I was following questions on I n I forum and came across with the request for GATE question papers and GATE Question papers and Answer Keys I was following a questions on I n I forum and came across with the request for GATE question papers and Answer key. I posted GATE official Answer Key for Computer Science and Electronics and communication (ECE) papers that I obtained from IITM by a reader through RTI.

There are many website that are giving this information and also there are lots of books by different publishers that give previous year questions papers and solutions. I doubt the correctness of the answers in those series. When I looked for GATE questions papers I found that IITM has uploaded previous year question papers since 2007 for almost all the branches.

I am not downloading and posting them here : ) rather i would prefer you to go to official website and download it. It will reduce the redundancy on the internet and acknowledge the official website. I already have the papers for all the branches, if official site is down please mail me with your details like engineering branch and paper year you are looking for. I would definitely send it to as soon as I get to read your mail.

Previous Year GATE Question Papers
Previous Year GATE Answer Keys ( for now keys are only available for 2011)

As time for GATE is very short it’s always better to solve as many question papers as you can and keep the timing track by which you can perform optimum to gain maximum benefit of time. Hope these question and answers would help many who are looking for GATE question papers with solutions.

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Wish you all a great luck ahead. Keep working hard and keep rocking.