They did it again, but unfortunately times have changed a lot. I am following India Today’s ranking of engineering colleges since 2005, as I was a student at IIT Roorkee and was keen in knowing my college’s position.

As I remember, they visited College of Engineering Roorkee, a private engineering college in order to survey in the name of IIT Roorkee. That is how the survey used to be conducted and it looks like they have not changed ever since. To know more about these survey tactics from an IIT faculty please refer to ‘Survey Sins of the Times‘.

In this post I gave a detailed analysis of India Today’s ranking and ask engineering students across the nation to share it on facebook and orkut to show our strength and courage to say the right. Students are more aware and have better knowledge about institutes at least more than India Today’s journalists do 🙂

It’s not against freedom of speech. It’s about fight for right and correct information, and just not playing with students’ career. Let’s share it 1000 times on facebook and orkut. Encourage your friends to share with other friends too, let India know the real facts.

Analysis of India Today ranking and why they are senseless

First lets review ‘How the ranking is done‘ published on India Today site, May 22, 2010 last accessed on December 01, 2010 (download PDF). The first paragraph says:

“A team of The Nielsen Company partnered with India Today and conducted the first-ever survey to determine the top universities in India in humanities, science and commerce streams.”

There was no survey conducted by Nielsen Company for Engineering, Medicine, and Law colleges. India Today ranked all these colleges and proudly published it. I ask, on what data? No one knows. Maybe they used a lottery system to rank these colleges and unfortunately the final result went totally wrong. They published it as news or editorial which no one questions.

Ranking of Commerce and science streams
Based on some survey and on the opinion of few people, they call it factual data. Again a mistake, you cannot rank colleges in India on factual data because everything depends on few experts (which no one knows).

Let’s have a look at the ranking parameters as mentioned in the Step 1. The parameters on which the universities were evaluated are reputation of the university, quality of academic input, quality of faculty, research publications/reports/projects, infrastructure, placement opportunities and enrollment for higher education. None of these are actual values and definitely can be argued. I leave ranking Commerce and science streams here as we have a lot to talk about concerning Engineering rankings.

India’s Top Engineering Colleges India Today list an Analysis

Please have a look at the top 25 colleges mentioned in the below image. the Image was taken from India today’s Magazine, you can visit online version here.

India Today Engineering 2010 ranking sucks

Though IITs are kept on top, the order is totally absurd even when compared on the parameters given. IIT Bombay tops in everything since last few years. Please refer to ranking of IITs in 2010 read all the posts to know more about how ranking is done.

VIT Ranking issue
In the published version of Indian Today’s Engineering Colleges Ranking, VIT was 8th rank as shown in image (check VIT site for details) and after lots of bad comment (read comments in India Today post) they changed it to 10th on online versions.

Recently, Prof. Tandon Committee, formed by MHRD for evaluating the deemed universities in India, gave VIT ( score 25 and B Grade). Visit ranking of deemed universities in India for more details.

The grade ‘B’ Universities are asked to improve their facilities and infrastructure to maintain the status of deemed university. On the other hand, India’s so called leading Magazine says it’s better than IT-BHU and ISM Dhanbad, which offer admission based on JEE, world toughest exam to crack, have better faculty, research and placement records are better than any private engineering university.

And rest of ranking looks like total GAMBLE and lottery. As we all know, Govt. colleges don’t care about it much because they know they get best student whatever these magazines write. They don’t need any advertisement to run their shops like private universities do. Magazines like India Today took it for full granted for several years, but I think now time has come to put an end to these baseless tactics.

Times of India and Data Quest Ranking Scam

There are no words for their ranking either. Times Of India published results of so called absurd survey results conducted by DATA Quest. Their rankings are as below, not even all IITs are their ranking and private colleges are better than IITs huhuuu. Please read enjoy and have fun time with worthless, shameless and un accountable use of leading media in India. Please visit official source TOI site here. Do not miss reading comments there 😀 (last accessed 20101204).

Rank Institute
1 IIT Bombay
2 IIT Kharagpur
3 International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) Hyderabad
4 Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Delhi
5 Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani
6 IIT Delhi
7 Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information communication, Gandhinagar
8 International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) Allahabad
9 IIT Guwahati
10 National Institute of Technology (NIT Suratkal), Karnataka

Only one sentence for all these magazines is YOU ALL SUCK AS YOUR WRITINGS.

We need an alternate method or medium to publish information surpassing these magazines and newspapers, specially related to education. It’s every student’s responsibility to promote and support of authentic information. I ask all of you either start a medium or support the people working towards correct information at least in education related fields.

With this I request all the readers to share it with all the friends and discourage the bad survey tactics by these magazines and journals to sell their hard copies to parents and students. And totally mislead them in making career decisions. Hope every time you share it friends on facebook it reach to many people looking for right information may guide next generation looking for right information. Lets make it 1000 shares on facebook.

If you have any new idea to make it circulate among other friends please drop a comment or mail me at Let’s make it possible to reach the nation, what student think about ranking and how we take it.

Let this reach every engineering student in India for the cause of right information and help the next generation.