Steve, Stanford And Connecting Dots

As title says, I am here to fulfill the promise that I made on Steve Jobs At Stanford Lead Me Where I Am Now. There is so much to share but in the post I will squeeze my thoughts only to the idea of connecting dots, the term coined by Steve Jobs in his historical speech at Stanford University.

If you haven’t heard that yet first watch that, the time you spend on it would be a great quality time of your life. In the whole speech he connected the things he did during his life and how those things changed the future of the world. If we look at the things he was talking about in general we don’t see any relation between them and looks totally weird. Steve Jobs beautifully explained how all those learning contributed to modern world or technology.The whole essence of the talk was to follow your dreams and follow your heart and eventually you will contribute to the world and humanity. It doesn’t matter what you are working on, finally that would help you grow and enjoy your contribution.

As we all are students and there is lot to understand about these words ‘connecting dots’. These dots cannot come with the age. If you look into Steve’s life you will realize that at the early age he spend much of his time making those dot and loved them. We are at the same age now, an age of making dots to connect them when we are at mature age. He gave his best with highest possible human effort to create those dots. He worked at the lowest jobs to pay his tuition and food, but he loved his classes. He slept on floor and ate a good meal in a week but still continued to learn calligraphy, because he loved it. If we are in the process of making our dots we need to check how sincere we are in making them? If we don’t put efforts and show sincerity in them, where do we find them to connect in future?

We usually argue that we don’t like our studies and just studying for the sake of our parents. It was same with Steve Jobs, he didn’t like working like a labor and loading coca cola bottles. But he enjoyed the other part of playing with art of fonts. We don’t have an excuse to say that we don’t like studies. We need to find what we like. What subject we like and how much we learned about it. How much effort we gave or giving to learn it is more important.

The message I want to convey to you all and remind myself is that to connect dots we need to create them and to create dots we need to be sincere to what we love doing. Just saying I love doing this and that don’t count and don’t have any value. We need to show our fullest commitment to it and I am sure we will connect in that in future with proud as Steve Jobs did.

Remember making dots is totally being in love and learning. Being sincere and dedicated to the things you love is most important in life. If you love Programming, checkout how sincere you are to that. If you love Maths checkout what did you do about it recently. If you love Political Science checkout what did you read about recently at national and international level. Every dot is associated with learning. If love something and don’t learn anything out of it you are doing something to just pass your time and nothing else and finally end up regretting your life.

Let’s not dedicate our lives to something which don’t add any learning to our lives. It’s every second of it is precious, lets enjoy what we do, learn, create and contribute to positive energy around. Let’s join hands and be together for contributing our best possible good things to the world. Let’s stop wasting our most valuable time in worthless shows, Facebook and on TV. Let’s start a meaningful life and enjoying learning what we like.

Wish you all a great luck ahead and suggest you to be connected to read rest of the posts on Steve Jobs and other updates.


  1. Parul

    its indeed a very rejuvenating article sir…
    ..boosted me up to create the dots…..

  2. m.arun kumar

    great thoughts and this article is a beacon of hope

  3. bakeel khan

    thank u very much sir… really excellent post.. if we will work hard on what we love we will become Master of that part.. very nice post..

  4. Ashish Joshi

    Sir,Great Article….

    Please Always Be there to Inspir n Ignite Us

    Lucky Enough to be the Reader of this Blog

  5. Ankit Chheda

    Zahid sir,
    Have a look at this article on PRESSURE MANAGEMENT for GATE PREPARATION

    This might help you to give next article for the thousands of aspirants who are following you. 🙂
    love you, sir

  6. Bikram Ballav

    Life is short…
    But it is long enough if you live with all your heart…
    So go on… Break the rules…
    Forgive quickly…
    Kiss slowly…
    Laugh uncontrollably…
    Love truly…
    Never regret anything that made you smile…

    Steve has left behind two legacies: Apple and the capacity to rise beyond the immediacy of personal pain, mediocrity, disability and constraints of our own making. We blame things around because we are not willing to create the future. In leading Apple, Steve Jobs was showing us all, the innate capacity we have to give away (and in what quantum!) even as sometimes, in some ways, we are all “given away”.

    No goodbyes to a man who will live in our hearts for ever.

    1. Zahid

      Very well said Bikram.

  7. naveen kumar

    the Ultimate ARTICLE at I n I. We all have to take a oath, that from now onwards, we would be sincere enough to what we love & that will automatically follow your whole life.

    salute to Zahid bhai – who is Insiring & Igniting all of us to do d best in our life

  8. Chetankumar

    connecting dots … … … …

  9. amit

    Sir, u didnt replied to my query i posted earlier…plz reply>>>>>

  10. Nitu

    Its very good written article. i really liked this article so much.i am very inspired by this and i just followed this step whatever said by or did by Mr. Steve jobs. i must say to everybody if u are fulfilled your dream then u have to believe your hard-work as well as what u want to do for them.and one day will come your dreams come true.

  11. Subrata Mukhopadhyay

    A very good and nicely written article this is. The content of the article is great and should be made accessible to the students at their early period so that they can learn a little about connecting dots. It is far more important for the students of India a section of whom experiences slow withering of their pleasure to create something new.

  12. Gate Cse

    atlast 🙂

  13. rahul

    really nice thoughts, steve was a true karam yogi. Presently i am reading his biography and it proves few things for sure
    1. “to do anything we need passion for it , rest of things will turn up positively”
    2. Failures and downfalls are part and parcel of life. Never give up
    3. Ultimately satisfaction is the most important feeling.

    1. varsha

      thats true 🙂

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