How I Bought A 46 Inch LED 3D Smart TV To India

Today I posting something really unusual here but its the most sought information for many living abroad and trying to import some of electronics stuff back to India. May be this information is not useful to you for now but who knows in future you travel and would like bring home something like LED TVs and other devices.

I am in India for a really a short visit( will be leaving this afternoon), just three days but the travel this time was nothing less than an adventure. Just few days before i made a plan to come home and mom asked if I can get a LCD or LED TV for her. She used a very small and a bad CRT TV for a decade. I decided to buy a LED TV for her.

As you all know I work for Samsung Electrionics in Korea I ordered the TV through our internal system and got it for best possible price anywhere in the world. I bought a 46 inch 3D LED smart TV with wireless internet connectivity and other advanced features. πŸ˜‰

The big headache was to was to carry that huge baby to India and between the airports. To save time I was travelling through one the worst airports in India (Mumbai). Every one told me about customs there are worst in India. But I had no choice but try this out.

Customs Duty On Electronic Import Items

Legally its free to bring anything inside that cost around 25000 INR. Apart from that we need to pay around 37% of the cost as import duty. Usually the prices are defined by the officers on duty not the bills you carry, specially in Mumbai, and there is lot of bribery at different levels.

The simple tax calculation is as below

Cost of TV : 45000
Cost Allowed : 25000
Discount :Negotiate
Total Amount on which tax is paid: 20000 (with 37% and 0% discount the import duty is 7400 INR)

You need to deal with custom officer for discount and offer him something in return. In Mumbai there are hell lot of brokers who put you in queue of bribers and you will suck your life for hours and you end up paying around half of the original cost.

I saw people negotiating with custom officers and make deals. Its a total crapy system in place and officer would give someone as good as 60% discount on original price and for few other people he will give as less as 0%. Just need to deal with these guys politely or pay the amount and walk away. They will see you will anger when pay all go ahead. Just ignore them and walk your way.

For me it was hell making transfers between international and domestic airports with such huge TV. Mumbai have different domestic and international airports, that also make it a bad choice if you are traveling to other destinations in India.

By hook or crook I reached my destination with an hour delay in domestic flight. My brother was waiting for me patiently, took me home safely πŸ™‚

A final piece of advice to people who want to get LCD/ LED TVs to home is to avoid any middle man at the airport, just go and talk to Custom duty officer and negotiate the discount, you will pay much less custom duty. If you get into middle man stuff you end up paying much more.

If you can take pain of carrying excess size baggage and moving a large screen TV in airports, it is a great investment specially friends living in US and friends who get discounts on electronic products. Its worth paying your handwork because LEDs/LCDs are way expensive.

Last but not least, India uses a different TV signal encoding method (PAL), whereas US and Korea uses NTSC TV signal. I will tell how to convert PAL to NTSC in India to get HD channels on an awesome TV in next post.

Have good time and stay focused. This post is just an information and experience sharing πŸ™‚



    Dear Sir ,
    I have one Led 39″ denset Company TV
    and i Bought here 650 Saudi Riyal ( 11500 Rupees )
    now i want take this Led 39″ denset Tv to India
    just i want to Knows how much pay the Duty at Airport

  2. Shivjatan

    Hi we have 32 inch LED TV the prices only 18000 this free ya need to pay the customs if need to pay the customs so how mach pay the Indian RS

  3. Krishhna

    Nice and what about the shipping charges ?

  4. chaudhary jayesh

    1. In which flight did you travel (Korean Air, Air India, Singapore Airlines, etc.,)
    2. What is the weight of TV Package?, what weight is allowed as Check-in the flight you traveled?, and did you paid anything extra for the TV package to airline?
    3. Is Size (Dimensions) are with-in the limit for 46-Inch Samsung 3D TV? or did you paid anything extra to the airlines?

    1. Zahid

      Korean air at the time of travel. Rules have changed a lot so be careful. Airline allow TV under excess Size baggage.


    Excellent commentary ! I was fascinated by the information – Does anyone know where I might be able to get access to a sample IRS 1099-PATR copy to type on ?

  6. koushik

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Please let me know, what will be the custom duty charge-price for bringing the 40″/42″ samsung led smart tv from qatar to kolkata?
    If the led price is 1500 qr , what will be the custom charge in kolkata airport?

  7. anil bhandari

    I m planning to buy 32″lg led 1000dhs from dubai to dehli.. plz can you tell me how much I have to pay coustm duty in dehli airport

  8. Puja

    “Hii guys, you have such a nice blog about LED TVs. Thanks renu

  9. john

    i would like to carry a 49inch lg tv from oman to chennai could anyone pls tell me what will be the tax amount in chennai airport they get .


      hi john.. did you bring the tv to india?


      me also plan to bring same LG tv oman to india

      let me know the tax in india airport (chennai)

  10. sonia


    I am carrying 42″ LED TV from Malaysia to India. The cost is Rs. 27,200

    May I know how much I have to pay at the airport?

    1. sameer

      hello dear sonia
      they have a stupit list of lcd./ led tv;s
      so they go that even the cost of tv
      irs 27200 cost but they add 40 thousand
      and led lcd not in free allowence so
      they add duty around 36.05 %
      so its comes irs 14600 you have to pay
      and its possible to pay irs 5000 to him
      and col get away ? there is a brocker
      in all airports in INDIA

    2. Anand

      Hi Sonia,

      How much duty did you pay on Indian airport ?? Which airport ?


  11. Randhir

    Dear All,

    I am planning to take a 46inch TV Sony Bravia Smart TV to Delhi – India this February. Can anyone guide me on the customs procedure and duties? I bought this TV in 2013 June for 1499 Singapore Dollar. On what basis is the duty collected


    I am traveling to India from US and thinking to bring my used(6 months) Sony smart 55″ TV. Please share recent custom/travel experiences and want to understand worthiness of bringing it. Any quick response appreciated. Thanks in advance,

  13. danson barnes

    I guys
    I came frm doha to trivandrum on 20th nov 2014. Wen i was waitin for the baggage i happened to c 42 inches leds being bot. I was a bit surprised as the govt had restricted d same. But d guys took it wdout any hassels. Later i came to knw thro d cab driver that they have allow 42 in leds to be brot frm abroad. Ds is my exp. But pl chek nconfirm wd other ppl

  14. amit


    Could please anyone share recent experience of bring 50-55″ or bigger TV from abroad? I am thinking about bringing one from to Bangalore from US next month. I am planning to have the TV as my only checked in luggage. Do the airlines charge extra for this big TV? Thanks a lot in advance.

  15. Ananthan

    I heard that the tax for TV had been lifted away in India , i am coming from Dubai to India and with me is 42 inch LCD/LED TV,the total cost of it is 1500 dhs here in Dubai that is around 25,000 INR.Can someone assure me whats the situation right now in India especially south india.

    Highly appreciating.

  16. Avinash

    It is not the case at all Zahid bhai. U are not aware about the rules in place.sometimes we r cheated because of lack of awareness. If anybody demands bribe , look around there would be a vigilance officer’s no. . since July free baggage does not include TV and flat 36.6 % tax is to be paid on any flat TV above 19 inches.

  17. Haseeb

    Government of India has lifted the duty free allowance Upto the value of rs 25000 on led TVs wef 2013.
    Passengers have to pay 35% of the total price

  18. Suresh V


    i would like to carry a LCD smart tv from China to India, so can you tell me that,
    where should i need to pay the custom duty/tax. Ie., I’m currently in China, i may come back to India in January and my Native place is Nellore near to Chennai, so i should plan to Fly from HongKong to Chennai.
    In this process do i need to pay the Custom duty/Tax in HongKong airport or in Chennai airport.

    LED TV Details:
    46 Inches Samsung LCD/LED
    Cost will be: 45,000

    Can you tell me the procedure which i should follow to take my LCD safely to my home along with the charges which i should pay.

  19. Vivek

    Hi all,
    I take back my Samsung LED TV 40″ to india via Chennai. I pay 5400Rs as duty. Custom officer in chennai never bargain or beg for money. even i bargain to give money , he told why you want to give money to me, pay the money at State bank of india go home. Salut to Custom Offier at Chennai Airport.


    1. jibin jacob

      The duty is 35%-36% in India ryt?? But on what basis had the calculated this duty of 5400 INR??

      Is this LED considered to be a free baggage in the airport if your baggage does not exceed the limit??

    2. RAJA

      Please suggest me how much will be the excise duty for a new samsung 42 inch TV brought from kuwait to Chennai – India .

  20. rak

    did any one bring the tv to india from usa or canada. how much was the import duty? Please share the experience.
    do they charge custom duty on original bill?
    i have 1 yr old tv and i have to relocate to india due to visa issue after 3 year of usa stay. i am thinking to take the 55″ old tv to india next month.

    1. Jag

      Hi RAK,
      I recently bought my one year old LED Smart TV to India from US. I paid around $120. Price goes by the Customs officer. I even showed him the bill and told him that the TV is year old. He started telling that ..that is the reason I am asking you less. My friend took similar size tv from US to India for around $100. So basically it goes by the customs officer and how you negotiate with him. BTW I came to bangalore from US.

  21. kalyan


    i am in oman. now, i am planning to take my 3 years old samsung led smart tv 40 inch to hyderbad. do i need to pay for customs at hyderabad? if so, how much customs i need to pay, because it is more than 3 years old. please suggest me.

    thanks & regards,


    1. Bala

      Did you take the TV? how much did you have to pay?

  22. sreelatha

    Hi,Iam planning to carry 50 inch led TV from USA to INDIA next month.Could you
    please share your recent experience..especially with custom charges and all.

  23. ashraf

    my tv 40 inch Samsung customs duty waiting for the reply

  24. pavan

    Hi I am planning to but 40 led tv in bangkok cost 26000thb and same model in India 83000rs.
    How much i need to pay the customs? and i have my personnal baggage also.
    so how they will consider baggage for personal and TV?
    Could you please anyone help

  25. Ahmad

    Hi dear I m planning to carry 46 inch tv to my home place india from muscat. Please shate the latest experience whether I shd carry or not….

  26. Manoj

    Hi I am carrying a canon SLR camera, 46inch LED TV, 2 iPhones from US to India. I heard it is ok to carry worth Rs35000 electronic Item. But my items surpass this amount? How much custom duty will I have to pay? Do I have to pay for my iphones and camera as well?

  27. chandu

    good information…super ..

  28. Aryan

    Hi Guys,

    I am planning to take Samsung 46 inch LED TV to india from Saudi. Can i know jet airways will allow 46 inch?

    Can i know how much duty i need to pay in mumbai airport?

    Cost of the tv approximately 40k. How much duty i need to pay?

    I saw some of the post saying 36%. Let me know the exact price for my tv.

    Waiting for the reply.

    Thank you.

  29. Binu

    Dear All,
    I would like to carry a 32 inch, LED TV to India from UAE .What will be the duty (In amount) in airport and How much will be base rate of mentioned TV as per the customs data base.

    With Thanks

  30. Stephen

    Hey.. I am carrying a 2 year old used 42-inch TV, do I need to pay the customs? Waiting for the reply… Thanks

  31. Azhagappan

    I have travelled from malaysia to india chennai yesterday. Customs duty 36% as per their price list for 40″ LED TV (30K) has to pay.

  32. tarique

    Sir please help, my brother lives in mecca, saudi arabia. He want to buy a led tv from there. So what are the recent custom duties on terms if size and the purchased amount. this is the first time my brother is coming home.
    If you could also suggest me for Gold import duties…i will be very thankful.

  33. Pankhoori

    Hey.. if I am carrying a 3 year old used 42-inch TV, do I need to pay the customs???
    Waiting for the reply… Thanks.. πŸ™‚

  34. Adira


    1. Vikrant


      I am planning to carry my 40″ TV to india from London. But just checked with Jet airways and come to know they charge GBP 175 just for handling the TV even though this is within the baggage allowance? Just would like to know if anyone has recently carried a TV by Jet Airways?

  35. Raj

    Hi Guys,

    Anyone carried TV after Aug’2013 duty changes… pls post your experience which would help us to plan accordingly, thank you

  36. santosh

    I am planning to bring a used TV from Singapore to India. I would like to know whether custom charges are applied for used pieces also and id so…. is it the same as new pieces…. Please help me clarify this…..

  37. Srinivas

    Hi friends,

    I am planning to take my 46 Samsung LED,3D TV from London to India (hyd).
    The price of TV is ~70000 INR,
    the TV is allowed or not in the flight
    what are the extra costumes charges in London and India .

    Please share your valuable information….if any bod has experienced


    1. Raj

      Hi Srinivas, did you manage to take your tv.. how much you paid at customs & for the airlines

  38. md.akbar

    hello everybody, iam akbar from oman. iam staying last 2years now i want to go india with in 2weeks so i planning to bye samsung 32inch LED Tv model number UA32EH4003 Iam travelling in oman airlines actually this tv is in sale amount 100Riyal omani according to that converting indian currency 16,000 rs but same tv in india 23,700 . iam travelling through oman airlines to i like to know how much iwant to pay custom duty exactly.please helpme. some body is saying 36% custom duty is there. some body is saying some middle people they will take 2 or 3 thousand they will leave. other wise contact custum officer. then which one is better cutomsoficer or middele person how can i handel this pleease advise, iam waiting from yr reply as soon as possible.

  39. Gail

    I moved to Singapore in March and purchased a Samsung Smart TV (UA46F5500AMXXS )

    I will be moving to the USA the end of this month. Singapore is on PAL and the USA is on NTSC. I keep getting mixed messages about whether or not I will be able to use my TV in the USA. Could someone please confirm it is possible and they have been able to get it to work? I’m not concerned about the different electrical voltage, I am, however, concerned about the different broadcast signals, ie, PAL versus NTSC. Can someone let me know if I’ll be OK?

  40. Selva

    HI All,

    I am planning carry 46″ LED TV to India this month, please share your Latest Detailed Experience (specially with custom office and how much you paid ) who did the same after sep 2013, this will help me to plan.


  41. Nikhil Kalantre

    Hi All,

    I need help to understand few things in calculation as per new customs rules.

    I am planning to take my 9 months old 3D SMART LED TV to India (Mumbai) from UK. The price of the TV is Β£487 i.e. around 48,000 INR as per current Rupees conversion rate.

    As per the new Rules of customs imposing duty of 36.5%, how much do I have to pay for this device? (multiple websites including Govt website shows different allowance i.e. 25k or 35k INR)

    My question is:

    1. Do I have to pay (48000- 35000 = 13000) & 13000 * 36.5% = 4745 INR?
    2. As this more than 6 months old + used TV; still there is duty charges for this?
    3. Is the TV weight calculated as a part of normal luggage or there will be additional charges Airlines will ask for?

    Looking for help. πŸ™

    Thank you,


    1. Kannan

      Hi Nikhil,

      Could you kindly share the tax you’ve paid for customs, as I’m planning to take my old TV during this visit.


  42. soman


    I bought a 40 inch Samsung LED TV from Singapore in the month of JULY 2013 and brought to INDIA by paying customs duty for the amount excess of 35000.
    TV worked fine for 1 day and started problem like vertical line on screen. I dont have choice to repair in INdia but I sent to Singapore back for repair. Now I got a new TV as replacement.
    Do I need to pay again tax to bring my repaired TC to India? some one can explain.

  43. Prasad

    Hi Zahid,
    Thanks for the information about the custom officials & to view the NTSC TV in PAL

  44. Pradeep

    Hi Zahid,
    I came across ur blog reading for NTSC to PAL convertion, I recently brought a Samsung 46inches 3D LED and struggling to get it work, when I checked for avalible ports the TV does not have a VGA option for input, my cable operator only provides normal telecast without HD,so I am confused as which option is best
    1. Connect the Set top box output (not HD) to PAL to NTSC converter in HD ( not sure if I really needed a converter as u said switching the setting to 1080 p wil work) and from converter to TV
    2. Try taking a new Videocon dish and try..pls suggest which one is a better option, if possible can u pls mail ur personal mobile number to the mail,I can call u..

  45. Deep

    I have a purchased 46 inch smart TV around singapore $900. Just now indian gov. (stupid) restricted TV from Singapore and other conutries and have to pay 35% as a tax + penality.

    I would like to know TV cost($900) – 35,000 as rebate would apply on this case ? after final amount will have to pay 35% Tax? or Lumsum ?

    Any one can help..? Resently who have purchased ?


    1. Zahid

      The rebet is bases on the cost of TV on custom officer’s document not on your bill. So take it easy n just deal on spot. Time will take you through : )

    2. Prashant

      Hey Deep/Zahid,

      Are you able to go through? what about new rules declared by Govt of india? How much custom duty you paid? Have you faced any issue while passing through airport gates?

      I am planning to carry my 46Inch TV to India next month, so it would be really great if i get some info on custom in India. Going to India after 3 years from London with family and kids.


  46. Adhi


    This is indeed very useful. I am visiting US from India. I plan to return in Sept 2013 via Chennai . I am also interested in carrying one of these LED/LCD TVs home. I am bit worried about the voltage/frequency compatibility and the PAL/NTSC
    conversion if the TV is bought in US. Could Preet Pal Singh clarify these ?

  47. Adhi


    This is a very information. I am a visitor to US and am planning to return in Sept 2013 via Chennai

  48. Eeswari

    Halo guys,
    It was a pleasant journey, sorry i was bit delayed in posting my experience. Though i traveled from USA (after 5yrs to india) i bought the TV in singapore, the reason behind this is our electricity fluctuations and tuner problem. Ok i got a 46inch Philips LED LCD TV which was on sale in SG for Hari raya puasa for $699 the actual cost is $1099 specific design released for SG..I didnt buy the smart tv because we bought this for my in-laws and they will not use the tv other than watching daily tv shows. What i understand from this customs is that they will not ask anything if you say them that you stayed for a long time in US (ATLEAST MORE THAN 3 YEARS )also if you are going to get a TV which is LESS THAN $1000 you are set to go NO MATTER WHAT SIZE YOUR TV is….. I DIDNT FACE ANY PROBLEM the things which need to be taken care is the Price of the TV if it is more than $1000 (regardless of the tv size). Also to be surprised that one of the traveler who brought a 55 inch has also been went through the green light without any issues since the tv was under $1000 bucks… The only problem we had was they were very keen on catching the Gold since we were back to country for the long time i had to carry all my jewels but i explained them that were my old jewels and i didnt purchase any new except a 8gm leg chain and they are ok .. So guys dont worry get the TV you want but be bold and dont panic for customs, they are also humans like us, they do have some set of rules to do their duty if it is in right way it is good but if they misuse that then we also should express our rights… Hope i explained enough, in case if you require any further details and if i can help on that surely will post …

    1. Manish

      Thanks Eshwari.. THis is very useful information to know .. did you buy the TV from Airport in Singapore or from the market ???

  49. gaurav

    The duty is calculated on the price in the country from which the product was purchased. The limit for duty is Rs 35000, beyond Rs 35,000 duty is charged at 36.8% of the amount in excess. i.e. if your TV is Rs 40,000 then you pay duty at the rate of 36.8% on 40,000-35,000= 5000 that is duty is Rs 1840/. For further clarifications refer booklet for travelers issued by Indian Customs. Remember you can only get cheated if you don’t know the rules. Most custom rates are clearly given on the customs website'13.htm Carry a print out of the above booklet and show it in case of any doubt. Happy shopping!

  50. anil

    mine friend is bringing nowfoods products for personal use
    it is food supplement .
    he will be bringing 6 bottles of it.
    the price of 1 bottle is 20 $ approx
    will he have to pay customs duty of 150 % on it as nowfoods has 150 % custom duty
    please those who know this they only reply so i can tell him not to bring it .
    he will buy from london.

  51. xxxxxxxx

    it is truth that the duty tariff remains unclear to the passengers and the beggars who are employed by the India govt can collect tax as they wish along with the bribe. no one is interested in revising the tax policy or make it transparent. I find it better to bay bribe to the official beggars to get whatever I wanted to India.
    any one have a better solution ?
    some say above INR 35,000 but again the price is as per the decades old list which is available with the customs and don’t be surprised when they don’t find the particular model you have in your hand and you will be taxed at the mercy of the officer. also bribe can make wonders like heavy discounts as well

  52. Avinash

    hi i want to bring LED 42 inch to Mumbai from Dubai on around 26 th july…will the size be a problem?n i read somewhere that custom duty is just 10% so kindly share any info if any one has abt this.Will the TV work properly as per some convertors discussed above?


      Dear Avinas
      If you are buying a TV from UAE or any of GCC country it will work properly. Because INDIA and most of the GCC country is having same PAL system. And above all most of the tv available here in GCC country MULTY SYSTEM so not worry at all.All the best.

  53. ismat rahman

    Hi,i wanna take a 42″ 3d led tv to india from uae..what would b the duty?can anybody help me?my port would b either delhi or kolkata..thanks..

  54. Bala

    Thanks brother its the very good information for abroad people

  55. Eeswari

    Hi my brother got a 40 inch LCD TV from USA TO INDIA, he traveled through British airways on june 18th 2013 with his wife to Chennai airport, he DIDNT pay a penny, as per the custom officer it is ok to carry 40 inch TV without any issues that too if you are going with a family then no issues…whereas am planning to get a 50 inch Samsung TV either in USA or Singapore next month to bring home, probably will let you know the details…One main thing is each airport custom officers are different…Pure luck….

    1. Zahid

      Nope its not luck. Its size of TV. They are okie with 32~40 inch. The moment you cross 40 inch they have charts.

    2. Kaki

      @ Eeswari,

      Did you take the 50 inch TV to india? How was the exp?

    3. Kamesh

      Apart from customs/airport authorities bottlenecks…

      What about working of TV directly without any PAL convertors?

    4. Muthu

      Please let me know if you were able to carry 50″ tv without any issue as i’m planning to carry 55″ from UK to India.

    5. preet pal singh

      hello sir i am purchase 40 inch led tv in usa .please ask me any problem to carry led tv for usa to india.(may be coustom or any p

    6. Manish

      Hi…It is nice to see your reply regarding carrying TV from USA to India. COuld you please email me , if you have carried 50 inch TV to India. I would like to send one to India, so it will be helpful if you can please tell me how you moved TV to India. THanks a lot !!!

  56. Karan

    This is very valuable information. I was planning to do the same, but the problem is, carrying that baby to airport and if they refuse because of the size restrictions etc, it will be a pain. Do you know if the flight authorities allow to checkin any size luggage? Also checking in a TV, is that safe?

  57. Akkipariani

    Hi thanks a lot for the info im trying to get a tv too for my famly a samsung one from singapore now when u say the cost of tv there is a huge difference in the prices of the same tv in india and in singapore so what cost do they calculate as the original cost of tv the 62000 price of india or the 43500 cost of singapore /the price your paying eventually here ? And is the allowance up to 40000 now I heard ?? Pls advice as leaving soon ty

    1. gaurav

      Price is as per TV cost in Singapore, please carry the bill as proof however.

  58. Nitin Malik

    I suggest you dont bring 42 Inch TV because custom duty they imposed is very high.

    i was travelling from South Africa i buy one LED 46 Inch Samsung TV i had paid i high custom duty on it.

    42 inch TV will cost you more if custom impose duty on it i.e 36% on the cost of TV in India.

  59. Syed

    Guys, better send it through cargo, no headaches.

  60. ayyappan

    Is this 25,000/35,000 is as per india price? for ex tv cost 85,000- 35000=50000 so i ahve to may 17,000 duty?

    1. vinoth

      My number 9894254704

  61. Vikram saini

    Please tell me if i buy led 42 inch from abroad to india then any kind of problems are faced …nd is led 42 inch working properly in india in full HD Clearty …tell me as soon as possible.

  62. Vikram saini

    I bought Led tv 42 inch from abroad to india ..please tell how much price difference of led 42inch abroad and india..
    Second thing is custom duty is eligible or not on my led

    1. mohamed ansari

      I bought Led tv 32 inch from abroad to india ..please tell how much price difference of led 32inch abroad and india..
      Second thing is custom duty is eligible or not on my led

  63. Nagesh Menon

    very nice and useful information… Keep it up….

  64. Vijay Shivdasani

    It was really nice to know that you got through with the airline guys
    i am also planning to bring a 46 SONY but the airline people arent letting me, they are quoting size restrictions
    and lastly which airline you travelled through would be of great help

    thanxs and Regards
    Vijay Shivdasani

  65. Jaison Peedikayil


    YES !!!!!!! As per FEBRUARY 2013 DUTY FREE is till 35000 indian rupees.This is direct information from customs officer at COCHIN airport kerala.Now it is 35000 INR !!!!

    They don’t care about SIZE !!!.yes.No problem. Bill helps but not fully.Reduction sales purchase also helps.

    They have some TV lists too.They will cross check this too.Then your LUCK !!!!

    Jaison Peedikayil

  66. hary

    The D TV (SONY TV -HX 40HX750) works in india.

    1. hary

      My friend took the (SONY TV -HX 40HX750) to india last month from US and it works fine there. Not sure about converters though.

      We can carry a 46 inch Tv via flight by paying extra baggage. I think the total dimesion of the Tv shld not be more than 80 inches.

  67. burhan sharif

    i want to buy led 32 inch tv from dubai then i want come back my home delhi without giving money fro costos officer i can try

    1. Mohankumar Dhanapal

      burhan sharif : Hi Burhan you take upto 32inch LED or LCD tv without any customs duty in india..

  68. Romin Parekh

    Firstly thank you very much for such an exhaustive and detailed article. It provides picture perfect representation of all the hassles one must go through. My question however relates to buying a 3D TV (SONY TV -HX 40HX750) from US and bringing it for my parents in India. Did you face any difficulties in using the 3D TV in India? What sort of converters (PAL/NTSC) did you require (if any)?
    Will 3D TV from US work in INDIA?


  69. Bharat

    I want to bring 42 inch TV from USA having 3d , can you suggest me brands ,which will work in india

    My cell No is 09820034262

  70. Bharat

    I want to bring 42 inch TV from USA having 3d , can you suggest me brands ,which will work in india

  71. Komal

    I am looking to take a Sharp 80″ LED TV from Chicago to India(Ahmedabad). Any body has any suggestion if I can take that huge box with me or should courier it.
    Please let me know any good/reliable shipping companies for Air shipping from US to India.

  72. murugan


  73. TV Guru

    Hi Guys,

    I have already brought 42′ LED TV via DELHI airport last year.

    When I started searching for this sort of information , people started scaring me with all wrong information.

    But believe me until now , buying large LED TV from abroad is almost like paying 1/3rd price in india , infact some models are not in india as well.

    I bought a 42′ TOSHIBA with wifi and its really cool just for 399 GBP (31K at that time ) and i checked in croma/and other retail outlets ..equivaled configuration were costing 80K at 2011.

    My TIP:-

    Does not matter which airport you land , remember few things to pass through swiftly witout much custom troble:

    1) Make sure when you board the flight from your source airport , declare the item as FRAGILE (so airport crew will send the item in different baggage items not with regular ones)

    2) If it allows take the VAT refund before you check in

    3) Once you land in INDIA , (while in plane) declare the exact amount of tv with the day current price you bought.

    4) just walk confidently through custom gates.

    even if they stop , just pay on excess amount.

    Its the rule , if you are lucky like me giving 10 GBP to custom officer will also do , or if your luck is in dark then max to max you will pay 1000/2000 INR , thats it.

    Best of luck.

    1. Jaison Peedikayil


      100 % EXACT informations. CONGRATS !!!!!!! HAT OFF !!!!!

      Jaison Peedikayil

  74. kaye

    thanks zayid. pliz help mi I want to buy 46″tv from Korea online can u pliz tell mi the process en price of this tv.

  75. Chaitanya

    Hi Zahid,

    Thank you so much for the detailed article.

    Not paying any bribe is one of the best ways to kill corruption.

    Just wanted to know one more thing…
    Did you insure your television before bringing it to India? If yes, could you please write in about the same.


    1. Zahid

      No i didnt had any insurance. Just traveled with TV.

  76. Sinha

    Thanks for all the information shared. I have some to add too. The amount of tax levied also depends on the duration of your stay. If you have stayed for more than 365 days in last 2 years, you might be charged 15% duty + 3% Educations Cess tax. Please use this website

    I have one question too : Do airlines allow such huge TVs to be onboarded?

  77. Rohit


    I salute you for giving such a great info i am sure many of the person hunt hours for getting this info. Thank for such a informative blog.

    i have one question: On which airways you carried the 46 inch TV and did they charge anything extra for the extra size or extra weight? (i am travelling by emirates from london to Mumbai)

  78. kumar r

    Zahid I have two questions for you.

    1)On which airways you carried the 46 inch TV and did they charge anything extra for the extra size or extra weight? and from which airport you started in US I meant is it a domestic airport in US and then to International airport ( example from Kansas city to New Jersy and from there to Bombay_)
    2)What is the model number of this samsung tv
    3)what is the power outage I mean is it 100v- 220 v or its just 100-127v and you bought a Power adapter to make it work in India?
    4)And how did you manage with customs did you try to give them something extra or just they calculated the total amount of 74K on the price of Dollars x exchange rate? and then taxed you accordingly.

    I am looking forward for your answer at the earliest as I will be leving US in another 10 days.. and I want to carry one 42 or 46 ” TV..


  79. stacia

    hello mr zahid…

    i had a quick question for you.. was the total amount u paid INR 7400 as duty?? or was it 20000+7400 rupees…


  80. Sujit

    If i buy 50inch led TV form out of india, What is the custome cherge % ?

  81. Shan

    What airlines did you travel and did you have to pay for oversize? If so how much. Your response much appreciated.

    – Shan

  82. Bhavin Patel

    I have heard that the limit is raised to 35000 from 25000,is it ture…?

  83. pravi

    Buy it from Singapore. They have PAL/NTSC, 110-240V and 50-60hz electronics. You can even get a good deal. Stop over at Singapore while coming from US or anywhere else. Visit Mustafa center, Best Dunkie, Harvey Norman etc..
    Tiger airways don’t care about the size, They just care about the weight. So book your ticket with them and its cheap too.

    You won’t be disappointed.

  84. Naveen

    Hi zahid, your information is so useful. Do you know what models of Samsung works perfectly in India without issues?i would prefer 55 inches vs 46 inches.. Btw, I leave in US..thanks for the info in advance..


  85. sham

    i want to purchase the led 32 inch my cell number is 9814904412

  86. simon selvin

    I have a samsung LCD LN46d503 model , purchased in USA

    What about the power , since in US it is 110 v AC input and india it is 230V, do we need to buy any kind of adapter or Step down power supply.

    Will the component video input at the back of the TV (Audio -Red and White & Video (Yellow), which is supplied by most of the Sattlelight Cable providers through their setup box work as I am confused between NTSC and PAL.will these formats play any role here.or this some into picture only if I use input as Coaxial(Antenna Input)-traditional cable.

    Please Advice


  87. Sagar


    Please help me with the following questions, planning to take TV to India from USA.
    1. In which flight did you travel (Korean Air, Air India, Singapore Airlines, etc.,)
    2. What is the weight of TV Package?, what weight is allowed as Check-in the flight you traveled?, and did you paid anything extra for the TV package to airline?
    3. Is Size (Dimensions) are with-in the limit for 46-Inch Samsung 3D TV? or did you paid anything extra to the airlines?

    Please advise!


  88. Dev

    HeeY Zahid,

    Thank you so much for this information post. This will definitely help people like you. Infact I should say now that it helped me . I was thinking of going to a middle man and do the deal. Now I will straight forward approach the Customs officer and ask him the details and request him for the discount. I will come again here and give my experience once I am done. Regards,

  89. Jennifer

    Hi Zayed,
    Thank you so much. I had spent hours looking for this info and finally found a detailed article from a Samaritan :)… Appreciate it.

    It is nice to see you helping not just the engineers but also the other people of India :). God Bless you.

    I have one query Zayed. Do u think they will allow me to take my 55 inch Smart TV. Sorry to bother you. In case you have some time, pls do respond.


    1. ben

      Hi, jennifer this is ben, i saw your question to zahid, asking about ya 55 inch tele so could you please share how did it go cos am planning to send a tele of the same size with my uncle who has come to visit me here in the UK. i wanted to know about the custom officers how they dealt and how you did you overcome there challege at the airport cos i dont my uncle to get embarrased cos the tele am gonna send kindly share you experience thanx and warm regards…Ben

  90. zack

    Zahid, IGNORE all the hypocrites here. They are as big perverts, as the corrupt customs officers. Thanks for telling us, how to go about with the customs clearance. If the customs were so honest and upfront about things, then, everyone would be forced to honestly declare things. The lack of good laws, and good officers has caused such rampant corruption. Also, when the Prime Minister (Manmohan Sigh), himself is so dishonest and corrupt, and involved in each and every scam, this present government has, how can you expect lower officers to be honest.

  91. mahesh

    i need 46 inch led

  92. Arjun

    Good one zahid..useful information..thanks for sharing..

  93. Ravi


    I brought LED TV 4O inches Seoul,Korea. I am planning to carry this to India Visa Malaysian airlines.

    The weight of TV is 17kg.

    Please advice me about this.

    I can carry this but I have 20 kg luggage with this.

  94. sati

    Samsung UA46ES6220 (Bangkok to Mumbai)

    After going thro ur article I thought of doing the adventurous TV trip from Bangkok to Mumbai.

    Last week on my official visit to Bangkok, thought of buying Mammoth size 46inch LED from Indra Mkt for my new house. When it came to me with the package, the size was almost double of the Tv due to Stand set kept parallel to LED to maintain box slim. Few accessories came with the LED are Cross Leg Aluminum Stand with fitting screws, 4 nos. 3D Glasses with batteries, Smart Remote with batteries & Proper Invoice copy with VAT Refund.

    The next day while leaving to Bangkok Airport, I booked Innova Public Taxi from the hotel and without any hurdle reached safely. Once I reached GATE 4, we got a VAT Refund stamp (Compulsory for VAT Refund) from the counter person w/o any issue.
    The Big Shock came when I reached to collect boarding pass from a national carrier, There was a Notice board mentioning above 42” LED Handling charges is Rs.2620.00 …. Another shock in a sec when my luggage weight over shot 7 kgs…. (Maximum Weight allowed is 20 kgs), Paid an extra buck of Rs. 3091.00.

    Tv with Package weight is 19kgs……………Personal Luggage weighted around 8 kgs.
    After immigration, the smile came back when I received VAT Refund of Rs, 3900.00 from the counter.

    Happily landed in Mumbai Airport, Went straight to the custom Red Channel and was ready to negotiate with them.

    Suddenly I realized the loss of original invoice at Bangkok Airport VAT Refund Counter. But thx to Customs officer who helped me with a VAT Refund Receipt copy and I was out of Airport within 15mins by paying only Rs.1800 as custom duty and some discount amt.

    At the end, I’m happy to save around 40% of the LED cost.

  95. Nick

    Zahid, This one is very useful. I was searching all over the net to check how can I take one LED TV to India. The information is very very useful.

    Thanks once again for posting such useful information.

  96. Jamal

    I am traveling from Abu Dhabi(UAE) to New Delhi with 40inch LED SMART TV MODEL SAMSUNG UA40C6200UR which price in india is Rs. 95,000/- Indian Rupee (INR). Please tell me how much custom duty i have to pay how much time it will take to complete all procedure.

  97. brijesh

    Accoerding to the union budget with effect from 17th march 2012, LEDs LCDs above 20” are EXEMPTED FROM ALL CUSTOMS DUTY!!!!

  98. ben

    thanks a lot dude… u saved my day.. i have a 46 inch samsung smart tv and was planning to take it home from muscat .. but was confused how much i had to pay.. and all the procedure … looks like india hasn’t changed much.. but again i will never know what awaits me in chennai airport.. i hope all goes well.. once again.. great info .. keep rocking

  99. Praveen

    Zahir Sir i want to ask u a lot of question relating to engineering career so please tell me when u will be free and how can i contact u?


    Hi Friends
    My citizenship is India. I am currently staying in United Kingdom(UK). I am planing to buy 46″ Inch LED TV Samsung. It cost around according UK 1600 pounds. how much I need to pay custom duty at chennai airport

  101. Raju

    I am travelling to Seoul on some official trip in next week and like to buy some good TV for my house.
    Could you pl advise where can i get best price and apart from Indian Customs is there any formalities at Korea.

    Is it under international warranty.

  102. CUstom Duty

    In the recent budget 2012, the custom duty on LED and LCD TV has been removed right? Then, why still these people are charging duty on these products?

    Chapter 85:
    85.6 Full exemption from Basic Customs Duty is being extended to LCD and LED TV panels for 20 inches and above. [S. No 432 of notification No. 12/2012-Customs dated 17.03.2012 refers]

  103. Bikram Ballav

    such an insightful post… well, at first look me too thinking about that it is useless post, but 2day morning while reading an article in the newspaper about Airport thieves,i am thinking about this, both are quite similar.It will help us in a broad view in our life.
    And i m thankful to u again as always .. πŸ˜›

  104. Ankit Chheda

    Since last 2 weeks to go, it will be good if you write few things soon. We need a series of posts now.

  105. melchi

    Thanks for posting this. I was just looking for this information and it was very insightful. Knowing the rate of 45k was very useful as I was not sure what can I expect. Thanks again for posting this.

  106. Ankitkumar Chheda

    @Zahid sir,
    kindly checkout the link from IIT site. This year they are doing something GOOD

  107. Maddy

    I am somehow starting to doubt that this website is turning away from a serious gate
    discussion site to SAMSUNG electronics advertisement site. Pls Post meaningful experiences Zahid sir. Hope to hear somethin abt the GATE exam tats jus 2 weeks ahead.

    1. Zahid

      Maddy, i totally agree with you. GATE is just two weeks away and I am on a post for that. This is information was needed by lots of NRI Indian and perfectly need of an hour. I was looking for this info and couldn’t get it. Thats why posted it, and hope this will you all one day when you travel from abroad to back home. GATE posts are coming dont worry about it.

  108. Eghx

    I thought this forum was ” all about education”.. Your usIn to crap about the things that happened in your life … This is the second time am seein such shit

    1. Zahid

      Sorry to disappoint its not shit. Millions of indian are looking for this information and i was one among them without any clear answers. This will help all of them and educate them about the stuff they dont know.

    2. anand

      Wish u had read the title before reading d article n wasting ur time.. the author can write anything useful.. Leave if u r not interested in this.. than wasting ur time to leave such a stupid comment

  109. pavan

    even i am planning to buy an led tv in INDIA……..can u help me out …i want 2 know which led is d best and even discount …….help me out plz….

    1. Mac

      I guess you should head over to hifivision.

  110. prasad j.

    hey man you paid bribe and here with this post you are promoting it too. Dont you feel bad about it.

    1. Zahid

      Sorry dude I didnt paid the bribe. I negotiated on discount. Everyone can do that πŸ™‚ but it depends how much one can. I wish there would have been a flat system and I love flat rates.

  111. Chetankumar Mohane

    Corruption is like a Headache inside the India now. Corruption has reached inside the veins of the body & it is making officers more lazy & irresponsible at their work πŸ™ I hope a strong “LOKPAL-Bill” passes early; this will restrict corruption in some extent for coming years.
    By the way Zahid Sir; Samsung LED TV looks great & big enough so congrats for that.
    I want to ask one thing; In India we use 240V & 50Hz as standard electric input whereas US/Canada use 120V & 60Hz (not 100% sure about values).
    So does it matters really & if it matters then we can not run TV Set which is made for US/Canada !!!!

    Wish you happy Return journey πŸ˜‰

    Finally; All the best luck for all the GATE 2012 aspirants & hope that we all get good college for PG’s πŸ™‚

  112. juki

    nice job boss…i love to see ur dedication and love towards taking smthing to home

  113. Mohit


    Reading the headline of the post, I felt that you are trying to show-off but after reading the complete article, I felt that it’s awesome as it used to be.

    Why you had not purchased the TV from India itself, just for saving 100 bucks. It’s really an overhead to carry such a huge appliance while travelling. You should take the help of courier companies for bringing it to India.

    I don’t feel that you will face any problem between the PAL (720×480) & NTSC (720×576) signals in a TV whose resolution is 1920x1080i or 1920x1080p. If you are using 5 or 3 component cable port, TV adjust itself.

    The problem occurs only in the antena port which is rarely used now a days. So, if you are using cable channels at home (which I don’t think), then it will create problems; in DTH, you can use the component cable port.

    I feel that rated voltage frequency might create problems as in US, it’s at 60Hz & in India, it’s at 50Hz!

    1. Zahid

      Awesome Mohit. What a deep insight, never saw someone discussing in that depth before. NTSC and PAL is still an issue in India when we dont use HD satellite connection. As you said we can use component cable at 50Hz. but you wont enjoy the high quality HD. Luckily few companies are supporting HDMI cables, that help to reach 60Hz super fine HD quality.
      i also wrote a post on how to convert from PAL to NTSC and reach 60Hz.

      I bought it from Korea because I get heavy discounts, which are incomparable to prices anywhere in world. Courier companies dont transfer electronic goods until we show an import licence or something similar to it : (

  114. vitrag sheth

    hey dude
    Thanks, it would help a little because I am very much afraid of this corrupt system.

  115. Ankit

    Since GATE is heading up in less than 3 weeks, some posts about GATE will be great things to read. There are many aspects to write like last week revision, what to do n not to do on last day before exam and on exam day. etc etc.

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