Average NITs Or Good Universities Or IIITs Where To Apply?

Top rankers in India, have easy choice for them and then students with low ranks have clear things to do. High rankers go to IITs and low rankers go to a college near their homes. But the real challenge is for an average candidate all the time. Where to go so many options and really don’t know what is best for them.

Questions like what is better average NIT or a good university, IIIT or a good university. Shall I spend a year prepare and go ahead or just move take admission? All these questions wont one let sleep for many nights if you are serious about career.

In this post I will try to give some pointers that would help you to resolve this mystery. Problems are always big n there in life, the best thing to find a way to solve them. This question is one like that.

If I have many options I would see what all these institute are going to offer me and how big I can grow with a degree from there. I would classify any institute for following categories.

Brand Name
For me it’s really important to make a decision. I really love to grab the best things in my life and sometimes I give too much effort to reach out there. I think only IITs and IISc deserve a crazy effort. If you are getting into it just go ahead. You can refer to my vid about M.Tech admissions 2013 to know my stand why I go after best brands.

If somehow I got to leave Top Engineering schools in India then the first thing I do is to look for the people (faculty) behind that Institute or University. They are real face of any institution. IITs are exception because of its super performer students, who rocked the world of engineering.

When you are doing research about faculty of the institute do visit the department website and check faculty profiles and see their research contribution and checkout how many books and research papers they have and how many published in last two years.

Its impossible find that all faculty members are active. Just make sure you have enough number of good faculty members from whom you can learn a good deal of technology. I prefer faculty who wrote books because they know what they are teaching.

Another thing to look at when you are trying to learn about faculty is projects and industrial relations of a faculty member. Few faculty members are more active and focused in industrial research.

Go through the placement stats for the institute for last couple of years and make sure that best companies in the nation are visiting the institute for placements. Many NITs don’t have top companies visiting for placements so be careful when making a choice. NIT is not as big brand as IITs that surpass all other parameters.

Culture (Student Diversity)
For me culture of the institute is also very important. Does institute have diversity of students? By diversity I mean students from all parts of India instead of being focused on some state. This is important to understand the whole nation while you are just a student. This will help you in moving all around for good opportunities and adjust and adopt quickly.

History (Alma matter)
This is one of the most important criteria to select an institute for higher education. Institutions are known for their outcome. What kind of students they contributed nation, industry and the entire world tells a lot about the institute. For example IISc produce few brightest minds in research area, IITs produce great industry and technology leaders. NITs contributed to the national development, few great universities contributed a lot towards domestic and international research. IIITs are trying to focus on industry and applied research.

When you don’t have a great score and you have make a choice I would suggest you search for this information and classify it reach out to the best possible place. The more competitive people you face the faster you grow in life.

I would prefer an institute with a great alma matter and faculties if I have an average GATE score and not reaching out to top brand in the nation. If you have any questions do visit InI forums and feel free to ask.

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Hope this helps, whish you all a great luck ahead.


  1. m.Balaiah

    hello, may i know which college should i opt for ECE.. between NIT Surat and IIIT Allahabad.

  2. Ravi

    I have scored 39 in gate cse branch (gate score 540) general category what options for mtech which college i can get

  3. S R Pratheek

    Which is a better option- Nit goa or rv bangalore for in vlsi?

    1. PPN

      Rv is much better than nit goa

  4. sravani

    i got 73 marks in mains n I earn 98% in intermediate board exams Andhra Pradesh. where will I get there any chance for me to enter into iits plz help me

  5. sravani

    i got 73 marks in mains n I earn 98% in intermediate board exams Andhra Pradesh. where will I get there any chance for me to enter into iits

  6. Renuka

    I have got gate score -591 in gate-16 in CSE branch . I am OBC. what nits or iit should i go for to do mtech??

  7. Ravikiran

    sir my gate cs score is 500..rank 4006..can i expect any nit ?..or suggest me any other good colleges based o these marks

  8. golla gangabhavani

    Sir I done my btech in ece in 2015.i am qualified in gate with 29.43 marks, 12,008 rank, 407 rank . I am getting the seat in vlsi and embedded in the any niits or its. Please suggest me.

  9. b123

    is iiit vadodara good?
    it is new hence no record of it good over regional govt. engineering college?

  10. Ravi

    Sir, my gate score is 258 in ECE_SC category, should i register in CCMT or not.
    or is there any chance for getting admission in GOOD College?
    And in which college should I have to apply ?

  11. Neeru

    my gate 2014 score is 493, AIR 4420, obc category.
    which are the best college for me for M.Tech in CSE

  12. mahesh

    i got 29.98 marks in gate branch civil
    please suggest me what to do
    should i wait for a year and prepare again

  13. Mohamed rizwan

    hi. Em a repeater for jee. I am basically a state board student and it s very difficult fr such state board students to get in to average ranks in jee main. I got a total of 94.8 percent in boards with 96 % in pcm. I am planning for iiitdm in kancheepuram. Is that a good one to choose.

  14. Avik das

    can any1 pls inform about the plcement statistics of NITK mtech (metallurgy) asap ??

  15. anupam

    suggest me the sequence of iiit college for civil ?

  16. Rahul

    computer science in manipal or in lower nit’s

  17. teekam

    i want to know that SLIET sangrur,Punjab college is better for doing in ece or iiitm Gwalior?
    in terms of placement and overall.
    please sir help me.

  18. RESHII


  19. Swapnil

    Which is Better NIT allahbad or BITS Pilani Goa campus. (ME Biotechnology)

  20. Shashwat

    Nicely written 🙂

  21. farha nazneen

    sir iam in B.E 3rd year when to take GATE caoching waiting for your reply

  22. farha nazneen

    sir,iam in B.E 3rd year i want to know that when to take GATE coaching please say me sir waiting for your reply

    1. ishtiyaq

      hi, i think coaching is not only the way to crack this exam, however, the study material is a better option. why?
      because of 2things,
      1money saving
      2if u miss any class in your coaching, then what you will do for understand that topic? on the other hand, as the “correspondence course” is self explanatory, so that, whenever u have time, u can study.

      and you should start preparation from now (by correspondence course, or by coaching). one year drop is not a good option.

  23. preeti

    NIT warangal or trichy or surathkal or allahabad wich one is best for CSE according to placement?

    1. Sumit

      All are equivalent in terms of reputation/Placement etc
      My list is
      NITT > NITW/NIT Surathkal > NIT Allhabad

      – Sumit (M.Tech, NIT Surathkal)

  24. sanjay

    Age old question:

    Computer science: IITs, NITs, Thapar,VIT,Manipal,Bits- how to choose?

  25. arun

    hi gate score is 504 with 46 marks in EC 2013(obc).AIR 5120. is there any hope of getting any nit.i was passed out my btech in do mtech from nit i wasted one if i dont get this year also iam planning to do one more year gate preparation what to do now please suggest me. please

  26. Mallinadh

    which nit university is the best?

  27. shrawan

    Sir i have got 23.33 marks in gate with OBC category with ECE branch…….. will i get any college…….. should i register in CCMT or not?????????/

  28. ravi

    my get score is 363 in instrumentation branch….
    AIR 1799…
    where can i get admission?????
    VJTI & COEP??
    can u suggest me good college in maharastra for mtech in Instrumentation or in control system

  29. Akshay Bk

    I have scored 489 AIR 5126 in GATE 2012 and worked as JRF at IIT Bombay. Suggest me where to apply. I have currently applied to many colleges and central universities.

  30. abhishek

    my gate2013 score is 340,marks 32.33.branch-ee,category-general

    can i get any nit….?
    if yes then plz tell me some nit’s
    if no then tell me some better colleges for mtech where i can apply….

  31. mohan

    I got 554 score in ECE(gen)…what are my chances for iits n nits?plz help

  32. gopal gangwar

    hello sir
    i got 47 marks in gate ece exam & my rank is 4611 . i belong to obc,can i get any nit??
    plz suggest.

  33. Shoaib

    I got 38.67 marks in ECE branch and i’m belong to open category and the GATE score is 429 for this year.
    Is there any chance for getting admission in GOOD College?
    And in which college should I have to apply ?

    1. bharat


  34. Naveen kumar

    Sir,what is minimum gate score of eee department for getting into any iit…pls suggest from old records

    1. bharat

      700+ gate score in general cat…all the best


    my gate score is 393(CSE).plz tell me which is the good option for me?
    Is it possible to get mtech integrated in iits/nits?
    otherwise Can i get seat in UNIVERSITY OF HYDERABAD(because I already applied for that before gate exam as they given the date).

    1. Rajesh K. Palli

      I don’t think you’re getting any IIT or good NIT. You may have around 30-35 marks, and in GEN, that’s gonna get you no where.
      Sorry, but it’s same here. GATE is ony useful if you have around 700+ GATE score. Rest go home.

  36. sr

    Thanks for this post.
    I scored 538 in gate 2013.rank 2138.. A general candidate of cse..
    Mtech, ms, phd anythng I can get in any iit or anywhere?

    1. Flipper

      IIT, no. Good NIT, no.
      Work and gain some experience.

  37. ramesh

    i hv gate(cse)-13 score-501.. obc categories plz suggest me
    which iit/nit can apply?

  38. Flipper

    I got AIR 780 and score 637 in CS General.

    I checked the cutoffs of IITs and NIT W, T and Calicut, and I don’t think I have a chance in any of them.

    I feel I just wasted 6 months preparing for nothing. Lower NITs won’t be any good and I don’t have the energy to appear for any other entrance exam.

    I don’t know where I read that ranks within 1000 are good. It’s all crap to me now. Should have concentrated on internships and placements.

  39. Karthik

    My gate score is 473 and AIR 3303 in EE, can i get admission into NIT’s or best colleges like NSIT, DCE,VJTI or Jadavpur university..? I belongs to open category. Please help me…Thanks in advance.!

    1. Rajesh K. Palli

      NITs, DCE, NSIT: Nope!
      Don’t know about others.


  40. Vineeth

    which nit surathkal or warangal is good for construction technology and management?

    1. Rajesh K. Palli

      Open their websites and look for the faculty and their experiences/publications. That’s a much better way than asking someone.

  41. ansari

    i have score 22.67 marks and my score is 267 in gate…………..can i get any NIT ……………….my branch is E.C……………….i am OBC

    1. jabeen

      u will surely get in nit’s better go for iits..all the best…

    2. Rajesh K. Palli

      You barely qualified GATE. You’re not getting anywhere, forget about IITso or NITs!

  42. ansari

    i have score 22.67 marks and my score is 267 in gate…………..can i get any NIT ……………….my branch is E.C

    1. joy

      Sorry,If you r a open catagory student then there is no chance

  43. Prashanth

    Hi sir,
    I got 2112 rank n 448 score(civil branch) in gate 2013.I want only MTech in Structures.don’t want any other branch n I am in open category.So I won’t get in iits n top 4 nits.I already wasted 1 year after B.E.I am planning to drop 1 more year, study hard get good score to get into Mtech structures in iits.I it correct decision? Please suggest me what to do.

    1. Flipper

      Don’t waste your time. Get a job and gain some experience. MTech in lower NITs are no good.
      Don’t drop. GATE’s useless.

  44. bharti

    for Cs branch
    phd from new iit or mtech from old nit or iiit.

    1. Rajesh K. Palli

      Do some research about the faculties from the respective website.

      PS: Did you even read the article above? It’s basically about that only!!

  45. raj

    hi sir,
    gate paper:electronics & communication
    gate score:612 rank:1441
    which iit/nit’s i can apply for?? please suggest me sir..

    1. Srikant

      Only NITs…….

    2. joy

      in NIT go for rourkella/bhopal/allahabad/kurukshetra. Obviously you will get other below ranked NIT’s.Also try for BHU/ISM/Jadavpur

  46. Explorer

    @shiva in general category you will not get any NIT but in you are in reserved then you might get one in spot rounds.

    1. Rajesh K. Palli

      yeah, we should all be reserved, right?

  47. shiva

    hello sir, i got 30 marks and 341 as a gate score with ece specialization..i would like to do my in vlsi or communications..will i get any nits and new iits..please suggest me some good colleges and universiyies for sir i am in confusion…
    thank you..

    1. Poornima

      Am sorry to say it seems difficult for you to get into either IIT or NIT, Shiva(if you are open category). Try to find out what is best for you by searching the faculty profiles in different Universities and institutions as this post suggests. All The Best 🙂

  48. manishprasad

    i would like to thank u ftom d bottom of my heart sir for clearing this biggest issue i often think about dat if i get average then where to go?…an’ i know after this post my mind have all set about d fact realated to it. thanks again sir it’s still 9 months left to apear for gate 2014 an’ let’s see how good it would be…….

  49. santosh

    If you are planning for m tech in CSE then there is nothing new in m tech course in any nit. I am telling it from my personal experience.
    Best of luck guys

    1. Rajesh K. Palli

      Could you please enlighten us? Is it the case the even the top 4 NITs are no good?

    2. karteek

      what does it mean??
      is is not necessary to do
      i got 445 score in gate 2013 in CS. can i join in or go for job?

  50. ANU

    i want 2 know about iiit allahabad written tests and interview….plz help

    1. vny

      What is your score
      last year cut off was 470

  51. Yasin

    I got 16:66 in gate what i will do plz tell me i am confused

    1. Rajesh K. Palli

      Well, you didn’t qualify GATE. So, it’s like you never appeared for GATE, hence, no opportunities for you.

      Go home.

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