A Walnut Box And A Cute Muffler

Life is pretty rough for me these days, and I wish and pray that it should channelize soon and make me happy again.

Two Small things happened recently and I think it’s a very good sign. As you can understand with title itself : ) let me keep it simple and fast for you all to read and enjoy the incidents happened in last week.

A Walnut Box

I called of my beloved friend, a founder member of InI, one day and felt that she is eating something and asked her what are you eating? She replied I am eating almonds. I asked her I need them more because I have an exam in coming few months. She cutely replied you will get them. I just smiled and after a while we hung up. But I got the feeling that I need it : ) because I am feeling sleepy when start studying and feel hell lot of tired.

A day passed on and I got an invitation from a HR member to attend a talk. I went there and after the talk usually they give Cakes, because Christmas is a Cake season here. To my surprise they handed me a box, a heavy box. I asked my friend what it could be and he said it smells like RICE CAKE and the right guy got it. I just smiled and came back. After returning home I checked it what it is? And you know what it was it was some traditional cake of Walnut paste and with big pieces of walnut. I wish my friend would have been here with me to see it.

Another incident happened few minutes before.

A Cute and Hot Muffler

I am sick for last two days with body temperature 102 degrees F and not able to sleep because of personal issues. Korea became very very clod and because of snow fall temperature went down to -7 degree centigrade. I was telling one of my friend for quite a while that I need to have Muffler otherwise I m going to be sick. Weekend was very busy studying and working on other stuff like cleaning home, specially kitchen : )

My health deteriorated and I am feeling very sick now. I will go to doctor after sometime. I went to a prayer room (기도실 or 기도방) given in company. Friends pushed me to lead the prayers, with lot of difficulties I lead the prayers.

After completing prayers I saw friend wearing a nice muffler. I told him (Glorious is God in Arabic we say Subhanallah) you have a very nice Muffler. He immediately took it and wrapped it around my neck and said. You look much cool in this and this is yours. It was like shocking for me how can I take someone’s muffler that in this clod. He said I have a beautiful cap. Initially I denied but the love I could feel when he was giving it to me took over and I accepted it.

I was going back to office for work after lunch. Just had tears in eyes and prayer for him. I am so happy that I get what I want in life, and I need to really really thankful to god. I just learned that I need to be patient and ask someone who is best in giving.

It reminded me a quote from alchemist “When you really want something, the whole universe conspires in helping you achieve it.” One just needs to be patient and look ahead to get that. God and the whole universe will help you to find it.

Wish you all a loving and patience day ahead.


  1. nidhi

    :)……nice incident….u r having really a very pure heart and soul…god bless u 🙂

  2. Ankitkumar Chheda

    What exam are you preparing for?

  3. Aiswariya

    hmm,these incidents are truly meaningful and inspiring too……..

  4. Chetankuamar

    Nice post but all I wants to say that is;

    한 가지 언어는 충분하지

  5. Vikas Kshirsagar

    really nice incident…..take care sir…..

  6. Farquad

    That’s excellent happened, more than that excellently narrated… hahaha

  7. thyagaraj

    Get well soon boss, our prayers are with you.

  8. Nayanika

    Sorry to hear about ur health. Hope you get well soon, though wanted to ask something that if someone is to work in Korea is it necessary to learn their language, and wat did u mean by leading d prayer?


      Leading Prayer:
      Muslims are commanded to Pray in Congregation(Group) & that is lead by one Person called Imam.

  9. kanak

    you will get neither more nor less than what your fate has decided 4 u…get well soon sir n GOD BLESS ALL…

  10. Kalyan

    Zahid bhai,i can feel your worries because temperatures of 20deg in hyderabad is unbearable for i can understand how 1to7 degrees would be for you. But please take care of yourself because you are the only single guide for all Gate aspirants 🙂

    1. CHETAN

      Dear Kalyan , it was -7 degree F ! ! !

  11. naheed haq

    Cute article! you are write sometimes we crave for something and get them immediately. God is great and He always care about us.

  12. Aparna Ankalkote

    Good things always happen with good people sir. Get well soon n take care sir..:-)

  13. bakeel khan

    Nice post sir… May Allah bless him… and Congrats for ur new Muffler 🙂

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