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GATE 2015: Expected Changes And Beyond

Recently I was scanning through the InI forums to see what people are asking and how people and how I can or others helping them. I came across with an interesting question What are expected changes in GATE 2015. I thought it would be helpful for all others to understand the changes may happen in GATE 2015 so that students preparing for GATE 2014 would focus more on preparation and try to crack it by this attempt itself.

GATE 2014 have seen major changes and all happened in no time. But the best thing happened to the students is that it still the same test but just computer based. You will have to click answers and type instead of writing on paper. Though it’s a big change will not affect the traditional way of preparing for GATE. Question may be similar to All of the student and just may differ based on the set you get as usually happen in GATE.

One of the most important thing to notice is that education ministry consulting few international test taking agencies for recommendations on GATE online exam. This reflects the major changes that could happen to GATE and would change the way we prepare for GATE exam in coming years.

GATE Question Paper
First and foremost expected change is about question paper. If GATE committee get ready to go for an adaptive test then every student will get a different paper. If you perform well the computer shoot a difficult question to you and if you answer wrong it will ask you an easy question. Therefore every student will have a different question paper.

GATE Score And Results
GATE Score formula may differ to accommodate the score for many years. Score will be based on number of questions correct and the level of difficulty of questions. This will help Institutions to accept GATE scores for as long three to five years depending on the question pool and database of questions. The best things result can be available in spot.

Exam Time
To manage online load GATE committee can split GATE in two of three sessions instead of just one exam on one day. Later you can expect to take GATE anytime as you can do with GRE and TOFEL. Splitting into two or more sections is an obvious best choice for GATE committee to balance the load provided the questions data base and algorithm is ready and tested.

These are few major changes we can expect in coming GATE exams. IF not immediately they will appear by the course of time. Wherever any change happen in GATE exam it will have definite impact on the way you prepare for GATE. Also all the training institutes will have to be ready for it and you will less chance of tricking the system.

Over all it looks like a challenge to face changes in GATE. On the same time, it will give a great opportunity to students who really work hard and learn the concepts. Practice will remain the key to success and traditional way educating people for GATE will take new direction.

To conclude, if you are preparing for GATE 2014 give your best and don’t leave it to next year as there can be changes and challenge will increase. I will try to summarize all the changes in GATE 2015 on GATE 2015 Preparation Guide.

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Wish you all a great luck ahead.


  1. K.Kiran kumar

    The chances of getting into any IIT’ are possible for a person who has did his M.Sc(maths) through Distance education. your answers are quite informative.
    what are the courses available in for a student of through Gate?


  2. Hrishikesh

    I am from EE .Can I appear for gate in biotech?

  3. siddharth

    can a Mtech 1st year student appear in GATE?

  4. ajay

    are they are going to provide online scientific calculator in gate-2015?

  5. Satya

    Is calculator allowed or not in Gate 2015?

  6. Indra.D

    please let me know how to prepair for ME CS

  7. Ahmedi

    Sir, can a M.Tech 1st year student appear for GATE exam?

  8. amit kumar kashyap

    plz tell how to prepare for gate chemical.some tips


    sir,tell me gate2015 what are changes in syllabus for ece

  10. oscar

    hai im currently doing my btech 3rd year .
    i was wondering when to appear for gate..
    can anyone please help me


    thanks sir for info.

  12. Subhajit Samanta

    thanks for this article………..

  13. Umesh V K

    currently im studying in 6th sem CSE
    is there any rule like clearing all the back logs before appearing the GATE 2015 ???

    1. shariff

      no such rule,that is just checked during admissions if u fulfill the criteria set by the institute then u get admitted

  14. sharafu pc

    plz tell me how prepare for EE
    with syllabus

  15. Pratik Mehta

    Thanks for this info…

  16. Amritanshu Banerjee

    Sir, are you a committee member at any of the IITS because this year 2014 the scenario was completely different and didn’t match nay of your predictions!

  17. Sunny

    Is it going to be Pre and mains in Gate 2015? If yes is there any idea when will it be officially announced?Please give detail about it and way to crack it.

  18. shanu

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