Take Time To Plan And Prioritize Life

After a long time I met one of my closest friends, once I used to meet regularly. We three were sitting on a table in a nice coffee shop with the drinks we love, Sunday afternoon relaxing n taking advantage of nice weather. I talk my mind openly and share stuff because there is nothing that I need to hide and that way I gained lot of support from friends all across my life.

One of my friend asked how is it going with Book, I said I am in chapter 2, he laughed and said you are a lazy brat. The other friends laughed loudly and said WHAT?? he explained, I asked him a month before he said would finish four chapters but still he is in 2nd. We all laughed, I said I will have to accelerate, I just got struck by something that shook me from inside and I needed time to understand what the ultimate goal of doing all.

After a while one of the friend told I was expecting this discussion and was waiting for it. He addressed another friend and said, you said he is lazy, but I realized from his update on Noam Chomsky and recent comment on Capitalism that something is cooking there. I said yes its already here and being a CEO is no more important, we all laughed. I have to admit that I read a lot in last 10 days a means a lot like a crazy and even I don’t know why I started reading such a strange topic so rigorously.

Last night I ran and walked a lot until I felt I cannot move further and need to rest to wake up for tomorrow. Reading is not stopping my mind, I wanted a break for my mind and the best way I learned during my PhD thesis time is to crush the body so that brain don’t have any option than to rest ; ) worked pretty well but the moment I woke up this morning I gone back searching for it. It’s more powerful addiction than making thousands of cores running for me to make few of fastest algorithms in the world.

I kept an awesome book aside, closed an MIT open courseware page on my browser, left my computer and moved to living hall, sat on sofa and started thinking what am I doing this way. I just want to learn everything in the humans has learned in years. I started regretting my time at university, I wish I could have used that free time to learn what I really want to learn now. I wish I would know all what I know now and have guts to say no to too many subjects I read just because everybody else did.

Wait a minute, I think I did read a lot at least more than an average reader in all levels. When I looked back I read more and wherever I go I end up making my library in few days. Spending time is no issue the real issue for me now is to prioritize my tasks. I feel as I am running out of time, even I live next 30~40 years and amount of work I have to do I feel I don’t have a second to waste. Life is moving from do something a day to do a considerable work every day.

As you all have free time now, looking for M.Tech admissions or just taking a break from exams or may be wandering in idea about what to do. I ask you have a schedule for everything even wandering ; ), spare time and just collect few random thoughts, read a book (not your subject) give time to ask yourself questions about yourself and where your life is heading to.
Being lazy and scrolling facebook , looking into youtube related videos, checking emails again and again even when you don’t expect a mail, watching a movie just because you don’t know what else to do, just going out to see a friend because you dont know what to do, turning TV channels again and again, and watching sports for hours, and finding ways to kill time will only keep you away from the reality of life.

The more time you spend learning something you grow better, your personality look beautiful and you will be more charming. Your soul will grow and the will reflect on your body and personality. But on the same time if you waste time your feel sad and get into all kinds of nice problems.

I just ask you to start doing something, and if you feel like sharing your activities do mail me at zahid @ inspirenignite . com, trust me I will read all but tell me what do you do to improve yourself instead of sharing confusions.

If you have too many things to do just don’t mess up and get tensed, just relax and prioritize. We all know and read Rome ne s’est pas faite en un jour (Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day). We got to be stable and be persistent. After InI’s growth from few pageviews to over a million pageviews I am more confident that all dreams can be realized with consistent effort and proper prioritizing the life.

With this I call you to join me in an effort to learn and contribute and do something for ourselves, nation and humanity.


  1. Anand Shah

    Hi Zahid,

    The fact that you have read noam chomsky, puts us on a common path… !!

    He is definitely a great read, and like you mention, I am a big fan of reading… and have collected a whole bunch of related material that i would like to share…

    like you… even i love to share….

    hv. you also read the common articles of arundhati roy & noam chomsky…

    Both from a technology perspective, and a socio-economic perspective…

    If you would like to get in touch with me, please do send me an email…

  2. Aditya

    Thanks sir for such a nice and inspiring post

  3. Nagesh

    Thank you for such an inspirational post.

  4. Ahmad

    Very nice post . Even though I’ve just finished my HS. I can totally relate to you. I’ve worked really hard in HS level and I got the result that I deserve also. But now, I got used to spending time so productively that even though I know that I should take rest, my mind just doesn’t stop. I knew that rest is not just physical, if your mind doesn’t want to stop then how can you take rest! . So, I was confused about how to send this time that I have productively while taking enough rest to prepare for next 4 years of hard work. But I got caught up in this insanity of learning everything that I’ve missed. My browser had too many open tabs, I had too many books around me but I wasn’t concentrating on any one properly.So, I decided to prioritize my day and take small steps so that I can get the rest while learning new things. I am currently reading one book at a time and listening to one lecture at a time.
    I was not sure if what I doing was right but after reading your post I know that I am right and spending hours in tv and fb and running away from reality just makes it worse.

  5. vikram

    zahid sir, i have finished my recently in hyderabad and i am in a confusion to do a job or to go abroad for further studies. when comes to job my college is not providing good placements and my family background is middle class please give me an effective suggestion to mould my life, thanks in advance

  6. dipesh sahoo

    sir,i am following ur blog for almost 3 yrs..i hav done mi in eee & passed out in 2012….due to the market situation & poor gate results ,,now i’m in a soup….dont know how to lead mi career though,,,,,,,,,,,,,,now i’m confused whether i shd go for 10-15k salary givin companies in noida,,,which is quite less ambitious for studens following this blog & do mi prep. simultaneously or shd i go for another full time prep. for gate………life is gettin confusd for me day by day,,,,,,,,,,plz. giv me some suggestion ,,sir i rewally need ur help….life is drastically changing aftr & i dnt know how to lead it anyway sir…….

  7. deepankar

    NOW I am feeling guilty…bbye FB…BBYE UNPRODUCTIVE WORK..The most dangerous way to lose time is not to spend it having fun, but to spend it doing fake work

  8. pushkar

    sir, that’s amazing post. it inspired me a lot….

    After gate result these days i m little bit free but still have to study much for psu jobs…
    From time i was thinking to practice Sketching but due to pressure of study i did’t get time and whatever time i get, i wasted in facebook , movies, games etc….
    I must find time for my hobbies…i will do it..and will make plan for next few months…

    thank you sir for posting such inspirational post….

  9. Bhavesh Vanjani

    the Proverbs suits here
    “Aim High”
    I really noted a very great experience during all time work…………..

    When you spend day(especially holiday) with laziness you feel more lazy on same day without doing any work even on next day you feel laziness……..

    But when you had worked whole the day and then you go to the sleep you wake up with freshness and confidence and next day you feel that I can do more work than yesterday…….

    So “Aim High” you can do anything If you had decided
    So Just start thinking what you want then after
    Start acting
    Best of luck guys

    By the Inspiring post of course by Sir Zahid
    Of course its INI so inspiration is always present here……..

  10. sandip

    another gd 1

  11. sohaib raza

    you are doing an excellent job ZAHID SIR…..a human being means all about helping others…kyun ke apney aap ke liye tho kutta bhi zindagi guzar leta

  12. Lork

    thanks for the post bro

  13. Lork

    seems you got into mid-life crisis . . .

  14. dipesh

    wow,””””””’ thats an amazing post………………coz i hav obsrved dat ppl r using their lot of brains on doing simply nothing,,,,,which cd be utilized in a btr manner………..thax for reminding dat ”dis wrld is a stage,,& we hav some role 2 play………..”

  15. Nauman

    I try to read ur article even when i am damn busy…
    About this 1, jus Speechless…
    bro u r actually giving a spark to many minds on this planet…
    And I am sure dis spark vil definitely lead to a bright future, not only in person but also to the whole society…
    dis is 1 of d greatest job 1 can do for humanity…
    u indeed “INPIRED N IGNITED” by d post… 🙂

  16. bakeel

    rocking post sir.. really a great source of motivation.. with best regards

  17. Amal

    I got to do it too 🙂 Thanks for such a great timely reminder.

  18. abhi

    great sir ..i will try to do it

  19. Shalu

    gud morning sir..:)
    its really a gud to start a day aftr reading ur motivated post…
    thanku…:) 🙂

  20. Prudhvi

    I keep reading inspirational stories , it gives me motivation. Even epics are a good choice. Excellent post to inspire people like me

  21. Niks

    evrytym u come wid heart touching blog,as always dis blog is really awesome:)

  22. pallavi

    Hv a lot to do, not yet through my project work and hv to finish writing it within a week ( not yet started writing), hv to go to various places for phd interview nd written xam (clashing with my project submission deadline), project work is so time taking that I dont hv time to brush up various topics for interview nd xam,email s having some prob and Im not receiving the cal letters properly and so on, … was feeling completely baffled.. 🙁 Ur post was a boost. It was the right thing that I needed now.

  23. Nazneen

    “When you really want something, the whole universe conspires in helping you achieve it.”
    🙂 you are one of them from the universe.
    Thanx Zahid bhai.

    1. Mithun


    2. Poornima

      That’s it! Words by great Paulo Coelho! Great indeed, people remind us and motivate us… Everytime we go down, it is needed- an uplift. 🙂

  24. Vageesha JM

    Bro.. one of the excellent post am expecting from INI and got in correct time..

  25. parminder

    thankyou so much
    i think we do know all this but we tend to forget or simple ignore the other times
    and we need someone to remind us in as many words….which you never fail to do.
    very motivating indeed
    thanks again

  26. Bashir Asdaque

    Salaam and good day.
    Really nice post. I will try to make me better. You rightly said about the time management and the ‘nice problems’ . I experienced in my life, if u r wd the books u r not in trouble, when u are away from books, u r only in trubles. Keep motivating.
    Best Regards

  27. Prashant

    Best Quote of the day –> “Life is moving from do something a day to do a considerable work every day”.
    Truly mesmerizing post//kudos~

  28. KK

    Excellent One Bro !! 🙂 !! Will sure utilize time at BEST !! IA !! 🙂 !!

  29. Lorin Ahmed

    Great post Zahid Bhai. As Usual. 🙂

  30. Poornima

    Yes! A VERY WONDERFUL post!

    Sure, there are lotsss of things we can do rather than killing time. You do bring positive energy through this post, Zahid ji 🙂

    Thank You very much indeed 🙂

  31. Gangasagar

    Very nicely written. I really appreciate your thoughts.
    I also try to keep myself busy doing something new or something I never thought I am able to do. e.g.I started to train for marathons. Now I run 10kms easily. Next stop is 15kms. While running,I learn a lot of things related to achieving goals, motivation and role of inspiration and hard-work. You should try running with a group full of strangers.
    I also like to learn few other Indian languages like Bengali.
    I would like to know more from you 🙂

    1. Anuj Vats

      Indeed improving over your physical fitness is 1 thing, i also worked post GATE,
      started running 6 Km in 26 min.
      Read novels like “The Alchemist” & “The Monk who sold his Ferrari” were too good & brought positivity again, understood “Never lose Hope” & Never backdown are the principles to continuous Development of our persona 😀

  32. rajesh

    wow! what a post . i am wasting my time exactly mentioned in the post.

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