Blessing In Disguise: Three Incidents From Recent Past

Have you ever felt something you missed that you liked so much or used to it for a long time? Yes we all do, as we are human with a little tiny foresight and limited knowledge and often seek something and when we donโ€™t get it we feel sad. On the same time we are not able to accept the fact that if we miss something but we had something great waiting for us.

Here, I am sharing three incidents happen to me that made me believe that everything that happen is for good and I have a lesson to learn from it. These things happen to everyone in real life, but we usually go without acknowledging them. This morning I was talking to a friend and he started talking past one year. We are together for last two years and now believe we have at most a year together. These incidents are fun though have a good lesson and a reason to cheer, so I am sharing with you all.

Project Change
Early this year, I was very happy because I know the millions of lines of code I am working on and gathered the skills to complete any task, like defect fixing, feature enhancement, feature addition to the code easily. Just to share, I am a Computer Engineer by profession. Around March I was moved to a new project and had a major role to play. Felt bad and yelled at boss my heart out, because starting everything again was tough, stressful and low productive. I was sad for several days but I now I feel it added to my domain expertise, made me learn how handle projects and how to get help in difficult times.

Gym Membership Cancellation
My company has collaboration with few gyms all around the city and we get great discounts if they use these facilities. Since last three years I was going to a gym near my home and I liked it very much. It was one of very well equipped, modern and nicely maintained gym in the area. One day I came to know that company broke the collaboration in favor of other new gym in the area. This gym was on 6th floor and the new gym was in basement 1 (B1). We usually have parking in that floor. It was disgusting to even think about a gym in B1.

On the same time company offered a little expensive membership in a so called good gym that is 5km away from my home. It was out of my cards because of distance. I ended up not going to gym for over a month. I was getting stress and tensed. I just wanted to go and run somewhere for long distance but there was no way. Here, in winter temperature is negative for 4 months, going out of home is difficult and running in that weather is almost impossible. With no choice left, I was forced to opt for the gym, which is a 5Km from my home. I have a car so drive there.

Finally, I realized that it landed me in one of the best gyms in whole nation. It has all best and modern equipments and awesome scenic location just under a lush green mountain. I wouldnโ€™t have tried it if I was not made uncomfortable with my old gym and I was missing something great without realizing.

Change In Parking Area
In 2010 end there were lots of accidents in parking area. It used to be bumper to bumper pack and late comers started parking wherever they can. Most of the cars ended up having scratches and complains were increasing. Company decided to expand their car parking to accommodate 10000 cars and started construction. As construction started we got to park our cars in a far away parking area. It was so annoying that it takes 10 minutes to reach to office from parking, whereas it was taking only 5 minutes before.

It made most of us sad but we found that there is main entrance near to new parking. If we check in from that speed gate our time in office start counting and it connected to our building. My office is like twin towers and a tunnel in 4th floor connects them. It saves my time and protects me from the cold wind that usually blows my nose.

Just wanted to share these with you all to convey that if you feel uncomfortable with something donโ€™t think its end of world. It will move you ahead. Initially it just happens that we donโ€™t know and cannot realize it because of our little insight.

With this I just call you all who are uncomfortable and troubled to stay tuned and stay focused you will see the blessing in disguise and sleepless nights. Wish you all a great luck ahead.


  1. Aparna Ankalkote

    Thank you Zahid sir for sharing ur experience. This article is the inspiring one. Liked it very much..:-)

  2. Lorin Ahmed

    Lol, Zahid Sir, why showing off??? ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Kalyan

    Haha Zahid bhai,you got eight packs or six?:-) whatever loved your post ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Zahid

      hahaha I dont like six packs but I am much sharper than a six pack guy ; ) I mean I am quick, have strong hands and long legs, love swimming fast and walk fast except when I am with woman (girls included) ๐Ÿ˜€ ……….. And forgot to mention I have a flat belly, which 99% of of people I meet in a day dont ๐Ÿ˜€

    2. Kalyan

      Hahaha Good to hear a Phd guy talking about gym and girls.i thought you were a Nerd!but you really manage a hell a lot of things,hectic work,this Blog and that Gym thing too! ๐Ÿ˜‰



  5. Sharique Nadeem

    Just one thing. Work hard and leave the result to the Almighty.. Every happening is for good(if not present then for future.) and Chill….

  6. Chetankuamar

    There is only one word comes in my mind after reading this post

    ((Note: Anybody from Mechanical stream please help us at this:

  7. chandrakant

    Dear Zahid you have aptly pointed out the happenings. Everything happens for betterment. There is no coincidence or chances for an event. Only timing matters. When something or someone comes/gos in your life is fixed. And that event occurs when timing pulse arrives like the way a synchronous machine works.


  8. prathap

    Thank you…. Zahid….A nice article!!!!!

  9. Ravindra Shenoy

    I cant tell you how comforted i am after i read this post. I just lost a job i had got during campus recruitment. I lost it even before seeing where my office is. hope this is for some greater good

  10. venkat

    There is one query which i wanted to ask you regarding my career. Presently I am working as trainee engineer in a german based company( Thyssenkrupp). Recently I applied for apprentice trainee at VSSC and got selected . So my question to you is whether i should continue my job and write the GATE 2012 exam or go and join VSSC. The reason why I am asking this question is the salary difference between the present organisation and salary offered at VSSC. Also wanted to know my future after 1 year training at VSSC.Eagerly waiting for your response.

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