleges having better placement

  26. manu

    wer did acharya wet of ?? itz in top 15



    I Got 3899 Rank in PGCET from Non-gate.
    M frm CS&E Stream .
    I Belong to 3A category.

    Where are Colleges Best for Q education and placements πŸ™‚

    Do let me know πŸ™‚

    Thank you πŸ™‚

  28. namraj bc

    i completed the diploma in civil engineering course . i would like to study ahead please give me the way for further study.

  29. divya

    i got 2098 rank in dcet which clg can get.tell plz good one for placement

  30. samsuddin

    Sjcit has any ranking among the engineering colleges at bangalore affilated to vtu

  31. SHIVU...

    which place dr. Ambedkar instistution technology stands in bangalore….. please reply me sir/medam…

  32. shivanand

    I got 3797 rank in dcet i would like get the clg which has placement,so please any one can help me which clg i can get probebly My cast 2A

  33. Bharat Thapa

    Is new horizon is best for civil engineering.

    1. srv

      It is one of the good colleges in bangalore in all branches

  34. kavya

    Which is better nmit Cs or bmsit Cs or sapthagiri Cs ? Please reply soon



  36. Sai

    UVCE isn’t a college affiliated to VTU. It comes under Bangalore University.

  37. shiva

    what about automobile engeneering

  38. jahnavi

    vijaya vitala college s better or sea college ?



  40. shubham kumar

    Will mvjce college be right to take admission.
    Since i got only 75% cbse 12th board exam.

  41. sneha

    Is acharya institute of technology affliated to VTU??

  42. vijay

    SAMBHRAM INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY is also one d top engineering of karnataka …….n list nt considered? ???y

  43. pruthvi.

    i am interested to the aeronautical engineering please choose the top and best colleges in Bangalore suggest it

  44. Kalimullah Ansari

    Sir I have passed diploma from Nepal. Can I admit in 2nd years

  45. kiran

    Guys Please think of BVB college. It is equivalent to BITS bangalore

  46. Moina

    Plz can you sent a list of colleges giving 100% placements for cs nd IT

  47. ramesh

    I think CiTech must be included

  48. vinay

    which among these are good for mtech cmrit or sjbit or bnm….give me priority

  49. Anitha SS

    Which college is better for mtec, APS or CMRIT???? pls tell me i need urgent

  50. santosh

    what about acharya college????

  51. shuvam sadotra

    where does acharya institute of technology stands

    1. Rai

      No doubt, Acharya is a good college. Better than many listed here.

    2. Hemanth kumar

      Soledevanahalli ,hesergatta road banglore

    3. Rahul

      near chikkabanavara

  52. Engineer

    EC is a not so easy course.
    Most of ec engineers get placed in cs jobs…
    They get trained about programming and checking codes in jobs.
    Cs is a very good branch if u r intrested in software.

  53. raghav

    i got 12065 rank in dcet which clg can get.tell plz good one for placement

  54. saniya taskeen

    my ranking for engg is 38320 which is the best college for me for Ec

  55. luvjeet

    tell me abt rajiv gandhi institute of tecnology rt nagar

  56. bi bi hajira

    ma dplma % s 80 n ma rnkng s 1387 so could u suggest me in which clg can i gt gvt seat…

    1. bi bi hajira

      n ma caste s 2b n iam frm cs branch..

  57. nikitha


  58. Harsha

    what should be my ranking in CET if i have to get into the top 5 engineering colleges in banglore?

  59. Sneha

    Sjbit is a much better college than global

  60. Aashu singh

    i have completed my diploma and i gave DCET exam in which i got 5000 rank and my branch is electrical my one frnd got 8500 rank in over all and branch wice 1032 and his branch is electrical and other frnd got 9300 rank and branch wice 1700 and his branch is CS.presently we are living near to Bengluru cross-64 we does,t want to go far away from each other we want to take admession in such college which is nearer to Yelahanka. plz suggest me which
    college will be reliable and better for us.

  61. Gavaskar

    HI i want to know the list of colleges with placements for e&c as i am joining this so plz send me the list of best colleges

  62. ancy

    i am qualified in gate 2013 with AIR 8101 and score 288. can i get admission in RVCE? what is the procedure?

  63. GOKUL

    Is Placement good at ATRIA College Bangalore

  64. Parinith.M

    Is Dayanand sagar academy of technology good college…??

  65. MANI

    Sir, i want to know the placement in nitte meenakshi institute for aeronautical engineering as i am going to join this college.

  66. satish

    in bangalore, which colleges have E.E.E department?

  67. gowtham

    how is new horizon college of engineering

  68. tarpan

    i want to know about shri venkateshwara college of engineering for in computer sci..
    is it well good for placement or other activities??

  69. Ramesh budhaair

    Hi i am from nepal and i have passed my+ 2 class in science i want to know which clz is best for bsc.CSIT and details for this.

  70. Madhu

    I have completed my diploma in mechanical & now I have given the DCET exam also & I have got my final year aggregate i.e,64% in Diploma & 85 out of 180 marks in DCET exams so which college can I get probably & my cast is SC SO ANYONE TELL ME PLZ BECAUSE I am really tensed So Plz any Sir/Madam tell Me Plz.

  71. Raghav

    u shuld prefer BIT….

  72. jugnu

    mvit have cheat resepnist so please bee safe guys

  73. Thousif

    my ranking 59000 can i get govt seat if,give me top engg collages in karnataka to select it.


    wich clg is better for ECE BIT or UVC? what shud be given priorty a good cig or a good course?


    which clg is better for ECE either BIT or UVC? wich Is better to choose a good clg or a good course?

  76. Ritupallab

    what about (skit) sri krishna institude of technology

    1. vtu results

      VTU affiliate colleges all are good

  77. abhishek kumar

    which is best between these colleges in bangalore:-
    1.Dayanand sagar college of engineering
    5.JSS Acedamy of technical institute
    6.Reva institue of technology
    7.Nitte menakshi institute of technology
    8.Acharya institute of technology
    9.Global acedamy

    1. kartik

      in my view dayanand sagar is best in the

    2. satya

      Dayanand sagar is best among them but pretty costly!

      pesse should be on 7th but yu will definitely get placed if yu join der since it is run by a minister

      and bmsit should be at 4th place followed by NMIT at 5th place and ya, NMIT is one of the best colleges if yu are looking for some research and stuff! NMIT is the first college in India to send PICO-SATELLITE to space!! Google it, yu will get to know,
      but the placements aren’t that good when it comes to ECE,EEE,MECH

    3. Ravi

      RNSIT is the best among these..

  78. Niroj

    I am from nepal plz detail fee structure of new horizon engineerig collage

  79. syed mujtaba hussain

    HI i want to know the list of colleges with placements for e&c as i am joining this so plz send me the list of best colleges

  80. deepak

    which college is best for mca, rank of mca colleges comes under VTU ?

  81. shrikant

    What about the IIIT Banglore???
    How is it??Is it worth to take admission for Mtech CSE in IIIT Banglore..

  82. Noname

    Which of these colleges are near to Girinagar Hostel of Ramchandrapura Matt.?
    pls do reply… i ll be waiting.. and which college has best E&C department….

  83. Prateek

    i need to know about DSI , Bangalore i am going for diploma CS! this year!

    1. Mallesh H R

      what is your per in 10th my friend

    2. Hemanth kumar

      Good choice pratik….!!
      Good atmosphere, improved infrastructure,

  84. nitesh jha

    yaaa! Plz contect me mob no 8892273986

  85. Abhijeet singh

    i m looking for automobile engineering which college i should join……. please suggest me ???

  86. vishal


  87. Ramesh teli

    The bldea’s Dr pghcet is one of the best engineering college in the north karnataka…. So lets join our college campus under vtu belgaum region…….

  88. ANNO

    CMR Institue of Technology (CMRIT) is the worst college i have ever seen. I have done MCA from dat college. Principal was worst. HOD was like that too. Maximum teachers don’t have any idea what they are teaching. Teacher use to teach PG course don’t know how to connect projector!!!! They even don’t know how to edit something from registry ! Only BOOKISH KNOWLEDGE they use to give preference.

    At the time of record and all, you people have to write it with your own hand to “get something into your head” (-by one of our facluty). That means, all the lab programs we have is more than enough to drive this world!! WTF! I have never seen this type of college before….

    Attendance is very bad from VTU itself. Taking an example, if you book a movie ticket and you are not going for the movie or at the interval time, you are leaving the hall, what does it mean ?? You have enough money to waste? Or the movie is good enough to see? Which one?? The same thing you will find out at CMR Institute of Technology, Bangalore too …..


  89. Ajith

    SCTIT COLLEGE IN BANGALORE IT’S GOOD or bad in mechanical engineering

  90. sunny

    don bosco is very gud for studying purpose and no ragging is there in our college so join and make secure your job and do fun also teachers and faculty of here is vv ry gud !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. vaibhav khola

    i think reva coll must be added to this list it deserves to be within top 25 colleges….the faculty is really good n even there is lot of cultural activities in the coll….


    please list the best colleges for m-tech in ECE at bangalore

  93. Shivu

    Is that vemanna coll good in teaching, hostel, placements pls tell whether to join or no also in ragging

  94. tejas

    sri venketeshwara college of engineering
    is very good at placement guyss and the campus is damn good……!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. m,aheshwara reddy

    is this collages are have good girls….

  96. Abdul Rauf

    Good morning sir..,
    as i have completed my diploma in mechanical with 70%., now i want to study in BMSCE college bull temple road..,
    so I’m getting confused in AIDED and UNAIDED college, please suggest the difference and which is good..,


    I completed my BE in mechanical engg i got 3040rank in pgcet i want to know which college is best in bangalore & which branch is good in please suggest me …

  98. amit

    i had never ranked don bosco college in the list….it is the worst college of bangalore……east west college should be named in top 25…may be between 20 to 25….it is very fast developing and its performance is improving day by day.


    sir am complt diploma in cs next i ll decided to go job or higher education plz tell me

  100. naveen

    Acharya institute of technology and Sambhram institute of tech.. deserves to be in top 25 ! this ranking is bullshit !

  101. sushma

    rank the colleges for the year 2012-13.
    please inform which colleges are government , which are aided, which are unaided , and also mention their locality , kindly inform if they are autonomous or vtu affliated. then it will be much more helpful to the students………….
    and kindly also inform me which college is best for electronics and communication in terms of faculty and placement .

  102. sushma

    rank the colleges for the year 2012-13.
    please inform which colleges are government , which are aided, which are unaided , and also mention their locality , kindly inform if they are autonomous or vtu affliated.

  103. dheeraj

    on what basis theese colleges have been alotted the follwing rankings..??

  104. dheeraj

    on what basis have theese colleges been alotted the follwing rankings..??

  105. salman

    Heyyyy ppl can ne1 plzzz tell me how is “say vidya institute of technology(SVIT)…!!!???”

  106. manish

    sir, i got seat in both reva and jain university[kanakapura road] which should i opt for. plz help me from this confusion.

  107. Gagan

    sir my rank is 12992 which is gud college

  108. Vinay mc

    Ms college is better or not

  109. amrutha

    i hav got in pesse for is.. shud i prefer cs in cmrit( i’ll get der acc to cut-off) or take da same seat or cs in pesse

  110. rahil

    i have got 80000 rank in aieee…..can i got good engineering college of bangalore….

  111. Dilip

    i got seat in CMRIT….i hope its a nice college..but i want to ask one thing-why is pesse cutoff higher than cmrit though cmrit is a better one…plz inform i want to consider the answer and apply for secound round counselling

  112. krishna

    sir i have got ranking of 8989 in cet 2012 so which college might be the BEST for me pls reply a fast as possible

  113. mohit

    tell me something about MVJ college…civil engg.. and compare it with NEW horizon… reply asap

  114. vish

    Dayand sagar college better than that position sir,,b m s i t & j s s college not good as compare to Dayand sagar pls change the Dayand sagar rank… make it 6 or 5 it deserve that place pls..

  115. Shivani

    hello… sai vidhya instituite of technology is good in place ment?

  116. vinay

    sir my cet rank is 24,879. which is the best college for my rank?

  117. Abhishek

    I have got 11013 rank in ComedK exam.Can i get top 5 colledge for mechanical or Civil.PlzzzZ reply me Soon.

  118. adarsh

    CMRIT….is a very gud college…i am doin EEE in CMR and i am satisfied with the teaching,also placement is gud

  119. charan

    UVCE should be moved up to 4th, then comes BIT and RNSIT.

  120. alka

    my comedk rank is 9400 can i get IT in NIE Mysore or Instrumentation in BIT Bangalore or in MS Ramaiyah ?

  121. harshit

    Is Bangalore institute of technology good enough …?

  122. SWETHA.S

    my ranking is 9668,can i get seat in any top engineering colleges of b’lore? pls reply

  123. amarendar kumar

    my engg.ranking in cet 21530.and in comedk ranking 43023 which top college will i get in banglore for CSE.

  124. surya

    Please let me know the top most good and old engineering college that provide good placements…… Bangalore……..atleast 30 colleges…….

  125. dheeraj

    sir i’ve gotten 9567 rank in cet, which good ranking college will i get??……mainly for EC and mechanical engineering….

  126. karthik

    sir, i hav got 58655 rank, will i get gud col 4 my ranking?

    1. Dilip

      dude if you have a category like SC,OBC etc u might get in some gud college…but for GM students with such rankings ther is no hope

  127. chandana

    ma engg. ranking in cet is 47932 nd in comedk is 30863 which top coll will i get in bangalore for information science???

    1. mythreya


  128. suraj

    is acharya good in placement?

  129. tanushri

    my kcet rank is 8956 n my category is general. no other quotas. i wan to tak up either ec or cs. cud u plzzzz suggest gud college in bangalore with 100% placements tat i cud get fo my rank?????

  130. Naveen

    This is not true……,bnmit.,nhce,cmrit and many more wont give placements for clear information visit the respected colleges

  131. shubham kumar

    did anyone tel about ‘ksit’ for mech. Eng. and its placement record please ?

  132. manishjoshi

    hello i wan to read in skit(shree krishna institution of technology ) of banglore wat is the rank of this skit

  133. sumanth

    how is don bosco coll placements??do they bring mass recruiters??

  134. hema

    bms is a wonderfull college. good teaching staff. campus. everything is good.. i liked it…………

  135. Brijesh

    Sir my cet rank is 44494 can i get good collage in banglore like oxford and east point etc. mechanical eNgineering..pjz reply me

  136. Brijesh

    New horizon collage is really bad?reply

  137. anil

    Nagarjuna college of engineering & technology is also among them…

  138. narashiman

    Hey what about acharya institute of tech.
    please make a review about it also rate it

  139. reshmitha

    SJBIT college is worst college….full of torture n irritation…Principle is totally bakwaas dont know proper administration…knows to use only slang words…totally bad for lecturers..Feedback system is very badly misused by students.Due to that many lecturers had lost their jobs being very strict and punctual.Full of politics…please dont join this college

  140. rajat

    which college i will get if i am getting 14000 rank in comedk

  141. sai

    sir.u have given the list but it seems that most of the colleges dont deserve to be in top 25.only ranks dont decide a particular college because one can individually study but the faculty ,teaching,basic amenities play an important role.can u put more good engineering colleges

  142. mayank singh

    wht type of collage is jss ……plz comment on tht

  143. Prem

    Atria college doesn’t deserve to be on this list either. The teachers’ language skills is despicable. Student who are used to communicating in english find it very difficult to adjust. Teachers are inexperienced and are unable to answer students’ questions on various topics. Lab equipment is very old. And computer systems crash often. Should be part of the ’25 worst colleges in bangalore’. The management overhypes the college.

  144. Luv

    What are the main requirements (like marks in +2 and all) for these colleges?

  145. vinod raj

    how is hkbk college of engineering

  146. rakesh.v.s

    east point college of engineering and technology is also one of the good college.
    faculty as well students acadamic rate is good over there

  147. Amith K S

    Pls do consider mechanical dept, which has got good faculty n teaching in most of the colleges

  148. Prajwal Sandeep

    i definitely think tat GAT(other than CSE n ISE) shud be promoted higher than AIT,SCE n new Horizon. πŸ™‚

  149. md Mahbubur Rahman

    why ghousia college of engineering is not within the ranking of top 10 private enginering college of karnataka.every year this college produce a possition holder in vtu.beter result then other top 10 colleges

  150. imtiyaz khan

    i have an confusion. you have not mentioned about the mechanical engineering.

  151. Engineering colleges in Bangalore

    Good List of Engineering Colleges of Bangalore

  152. nanda

    bnmit is also a ranking college

    1. unknown shud be at 10th position..atleast bnmit iz better than dayananda sagar

  153. Santosh

    Want to compare rnsit with dayanand sagar clg. Which seems the best?

    1. santosh

      DSIT dude

  154. Deepasmitha

    New Horizon College of Engineering is the worst of the lot. More than students, it is bad for the faculty. Too many stupid rules and silly unwanted administrative work keeps the teaching faculty busy wasting their time. The chairman and his management wants only students with donation irrespective of their merit. No students study properly, make noise in the class worse than LKG school kids. When they fare poorly in exams, they easily blame the teachers which the brainless chairman believes, and fires the faculty without even bothering to verify who is correct.

    Their faculty feedback process is completely unscientific. The students there just don’t have the maturity to give a proper feedback and will carelessly ruin the career of many faculty. The management just does not verify whether the feedback is right or not, and just sends the faculty with bad feedback out. The students know this weakness of the management and misuse it well. Due to this, no teacher stays there for more than a year. This directly affects the students. So in a way, it is bad for the students (the really studious, deserving ones) as well

  155. chetan h a

    sir, im currently final year BE CS student and im confused about future that shall i pursue M.Tech or Job? and i registered to GATE 2012 also…Give me solution

  156. Thomas

    Can you please say which of these colleges have a part time M tech degree courses for mechanical engg. & the admission details

  157. Krishna

    Oxford college of engg..This is one of the worst colleges i’ve ever seen…no playground or any sports facility..all i saw was buildings,one after another. very strict also. unclean & poorly maintained hostels and worst mess food but high mess bills & looting from hostel students esp. charging fees in other forms also. incapable faculty,poor teaching, psychophant principal. pl do not join this college.

    1. jayeesh

      i joined oxford college for architecture this year…As architecture is in very few colleges i had no other option to go…is it that bad !!

    2. Nick

      Thanks man you just saved my 4years,i was about to join that:)

  158. tabrez

    do don bosco college is good at teaching and placement

  159. naresha

    my friend got 7225 ranking in mtech.wil she get the mtech seat in e.c?

  160. Suraj

    I’m trying to research and find data as to the number of Engg colleges in Bangalore that have campus placements. Could some one please point me to any database that talks about Placement statistics College wise (Engg Colleges in Blore)?

    Any help will be highly appreciated!


  161. P. lucky

    hello sir,
    i got nagarjuna college of engineering in bangalore so pls tell me how is that college and also tell me about that college ranking….

  162. ARCHANA.S

    Sir, i want to know about telecommunication engineering nd its scope. is this course suitable for girls? In which all companies there r job opportunities for this course??
    which is better or telecommunication engineering?

  163. gvswathi

    good morning sir I am Swathi sir i had got 4146 ranking number . iam very much confused of selecting Engieenering college in Bangalore and can i get top colleges in Bangalore for my ranking what sir pls may me sure of this

  164. binod adhikari

    how is knsit college of engineering in bangalore…

  165. khalid

    hi sir, i have taken industrail engeneering manegment in m v jayaram will this course help in future will i find good job.

  166. divya??

    hello sir, iam confused to choose the branch i have got 5547 eng rank i like to take ec branch which col i may get and i have doubt that whether i would get withn top ten col

  167. vishwanath .kr

    Hi, Sir I got 9696 rank in CET so I would like to get seat in PESSE or any near by electronic city, could you help me. for contact: 8971794678/ 9743860534

  168. rahul kumar

    what is the ranking in karnataka for BANGALORE TECHNOLOGICAL INSTITUTE , B’LORE ???

  169. VICKY


  170. Jayanth

    I’m hearin sjbit is beating bnmit in almost all the aspects frm the past 2 yrs….since puttaraju is the princi…is it true…?

    1. unknown

      Plz dnt compare clgs like sjbit wid bnmit….bnmit is far better

  171. spartacus

    UVCE doesnt come under VTU, its under BU- Bangalore University.

  172. Darshan S S

    This list is almost correct. πŸ™‚

  173. nanga

    all student above 25k are informed to join any other courses leaving engg. Regards NANGA

  174. Anuj

    I have scored 88 marks i.e. 4300 rank in comedk . Which college can i get (civil engg)?

  175. vinay

    which college is better amongst these give them in priority wise i wanna join computers the colleges r KSIT,NHCE,GLOBAL ACADEMY, DON BOSCO

  176. nanda

    i got 23119 will i get good college

  177. harsha

    i have got 26802 rank in cet-2011 i have intresst in ec and cs courses which r the coll i may get?????????

  178. Santhosh kumar

    Sir,i got 36,813 rank in kcet i’m plz suggest me good engineering college for civil in banglore.i hav rural quota and category 3A.

    1. abhijith shetty

      sir,my kcet rank is 30300 ,i hav rural qouta n 3b category..can i get a mech seat n top 20 colg f banglr..?

  179. Biswajit Singh

    I m goin to take admsn in bangalore.. i have two questions..
    1.which stream has more demand EC, ME , CS?????
    2.Which one is less tuff????
    3.I can pay 1.5 as a donation so which will be the best college i can get in such donation???
    Please help me……..

  180. chaitra.s

    sir, what is the ranking of apsce ? i think it is better than above ranked colleges like nitte meenakshi, don bosco etc… what do you have to say about this?

  181. yeshwant

    Uvce can’t be 7 th it should be in the top 5 ,for reference check its all india rank it best. After rvce.

  182. gaurav kumar

    what is the ranking of hmsit , tumkur . in vtu affiliated institute in banglore? is this college is medium , good , or best ?

  183. rakshith

    my rank is 2500,. I’m confused in choosing college between RNSIT and PES SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING,. So plz can u suggest me ,.

  184. Ashish Kumar Yadav

    Dear sir.
    I Passed Diploma in Electrical Engineering from Board of Technical Education Rajasthan. Now I want admission in B Tech 2nd year in a reputed engineering college B.Lore under management seat. Please help me.

  185. mani

    join in BMSIT

  186. syed

    my ranking is 29k i dono whtha il get a seat in blore i hav interest in comp science and it pls suggest any colleges for me thank u

  187. Madan kunwar

    sir,would u plz give me the best way for aeronotical and mechanical engenering in bangloure,which has good replacement and minimum donation..

  188. Mayank nagda

    i want to take admmission in Aeronautical engineering b tech so kindly suggest me best colleges of bangalore i did my diploma in aeronautical eng 3 year so i need addmission in 2 nd year of eng… so kindly suggest me as soon as possible

  189. praveen

    sir i got 21000 rank in comedk so which college i will get in this rank…..please help me rply me as soon as possible……


    wat is is the ranking of nagarjuna college of engineering banglore?is this a good colege to study and get 100% placement?

  191. Mohitha

    Respected sir,
    I’m confused in choosing b/w EE n EC branches..Which according to you would be a better branch?? i secured 3682 rank in engineering [KCET] ,which colleges can my rank afford???

    Thank You

  192. awais

    sir,plz tell me which branch has more scope (aeronautical or mechanical).My engg.rank is 2711.which of them is best according to my rank?Also why cutoff for aero. is 20,000(very high).why top ranked students not select aeronautical?

  193. MANISH

    i have got 14000 rank in comedk will i get civil branch in acharya or nagaarjuna college in banglore

  194. nishant verma

    sir,i got 8597 rank in uget 2011. sir, which college would i expect to get for mechanical engg or electrical and electronics engg. rply must.

  195. Ravindra Kumar Singh

    My niece has rank in 17000 in CMOEDK 2011 which is the expected college to get admission in counselling of COMEDK

  196. Pavan Kumar

    Hi Sir,

    the college name in this post is MVJ not MJV college of engineering. it is M V Jayaram college of engineering…

  197. abhshek singhal

    what abt the ranking of ssit(sri sidhartha insyitute of technology)?????

  198. utsava anand

    Hello sir,
    I am getting confused in joining computer science engineering between these two colleges east point and atria. Please suggest me the best college to join that have a good placement.

  199. kavya

    what is the scope of chemical engineering in bangalore … can girls pursue the following course

  200. gautam

    i have got 12044. will i get electronics and communication or mechanical in reputaed colleges of mysore

  201. karthik

    sir,I have got overall state ranking 9023 & category ranking 1985 in a.i.e.e.e ..can i get admission in rv college or ramaih college

  202. ram

    i have 5900 ranking which is the best college for computer science in bangalore

  203. zeba naseem

    wat about sea group of colleges

  204. B.Rakshith

    Hello sir,
    I am getting confused in joining computer science engineering between these two colleges BMSIT and MVIT. Please suggest me the best college to join that have a good placement, and also suggest me the minimum percentage to be taken in each sem to get selected.

  205. Chethan

    I got 51,000ranking in engineering….i ll get seat in blr?

  206. amit

    my test scr in cmdk is 56…which cllg can i get and how much rank can i get…plz plz plz help me..sir


    top 10 engineering colleges of B.E computer science IN BANGALORE.also i want to about oxford college of engineering of bangalore???is a gud college for B.E computer science?

  208. Pradyut kumar

    my test score for comedk is 49 this year.soo,which colllege i would get during counselling?

  209. sheethal

    on wat basis these eng colleges r given the ranks ?

  210. zaheer

    bhai which is the best college for m tech aeronautical/aerospace engineering college in bangalore i completed my b tech aeronautical engineering and also tell me how to apply for them

  211. Hemant yadav

    I m student of polytechnic(diploma in computer science) 3rd year.I want 2 know about best B.Tech/B.E.(electronics) colleges/universities of bangalore.pls rply…..

  212. Bahadur Singh

    Hello Sir,
    I would like to know know the rule and regulations about change of college in VTU under M Tech Stream from 3rd Semester. Kindly inform me all the procedure or what amount has to be paid to the leaving school on account of any dues as the present college told that the candidate desirous to leave the college will pay fees of remaining three years.

  213. karan

    Dear Sir,

    I am looking for Chemistry lecturer job in ur organisation/institution

    Qualification: M.Sc., Ph.D., PGCBT(BIT Mesra Ranchi).

  214. Pradeep

    East west institute of technology is also a good coll but it’s name is not there in the ranking list .

  215. Sunil khatiwada

    Helo sir,can u tell me about sri vankatasara engineering collage,how is it?

  216. soumya

    Sir, please inform me the ranking of ACHARYA INSTITUTES over BANGALORE & KARNATAKA

  217. Manjit

    I m student of polytechnic(diploma in Electrical engg)final year.i want 2 know about best B.TECH (Electrical engg)colleges/universities of banglore .My marks are 65 ‘/. in diploma.plz reply…..

  218. Suhani

    Hello Sir,
    I would like to know what is the procedure to get admission for M Tech in VTU affiliated engineering colleges in Karnataka. I m the student of Computer Science Engineering.
    Please Give response as possible as soon.
    Thank You in advance.

  219. Suhani

    Hello Sir,
    I would like to know what is the procedure to get admission for M Tech in VTU affiliated engineering colleges. I m the student of Computer Science Engineering.
    Please Give response as possible as soon.
    Thank You in advance.

  220. samyuktha

    pls tell me the ranking of amruta institute of engg. & mgmt sciences. which is in bidadi bangalore. how will be the placements there?

  221. Amreesh kumar verma

    sir i want to take admisson in M.C.A i am persuing B.C.A final year ftrom Ghaziabad U.P.

  222. Suraj adhikari

    Hi sir, please inform me that what is the status of sri krishna school of engineering and management.

  223. pavithra.n.c

    can u please tell me whats the position of reva institute of tech,kattigenalli in terms of placements etc…….

  224. Dhaval

    hello sir can u give me a good collage for M.Tech in mechanical engineering in bangalore?

  225. lohith

    what about kalpataru institute of technology,how much ranging?

  226. suresh

    One of the Best Engineering colleges in bangalore is MVJ college in Whitefield… excellent teaching and facilities backed up awesome placements….do get in touch with the coll and you wil not be dissapointed

  227. sanjay

    i want know about ranking of sambhram institute of technology can u please inform me…

  228. vivek

    can u give me the comedk rank list of previous year….. Reply quickly.plz

  229. Akash

    sir, can you tell me the , which position does SJBIT college holds among the colleges affiliated to VTU for BE course ,,in the year 2010-2011,,

  230. Suhail

    Sir. Wat abt ghousia college of engg

  231. Suhail

    Sir. Wat about ghousia college of engg

  232. Umesh

    I m student of polytechnic(diploma in computer science) llnd year.I want 2 know about best B.Tech/B.E.(computer science) colleges/universities of bangalore.pls rply…..

  233. praveen kumar yadav

    hello sir
    plz send me top 10 aerospace college in tamilnadu for mtec in electronics and telicomunication
    and his adress and fee structur

  234. md.abaydullah

    hello sir,
    can u tell me the status of Bangalore College of Engineering and Technology , is it good?

  235. sagrika

    sir i want to know about what rank they have in whole of india not only banglore

  236. PRATAP


  237. PRATAP


  238. PRAVEEN

    hello sir
    plz send me top 10 aerospace college in india
    and his adress and fee structur.

  239. ajay

    sir,pls tell which colg is best for mechanical engg…..among the below colleges…
    1.Atria institute of tech,bangalore.
    2.BTLakshman institute of tech and management,bangalore.
    3.vidyavardhaka engg college,mysore.
    4.siddhartha institute of tech..tumkur

  240. HEMANTH


  241. HEMANTH


  242. HEMANTH

    interms of placement and HRD sjbit vl be in top 5th position

  243. mahesh.kumar.s

    sir could u plz tell me the top engineering colleges for mechanical engineering in bangalore.. and is it good for mech in nitte meenakshi institute of technology???

  244. bharath

    sir, i have taken B.E computer science in BTI college which is a new one and i have taken the seat through management kota. i am in 1st sem now.
    is there any way i can change college next year? should i change to only vtu college or even atonomous is possible?

  245. KAILASH

    Can u tel me da ranking of colleges for mechanical engg(BE) in bangalore?plz rply…

  246. gaurav

    plz tell me top private college in delhi & up for Mtech.

    Do they give stipend who qualify gate minimum score.

    what is procedure after declaure of gate exam result to getting admission.

  247. piyali

    hello sir,i have taken cs branch in amc engineering college …i can change it in 2nd round…should i change it or leave it???
    and sir actually,my rank is 14763,with this rank in mind,…sugest me some colleges in bangalore city only….thanks.

  248. Nandini

    please get me top 20colleges name for B.E(IN ELECTRONICS,COMPUTER SCIENCE,INFORMATION SCIENCE)

  249. Jaysh

    wch of these is best? nagarjuna engg col, sai vidya IT, brindavan, jalappa, KNSIT and MS engg col?

  250. nitish

    sir can you tell me which colleges are best in Computer Science department

  251. Ranjith

    Sir… How abt east point college of engg and tech… Pls rply… I m waiting…

  252. vinay

    sir what about APS college of engineering ??? i have joined there.. reply

  253. kiran

    sir i got d seat @ B.I.T banglore e n c, i can change in 2nd round or leave it

  254. Abhinav

    sir can u tell me how i can get admission in don bosko or acharya

  255. vikash

    great i like rv at 1st position

  256. Balaji

    sir which of these colleges is good?? reva, don bosco or atria???

  257. yousuf

    sir pls tel me acharya inst of tech is gud for cse branch or not

  258. Santhosh

    hello sir,

    can u plz send me the top M.Tech colleges in bangalore…… with respect to the VTU university…. plz sir m waiting for ur reply

  259. Santhosh

    hello sir,

    can u plz tell me about top M.Tech colleges in Bangalore.
    plz i need this… plz

  260. xyz

    sir how about don bosco………It is there in top colleges of karnataka….

  261. Aniketh

    siddhartha institute of tech is not in bangalore,it’s in tumkur.Take note of that

  262. ashwitha

    hi sir/ma’ rank is 3246 n i got ec in dr.ambedkar institute of it a good clg or shall i wait for d nxt round.??

  263. sharad

    …..i want to know abt. oxford college in bangalore 4 engineering

  264. jagannath

    what is the ranking of amrita school of engineering bangalore?

  265. jagannath

    what is the rankaing of amrita school of engineering bangalore

  266. SAHANA

    First of all, i agree that its not an easy task to pool all the data, analyze it and make a final draft of TOP ENGG COLLEGE’s which helps millions of students and parents across the country. your work is really commendable and appreciable… Since you’ve considered infrastructure and resource as a criteria for the rankings, what i wanna highlight is, whats the use of infrastructure if the college fails to produce RANK holder’s as their products…? so, i suggest you to consider student’s rank as one of the criteria for ranking the colleges as its the efforts of the student’s which matters at the end of the day. Hope to hear from you soon… Thanks

    1. Zahid

      Sahana: Thanks a lot for appreciation. I was struggling with Karnataka CET last ranks and other details to make the best possible list of rankings. But whatever I could access and do with surveys I tried my best with that. I received 100’s of bad comments for all the rankings, just ignored them because they dont deserve to be considered, but I received wonderful comments that helped me in improving during last year. Most of them were parents looking for right information for their children, I wish their children could read what read in their mails and comments. I reply these mails and comments and try to improve over it. I made use of ranking for engineering colleges in AP and Tamil Nadu, AIEEE, NITs and IITs. I got last rank lists of Kerala, Maharastra, UP, Punjab and now a three years back list of ranks in Kcet in 2007. I m on the way of preparing Rankings of all these soon. May you can expect by next week.

      Students’ quality is always no. 1 criteria for my ranking and thanks a million for reminding that to me. I will update new rankings soon.

  267. sahana

    First of all, i accept that its not an easy task to pool all the data, analyse it and make a final draft of TOP ENGG COLLEGES which helps millions of students and parents across the country, your work is really commendable and appreciable… since you’ve considered only infrastructure and resource of the college, what i want to highlight is, whats the use of infrastructure if the college fails to produce the RANK holders as their products… so, do look into this aspect and consider the STUDENT’s RANK also as one of the criteria for the college ranking coz its student’s efforts which matters at the end of the day… Hope to hear from you… Thanks

  268. Anil yadav


    1. lalita

      pes university

  269. dks


    my rank in comedk is 9885 for PCM. Please suggest me that which college do i will get addmission (branch ECE).

  270. shreyas

    how is SJBIT E&C ?

  271. shreya


    i wish to know what is the procedure of applying at these colleges if one has not appeared for comedk or any of these karnataka exams but has done appeared for suggest .

  272. arnav

    sir , i secured about 3 lacs rank in aieee so which college for am i suppossed to get in bangalore

  273. shayana

    u have missed some of the very good colleges i bengaluru like vemana IT which stands in 19th place and BIT which stands 7th…

  274. xyz

    generally colleges in bangalore give seats based on kcet o comedk rankings..if u ve not taken any of these entrance tests then u ve try individually by reaching out each clg as every college will have some percent of management seats and those seats will be provided based on student’s 12th std marks, pcm aggregate at that point of time may be ur aieee ranking might come as an advantage for u..
    Try any colleges ranked from 14th to 20th listed here…

  275. dimple rana

    plz tell me the complete procedure for b.tec admissions……….

  276. sakshi singh

    sir , i secured about 3 lacs rank in aieee so which college for am i suppossed to get in bangalore

  277. xyz

    I think bms college gets better ranking than what you ve given and even you ve forgot to include sbmjce which gets more priority than some colleges listed here..i think u really need to reconsider about these rankings..and also bit and pesse gets more priority than some of the colleges listed here..

  278. Raghu

    BIT is missing and you’ve not considered some colleges having most VTU rank holders-like Vemana IT,New Horizon.. they’re much better than city or T john clg

    I’ve recommended many students (who are taking admission for engg this year) to check your site before choosing colleges. . .
    so plz reconsider your list and help them to make good decision. . .

    1. Zahid

      Raghu: Thanks a lot for nice inputs. I m working on these very hard. Presently analyzing the data collected for IITs and NITs and AIEEE colleges. As soon as I m done with that I will refine these ranking. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement . Please also forward me your opinion at [email protected] and I hope that will help many students.
      Thanks again.

  279. sumit jha

    hi this is sumit jha .the ranking u have given according to me is not correct,u have not mention some best colleges like bit bangalore.the rank u have given for bmsce is not fair this the top 5 colleges of bangalore .also u have not memtion the name of bmsit this is under top 10 in banglore

  280. sud

    hi sir… plz update me with the exact procedure for applying for M.Tech in bangalore for EEE subject.

  281. Sridivya

    Hi sir…can u update the same for M Tech..I mean top colleges in Bangalore for M Tech including Universities..

  282. Akil

    Hello sir,
    PLease try to update the information for the best private engineering colleges for MTECH in maharashtra

    1. Madhusudan

      CoEP (College of Engg Pune) and Walchand College of Engg Sangli are two top colleges i have seen.

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