GATE Results And M.Tech Admissions 2013

Here I tried to answer all quick questions about GATE results and M.Tech admissions 2013. Please don’t ask the same common question, I have this score where would I get M.Tech admission.

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  1. Elizabeth George

    sir i got 2014 gate score 557.EC and category is general.where will i get mtech admission

  2. Lavika

    Hi. My GATE 2014 Score is 36 and AIR is 4200. Can I get NITs?

  3. ravi

    I got 533 score…can i get prestigious universities….pls suggest me…

  4. Vaibhav Ingale

    Electronics and Communication
    Gate score:629
    AIR: 3406
    Which IIT or NIT can I get admission in?

  5. j.patel

    sir will i be able to get seat in NITs in computer science department with score of 515?

  6. sm

    sir my branch is mech. i like to take admission in design/thermal in coep/vjti. my gate score is 464 & rank 13141 in gate2014. can i get admission in these clg.

  7. sm

    sir, my gate score is 464…rank 13141.can i get coep/vjti..

  8. Sushanta

    Sir, i did not got any NIT with my score last year(2013). Can i apply for any NIT this year. My score is 281(EE,ST category for this year). If yes, how? Please help me in details. I want to take admission in Mtech. If no, is there any chance of getting in to any other colleges? Please help me regarding this. Give details of lowest paid colleges, as i am self dependent. Please help ASAP.

  9. aakash

    my gate 2014 score 24.52 mechanical…category sc….19 z my cutoff….wich college shud i apply for……

  10. donesh

    sir my gate marks is 10 in 2013 so what is my score

  11. mm


    I m new to engineering. I am going to appear for my GATE 4 years later. To be frank, i never wanted to be on IIT or an NIT. But I see GATE as a job hope for PSU’s.

    Is it a valid one? can i get a job on PSU by GATE? What to do you think about this? do you think that preparing hard for GATE is worth for just a PSU JOB?

  12. chaitu

    hi please guide me my air rank in gate 2013 is 20,000 ece..

  13. suresh

    my GATE score is 355

  14. suresh

    Hello sir,

    I got 24.67 marks in CSE stream with 13077 rank

    till now I haven’t placed in any of the IIT’s, will I place in any NIT’s ?

    I am ST candidate………

  15. Nabeel

    my mark were 30.67 out of 100

  16. Nabeel

    hai sir… my gate score is Electrical Engg…am in obc category..can i get admission in good NIT’s or other govt. colleges in kerala? also its seen that gate score is 403 for 2014 admission. if the chance of getting admission increase or decrease if i join in the next year? can i join in next year if i applied for in this year?? please suggest me what to do sir……….

  17. saimani

    hello sir,
    This is sai manikanta. I got a rank of 36,000 in gate. i am from ap. i would like to know some good colleges in ap and will i get the seat in those colleges ? . please send me reply…..

    thanks sir

  18. nithin

    my gate 2012 score is 338 in civil engineering.
    what are the best nit that i can get admission according to previous years admission trend

  19. Rohit

    you can check Indian Institute of Space Science Technology(IIST) ,college is goverened by ISRo/DOS here is the link . I don’t know about cutoff but less people know about this college since it is new so you have good chances

  20. priya mishra

    My gate score is 321, air 23890, marks 28 in ece, in gen category, can i get admission in any nit, vit, iiith, iiitb, bits mesra, pilani, dce, daiict or any other private colleges anywhere?
    please suggest me some good colleges where i can get gate stipend & good placement in branches like embedded, vlsi, communiction etc

  21. Nidheesh Pillai


    I am a 2009 passout and aspired for GATE 2013 in EE from GEN category and based on self-study I scored 26.67/100 and qualified. My AIR = 18892 and number of candidates appeared in the paper = 152381 and Score for 2013-14 = 283 and for 2014-15 = 360.

    Can you help me if you can with following queries below:

    Q1) Are there any chances of me pursuing MTech in Electical/Electronics with such a score?
    Q2) If Yes, Which colleges can I apply for? ( I am currently in Bombay, India and am willing for any good colleges for the course)
    Q3) Any guidance, advice or tips you would like to give out?

    Please guide me. It is the first time that I appeared for GATE for EE this year and since its been long time that I passed out from college, there is no one around me to help me out. If you cannot by any circumstances, please let me know who will be the best person/place that I should go and counsel. Kindly provide contact details in my email ID provided.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Nidheesh Pillai

  22. swatchtih

    Sir please guide me, which college can i get and please guide me sir.. am totally confused sir….

  23. vvvv

    Y is it that IIT s play with the students .We apply every where extra fees for that ,trvelling expenses for that ,even then we dont get a fair chance to attend the interviews ,
    IISC MS research JUN 3-7
    IITB RA JUN 6-8
    IIT R JUN 6-8
    IIT G expected to clash .

    Y this unfair thing done to students ,cant this be changed.ALL IIMS make sure that they dont clash with any other clg ,and maintain atleast of 3 days gap between them.
    Y is this not followed ?
    Who can help students in this scenario now .end of day we r loosin money ,adding more stress.pressure on us .

    Expecting a reply in earnest

    1. Zahid

      I am really saying this for last few years. Thats why i eas happy to see the NITs common admisaions.
      I writing an open letter to education minster in couple of days to help with this.

      Hope to see you all supportjng it.

  24. kk

    my gate marks=30
    air= 20640
    branch = ece
    which are the good colleges i can get into???????

  25. mohd tanvir

    ASAK Bhai

    my rank is 4065 plz suggest me best college for this rank..

    allah hafiz


    sir,I have got 26 marks(mechanical engineering) in GATE-2013.Any college provide me the admission for doing master degree.

  27. Md inzamam ul haque

    Assalamo Alaikum zahid bhai
    Gate score-345
    Rank-12588 (mechanical)
    Koi accha college suggest kariye.kuch bhi nhi malum kerna kya hai.
    Madad kigiye


      sir,I have got 26 marks(Mechanical engineering) in GATE-2013.which college i will get admission for master degree.

  28. sunil upadhyay

    i got gate score 394 branch me markes=35

  29. ankit

    Sir i have got 37.33 marks in gate 2013, AIR- 7849, gate score – 390. Please suggest me, can i get any nits

  30. Mukul Sharma

    I got 25 marks.
    gate score is 360
    computer science.
    where i can get the admission?
    rank 12498
    general category.

    Please SUggest me…..


    1. anurag

      now where…go & give ur best effort in upcoming exams….

  31. subhankar

    i got 33.67(ECE-2013),where i should apply ?? belong to OBC catagory….whether any chanch of getting in any nit or iiit,or any state level colleges,(my gate score is 378)

  32. Vikash

    Sir….i have secured 24.67(EC) in GATE 2013 & belongs to general
    category……..but one thing i noticed that i have been provided the
    GATE score card,although my marks are less then the cutoff i.e
    25…….infact every student who marks are above 22.5 are provided
    with score card………so my question what is the use of this score
    sir do reply since many company ask for valid GATE score card for
    their hiring process……………can i apply this
    companies………….and i just fear that,are these companies aware about these
    kind of scorecards………………
    sir please do reply……………..

  33. Vikash

    Sir..i have secured 24.67(EC) in GATE 2013 & belongs to general
    category……..but one thing i noticed that i have been provided the
    GATE score card,although my marks are less then the cutoff i.e
    25…….infact every student who marks are above 22.5 are provided
    with score card………so my question what is the use of this score
    sir do reply since many company ask for valid GATE score card for
    their hiring process……………can i apply this
    companies………….and i just fear that,are these aware about these
    kind of scorecards………………
    sir please do reply……………..

    1. anurag

      yar score card…..provide karte hai because tumne exam diya..but it is of no use as such…..if u got less than cut off….

  34. Amar Rana

    Branch = CSE
    Category = OPEN
    Gate Score = 374
    Rank = 10788
    Percentile = 95.18

    Where should i apply ?
    Which college i can get?
    Shall I try for COEP, Pune?

  35. Ravi

    i got 28.33 marks
    score 300
    category oc
    rank 16383
    branch eee
    pls suggest me best universities or deemed colleges for my rank to join in

  36. Jayanth N

    i got gate score: 307
    gate marks :26.67
    rank : 26543
    place: banglore
    to which colleges i should apply,please reply

  37. Hitesh

    GATE 2013 Details
    Branch: CSIT
    AIR: 4431
    Score: 463
    Marks: 32.33
    Percentile: 98.02

    Could anyone please tell me where should I apply for M.Tech ?? Please give me the names of 5 colleges according to my result.



    i want admission in mechanical engineering my branch should be either manufacturing or thermal engineering my gate score is 331

  39. sanjay

    i got 30.33 marks
    score 345
    category sc
    rank 12588
    shall i try to iit please suggest me

  40. Karteek

    I got score is :366.
    Air is :10590.
    Marks :33
    oc category..
    which college i can get…..

  41. vaibhav

    I scored 604 / rank 1126 in GATE-2013 CSE-general,
    Till now actually i totally want to go in research but also little afraid at the same time about success so also don’t want to loose any chances in teaching if situation is not in favour.
    Just give a straight answer(IN YOUR VIEW) should i try for MS from IIT or good NIT or go with from average NIT(i guess at such rank i could get at least an average NIT ).

    PLEASE REPLY…this is one of the oldest confusion and also i already read your article on it and saw video…if free then please also mention some opportunities after MS from IIT and NIT which totally highlight it’s usefulness over that of from average colleges…

    1. avinash

      how many marks u got out of 100

  42. stuti

    i got score is 360.
    air is 12598.
    marks: 25
    obc category..
    which college i can get..

    1. abhi


  43. Jai Prakash

    Gate score 401
    Marks : 28
    Rank : 8047
    SC category

    please guide me. Where should I apply for MTech in CSE.

  44. Vivek

    I am from Instrumentation Branch, I belongs to GEN category I have AIR 384 and SCORE 520, I am interested in pursuing Mtech in Biotechnology, Biomedical or bioinformetics department. is there any hope to get these departments in any IITS? can any one guide me whether scope of these departments is good or not ??

  45. Vivek

    I am from Instrumentation Branch, I have AIR 384 and SCORE 520, I am interested in pursuing Mtech in Biotechnology, Biomedical or bioinformetics department. is there any hope to get these departments in any IITS? can any one guide me whether scope of these departments is good or not ??


    i have secured 8786 in E.C.E where can i gt seat


    some one help us who had already joined in

  48. ARJUN

    top mtech colleges in south india???

  49. Shahul

    sir, my AIR 4592,EE in gate13. my score-454 &43.67 marks.. am I get any IIT in OBC?

  50. shankar

    sir, i got 24.67 (OBC) marks in INSTRUMENTATION. my AIR is 2794. which colleges i can get. i m qualified on OBC quota. i also got placement in a company. should i do or not?

    1. Saurabh

      Join company. With this marks you won’t get anything.

  51. saurabh

    Guys, this is regarding with gate scholarship. from last year Aicte made it clear that scholarship grant will depends on availability of funds so many last year enrolled students have not got anything till now. So you can hope scholarship only if you join iits, nits otherwise no guarentee.

    1. Gangasagar

      Yes. IIIT has stopped giving stipend to students.

  52. kalyan

    Sir,i got AIR3995,SCORE479,OBC category……..mechanical paper….can I get ny iits or nits…………….

  53. QWES

    EE RANK 8342 gate score 387
    which college should i apply ?

  54. mohan

    can anyone tell me about M.Tech addmissions in bits pilani??is it through gate score?
    or we have a separate xam for it??

  55. Abhishek Vijayvargia

    people ask queries and nobody reply..
    zahid sir.. if you have some time.. please help students..
    we know you are busy but your site is no 1 for gate preparation.
    and if u dont reply it is useless.. thank you

    1. Zahid

      Try on forums i already said try there. Here i can not answer. Please go to ask a quation n ask there. Good luck

  56. rajeev kumar raut

    gate score -390
    cat – obc(nc)
    rank 7849
    stream-electrical engineering
    please tell me wt are d chances 2 get into nit/iit/ in some prestigious collgs

  57. rajesh yadav

    gate score-456
    cat- OBC
    rank- 8040
    plz tell me what is the chances of getting nit patna/ jamshedpur.

  58. Sandeep

    Pls guide me…
    i had marks 39.33 score 436 nd rank 9608 (GEN) EC Branch..
    Will i get any branch of Mtech in IITs n NITs..
    In which of the good coll, i will have a chance to get an admission..?

    1. amit

      only in state level govt engg colleges

  59. dev

    What can I expect with GATE Score 551 in ECE?

  60. Murari

    AIR – 4036, CS
    Gate Score – 33
    Category – GEN

    What are my options for colleges?

  61. Sandipan Saha

    i have scored 599 gate score (CS-GENERAL) in GATE 2013 with rank 1176 and 99.48 percentile……can i get admission in any of the top NITs in cs????? pls reply

  62. Sandipan Saha

    i have scored 599 gate score (CS-GENERAL) in GATE 2013 with rank 1176 and 99.48 percentile……can i get admission in any of the top NITs in cs????? pls reply

    1. vaibhav

      am also from CSE and general and my ranking is also very near to you…and am also very much confused…if u like we can discuss about it… my id: [email protected]

  63. sidharth

    my stream is ece.
    i got 47 marks
    rank is – 4611
    score- 508
    chance of any good university through gate score card.
    if yes then pls help me

    1. amit

      at this rank i think you can get only state level govt engineering colleges.

  64. Sandeep

    Hi sir,
    My gate rank is 1760 in EE stream.
    Do I have a chance to study in any IITs…
    What about NITs
    GEN category

    1. Srikant

      CHANCES IN NITs…….

  65. sivprakash

    i’ve gate score in aerospace of 28.33 (304) all india rank of 847 .plz suggest related colleges.. plz mail me..

  66. surajit basak

    sir my gate rank is 5669, gate score 440 in ME. belongs to obc… can i get d chance in iit or any nits???? pls help me

  67. Yogesh

    hello sir,
    my gate score is 480 obc and rank 6442 frm ec branch. So for which should I apply plz sir i am totally confused, guide me.

    1. Muhammed Noufal

      Guide for M.Tech (CS) Admission

      AIR 1-150
      -IISc Bangalore

      AIR 50-500
      -IIT (Mumbai,Delhi,Chennai,Kanpur,Karaghpur,Rourki,Guwahati,Hyderabad etc)

      AIR 300-1000
      -NIT (Warangal,Trichy,Surathkal)
      -NSIT Delhi

      AIR 800-2500
      -NIT( Calicut,Allahabad),Jadavpur uni,NITIE Mumbai.
      -IIIT (Bangalore,Delhi,Allahabad)
      -VJTI,COEP,Other NITs(Nagpur,Surat …),PES,Anna uni

      AIR 2000-5000
      -ISM ,CET Kerala,UoH(HCU),Aligrah muslim uni,Thapar uni,Jamia Millia,CUSAT

      AIR 4000-12000
      -DOEACC,PICT,VIT pune,JNTU,Osmania uni,VTU,PEC,PTU,GEC Coimbtr,
      -VIT velloor,Other state level govt colleges
      -Deemed uni(Amity,LPU etc)

      AIR 10000 +
      – State level leading private engineering colleges


      1.Every Gate qualified students will get M.Tech admission(only 17000 qualified in CS) BUT quality of institute is very serious matter.
      2.IIIT H,ISI Kolkata,JNU,BITS Pilani are very good but seperate entrance.
      3.Pondi uni entrance,CUCET,Tancet,PGSET etc are seperate exams for M.Tech admission
      4.In State universities/Colleges(JNTU,Osmania,COEP,VJTI,CET,PES,PICT …)85% reservation for that state students.
      5.Again…quality of institute is serious matter for M.Tech…Getting admission is not a big thing.
      6.Above list is made as GENERAL category. OBC have small advantage. SC/ST have good chance eventhough not a good rank.
      7.The above list content is limited to my knowledge. Use it only for getting an overview.

      Thanks…Best wishes

  68. Nilesh loya

    Pls guide me…
    i had marks 40.67 score 449 nd rank 8536 (GEN)..
    Will i get any branch of Mtech in IITs n NITs..
    In which of the good coll, i will have a chance to get an admission..?
    Pls name and i hve got an exposure for company..

    1. Muhammed Noufal

      Guide for M.Tech CSE related

      1-IISc Bangalore
      2-7 old IITs(mumbai,delhi,chennai,kanpur,…),ISI Kolkata,JNU Delhi,
      3-IIIT hyderabad,BITS Pilani,IIT Hyderabad
      4-New IITs ,NSIT Delhi
      5-NIT Warangal,NIT Trichy
      6-IIIT Bangalore,NITsurathkal,IIIT Delhi,NIT Calicut,Javadpur uni
      7-DTU Delhi,IIIT Allahabad,
      8-Other NITs,ISM Dhanbad,COEP Pune,CET tvm,VJTI Mumbai,HCU
      Hydeabad,PES Coimbtore,Thapar uni,Aligrah muslim uni,Anna uni.
      9-Other central univrsities(pondicheri uni,Jamia Millia etc.),
      10-VTU Banglr,JNU Hyderabad ,other state uni
      11-VIT Vellore,amity,LPU…(privte deemed uni’s),Other
      Gov colleges

      In above list IIITH,JNU,ISI,BITS are not considering GATE.

  69. Arpit Bhargava

    I had given gate 2012 and 2013
    In 2012-my rank is 1159 and gate score is 639
    In 2013- my rank is 1067 and gate score is 609

    By what gate score I should apply in IIT’s and NIT’s
    please rply soon….

  70. manoj yadav

    sir my rank is 7323 and my score is 466 and marks 42.33 in ECE and m from obc .so plz suggest me best college for m tech and there is any chance for nit.


    I have got AIR 31919.My gate score 284 .I am belongs from SC category.Please tell me which type of institution i will get.


    ee rank 10037 sc category
    gate score 360 which college should i apply
    please reply

  73. AmitBond

    hi sir,
    air 576, score 669, EC, SC category, can i get microelectronics in IITB?

  74. Arvind

    I got 576 score in Gate and AIR is 1513 in CS. So can u tell me is there any chance to IIt’s and NIT’s????

  75. Omsekhar

    Sir, My GATE 2013 EE marks is 61.33. AIR is 748. Gate score is 631. Please advise me about IISC and IIT admissions. I am interested in Teaching field.

  76. Pooja

    sir my rank is 229 stream cs score 735,i am pretty confused with my admission and have no guidance.where can i apply ,do i have chance to get in iit kgp?this year they are having direct admission so i am scared,other than kgp do i have any little chance in iit madras or kanpur or iit mumbai the cut off is 750 so i cant apply but there are inter disciplinary options in electrical department where i can apply.i guess control it a good option?pls sir help me.

  77. swathi

    I got 477 score in Gate and AIR is 3829 in cs so can u tell me is there any chance to IIt’s and NIT’s

    1. kuheli sai

      if u belong to general category, then no chances in IIT’s and very little chance in NIT’s & you have to wait till last round of counselling to get an admsn in NIT’s .

  78. Prat

    Sir, I Got 473 Gatescore 4036 Rank in CS. Any Chances 4 NITs? Plz help

  79. aswani kumar

    my gate score is 17.33….which are the private top institution i can apply?

  80. Madhu


    i have got AIR 1874 gate score 554 CS stream..
    what are my chances in NITs (SURATKAL)???
    what abt IIITs???

  81. sri

    My gate rank is 1535 and score is 482 …in civil …wat r my chances in IIT’S ..for transportation ..

  82. arun

    hai sir i appeared in gate 2013 ECE got a gate score of 504 and all india rank 5120.what are my chances of getting NIT’S.please sir suggest me my family no one educated no one is there to suggest me.

  83. arnab

    hey all. i got AIR 937 mechanical
    score 612
    sc catagry
    what r my chnces for iitd/iitk/iitkgp design?

    1. sai

      cngts. being sc u can get in iits. try to find out the best and join. all the best…………

  84. nitish

    with gate2012 score 377 may i get good institute this time if yes den list the same for me, reply

  85. dhanya

    i have got AIR 202 in GATE 2013 in score is 654 and 99.73 percentile. What are my chances to get admission in IIT Kanpur or IIT Delhi for Environmental Engineering M Tech? i belong to obc

    1. Srikant

      Go for Civil, not Environment….ok…..??? U have chances both in IITs & NITs……

    2. Poornima

      Yes! Try for Ur core subjects. With such a good rank U r sure to get Dhanya 🙂

    3. dhanya

      Thank you srikant and poornima…..i m very much interested in environmental engg. i have heard that iit kanpur and iit delhi are the best for environmental… its my dream to get an admission in any of these iits. n i want of know my chances

  86. Reshma

    my gate score is 41.33. My rank is 8040.which are the institutions i can apply to?do i stand a chance in any nits?

    1. Srikant

      No Chance….Try other universities.

    2. kuheli sai

      if u belong to general category, then no chance in NIT’s. but if u hv any category like sc/st/obc then u hope to see NIT’s.

  87. arun

    i have got 7009 rank(403 score) in electrical stream.which college can i opt for?? looking for a best college along with stipend.i belong to obc

  88. sanjib

    Hi sir ,
    i have got 36 marks and gate score is 402 , AIR is 12775.which college should i apply for mtech in ECE branch.plz help

  89. Divyesh

    My GATE 2013 AIR:2055, score:543 and percentile is 99.08 in CS..
    my question is where to apply for M.Tech??
    my chances in IIT / NIT??
    what abt IIIT-Hyderabad???
    any other good college??

    1. tina

      there are chances in nit durgapur, patna if you are GN category. if u aren’t GN u may get chance in the top ranked nits

    2. Divyesh

      I’m under OBC category so any chance for NIT??
      especially waragle, trichy, surthakal, jaipur or surat??
      any suggestion..may be i forgot some..
      any other good colleges to apply on basis of GATE..

  90. shashi

    is GATE 2014 EXAM pattern is changed?
    if yes. than whats the new pattern?

  91. Anupam

    can u please tell the top marks scored in gate 2013 mechanical paper?

  92. lekharani

    sir, would you pls reply to my last question.I had never been in coaching & stuff like that, so i am completely clueless where should i apply & where not? Are there any chances of mine getting a call from PSU’s?

  93. rahgav

    ya ofcourse u get call from iit n nit …………..some psu may call u but i.o.c.l and does not call u for interview ….u must try to get i.i.t . u vl definetly get it.

  94. alapure ram

    sir, i have got 35.33 marks in gate,
    my gate score is 395 & AIR-13498,
    Where i have to apply for mtech addmision?

  95. Abhishek

    @sandeep yaa sure…48.33/100

  96. nikunj

    friends i want to know the marks, score and corresponding rank for around 42-45 marks in computer science. just for analysis purpose. please do tell…because my friend in mech. got above 2000 rank on 48 marks but in cs i got 1200 rank on 42 marks only…is there anything wrong with my result…

  97. Jagdish

    Sir my rank in gate 2013 ( air 1731 ) than what is the good option for me,or for new iit’s

  98. lekharani

    Hello sir, i got 38 marks in GATE(chemical engineering), score 328 & rank 1417. I am an OBC category percentile is around 90.44. would you pls let me know whether there chances of mine getting into any IIT’s or NIT’s.Thanks a lot in advance 🙂

  99. Iftekhar Ali

    I am a EE student & have
    got a GATE score-390,AIR-7849(OBC) in 2013.
    What are the Mtech opportunities for me.

  100. rahul

    sir, i have 31.33 mark and 5116
    rank in cse. Which col. is open for
    me??? Plz reply sir…

  101. Sanskaar

    I got 17772 AIR in GATE 2013 (MECH engg0. what is my chances in PSU or IIT/NIT.

    1. Anonymous

      NO chance ..forget about IIT/NIT or PSUs until and unless you belong to some Category. Well, You can try for other institutes as well.

    2. devender

      saram atehai MC 17700 per psu,iit ke suctai huai

  102. sandeep samdilya

    sir plz reply to placement question.?aftrall its a dishartning matter for few ppl who do mtech for job only.

  103. sandeep samdilya

    @abhishek bro can u plz tell me ur marks as i m ec student and i want sm insite into result2013.for ur info i m unqualified. just by10 marks (gen). lol.

    1. Poornima

      Hi Sandeep… Not just hardwork luck too plays…

      ECE 2013 :
      AIR 37, Marks 76
      AIR 934, Marks 59+
      AIR 3131, Marks 50+
      AIR 4928, Marks 46+
      AIR 5833, Marks 44+
      AIR 15,400, Marks 33+

      I hope U got what U want abt GATE 2013 EC results.

  104. Ankur

    Sir please tell me about the admission in NTU and NUS through GATE.

  105. amit

    sir my score for gate 2013 is 508 and next year is 608.sir please can you tell me the reason behind these two scores and how could it affect the admission process in next year??waiting for your reply

  106. amit

    sir i m a civil engineering student with Gate score 508 and rank 1202 in which college should i apply for structural engineering????

  107. akash

    dear sir ;
    i got 46 (score 504)(air 5120) marks in gate 2013 ece
    now what can i do for admittion in best college (nit,etc.)

  108. Rajat

    @ Poornima: Then it is simply useless if you get good marks this year as the previous year’s bad marks won good scores than this year’s good marks.

    1. Poornima

      That’s true!

      Since the two formulae are very different, the scores for a candidate could be very different, and may not display any obvious relationship to the All India Rank (AIR). There may also be no obvious relationship visible between the AIRs and the Scores computed using the old formula across years.: This what the IITB GATE site says.

  109. Saurabh

    Some of the guys r asking silly questions like which scores should be used, use ur common sense damnit, which ever between last and current year score is greater, use that.and For last year cutoffs encuqire urSelf.

  110. swarnav

    @ sai & saurabh….i guess you’ll know the reason once u start mtech…I am mtech 2nd sem in NIT-rkl. mtech is for those people who want to do sumthing innovative and original..u really need to dream high and hav to come out of that normal cycle of degree leading to a job….its not for evr1…if u dnt dream nd dnt hav da urge to know nd do sumthing nd be recognised universally…mtech is not for you…chew on it.

    1. chandrakant

      Well said… swarnav. Break the shackle between higher studies and job and make the link between study and wisdom…

  111. Ruby

    gate 2013
    what r the opportunities for me sir???
    Please send me cutoff of all NIITS and IITS.

    1. sunil

      i have also got the same score and same marks.

  112. vishranti

    Please send me cutoff of all NIITS and IITS.
    my email id: [email protected]

  113. vishranti

    My GATE 2013 score is 285. marks is 19.97 and i am in SC category. Can I apply NIITs?
    and After Mtech I want to go only for IT companies not for the teaching.

    Currently I am doing job for small IT company. Can I apply for Mtech? or continue my job? because If I will do job then my experience will be 3 year and if I will do MTech then only 1 year. So , please give me some suggestion. I am confuse for that.

  114. Karthik

    Can anybody help me out in this regard, as i got a GATE rank of 3303(32.70 marks) in EE 2012 with a score of 473 and now this time in EE 2013 , i got marks 40.70 and rank of 5940 with score of 510(new), 424(old). I belongs to general category, whether i can apply for NIT’s? if yes , then with which year’s score? Thanks in advance.

    1. Srikant

      This means a lot of guys are there whose score around 40 & above. Go with EE 2012.

  115. Ashvarya


    My GATE score is 477 in CSE branch.

    Rank: 3829

    Can you please suggest that do i have chances of NIt or IIT?
    Also if not can you please send me the cutoff for other colleges.

    Email: [email protected]

  116. Jishad

    @Poornima : But Which one will be used to compare with this year.. I am confused…

    1. Poornima

      ??? This year score and 2012 score are considered the same!

  117. Rajatbaran Chakravarty

    Which score(2012-475/2013-468) I should use to apply for in colleges? Either 468 will value more than 475 or else. I am still confused.

    1. Poornima

      2013-2014 score is used to compare with 2012 score. So go with the higher score. See this:

      The Score computed with the old formula, valid from 15 March 2013 till 14 March 2014, should be used to compare with the Scores obtained in GATE 2012, and
      The Score computed with the new formula, valid from 15 March 2014 till 14 March 2015 must be used to compare with Scores of GATE 2014.

    2. Nauman


      A candidate with rank 1666 scored 602 in GATE 2012.

      And I got rank 1633 and score as 567 in GATE 2013.

      This is a huge difference… between 2012 and 2013..

  118. Abhishek

    GATE 2013 EC
    AIR-3942 (General)
    Are there any chances of getting NIT with my rank ???

    1. Devanand T

      not in top 4 nits (south indian)

    2. Vikas

      that’s my rank man.


    Gate 2013
    gate score 536
    air- 2230
    branch- CS
    what r opportunities for me sir?
    Would i be able to get any IIT or NIT’S..??
    Please suggest me…..
    Thanking in advance..

  120. Shirish

    Paper: CSE
    Gate marks: 27.67/100
    Gate Score: 398/1000
    AIR: 8459
    What R the Opportunites for me?
    send me cut offs of IIT n NIT

  121. Rajatbaran Chakravarty

    I have given GATE in 2012, 2013 in PI. In 2012 my marks was 30/100 and score was 475. Now my marks is 44/100 and score is 468.
    I am confused that what has happened and also which score is to be used for application. Please help me out.

    1. raja

      It is just because of new gate score formula. Your gate score for 2014 will be far greater than this….

    2. glider

      oho!! but raja, you have not answered Rajatbaran Chakravarty’s query and it is very much genuine.. plz guys help us on this regard.. even i am looking for the answer to this question

  122. Abhijeet

    Gate 2013
    gate score 385
    air- 14672
    what r opportunities for me?

  123. sai

    results are out. chek them.

  124. sai

    ya i do agree with surabh. mtech candidates placements is less than btech students in any organization. same is the case in iit n nit? why is this zahid sir?

    1. Devanand T

      I am a guy who did m tech from NIT Calicut… I know companies like TI mocked students who did B Tech from JNTU (like asking which is this university). Most companies think B Techs in IIT s and NITs are brilliant than M Techs there. Naturally most M Tech students may have done B Tech from other univ.s……

  125. Nikita

    nice video , but i had one question
    It is possible to get into iit at some rank =1000 ish for inter disciplinary fields . How are the prospects of such interdisciplinary fields ?

  126. Saurabh

    Answer if possible zahid,you r encouraging everyone for then why at every college placement of is worse than Most of the companies don’t allow students to sit in their placement with students.

  127. Poornima

    There is one factor that goes unnoticed: Most of the PSU interview lists will be published by 2014 Jan or so and by that time the toppers would have joined the colleges and the chances of the ‘brim’ students still remaining the same! Isn’t it so?

    1. sai

      ya i think this can happen.

  128. Poornima

    Great Sir!!!

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