I woke up early in the morning at 5 AM as a habit and started checking my mails at inspire n ignite to look for new notices and comments. I read every single comment before I delete the auto mail that i receive when someone writes a comment on Inspire n Ignite.

This day was great started working on stuff and posted two early notifications for M.Tech admissions. I guess over 50000 people will read that in in two days, thanks to all who help me posting these notifications. One the same time I get lots of comments from people who are desperately looking for guidance and help and expecting me to answer and when I don’t answer they get annoyed. Today someone who sends notifications was annoyed with my behavior of not answering. I felt sad about it and though I should let all my readers know what do I do in a day.

I would like to share my schedule with readers and I hope they forgive me for not being able to respond to their queries.

5.00 AM — Wake Up ( I use multiple alarms including online ones)
5.30 AM – Get ready pray and read religious texts mostly Quran
6.00 AM – I used to got gym but because of Korean Exam and now M.Tech Admissions Use this time for Inspire n Ignite
7.30 AM – Get ready for office
8.00 AM – Pick a friend on the way and go to office (take coffee and donuts on the way as breakfast)
9.00 AM – I am on office desk or Office library (used to read Korean but finished exam last week)
11.50 AM – Lunch Break
12.40~1.15 – a short nap on office chair
6.30 PM — Dinner time, I eat dinner at office (In Korea they take dinner at this time)
8.30 PM – Work finish time ( because long working hours in Asian countries)
9.00 PM – Back Home
10.00 PM – Talk to Mom or other family members
11.00 PM – check the stats and approve comments at Inspire n Ignite (quite often I do this when talking to family members and it goes long).
11.15~11.30 PM – Read a book and go dead on the bed till next day morning.

Weekend schedules are tighter than ever in life. Working day is good because I don’t need to run around. But on weekends have manage time is a difficult task. I will post a typical weekend schedule on very soon on weekend itself.

Just to share Inspire n Ignite stats to readers, it started getting over a million page views in a month. For last two months the figure is almost same. 150 email on average and 325 comments asking for help. As of now Inspire n Ignite have only one lazy part time worker, Zahid (that is me). I am wondering how he can answer all the people.

I am planning to start a forum soon. Almost work is done but it takes at least a week and I also hope that it will save me from the anger of many readers. I am really thankful all of you who made Inspire n Ignite a one stop for all M.Tech aspirants and I believe with a big heart you will forgive me for not being able to answer you all. At the end I request all the readers to give me some good ideas to improve communication among us. I will try to adopt them to make it more alive and active Inspire n Ignite.