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Why To Prepare For GATE

When I was in third year of my engineering studies, I always wondered what to do after engineering. My batch was first so there were no seniors to follow. On the same time I definitely wouldn’t have followed them either. Following people from same standard never made sense to me. At that time I only had one focus and that was to reach out to IITs and explore what is next to IITs.

Things have changed a lot during years and definitely the reasons to go ahead with GATE preparation also changed. Earlier GATE was only useful for M.Tech admissions but these days it’s also used recruitment process. In this post I would like to bring some important reasons to go ahead and focus on GATE preparation.

The few most important reasons are

Gateway To Higher Studies
This is the most important and well known reason for GATE preparation. Most of us miss IITs at B.Tech level and feel that we must go ahead to knock doors of IITs before we land in jobs and living issues. GATE exam is the only way to try that in a very straight forward way. If you ask me why to do M.Tech itself, please refer to Why To Do M.Tech.

UPSs Recruitment
This is another good reason to prepare for GATE. Even if you don’t want to go for higher studies, you need to have a good GATE score to get into many PSUs, you can refer to PSUs recruiting through GATE Exam. In 2012 as many as four PSUs considered GATE score as basic qualification criteria for their requirements. I am sure in future, if not all, many other PSUs and private sector companies would make it qualifying criteria for interviews.

An Excellent Opportunity To Beat The Best
You think that your concepts are much better than the topper in class, but still you don’t get good scores in college and university exams because of your worthless teacher. You also think that writing stories and mugging books and giving a same print in answer sheets is not your ball game then you must play this GATE game. This is a completely different ball game where you beat the long runners with trick and practice and the best is computer evaluate you not a teacher who thinks that you are dumb and give marks based on impression you have on him. Do check this post about how to prepare for GATE exam and interview by Nikhil all India 4th Rank in ECE 2011. Dont forget to refer to all 3 videos.

Improve Your Engineering Skills
Four years just pasted and you didn’t get time to realize whats going on. Thank god that you realized that engineering is about to complete and you still have a last chance. Final year is a blessed time to allocate and channelize your learning in last three years. You have to learn things and GATE provide a perfect platform for you. Learn things you would have done in three years so that when you go out that would help you with job if not higher education. GATE helps you in staying focused and targeted. Do refer to GATE 2013 preparation guide for more updates and information.

Opportunity To Explore
With focusing on GATE you would get a great opportunity to explore what other friends are doing and reading for different subjects. You will spend some quality time searching for great information on internet and learn how to use internet for your study in the best possible way. You meet new people, friends and share concerns and ask questions. May be you meet your future classmates too, before you meet them in real classroom. Checkout Inspire n Ignite community for such interaction and sharing. Be a part of it for whole GATE preparation process and M.Tech admissions.

I hope we had enough reason to tighten our belt and get ready for GATE preparation. It’s an entirely a different ball game than writing engineering exams. Believe you can beat the best in your class and still love them ; ) just stay focus and stay connected with focused people.

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Wish you all a great luck ahead. Do challenge yourself, before challenge become impossible to meet in time.


  1. ashish

    i m final year year civil engineering student i want to do mtech but not in civil engineering subject .i want to do mtech in computer science subject . am i eligible for it . how to prepare for gate exam in CS .

  2. deepraaj

    i am a second year student of electronics and instrumentation branch. i want to get a suggestion that, is it good to prepare for gate to get jobs or to do some training like ccna, or some related my field to get jobs.

  3. arun u sontakke

    sir i am a final year student of chemical engineering n also a gate aspirant.sir i want to say something , in most of your important posts u have not mentioned chemical engineering gate preparations n future opportunities..please try to post on gate preparations for chemical student..thanks..


    First of all……..a salute 2 u…..its really mind blowing that u got 4th rank in all india

    but the SECOND of all i need some short notes which is just cream,precise and conceptual which i can prepare in one month

    and the THIRD of all i ve gate solved papers of ies made easy which u agree widh me r helpful.

    Problem: Problem is that if u directly go through questions of solved papers it needs some cream notes to understand it……….so plz provide me notes of (cse) branch

    I know i m rat and u r lion……but remember the story of “LION AND RAT”.

    I promise u to behave like rat in the story if i get chance……..the earth is so small i think we will met some day.

    Contact no:+9195295376229

    Thanks in Advance

  5. Rohit Singh

    what is the procedure for applying for gate

  6. neha

    Anyone over here hows VIT UNIVERSITY,CHENNAI campus?? I am getting Mtech(vlsi) …a bit confused

    1. sanjeev

      yeah VIT vellore is gud..I dont know about chennai campus..but vellore campus is gud

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