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What Matters Most in M.Tech Admissions, Rank, Score, Marks or Percentile?

I have been arguing on this question since long time. Students usually search either GATE cutoff scores or GATE marks required for M.Tech admissions into various schools. In this post I would like to argue on the whole importance significance of the Marks, GATE scores, percentiles and All India Rank (AIR).

First of let me explain Marks, GATE scores, percentiles and All India Rank (AIR) in terms of GATE.

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As most of the students know that maximum marks one can score in GATE exam are 100. This is totally an absolute figure for each student independent of number of students appeared for GATE exam and scores of students in previous years. These are allotted based on how many correct answers a student gives.

GATE score is position of the student compared to the average students in previous years. This calculated based on the performance of students in the specific paper as well as performance of students in all other papers.

GATE percentile is just a simple representation of a student position. It says that one stand ahead xx.xx % students. For more detailed understanding of please refer to how to calculate GATE percentile.

GATE All India Rank (AIR) is an absolute position of one student based on marks scored in GATE exam on all India basis in a specific paper. This is reverse of percentile in absolute term. It says how many students are ahead of you in the specific GATE paper in a current year.

Now let’s talk about importance of each of these for M.Tech admissions. First of all we need absolute criteria for admission that remain same across the years for M.Tech admissions. By absolute I mean a criterion that is independent of performance of students in previous years. This is very important because in previous years if GATE paper is easy most of the students get better marks than average marks of students in previous years, eventually increasing average scores of students in current year. If the paper is tough the reverse could happen. This means, for same marks in GATE in two different years would have different GATE scores, different AIR, and finally different percentile. This definitely takes gate marks out of race of criterion for M.Tech admissions.

Let’s go further ahead. As we know GATE scores are totally dependent on GATE marks, this criterion also may not reflect real admission criterion. As it also take previous year average into consideration, making it possible for many students have same percentile. Therefore, this is a not a good metric to consider for M.Tech admissions.
GATE percentile again a relative term and depend on number of students appearing in GATE exam. Same rank of the student with different number of students appearing in GATE exam would greatly change the percentile, making this criterion too out of scope of for making a standard for M.Tech admissions.

The only remaining parameter is GATE All India Rank. Its independence from all other parameters makes it a best candidate to be considered as a standard for M.Tech admissions. Here I am talking about the same thing that we during our Engineering admissions.

M.Tech admissions have almost no exception. The only advantage M.Tech admissions is that there is no common single counseling for M.Tech admissions all across India, like JEE and AIEEE admission counseling. This advantage also made other parameters significant.

There are other factors too, like admission dates clash between different institutes and students preference of student also make a difference in last rank admitted to a particular institute.

All these things makes M.Tech admissions a perfect gamble and strategy. But on the basis of AIR we can at least draw a broader line between whether to apply for a certain range of institutes or not. Like for example if someone is having 1000 rank in GATE computer science should not think of applying to old IITs, because it will waste the time money in application. As the total number of seats are just over 500 in all IITs. For more details about this do refer to How Much GATE Score Or Percentile Is Required To Get Into IITs For M.Tech? and My GATE Score is … Which college should I apply for M.Tech (or Master of Engineering Degree)???

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  1. Dipanjan Dutta

    I have secured 478 score in gate 2016. If in councelling process no college is alloted to me up to 3rd councellling, can I apply for the next year councelling at my same score by giving more college choices? please reply…

  2. Ankita Dutta

    Which on is more important for GATE result among normalized marks, score , rank and percentile? I am a CS candidate of GATE 2016.
    Which one matters more for getting admission in M.Tech colleges?

  3. Vaibhav

    If i qualify gate this year & go for admission next year,will my percentile be reduced as compared to previous year? Does it follow the pattern of jee mains in this regard? Pls mail answer to [email protected].

  4. Ahem

    If an institute wants to compare two students who gave the exam in the same year they can look at a) score b) rank c) percentile score, all 3 are equivalent.
    However, the GATE score is now valid for 3 years. If an institute wants to compare students across years then it needs to weigh the percentile score more heavily
    1) the raw score from year to year can vary based on degree of difficulty of the exam and quality of students taking it. In general in standardized tests, it is assumed that the avg intelligence of the students taking the test is fairly similar over time whereas the degree of difficulty of the questions on the test can vary more widely. I think it has to do with sample size…. the mean of a very large sample is more stable (the number of students is huge, distribution of intelligence is assumed to be similar from year to year)

    1) if 1 lakh students took the GATE in 2015 and 2 lakh students take the GATE in 2016 then are the ranks across both years comparable? or is the percentile comparable?
    Think about it for a second…. if we assume that the average distribution of intelligence/skills of participants is constant across both years then the percentile score is comparable whereas both rank and total score are not
    2) if we assume that the test is absolute/perfect and always of constant difficulty then the absolute score is comparable. (faulty assumption, anyone who knows anything about standardized testing will understand the problem here)
    3) if we assume that the top 2000 people who take are from one planet and the others are from another planet (different level of intelligence) then the rank is comparable. THIS IS A VERY UNREASONABLE ASSUMPTION…….

    So in practical terms:
    GATE result is valid for 3 years now
    lets suppose in 2014 cs gate was taken by 1.5 lakhs
    in 2015 , taken by 1.2 lakhs
    in 2016 lets say its taken by 2.5 lakhs.
    lets say someone scored rank 1000 in 2014 vs another guy rank 2014 in 2015 and another guy rank 1000 in 2016, who is more deserving???
    you might say well it depends on his absolute score? nope because absolute scores can only be compared if the degree of difficulty across all years was exactly the same.
    you might say rank 1000 across all three years is the same? well nope because its not a reasonable assumption from a statistical point of view. In fact in years in which the number of GATE takers was low it would most likely be easier to get a better rank.
    Let me convert it into simpler terms.
    You go to a local tournament in any sport with 100 people and place 1st, is that the same as placing 1st in a tournament of 1000 people? in general its not as impressive but if the distribution of skills is different then it could be (example placing 1st at a national level competition among 100 people vs placing 1st in a district level competition with 1000 people). However in GATE the level is already fixed. It is a national level competition and the distribution of intelligence of students is assumed to be similar.

    The only way rank is useful is if you make the assumption that every year the number of ridiculously talented people who take the GATE is constant rather than making the more reasonable assumption that the % of ridiculously skilled/talented people is constant.
    With all due respect to the person who wrote this article, please improve your understanding of statistics/probability distributions and percentiles.

  5. rahul

    Sir my gate score and rank in 2014 is 444 & 15474
    In 2015 score and rank is 382 & 14775
    Now I want to know which score I
    Use to get admission in 2015

  6. Vignesh

    My score is 509.i am belong to civil engineering and AIR is 4176.Which course i can select in M.tech.its any chance to get NIT calicut or trichy??????????please reply me


    I got 30000 (AIR) in stream of ece ,which college i can get in ANDHRA PRADESH

  8. Anjul

    u said AIR shows how many candidates are ahead of me.
    so they are ahead of me in SCORE or MARKS.
    i mean whats the basis for deciding ranks? MARKS or SCORE ??

    and is it possible that someone having lesser MARKS than me will have a higher SCORE than me????

  9. Ankit Rohilla

    Helpful post.

  10. Padmini

    My gate score is 437, 30.33/100, and AIR is 282. And I belongs to aerospace dept. Do I have any chance getting into IITs and IISC for M.Tech/M.S programs? Do I have a chance of passing the shortlisting for interview calls?

  11. gaurab

    sir i got 2523 rank in gate civil 2014 and my score is 573 ..i am in general category..can i apply for iits???…if not then which nits will be best for me to apply?





  14. anjali

    sir,i have secured a gate score off 355 and my rank is 13077.I Scored 24.67/100 in gate 2013 in CS (obc).which college can i get for mtech?

  15. Prerna Shrivas

    sir,my gate score is 355 and my rank is 13077.I Scored 24.67/100 in gate 2013 in CS …..Where can I Eepect a seat for doing Mtech…..:

  16. neha

    I scored 26/100 in gate 2013 in EE and my AIR is 20011…Where can I expect a seat for doing Mtech?…………Is there any possibility to get into nit’s and iit’s????

  17. Sudhir kumar

    Sir, i got marks as 43/100 ,score 479 valid up to 14/3/2014 & 559 valid upto 14/3/2015 and AIR is 3995 in GATE 2013, being a sc candidate can i get a seat at iit or nit in mechanical engineering.The cutoff is 16.67 for sc,22.5 for obc and 25 for gen candidate.pl’s reply me email id [email protected]…thank you.

  18. Sudhir kumar

    Sir, i got marks as 43/100 ,score 479 valid up to 14/3/2014 & 559 valid upto 14/3/2015 and AIR is 3995 in GATE 2013, being a sc candidate can i get a seat at iit or nit. The cutoff is 16.67 for sc,22.5 for obc and 25 for gen candidate.pl’s reply me email id [email protected]…thank you.

  19. k.sasikala

    Sir, I Scored 17.67/100 in gate 2013 in EC , my gate AIR(55651) and 256135 appeared in my stream, I Look for M.E in TC(madurai) , IIT,(other government colleges.



  21. sweta baghel

    sir kindly tell me how many marks out of 100 did students score in chemical engineering GATE exam…i m asking about just marks out of 100….kindly give reply…

  22. VISHAL


  23. Bindu kumar M

    Hello sir,
    i got 3997 ranking in gate 2012 and my stream is cse, and gate score 507 and percentile 97.45 ,please help me which coll i should prefer ,its my humble request

  24. shariq

    INFORM PLZZ 08099308724

  25. shariq

    hello bro my gate 2011 rank is 15448 for 22.67 marks in EE; gate score is 267; percentile is 78.

  26. kishore

    i’m preparing for gate….if i get >5000 rank,shall i get an admission in m.tech….. plzzzz sir answer to this question.

  27. arjun gupta

    hello sr,
    my rank is 17596 marks 27.67, please tell me which colleges i should apply……..
    i will be humble to you………..

    1. haha

      gurukul kangri haridwar

  28. venkatesh

    hello sir.
    my gate2010 score is 252.
    gate2011 qualified mark for SC category is 16.75.
    gate2010 qualified mark for SC category is 16.65.
    is my gate2010 score is valid for 2011 mtecxh admissions?
    plz replyme

    my id: [email protected]


    can u sugest some colleges for mtech..my gate AIR IS 2557. in electronics engineering

  30. sandeep kumar singh

    sir my gate score is 333 and air1452/10608 marks 23/100 and qualifying mark is 22.5 in chemistry sir give me some advise related to admission in m.tech and which college is suitable for me please sir reply soon.

  31. rahul

    hello sir…
    i got 32.33(ec) marks n 390 gate score….
    my rank is 11713..
    so please suggest me should i try for admission in any nits or gov college????
    or just leave d thought of m tech…
    plz.. reply..
    mail id- [email protected]

  32. irfan

    i have 34/100 marks in gate 2011. kindly advise how to proceed for m-tech adimission in nits with particular ref. to nit srinagar kmr in mech eng .please also communicate about the last years admission process at nit srg. and the successful gate score in mech. engg.

  33. Soundararajan

    I request your views on this.
    Since the GATE marks are valid for 2 years & GATE can be attempted when you are in 3rd year of engineering, this will have lot of impact every year cut off levels.
    For example, If I get AIR 1000, it does not mean that all 999 above me are eligible to apply this year M Tech this year. There may be at least few hundred candidates still studying in 3rd year and will not be eligible for applying this year.
    Secondly, the best score out of 2 years will be considered for selection. This means, If I get AIR 1000 this year and 900 Last year, I will be giving up my score (AIR 1000) this year score. This also will have impact on candidates having ranks after AIR 1000. Hope you will appreciate this view and kindly let me know whether you have done any analysis on this account.

    1. biplab bit

      If I get lesser rank but higher GATE SCORE IN 2019 GATE compared to this year 2020 then what should i put in MTECH admission while filling up the form . Because in maximum, IIT form , they are having only one row to fill up the valid gate score and rank

  34. Swapnil Jadhav

    IT-BHU admission notification .
    But in course tab.. I could not find M.Tech in “computer science” or “IT”. There is M.Tech in System Engg.
    But don’t know under which department it comes.
    Will u look into it????

  35. santosh thota

    hi sir, I heard there are two programs available in IIT Delhi and in other institutes , which one is better either M.Tech or MS(Research),what exactly the difference between these two programs.. sir??

  36. suresh

    sir am get gate score is 493 my rank is2310 and marks is 38 .am belongs to OBC and .and my stream is EEE sir can i get POWERSYSTEM or POWERELECRONICS are my subjects in NIT warangal,NIT Trichy,NIT suratcal

  37. rajib

    my gate score is 274(cs) and i belongs to sc categories.is there possible to get any NIT or any central university ?

  38. Satish

    Sir i want to ..my rank is 2006
    gate score:607
    OBC (nc)
    tell me chance of getting call from ANY IITs and admission in Top 3 NITs Trichy,warangal,and surathkal

  39. manish

    sir IT BHU Notification is OUT… but i cant see the full detailed brochure for it…

    link is: http://www.itbhu.ac.in/admissions/index.php/admission/postgraduate/13-advertisement.html

  40. rajesh m

    i am rajesh i got 40 marks in gate 2011 my rank is 5670 can i get any good institute like nit

  41. inderpreet

    My rank in gate is 324/18400 in IN(instrumentation))…..where to try ?…..

    my gate score….553

    will i get any iit ??

    interested in control or vlsi or microelectronics…….

    where else to try….???

  42. Nitin

    I totally agree with Tom. We can’t compare students of two different year on the basis of AIR. I think what you said about importance of GATE score is also erroneous because calculation of GATE score considers the toughness of the particular paper by considering the average marks in that paper in a particular year and it also consider the relativity between two years by considering previous average marks. So i think it should be the only criteria. But as far as I remember when last year IIT Bombay declared their result, they gave it in terms of AIR and IIT Guwahati declared 48 as the cut-off marks. But IIT Delhi and IIT Kanpur considered GATE score only. So I am still confused why is their so much difference in the metric, which should be the criteria for admission.

  43. Nipun Ahuja

    Also if u see the IIT Roorkee brochure, they have written their admission criteria, which is on the basis of Normalized marks (not GATE score, rank or percentile). Normalized marks = My marks in my subject/ Highest marks in my subject. This will compare my marks with the highest marks. What i am able to gauge from this that for them, students getting near marks are almost equal in opportunity and both must get second opportunity to compete. Say someone get 52 or 53 they are almost equal in capabilty and 74 is highest score and there are many students between 50 – 60. But between 52 and 53 there can be 600- 700 students, which can throw out of competition many deserving students.
    May be other IITs are also using the same criteria. But i really find IIT Roorkee criteria of Normalized mark system good to compare.

  44. owais

    sir i have gate score 212 can i get admission in any college.if not then plz suggest what will be better for me

  45. Melvin

    GATE 2009 had validity of one year only. GATE 2010 and 2011 had validity of two years.
    This means that students of 2010 would also seek admission this year. So the situation is tighter than last year when only 2010 GATE qualified were there for seeking admission last year(2010).

  46. Melvin

    Sir, you’ve rightly touched upon the criterion and metric to apply for various Post Graduate Courses through GATE. It was very confusing to the students on which parameter to consider for admission. I always advocated on the importance of AIR for admission. The interesting fact is that, from 2009 onwards, the GATE results didn’t have a tag percentile but students calculate it themselves by using that formula. This has made the situation even more confusing to students seeking admission. However , you’ve come up with a good and reasonable explanation. I want to stress on another point. A student may feel that he’ll get admission in an institute depending on previous years’ GATE score but again this theory is misleading. Hope students got the gist of what to consider before applying for a course

  47. Abhishek

    I have a gate score of 417(34.67 marks) with a rank of 9417 in EC in 2011, and i belong to general category. I’m interested in doin Mtech in Communication/Microelectronics.I’m currently working for an IT company(Banking Domain) frm 2 years. I dont want to join an ordinary Institute, Can U Please suggest which university to join or should i take up GATE next year.I’m confused…. Request you to Assist me in deciding

  48. Tom

    This idea is totally wrong. . .

    If rank is of primary importance , there is no meaning in having a Gate score. And there is no meaning in comparing two successive year Gate candidates.

    The need of gate score arises because of the two year validity of the scores. Gate score is introduced mainly to compare two successive year gate candidates. Because it has the impact of previous year scores and marks.

    1. Gate percentile is an obselete criteria which is no longer used and is avoided in score cards. There is no meaning in calculating percentiles apart for the satisfaction of the candidate.

    2. Gate rank cannot be used. Because it cant compare two successive year students. Hypothetically, if 2012 gate is attended by a single student,say X, he should be having advantage above the 2011 second rank holder irrespective of the marks X scores.

    3. The only remaining criteria is gate score which has the influence of all parameters and previous year scores. Therefore it is actually used for admission.

    With all due respect, when posting in such a big hit web page, you should mention that this post has no theoretical base and is just your speculation.

  49. Rehana

    can i get admission in any college with gate score 0032,marks out of 100 =.67,all india rank =16827, and no. of candidates appeared 19406 plz recommend me good colleges and pls mail me on [email protected].

  50. vishal

    What is the min. marks required to assure Scolership for GATE2011?
    I got 29.67 marks with gate score 356….So will i get it 100% sure.

    This stupid Q. came in my mind bcoz behind my GATE Scorecard it is written”Qualifing gate does not assure scolership/assistantship”

  51. Mohit

    Hello Zahid,

    I believe Admission in GATE is entirely different from IIT-JEE & AIEEE. There rank matters but here every institute calls student on the basis of GATE Score & not on rank. Rank only gives a clear border-line among the students.

    Total number of seats in old IIT is 500; you are telling it’s useless to apply, if your rank is around 1000. But, there is a probability that there are a quite number of 3rd year students & again, many of them will join a company. Again, except for CS, there is a great oppurtunity in PSU & others especially in IOC, which asks GATE score for recruitment process.

    Again, most of the institute takes an examination or an interview & gives 70% weightage to GATE Score (not on rank). This is the best point while taking admission in a good institute, if you have a good Administrative/Political Contact.

    A personal incidence, I am telling you (I was also involve in such kind of things). I believe, I should not present this publicaly.

    There is a very popular (reputed) institute (I am not disclosing it’s name) which takes admission according to the pattern as I had mentioned above (70% GATE Score & 30% Interview). Now, just from the contact of Education Minister of a state, interview had been fixed.

    I am telling you how the calculation is done in that institute (It’s entirely a secret process & students are not told about the mechanism); if you score is 500, you will be awarded 0.7*500 i.e. 350;

    Interview is done on a 100 marks basis, suppose you score 80 marks. Conversion is done as 800*0.3 (30% weightage, 80 multiplied by 10) i.e. 240.

    Now, your total score is 590 (Cut-off for the whole process after interview was 575). Congratulations, you are qualified. Direct admission was at 610 (Gate Score). Students were called for interview whose score was around 550 but this lad has a little more than 510, last year.

    I want to tell you a fact that in India Power is more valuable than talent . Except in some cases, when talent present is excessive in nature. Ex. Dhoni, captain of Indian Cricket Team.

    I will definitely tell everyone to start a revolution & ask every institute (where, one is interested) about the cut-off & the real mechanism of admission. They can use RTI Act, 2005 & will cost less than 100 rupees for the whole process.

    This is the only Act that I trust in India. The institue has a PIO, to whom they have to give the application & within a stipulated time of 10 days, PIO has to response. There is no corruption that PIO can make at the moment.

    So, I will encourage students to get the cut-off GATE Score for the institute, they are interested in.

  52. Jit saha

    Zahid sir,
    can i apply for the GOVT state university of West Bengal,,,,,my GATE score is 485,AIR is 5583,,& please give some details GOVT college for M.TECH of state of sounth india,maharastra and orissa…It will be very helpful to me..

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