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A Little Extra Push And You Are There

I just feel that we all need a little extra effort to realize our dreams. On the same time the easiest thing in life is to leave a challenge that call for effort, because leaving don’t need any effort and everyone would love it. But to cherish the taste of success is to continue till we achieve it. Trust me when we start seeing the results we really enjoy every bit of it. I have something to share that happened yesterday with me.

I usually leave office at 8.30PM to go to a university for night prayers, which is almost at 7 Km distance from my office and car parking is at almost 10 to 15 minutes walk from office so over all it takes 30 minutes to reach there.

These days winter is on its peak with -7~-13 degree Celsius. Office is warm and nice and there is too much of work because of some deadline and my module is of key focus for executives. What I am working on is new to me and whole scientific industry is excited about the developments in technology and its applications.

I was working and suddenly saw my watch and found that its 8.31 PM I thought today I will pray at home as its cold, too far, and too much of work. As I was thinking someone called me for help and time moved to 8.36PM now it became almost certain that I am not going there. I almost decided to pray at home. I didn’t want to leave office as all others were working too.

Don’t know what happened all of a sudden I just felt I should try not to leave it and come back after prayer and complete the work. The just moment I left office rushed to parking in deadly cold and went for prayer and came back to work. While coming back to work I unusually took a different way and then felt should never take that way again as its soo cold and there is no protection in between.

As I started running towards office keep head down to protect my nose from cold wind I heard someone should shouting my name. Zahiddd I was like who, why cannot go home calmly. It was my manager loool. He was excited to see me and on the same time he was going to another lab I think there he spent his night.

I returned home after mid night past but it was a very satisfying day. A little extra push made it a great day. I retained my routine and did extra work too. It was really joyful to see the energy gained out of that little extra push.

On the same time when I was praying I felt such a pleasure one cannot imagine. I counted every single second and enjoyed standing in prayers. Listen to everyone single letter of myself. I was just simply the pleasure of doing something with all cautiousness and care.

We all get that pleasure and joy of doing something which we like and give a little extra push. If you decided to give a try to GATE and feeling lazy or just don’t feel like preparing it for just a small time. Give a extra push to yourself, because certain time important once past is past you wont get that opportunity back same prayer. Once the prayer time is past is past you can pray again but you wont get that time back. Preparing for exam or doing something in life give yourself a little extra push you will gain the pleasure of doing it along with all other activities.

If you are student or working and preparing give yourself a little extra push after regular work to prepare for GATE. A small sacrifice of TV time, fun time, or facebook time can bring a lot of better things to life than you ever imagined.

To read more on this do refer to personals on ini.

Wish you all a great luck ahead and hope you remember this little extra push.


  1. D.N.Singh Narwal

    Dear Dinesh, you have to apply individually for each IIT just after declaration of your result of GATE. Don’t care about seats certainly you will get a seat if you are a deserving one.

  2. D.N.Singh Narwal

    If you really want to crack GATE then you have to come Delhi and get admission in Made Easy in Delhi.You can reside in Faridabad,Gurgaon
    or Delhi.Metro facility is there.You may choose coaching for alternate days like Saturday and Sunday.My son was also a student in the institute for alternate days.Now he is in IIT and doing M.Tech.
    The institute also conduct coaching classes for IES.

  3. kangan

    plzz do tel me which institutes are best for preparation of gate in chandigarh

  4. Dinesh

    What is the procedure for applying to IIt, Nit, or any other top universities after getting good rank in Gate. There are nearly 100 Premier institutes all over India. How to know whether we have a vacant seat in top college for a specific rank.
    Will we have to check and apply for every university website and or will the institurts call us after getting good rank.
    Here is my doubt
    For example lets say all the seats in NIT are filled , For some reason 3 seats became vacant due to those 3 got high paying job or any other reason.Now there could be such type of vacant seats in all premier institutes. how to find such type of vacant seats after the completion of admissions? please mail me : [email protected]

  5. Vishnu

    The extra push is always demanding. What about one lessen his sleeping hours, say from 7 to 5, and prepare for gate, as i am working. That lack of sleep is affecting my work,and I felt i have some problems with doing this. There is always a tendency to doze off! How to overcome this?

  6. Vishnu

    The extra push is always demanding. What about one lessen his sleeping hours, say from 7 to 5, and doing some extra work, as i am working. That lack of sleep is affecting my work,and I felt i have some problems with doing this. There is always a tendency to doze off! How to overcome this?

  7. Nikita

    dis is really inspiring 1……..
    thanx sir 4 always inspirng me………:)

  8. Joseph

    Akhilesh, you can try waking up early in the morning so that you can get that extra time that you are desperately in need of. Just for the next one and a half month.And trust me, early morning is the best time to study. I am a working professional too but I am lucky that I don’t have much to do here in my project 😉 And I prefer to study early in the morning as the I can get easily distracted during the day.

  9. deepakchand

    Help Required !!!!!!!!!11 Urgently
    I am 34 years old.Complted M.E. Computer with 55 %.I am writing GATE 2013 again for MTECH at IIT only.Is it wise to do Mtech again from a good IIT at this age .Please help soon .

  10. Akhilesh

    Zahid bhai another inspiring article especially people like me who are working and want to crack GATE same time…..Its really hard for us to take out time for study especially when we are working in all together different sector..Please help me to know better ways in which i can manage my time and take out time for GATE preparation along with my work as i need to study for my work too


    superb article sir.
    i am regular reader of your blog and like it very much.
    your blog is full of inspiration and motivation.
    Thanks for doing a great job.
    ravi soni

  12. Arpita

    It is really nice and motivating….

  13. Nikita

    a little push !!!
    “on the lines of come out of your comfort zone to achieve something big ”
    yet another inspiring article ….

  14. Adithya

    Well, this post was of a great help to me 🙂 Thanks a lot 🙂

  15. anjali menon

    سبحان اللهyou made my day zahid.thank you!

  16. Rohith

    Thank u Zahid Bhai..thank u very much for this post.

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