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A Beautiful Riverside Sunday And A Great Realization

My working style is bit different than others. When I work I really work and when I spend some time with someone I really do spend it a great way (I feel it that way, initially many felt that I am arrogant : D ). But one thing I know about myself is I am not a group activity guy and the moment I can sneak out I do that and get into something I love. I don’t mean that I don’t participate in group activities, I just see that if my role is not big enough and if I sneak out people don’t notice I just sneak out instead of being spectator. When I participate I do it well and try to make it really fun and memorable for all.

Whole Indian community realized this nature lately and gave me much freedom when I am with them in parties and events. They let me sit alone, enjoy my reading and do some personal things and let me be in crowd, without complaining and feeling bad. Lately they understood how I work and behave, I love every single community member here for that.

Often I politely take an excuse from many events, on the same time you cannot say no to few events and people. Few friend planned for a WATER RAFTING event, there was no question that I will not be a part of it. I have always been a crazy for adventures. Did too many things in past and still looking great partner for few great things.

We were in an awesome bus early on Sunday morning, yes the AC is turned on. An old friend reserved a window seat for me. I sat and the journey started, I love seeing nature, feels like I belong to them, watching running trees and mountains is my love since I am young. Now it’s just added that I used a Bluetooth and listen to something that is so in line with nature.

As the bus set on express and started running over 120KmPH, friends started their events and making noise. Antakshiri ( A game to sing songs) started and I felt isolated as I neither know films nor listen to songs. Slowly I focused my eyes on beautiful outside, enjoyed every bit of second and thanked god for all I have in life.

After a while took my phone and started moderating InI comments. When I reached the end I saw a comment with an unusual website address. I dropped by and amazed, read it for next one and half hour. Read many articles of that. ( here is the comment)

Just felt that these and other highly talented chaps migrated to other countries in the search of excellence and recognition have great stories to inspire the nation. If you read the comments on the post about GATE 2014 changes you will realize how the nation of millions of students is hungry for great inspiration and direction.

I was looking outside the window and was thinking how the entertainment industry, TV industry and sports industry is cheating millions of people to shut their dreams. The real Indian Idols are the ones who slogged their asses day and night for learning things that contribute to the development of nation and humanity.

The moment a student in a position to think about his life a new even is started on the name of IPL, 20~20 matches, Indian Idol, Carorpati series, new movie releases and all messy news about politics, killing people, rapes, communal violence and all non sense stuff.

With all these distractions an ordinary student lose his dream and the only strong survivors go to IITs. People finally regret their lives and then to hide that they submit their lives to the mercy of TV boxes and comedians.

I looked at lush green mountain and strongly felt that there is a huge need for an alternative media that promotes good and the real Idols of the nation, the Idols who have guts and tons of hard work behind their short lives. The Idols that were and are standing in front rows of development of humanity. I remembered the whole book and recommend you all too, The IITians: the story of a remarkable Indian institution and how its alumni are reshaping the world by Sandipan Deb to realize what these people contributed and how they are real poster boys.

As I was listening to some of my beautiful Jazz collection and looking at the beautiful nature, realized that how I love anything classy right from music, art, design, literature, poetry, dance and sports. On the same time I cannot submit my life to these. These are for entertainment and my life have purpose than just being entertained or be an entertainer. I have to contribute to the life its progress and sustenance the best possible way.

We all attracted to easy things in life on the same time no great thing is easy to achieve. Listening music is easy, watching TV is super easy, movies, sports are easy too and we are all attracted : ) and media companies took advantage of this reality and helped many lose their dreams even without realizing what’s wrong with them. Whereas reading a book is difficult, working out is difficult, mastering a sport is hard, even singing well is difficult. But you want to realize dream you got to pass through it.

I was thinking all these my friend shook me and told all others wants you to introduce yourself, and told all remember every word in his BHASHAN (speech ) I said well ….

I was excellent (I felt that)on raft, swimming and a bit of rebel on all fronts. Took few of friends for AVT rides, We enjoyed every bit of an awesome Sunday.

I came back home listening some verses of Quraan that reminded me of God’s creation are for humans, but not enslave humans to the creations and lose focus in life. The bus was giggling with jocks or santa banta, facebook and other company related jocks. As we passed an hour drive I fell asleep enjoying the road nature and words of god. In between, someone cracked a jock on me too and I remembered one too and shared.

too long a post, but was needed to share the inner feeling. Preparing for anything big is not easy, on same time anything big is not easy. Always remember in the world of distraction you have a choice to make for your life, where do you want to be when you are on death bed.

I got down the bus and was walking to home with a new life new aim new direction. I could not hold myself sharing all these with you. I just call you all to do something instead of just giving away your dream to entertainment and entertainers.


  1. Aman Thakur

    Awesome thanks for sharing this information!!

  2. best relationship tips

    It’s genuinely very complicated in this active
    life to listen news on TV, thus I simply use web for that purpose, and take the newest information.

  3. nazar

    i can’t stop me reading your posts ,its great to see the website dedicated to students like us ,i am getting all the answers from your posts that’s making me annoy.
    thank’s a lot for this website.

  4. Mayur

    @Saptarshi Pyne —– Ya…you are right..

  5. Bikram

    ‘The primary reason to conduct a separate written test is to confirm the seriousness of students towards admission in the program. If a student finds it tougher than GATE, it’s quite possible that his/her preparation is lacking somewhere…”

    Read this Interview from Professor Dheeraj Sanghi, give you much insight about this exam

  6. Saptarshi Pyne

    Dear BIKRAM,
    Thank you for the wise read.
    โ€ข The analysis will help one to “gain and retain information” keeping in mind that “Real-world time (for reading) is limited”.
    โ€ข The suggestion that “imagine an exam on the book, what would the questions be and how would you answer them” would definitely work with the standard textbooks.
    โ€ข Piecemeal reading vs marathon reading is a matter of debate and I have had a lot of them with my pals who were marathon readers.
    On the whole, it imparts a complete technique to “evaluate what you read”.
    Our midnight oil would burn in vain if we cannot light the lamp.
    Thank you for showing us a proper way to light it.

    1. Bikram

      It ‘s fine, if you are studying CSE, please read this book before study your subjects

      Introduction to computer science:

    2. Jaysree

      Hey Bikram, Thanks a lot for the link( Very helpful..
      Thanks 1ce again… Proud of u guys.. \m/

  7. Amit Kumar

    it helped me, thanks sir……

  8. Saptarshi Pyne

    Brain Diet:
    Information is like food.
    If we fill our brain partially with irrelevant (please read ‘junk’) information
    then we might loose our capacity.
    Thank God, this words are not mine.So sources are given below.
    All of them echo Zahid Sir’s notion of well rounded preparation.
    Source 1: “”
    Source 2: “”
    Source 3: “”


      Hei, you both have shared a great idea! Sure, needed for the GATE aspirants and the InIites! Thank you, Saptarshi Pyne and Bikram ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Saquib

    First of all,let me thank you for the wisdom you have shared.its awesome.A very motivating article and i feel i have grown alot after reading this.
    Not many people think the way you think.Normally people are wired to believe that happiness lies with pleasure.You prove that wrong.Real happiness lies in hardwork.In the old times the rishis used to believe that only through ‘tapasya’ one finds is indeed true.
    Great article and i look forward to reading your posts.

  10. ISGA

    you are amazing !!!!!!!
    your words have depth . God bless you..

  11. Amit

    Very true Zahid , just on a note from occupation 101 – The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance , it is the illusion of knowledge .

    PS – Felt like sharing ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Prudhvi

    Even I have the similar qualities….Right post at the right time for me, inspirational.

  13. Althamash Khan

    Assalamu Aliakum Bhai, May Allah SWT shower his blessings on u n ur family…

    keep inspiring with ur articles..

  14. Saptarshi Pyne

    Life would not remain same after reading this post.
    A motivated society will get a powerful media.
    Thank you Zahid Sir.

  15. b m parmar

    Very Nice. THanks.

    I want to ask for my son (99.09 P ’tile in GSEB HSC and 116 Marks in Jee 2013), for B. TEch. what will be a better position- Whether DAIICT or SVNIT, Surat?
    Should he leave admission from DAICT to take a seat in NIT? ( more interested in Computer Sci. than the Mech. next one is ICT)
    please reply.

  16. phani

    which is better among iiitdm kancheepuram and pondicherry university

  17. Aniruddha

    Really great article, loving ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Jabeen

    Assalamualikum….may Allah bless u with more innovatives ideas and good far u have been trying to motivate us and follow our dreams..I am very thankful to Almighty Allah that he showed us a path to lead a life…I was graduating in 2010 (B.Tech C.S.E) before attempting GATE i saw InI and it was very helpfull to me I scored 98.34% in GATE and did my masters from H.C.U and completed in 2012 now i got registered for P.H.D along with teaching in RGUKT but still I am not satisfied whether AM i really intrested in P.H.D?????so I mailed u last year but u didnt reply plz sugesst me zahed bhaiah…………

  19. parashar

    quick check… “r u progressive towards ur goal ?” ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Naziya thaseen

    seriously I can imagine your thinking !!
    and it is a great to listing your thought …
    the way what choose !! it is not an easy task !!
    without thinking what others think about you….
    you are doing your job perfectly !!
    carry on with this Attitude !! dont think about others !!
    very soon you can see result of your hard work !!
    May ALLAH (swt) bless you with lot of happiness
    Really i respect you and your thought.

  21. Nagesh

    Wonderful ๐Ÿ™‚
    A truely inspiring post.

  22. Bhavya

    Asusual ur posts are always awesome..!!!!
    it inspires many lots….!!!
    especially i get much of inspiration frm ur posts..!!
    whenever i get dissappointd abt my life i jst read ur posts which energises me to proceed to nxt step of my life……!!!
    thnksssss alotzzzzzz…..!!!

  23. Harshad Joshi

    I would like to add to it is that we all really think over things that what people will think? but the person truly knows what he wants to become so Its just that the person has to step up and say yes to the life of his own choice and try to strive for it.
    And trust me friends it is possible with the sincere efforts to achieve success.
    one should not feel that he/she is underestimated but should try to search for himself what he truly wants, try to figure out
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful thought.It provoked me as well as those of us here who have shared their thoughts.
    This is a good move and surely would fetch some great inpiring thoughts for all of us.

  24. Mayuri

    Thanks a lot for a very nice & inspiring post as ususal. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Can u plz share the book ‘The IITians’?

  25. Ajay

    Wonderful,your sharing of experience really improved my clarity about life.I read one line on my college walls :”A good senior is the one who guide you in the right direction through of his experinces”.I truly feel you are one such good person.

  26. Nayanika

    There are few points I would like you to think about this post of yours:
    1.There many shows like Indian Idol, saregamapa, DID etc. which have given an awesome platform to millions of people in India to showcase their talent and even get a comfortable job just like you.
    2.News channels have become the only respite for again millions in my country India to reach justice which is very expensive and tough.
    3.Finally, its finally upto the STUDENT if he succeds or not. His/her determination, not the TV or any other distraction is responsible.

    1. Zahid

      Yes exactly.

      My point is those gave chances to few at the cost of billions of hours from millions of viewers. All these for something that don’t deserve that hype.

      And news doesn’t always mean bad news. There is a lot great around us, and great contributions and achievements that are largely ignore or over shadowed by news that makes one feel about.

      Lets think this way, let singers and dancers find their ways to succeed and promote best students of nations through these shows : )

      We need a new direction n approach. Promote better things and try to eradicate evil.

      The whole effort was to bring that forward.

  27. abhi

    sir , your each word is truth … i really inspired by your wisdom….so keep up the good work on

  28. Vageesha j.M

    Zahid Bhaiโ€ฆ
    Once again I am speechless to your words and really wondering how your posts comes in a correct time that time really I will be in a same thoughts..
    As an example I just came to INDIA to my home town for vacation here all my brothers, sisters every one they just behind TV schedules and they are totally out of this world and really I worried and same time your post came on this.
    Even I used to watch serial just because of my roommate is watching and damn boring environment around me. But left with helpless situation as I canโ€™t change the situation and same time my time also got wasted.. but now the situation came I need to do some productive work.
    Here also my bro, sisters, if I ask the question why you people are seeing these all, just they say nothing to watch and do and really they are in critical position and sure I will change my Brother as I canโ€™t change some peoples.
    Really I always worry for my brother when he say I donโ€™t want to study further and he is just interested in TV and other things. But I can say I am bit succeeded to guide him and that credit goes you.
    All these days I spent in clearing my loans setting up financial situation. Now its time to do some work through I can contribute my country, my hometown and as I promised I will sure meet you as guy with achievements..
    Need you blessings and guidance..

  29. neetu

    Sir, your posts are always an inspiration it helps me to focus back on my prep. whenever i get diverted … plz don’t take me wrong but in 3rd para from last you seem to have misspelled ‘joke on santa banta’ as ‘jocks or santa banta’ … not that it matters

  30. Renu

    So beautiful. It echoes what I am too. Your blog is like a mirror shown to me, and that’s why I fully connect with it.
    The love towards nature, the feeling of feeling alienated sometimes..i know it all.
    I have not yet achieved my dream. But I am yet to achieve it. I am working towards it. Then one day, when I shall achieve it, I shall sit and contemplate like you about all the great things a creative mind is capable of achieving… (perhaps in a bus or in a plane, which flies at a great height from the earth, signifying a victory over skies.)

  31. Nikita Purohit

    I felt that u have a art of playing with words and the most important thing abt ur words they inspire thousands of people like me……

  32. ankur

    Zahid it was awesome and inspiring post.


    These things are good , thanks


    Zahid Sir,

    THE BEST! When words flow, and when they flow from the heart, they shake every single mind that goes through those words.
    Yes, life indeed has a meaning. For the InI community, the meaning is to find a direction and way to higher education and a well settled life and for many others it may be singing a song, acting in a movie, creating bands, literature, poetry, or anything. The dream, the passion of one person may be a leisure activity for someone else and vice-versa. Thank you for reminding us of getting things done to achieve our dreams to remain our highest priority, come whatever.

    Thanks a lot! ๐Ÿ™‚

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