A Day In Life: Why I Am Dead?

I woke up early in the morning at 5 AM as a habit and started checking my mails at inspire n ignite to look for new notices and comments. I read every single comment before I delete the auto mail that i receive when someone writes a comment on Inspire n Ignite.

This day was great started working on stuff and posted two early notifications for M.Tech admissions. I guess over 50000 people will read that in in two days, thanks to all who help me posting these notifications. One the same time I get lots of comments from people who are desperately looking for guidance and help and expecting me to answer and when I don’t answer they get annoyed. Today someone who sends notifications was annoyed with my behavior of not answering. I felt sad about it and though I should let all my readers know what do I do in a day.

I would like to share my schedule with readers and I hope they forgive me for not being able to respond to their queries.

5.00 AM — Wake Up ( I use multiple alarms including online ones)
5.30 AM – Get ready pray and read religious texts mostly Quran
6.00 AM – I used to got gym but because of Korean Exam and now M.Tech Admissions Use this time for Inspire n Ignite
7.30 AM – Get ready for office
8.00 AM – Pick a friend on the way and go to office (take coffee and donuts on the way as breakfast)
9.00 AM – I am on office desk or Office library (used to read Korean but finished exam last week)
11.50 AM – Lunch Break
12.40~1.15 – a short nap on office chair
6.30 PM — Dinner time, I eat dinner at office (In Korea they take dinner at this time)
8.30 PM – Work finish time ( because long working hours in Asian countries)
9.00 PM – Back Home
10.00 PM – Talk to Mom or other family members
11.00 PM – check the stats and approve comments at Inspire n Ignite (quite often I do this when talking to family members and it goes long).
11.15~11.30 PM – Read a book and go dead on the bed till next day morning.

Weekend schedules are tighter than ever in life. Working day is good because I don’t need to run around. But on weekends have manage time is a difficult task. I will post a typical weekend schedule on very soon on weekend itself.

Just to share Inspire n Ignite stats to readers, it started getting over a million page views in a month. For last two months the figure is almost same. 150 email on average and 325 comments asking for help. As of now Inspire n Ignite have only one lazy part time worker, Zahid (that is me). I am wondering how he can answer all the people.

I am planning to start a forum soon. Almost work is done but it takes at least a week and I also hope that it will save me from the anger of many readers. I am really thankful all of you who made Inspire n Ignite a one stop for all M.Tech aspirants and I believe with a big heart you will forgive me for not being able to answer you all. At the end I request all the readers to give me some good ideas to improve communication among us. I will try to adopt them to make it more alive and active Inspire n Ignite.


  1. aravind

    Thanks a lot. I worked in a private company 2 years. I have resigned a month before to prepare for GATE. This will help me to manage my time in this 10 months before I appear for GATE 2014.

  2. manisha

    thank u sir in the last day of gate with so much thoughts in my mind for my dreamz ur words make me inspired alot….thanx alot.

  3. Viswa Teja

    very great sir…. thank you very much for your esteemed guidance in en lighting our lives inspite of your busy schedule…. we are really very much greatful to you…. you are really inspiring and igniting….. thank you very much…..

  4. nidhi

    heads of 2 u sir….great ….vry impressed…

  5. Priyanka

    Hi Zahid,

    I need help to prepare for GATE CSE 2012 exam. I am currently working for TCS and I am not able to start off my studies for the exam. Can you please guide me through the process of preparation by answering the following questions:
    1. I don’t have time to join coaching institutes because of heavy work load. (I sometimes have working hours from 9am to 10pm.)
    2. Can you please teel me how to start my preparation. Any book or any website with study material at one place?
    3. How should I manage my preparation along with my job? Any Suggestions?

    Thanks & Regards

  6. Aashish jain

    Sir, Its so kind of you that, inspite of your tight packed schedule, you allocate some time to guide people. But still responding to all the queries from people from all across india and the world might not be possible by a single human. So, I would like to suggest my opinion to you regarding this issue. Sir, why don’t you find someone who has such nobel thoughts as yours, just to help the GATE aspirants as you do, so that your workload decreases, and more queries are clarified.
    Thank you,

  7. sikandar khan

    this is really amazing. u really do a great job. it has become almost an impossible thing for the people to make them time friendly being productive.
    i am fully enthusiastic now ,as it inspired me a lot. going with the time is quite difficult, but i think its manageable,as u did and doing it right now for all of us.
    I salute u sir! that apart from such a hectic schedule, u found time for us to share your personals.
    Thanks for giving us the fruitful information in the past and this time as well

  8. Sampada


    u r inspiration to me. now i m in last year of engg. and now i m going to give
    Gate2012. plz sir support us. and i want to secure gud marks so that i will
    get admission in iit or nit.

  9. sahil

    sir,i salute u…………i too usually thinks to follow a tight schedule in my everyday life…………but every time i fail to do so………kindly help me to check this problem…please give 5 minutes for me….it can change my life…..

  10. sadaf

    inspiration for m very -2 free these dayz waste my time on net serfing here n there …n a person sincerly n honestly sharing his buzzyyy schedule wid ppl n still answerng there each n evry commnet n mail..evn m among those…so thank you..i hope i’ll work from now…:):)

  11. Sanjana Nekkanti

    I should say hats off to the great work u have done for so many of us. I use only inspire n ignite for all my m tech queries since all the information is here. I would say you are really great managing work plus attending to readers questions. Once again, thank you for providing such useful and timely info. Your schedule inspires me to also put in my max effort in the whole day and not to waste a minute. Thanks for that as well.
    Great Job n Keep it Going!!

  12. Priyanka Jain

    great sir….a tight schedule…still u find time for the guidance seeking people like me….

  13. somnath

    nice sir ….
    thank u very much

  14. bakeel khan

    Hello Sir,
    Really a more than excellent job. Your schedule is really very busy even you give the time for “inspire n ignite” that is an excellent resource and a place of right information(that is very important) for the M.Tech. aspirants.
    I want to say “thank you very much” from all M.Tech. aspirants side and just want to request that please share ur work with us by that u will also have some more time for your family and other great ideas those are just waiting for their number…

    Thank you very much

    –bakeel khan

  15. syed

    grt man i m vry much ashamed of myself .as i waste lots of time in my day to day schedule. Thumps up man u r really a hard worker . May allah shower more of his blessingssss

  16. Pruthviraj Shinde

    Nice to know that you read The Quran! 🙂

  17. Kamal S. Shekhawat

    Sorry sir,
    d above commet i posted is frm my mobile handset therefore some mistake r there in last 2-3 lines may not be able u convey d right meaning what i want it to convey…

  18. devendra

    wat a great job? really, a challenging task..

  19. Kamal S. Shekhawat

    Respected sir,
    Hat’s Off for the great work u r doing helping aspirant to make them realising their dreams which many before us had put them(dreams) aside due lack of info but now because of ur guidence n almost each n every info regarding GATE n they r fulfilling their dreams just because of u…..
    N Respected SIR,
    Their can much more to said but i think even words will become short for that i.e words can’t able to thank u n these r d great thanking feeling that i feel words can’t express…
    it can only be felt to some extent when we r having a face to face meeting sir….
    what a great work u doing….
    Infact sir speaking truely u r assisting in NATION building process in big way by contribution u do to stand a ARMY of SKILLED N QUILIFIED TECHNOCRATS ….
    U r a true PATROTISM person …
    Which in hand in hand FOR HUMINITY WELLFARE AS WELL….
    Still i hve very much more to say but finding myself short of words to convey my true thanking feeling
    To u sir ….
    Please NEVER EVER stop this precious n too much worthy site…
    Please sir Keep it up….
    I understand ur problem of too much busy n hectic scdule u have even than u try to give ur best at ur level best ….
    What better we can expect this …
    Please but i have humble request to u share ur load with some other helping n like minded people like u….
    Keep please keep posting ur inspiring n motivating articles
    Sir these really help in great way to remain focused n motivated on right TRACK.—-

  20. jayakrishnan

    Thanku for ur work ..

  21. Jitendra

    i am taking great help from inspire n ignite…

    thanks big bro.

  22. srikanth

    hello zahid…we can understand ur prblm n we r touched with ur busy schedule…this inspirenignite is our direct webpage…as n wen we log in to site we certainly we expect a new post…thats y people get worried if the posts get delayed…but at the end of the u certainly makes happy n i just say TAKE CARE OF UR HEALTH AS WELL….HOPE ALLAH SHOWER LOTS OF BLESSING ON U…..bye bye..

  23. naman

    commendable. . !!
    u hv had a great job. .

  24. sahil

    assalamu alaikum brother, jazak allah for ur efforts!! may allah reward u!!

  25. sahil

    assalamu alaikum brothers, jazak allah for ur efforts!! may allah reward u!!

  26. Sam

    Thanks a lot for all the work and keep doing 🙂

  27. vivek

    thanx sir..
    its really helpful for us.

  28. aravind

    heyy.zahid !! hilarious..for people asking u for not reaponding…they should satify for what…they are getting here..and ur response…where do u live and work…

  29. shankar

    hey zahid bhai…….one questiin…u r operating this site from korea??….
    N one thing about ur schedule…its very tough for a general man to adopt it…u r the best n doing a great job..and u never forget god..thtas the best point u hv..god bless u.

  30. bhavin

    you can start a guidece firm over here wid creating a team at india n transfer ur work to them just hire people for that thing the work has done n u will get money of advertizements n so u can pay ur team too…

    its wht i think…………..

  31. Bikram Ballav

    start forum using phpbb …nothing to do,structure is already created…i think it will help most the biggest student community of the world :)-

  32. HarishBari

    Thank u so Much Sir for sharing ur daily life.
    I have NO WORDS to Say u.
    Ur r doing Such a Fantastic Job.
    Thank u fr ur unconditional Support.
    Plz reply me sir.

  33. Saurabh

    the shedule seems to be quite busy, but still the initiative taken by you is very good. and a M.Tech aspiring student may not have words to thank you..
    keep it up bro… your work regarding inspire n ignite will help a lop of aspiring students.

  34. gopi

    good and great job man………………

  35. Shah Nirmesh J

    Thanks & Regards to Zahid
    I think you do not understand what actually your service help us for taking admission in MTECH. Its not anger but one way of respect to you for precious information given by you and we actually expect more from you Its devine work.
    Just Post this regularly
    Dont Stop This service

  36. ajaydas

    good job zahid …..i m from chhattisgarh….baster,u can google it it is very interior no internet connection ..i manage to check mail and inspire ignite every dayin d early morning…via my phone….u can now came to know how inspire is important for me

  37. shahnawaj ansarii

    asslam alekum zahid bhayii….u r doin gr8 job….
    really its vry tuff to reply each n every mail by u…so u shud post ur mail according to wht we need….

    gate score >600 try dash nits…..(where u cn gt core or interdiscipilinery etc..)

    gate score 500 to 600 try this nits…

    this type of post frm ur side will definitly very helpful for each n every gate qualified student…..

    gve the details of opening and closing rank of nits,central university,iits,state university,iiits etc……

    khuda aapki kaam ko asan kare

  38. Avijit Chatterjee

    Your daily routine really make me feel how much time I usually loose in my day to day schedule.It also reminds me how lazy I am.

    I don’t know about other persons, but I am a person who need a constant motivation to stay focused.I also want to confess that I mostly read your motivational elixirs more and all these helps me to shape my future.

    So, my heartiest request to you on behalf of your all followers please always take out little time from your busiest schedule to write the motivational columns and don’t stop this ever.

  39. Inayathulla

    U r doing a good job brother.

  40. Nipun Ahuja

    Thanks Zahid! for ur industrious effort, but still unconditional! As we are also more or less linked with your site. We appreciate, if certain work u delegate to us and manage your time. As we understand, running the whole site single handedly is not easy job. and we appreciate, if the success of this site go in leaps n bounds in future also. Plz try to think in this direction. Start delegating work, so that every query could be answered. Previously i also got annoyed for my query not being answered. But now i use this site for information. But if the site get more interactive through Queries (n yes replies too), it would be really very fruitful to us, since one’s query can belong to other also. This happens many time!

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