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Ranking of Engineering Colleges/Institutes in India based on Research

Recently I ranked engineering colleges in India based on the student quality and other parameters, and most of these rankings were also supported by a latest article in “Current Science”. Current Science is fortnightly research journal published by Indian Academy of Sciences since 1932. A recent article titled “Ranking of Indian engineering and technological institutes for their research performance during 1999–2008” in Current Science gives the ranking of engineering colleges based on research.I really appreciate the efforts made by authors for giving a new parameter for ranking engineering colleges. On same time have concerns over ranking of Anna University (ranked 9) and College of Engineering Anna University (ranked 16), as they both should represent only one institute, instead of two. Similarly Institute of Chemical technology (Ranked 13) is a very specialized college offering courses related to Chemical engineering. And also, IISc offers only Master and PhD degrees.

When there is a scope of some relaxation over the span of course and engineering studies for ranking, few very good research institutes that conduct major technological and Biological research (involving technology) in India, would also have been include. To name few are Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI), Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), and National Center for Biological Research (NCBS). Because when it comes to research India has few very specialized centers and Engineering studies are still well separated from research.

The list of top thirty colleges based on some research index is below.

Rank Institute
1 IISc, Bangalore
2 IIT Kanpur
3 IIT Bombay
4 IIT Kharagpur
5 IIT Delhi
6 Jadavpur University
7 IIT Madras
8 IIT Roorkee
9 Anna University
10 IIT Guwahati
11 Cochin University of Science and Technology
12 BITS, Pilani
13 Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai
14 IT BHU, Varanasi
15 Bengal Engineering and Science University, Howrah
16 College of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai
17 Harcourt Butler Institute of Technology, Kanpur
18 Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad
19 Maulana Azad NIT, Bhopal
20 NIT/REC, Rourkela
21 NIT/REC, Warangal
22 NIT/REC, Trichy
23 Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology, Sangrur
24 PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore
25 NIT, Jamshedpur
26 Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala
27 Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, New Delhi
28 Delhi College of Engineering, New Delhi
29 BIT, Mesra
30 S.J. College of Engineering, Mysore

When it comes to research, India has few very specialized centers and Engineering studies are still well separated from research. Student preference may differ for course to course. A student going for Bachelor or Master of Engineering may not prefer this list because for them placement matters more than research. And placements depend on student quality and that changes the whole ranking.

I think research can be a good parameter for ranking engineering colleges in India but can not be used as only ranking as criteria, because of overlap in type colleges to be considered for ranking. Few are very specialized research centers and don’t offer undergrad studies (like IISc) and few are specialized to a single field (like Indian Institute of Chemical Technology).

Finally to conclude that research is a nice parameter for ranking engineering institutes in future but can not be treated as only criteria. I rally appreciate the authors contributing in giving a new direction to ranking engineering colleges in India. I hope in future we can see few more criteria coming up like Research project and funding and a specialized ranking based on departments. It is really a great direction to see some solid ranking in future.

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  1. ME Me

    Reaearch output should should be given very high weightage in ranking colleges thats the onlyway that our universities could compleate with international universities plus we must also encourage research in private universities ..its really surprizing that most of the top universities in world r private for say mit, stanford, rice , univ of boston etc mostly because of research work and not because its very difficult to get adimission into them as compared to jee exams in india..

  2. Sarvesh

    I am a M.Tech graduate in Engineering Design from Mechanical dept.I am currently working in a firm.What was crossing in my mind was “Is it possible to do PhD while working and Is it better if i quit the job and join as Professor in a college and continue my PhD”. I am not interested in doing Full time PhD.Hope any one guide me from this question..

  3. Mahendra


    I am working in a IT company since last 7 years and holding a BTech [Rajasthan University -2006 ] and MS Degree(Distance Learning from BITS Pilani -2011),

    I am willing to do PHD in Computer Science from a Recognize university a part time[attending classes etc.] so that I can continue my job also.
    As I know part time PHd is tough to manager with Job.

    Could you please suggest me on this ?

    Many Thanks,
    Mahendra Aseri

  4. kiran

    sir, I want to do m tech in automotive or related field bt my avg percentages are low, so can you suggest me d best college in India as per my conditions

  5. Shreya Mukhopadhyay

    Sir, i m a msc. student in biochemistry. I’m interstd 4 higher studies at US. Pls tell me hw imp is it 2 b a student of a renowned institute like IIT’s , IISc etc. 2 get an admisn in univs like UCB, MIT or Stanford. Please solve my query.

  6. shivraj

    sir,what is the rank of UIT-RGPV,bhopal

  7. Abhinav

    hey thanks,
    Is it possible to generate Ranks for all the Top MBA Colleges in India ?? plz do concern about this, meanwhile there is one more source available to check ranks for Colleges or Institutes in India, simply visit to


  8. karthi

    thank u
    it very usefull

  9. mamta

    hello sir ,

    i want to know which is better university among for m tech in ece
    1. gndu amritsar
    2. punjabi patiala…..

  10. dilip

    you have missed the great one which is famous in india and is ranked as 1 given by govt. organisations in the research field i.e Central university of Hyderabad(HCU/UoHYD).

  11. Lalit

    sir, is it right that India is far behind in research field as compared with some foreign institutes like Cambridge, MIT, stanford, etc.
    I m asking this because the persons i have seen holding a foreign Master degree is treated like an archangel in India.

  12. pavanraj

    sir, u r telling about phd,MTech…. den hw to select the college for MS…?

  13. Dr Arijit K De

    Thanks for your nice article! Your comment “Engineering studies are still well separated from research” aptly raises a very important issue.
    There is a “big” difference between research in (basic) science and engineering in India: engineering is meant for a gateway to early establishment – naturally for ranking engineering institutes many factors other than research (e.g. high-salary job recruitment) come into play. In contrary, many science students are somewhat bound to pursue a career in higher studies and contribute to research “by default” – thanks to lack of lucrative jobs to be offered to them immediately after graduation unlike their engineer friends!
    To progress, India must also focus on industry-based engineering research to bring a synergistic approach between science and technology. I am NOT saying IITs have not succeeded in this direction, but surely it demands more seriousness for the betterment of our beloved nation!
    Dr Arijit K De
    Berkeley, CA, USA

  14. Hemant Yadav

    Is i m eligible for above mention coleegei m nepali

  15. garima

    Sir, what about MS from IIITs?…specially IIIT-H?

  16. CHETAN

    hello sir,
    iam from andhra pradesh u have mentioned the ranks of universities but it was wrong bcoz GITAM UNIVERSITY has been ranked as 4th top university in india by the indian government nd aicte bt u dint mentioned it,i think yew are poor in your research

  17. pranay

    who r u to decide dis ranking?? wat is dis….its rorally bullshit…..MANIT is d top most NIT according to u?? lol!!
    m studying in NIT Trichy…..n u hav put NIT rourkela above it?? u must know NIT trichy..NIT surathkal…NIt warangal r d best one…

    1. Zahid

      Pranay: This is not my ranking please read the above paragraphs to know more. This was published by India science academy research journal.

  18. ritesh

    this all crap!!!!!!!
    this is jst a mislead to students
    better research for 10 more years

    1. admin

      Ritesh: I also thought that way but it appeared in an Indian research journal.

  19. Ashish Sharma

    Please release the data in public according to which you have come up with these ranks. Without such data in my sight, I’ll consider this article of yours, to be a mere stunt to get page views.

  20. gaurav parmar

    I GOT AIR = 2,34,653 [IN GEN. CAT.], 64,109 [IN OBC CAT.],M.P. STATE RANK 12454[IN GEN CAT.] & 2979[IN OBC CAT.]IN PAPER-I OF AIEEE-2010 FOR B.TECH. AIEEE-2010 MARKS = 58
    IIT-JEE-2010 MARKS = 57
    BITSAT-2010 SCORE = 142
    CET-2010 AIR = 276 [GEN.], 40 [OBC], STATE RANK = 253 [GEN.] & 38 [OBC] CET-2010 MARKS = 70
    P.E.T.-2010 RANK = 17,529 [GEN] & 3699 [OBC] P.E.T.-2010 MARKS = 84

  21. Prathap Rajamani

    Is this Rank based on the research fundings obtained by professors at the respective institute?

  22. AMan

    this ranking is tottaly wrong , they have not included top colleges such as amity, vellore. SRM
    these three should be in top 20

    1. Zahid

      Aman: Sorry to say, but this was based on a research article published in research journal. Please read the paras given above.

  23. Hitendra singh shekhawat

    srm college facilities are better comepression than another private colleges in india.As well as srm college buildings are skyscapper.

  24. messy

    wat abt our great clg UVCE BANGALORE founded by sir M.VISVESVARAYA? THIS S REALLY ABSURD!!!!!

  25. balaji

    yes according to research, it is some what better ranking
    along with iisc,iits some colleges like nit rourkela,it bhu,jadavpur university are doing well

  26. siddharth

    are the new IITs or IT-BHU be preffered over top NITs, and what is the reason the courses are preffered over the 5 years dual courses? please give me some good suggestions….

  27. Anand Mishra

    This ranking shows that NITs, BIT Mesra also do research :). Funny!!

    Where is ISI Kolakata, TIFR Mumbai if you are talking about research.
    and if you are talking about involvement of students in research activities where is IIIT Hyderabad, IIIT Bangalore.

  28. mallikarjun


    Hello sir,
    I got 418 score. (ec) obc

    My queries are.

    1 Give some suggestions where will I get admission ?
    2 is there any chance of geting any nit if it is which branch?

  29. Abhijit Dubey

    Dear Sir ,
    I gave GATE 2010 and got GATE Score-192 with AIR 5169 in Instrumentation branch . Sir , please let me know is there any possibility to get admission in M-Tech degree in any top universities/Colleges through this score . If not , with this score can I get any sort of privilege in getting job concerning my department of Engineering.
    Waiting for your affirmative response in my email .

    Thanking you …

    Yours faithfully
    Abhijit Dubey

  30. chandra sekhar

    I don’t believe that JNTU Hyd is better than NIT Warangal

    Every in Andhra Pradesh knows that

    please correct it

  31. nikhl

    i agree wid iisc banglore rank 1 but serial no 10 its absurd…have u ever given iit or aiee….where the nits gone….dat too nit bhopal has gud rank thn nit trichy..warangal n surathkal…u gone mad…or drunk…i thnk so…the top 3 nits in india r nit trichy…warangal and surathkal…..idiot….if u don kno nythng don paste this page n dis blog..

    1. admin

      Nikhal: This is not given by me dude. It was published in topic research journal india. you see my ranking at top engineering colleges ranking 2009.

  32. dhananjay

    university rank of “gujarat tech. university” and north mh. university in india rank

  33. Umesh

    how about joining SRM univ or VIT in tamil nadu???suggest any other better private colleges in bangalore.

  34. sayan

    This Ranking IndeX List is probably the most Meaningful of them all.
    Research has never been the forte of Indian Technical Education Diaspora,
    Only Institutes like IISc,IIT-Kgp,IIT-Kanpur,Jadavpur University,
    IIT-Delhi Encourages Field Work & research, apart from these fewer Institutions suports Research Undertaking, rather they stress on “PLACEMENTS”, its utterly sad N ridiculous.
    Unless there is ample support for Research , Education “Business” in India will remain “business” depriving the potential of India of becoming an World Class Educational Hub.

  35. Academic Ranking

    IIT Kharagpur is the top 4 engineering college in India. It was also listed among the top 500 universities worldwide in the Academic Ranking of World Universities.

  36. shivang

    what the hell is this??? This is all crap ranking…i think u hvnt done proper research…please do that before publishing such meaningless and non sense stuff……

  37. abhishek

    Hey I just heard that Mahindra has organized India’s first auto quiz.
    I went thru the website and found it pretty interesting.
    The quiz registration are happening only till the 14th of this month
    so hurry up and register yourselves on

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