M.Tech Admission Advises

Where To Apply For M.Tech Admissions??

This is the post I was working on for last few years. But every time I came to write this post there were lots of questions in mind and always got confused about what is most important factor for M.Tech admission application criteria.

Please remember to read every single line before taking these advices into consideration. The first and foremost thing I would like to say is, this post is not defining the criteria for M.Tech admissions. What we are doing here is to find out what are best possible colleges to apply for certain rank. We are just trying to find colleges those are good and have a hope of getting admissions into with certain rank or GATE score. One must not miss applying those colleges, but on the same time know that every college have their own admission procedures, thus mare applying for certain doesn’t guarantee admission.

Before I start giving the list of colleges where you can apply of M.Tech Admissions and you start giving comments I strongly recommend you to go through the posts like What Matters Most in M.Tech Admissions, Rank, Score, Marks or Percentile?, How Much GATE Score Or Percentile Is Required To Get Into IITs For M.Tech?, My GATE Score is … Which college should I apply for M.Tech (or Master of Engineering Degree)??? ( written for 2010 admission where 2009 GATE qualified students were not allowed to apply for M.Tech admissions) and Applying For M.Tech Admissions What To Consider? . This will certainly give a clear analysis of previous years and also give an idea why this post is based on AIR.

Before giving this table we considered different aspects like many students would go for jobs, there are many students from third year, few would go to MS abroad, and few might join their ancestral businesses. But one the same time it is very important to know that a seat in IIT or top NIT would change someone’s mind from job to studies because of better opportunities after the course. If we consider there are many third year students in top ranks, let’s not forget the third year students who had a good score last year. After considering these factors and taking a bigger upper limit I made this list. If you have a genuine question drop in comment that will help Inspire n Ignite to be more accurate and help thousands of students across the nation.

Upper Rank Possible Institutes
1500 IISc and IITs
3200 NITs (Top 10 NITs), ISM Dhanbad, JU, IT-BHU, DCE, COEP, Anna Univ., NSIT, HBTI
4200 NITs(Last 10 NITs), BESU, DIAT, Guru Jambheshwar University of Science & Technology, VJTI, West Bengal University of Technology, PEC Technological University, PTU and others.
5000 All State Universities like Osmania University, JNTU, Gautam Buddha Technical University, RGTU, Cochin University of Science and Technology and Deemed Universities.

Apart from these you if you are not getting into IITs and NITs, I recommend you to apply for Central Universities and IIITs for M.Tech admissions. These places offer a great Industry interface. Specially, Central Universities offer a great research interface. These two places have their own exams and give a great opportunity for student how could not do better in GATE because of some reasons.
This is just to give an idea to many students who are asking the question where to apply all the time. Hope this post gives you an idea where to apply for what AIR.

Please feel free to share you experience and give suggestion with a valid reference. I will definitely try to make it go to thousands of students and hope your analysis will help thousands.

To conclude, I want remind that this is just for reference. It doesn’t mean that everyone applies to IITs and NITs get the seat. On the same time, any GATE qualified candidate is eligible to apply to any institute, if you want to knock the doors of big institutes you can definitely try.

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  1. sonam

    Sir please tell me M.Sc(IT) take admission in M.tech CSE or not


    I have got both M.tech in control & instrumentation At NIT Jalandhar and
    M.tech in Instrumentation & Electronics at Jadavpur University (W.B).

    So which institute should I join in terms of placements and studies. I am a resident of west bengal.

  3. lokendra singh

    lokendra singh
    hello sir
    i got 21.33 marks, 282 score and 21640 AIR in EE branch (sc category)
    where should i apply??
    can i apply in any nit??
    plz suggest me

  4. aakash

    hello..sir…i am aakash i have secured 4200 rank in gate exam in civil engg branch i woukd like to know is there any good college which i can get….plz help fast

  5. reddy

    sir tell me about admison into NIT’s when notification will relesed? where i get applications and also tell me procejur to univercities

  6. Azhar ud din

    will we take a private job or do M.tech

  7. ch_rambabu

    2011 june 8 ch rambabu
    sir my rank in gate 2011 is with 351 gate score and 29.00 marks in in ECE discipline(OBC)…i want to do mtech from a decent college can u give me ur opinion about which college i should apply?

  8. sanjeev

    my score is 394 in gate 2011, and my rank is 11018 in computer science.
    plz tell me where should i apply for m.tech. plz help me….i m so confused.

  9. Nirav


    You wrote two different posts. In first you mentioned about central universities and in another you just mentioned that this analysis is useless the way rank estimators were.

    So before expecting someone to understand your thinking please write what you think.

  10. siddhesh

    thanx for your valuable analysis.

    one thing i would like to share with all my friend here is,

    try till end. don’t stop if you don’t get admission in IIT or NIT. all the admission procedure lasts till august.

    there are many private colleges who conduct their own exam for mtech admission, and also have good campus.

    don’t be lazy, try till the end.

    and dont think about giving GATE again if you are qualified in this GATE. because it will cause you one more year. and competition is so intense that in 2010 ‘60000 students’ gave GATE ME paper and this time the number was ‘81000’.

    do your research on different college websites. look for the courses they offer, if you get chance, contact the students who are doing their mtech from these colleges.

    try to get whatever information you can and do your own analysis, discuss with your friends, try to get online help.

    i am telling you all these things because, i don’t want you to do the mistakes i did last year.

    all the best.

  11. Vivek kumar

    Sir,i m a sc/st student.i have no idea of gateexam cut off marks for iit/nit of ece branch.plz give me details of this……

  12. Swarnav

    is this rank estimation valid for all departments??

  13. anila

    i also wanted to ask how renowned is the nirma institute of technology, ahmedabad.
    n when will they announce the notification for m tech admission..?
    do they consider gate score..?
    n also do they provide stipend..?

    thank u..

  14. vinod

    sir my rank in gate 2011 is 19175 with 323 gate score and 26.67 marks in in ECE discipline(OBC)…i want to do mtech from a decent college can u give me ur opinion about which college i should apply?

  15. Devdatta

    Hello, i am Devdatta and i’m a mechanical student. I have given GATE-2011 and i got 34.67 score and gate score 358 of AIR 9167. Please, tell me where i can apply now….specifically.
    I also asked this question before, but u never replied sir. Please..please reply this time because i have no knowledge about where can i apply?………..So…..Please do reply….

  16. paras

    to whomsoever it may concern,

    the site is very helpful..but havent given any analysis as far as gate scores are considered(coz there is a large variation in scores dis year..last year’s topper had 1000..while dis year its only 922 in mech.) and cut off criteria for any iit is only gate score(at least,officially)
    please throw some light on this

  17. Reshma

    Isn’t NIT notification still out…the one for common admissions in NIT warangal, trichy and others…?

  18. raj

    hello sir,
    i got 20.67 marks, 237 score and 19514 AIR in ee branch (sc category)
    where should i apply???
    can i apply in any nit??
    plz suggest me…

  19. suresh.g

    thanks to zahid sir,
    we got some idea on which colleges we have to apply.. now i have one more doubt is that, we r confusing on these ranks which clgs we wil get if we have certain reservation.. so kindly requesting u to post these information with reservation

  20. NUPS

    thank you very much for the information!!it would help many to think about the institudes where they shiuld apply..

  21. johnson

    sir i got 27.67 in gate 2011. which institute should i apply and my rank is 8366 with percentile of 88.

    1. mohitpal

      sir i got 24 in gate 2011 ,which institute should i apply and my rank is 13086 ,i am obc candidate

  22. abhishek

    thnx nice hardwork..

  23. ajay gautam

    sir will u please give me the details for more iit at 800 all india rank ……….. please.

  24. ramya victor

    sir can u tell me whether with a gate all india rank of 11,753 ,with marks of 30 and percentile of 91 can i apply for local colleges for m.tech in general category or is this rank waste

  25. Lakshmi Narayanan

    Zahid Sir, Thanks a lot for such a valuable post. Can we use the same calculations for applying to colleges using the 2010 Gate AIRs?

  26. saikrishna

    Mr.Zahid.. thnx for ur consistent support for mtech aspirants.. please update the details of NITIE mumbai.. Because it is a top collage in management and it offer some seats through GATE. The pay packages of their students are great and comparable to IITs.
    So please provide their cutoff in 2010 for PGDIE program.
    After googling i observed that above 95% we get seat. But %ile system is not using these days. What exact AIR is sufficient for PGDIE in NITIE.

  27. sagar

    hi sir , am from mechanical branch. My AIR is 4629.
    where should I apply?
    Can get Seat in Coep Pune for Design . Am really looking forward getting into COEP. Please guide me

  28. khaleel

    great work sir…..could u tellme where we can get the cut off scores in IITs….i have 528 score..40.66 marks in EE general category…please suggest me the probable institutes…

  29. Dhananjay

    Thanks a lot for this site, sir. You are really outstanding! I want to raise a question here “How would we come to know if the new nits are going to offer mtech in mechanical or not???” I got 36 marks with 8250 rank, can you help me?

  30. Jose

    Sir, what about new IITs?
    My GATE Rank is 1152 in ECE stream..and score 659. whether there is any scope for me in getting admission in IT-Hyderabad?
    Kindly reply..

  31. ANKUSH


    ITBHU admission notice is out

  32. syed aamiruddin

    and abt ur list ……………. its bit in accurate as for pec the rank goes till 10000 and it also take its on exam for mtech csis programme where the gate score is not required

  33. syed aamiruddin

    hello zahid thanx for all ur help through this blogspot…………..plz help me i been thkin of applyin iit roorkee phd cs . I got 445 and 94.5 percentile in gate 2011. Is my score is gud for my aspiration and also
    Is iit roorkee cs phd is gud in terms of placements in govt sectors like drdo ,isro etc

    plz do reply …….as the last date is near………………….

  34. kalyan

    @Sivaprasad,yes my senior with just qualified marks of 15/100 is studying in nit trichy(sc category)).thats why ace academy informed all its sc students to apply for every good institute possible despite of their ranks.

  35. kalyan

    @Nirav,There is no question about Zahid bhai’s collection of valuable information for us despite of his busy schedule.not only that,but also the motivation he is providing for us is just uncomparable.
    But what mohit was not convinced with,is the last two columns,the same with me too,because my seniors after getting air’s 5800 and 6300(one oc and one obc) are studying in jadhavpur university,but what Zahid bhai gave an upperlimit of 5000 for state university does not hold good here.
    What i want to say is, it changes according to reservation category.So elaborately if Zahid bhai can mention according to categories,then it will be quite helpful.
    Also many central universities are considering gate airs only.this is a serious point.No written exam or interview for cs.so after 4200 rank here only 500(i guess in cu’s) will be filled.so i guess some would go for iiits.some would go for jobs because a jobholder cannot negotiate iits or nits,what do you think a jobholder will consider a job or a
    state university,definitely a job.Also with the due information of new iits and nits starting mtech admissions could change the large two columns to a larger number than 5000(if this news is true).

  36. sashi

    sir plz specify me about instrumentation branch .my rank is 3100 and total student appeared around 18500 so will i got some nits….my mark is 18.33. any not qualified student can apply for nit or not.

  37. Manajit Chakraborty

    Extremely sorry for missing out BESU in the charts…actually was expecting it to be a lot more higher than the slot alloted to it…anyways thanx for the post. One more question,have you made this chart after consulting the GATE-2011 cutoffs?

  38. Manajit Chakraborty

    thank you Sir for the analysis that you have given. Although I am not totally convinced by the cutoff-AIRs that you have given i still recommend you to include Jadavpur University and Bengal Engineering and Science University(BESU),Shibpur as these are nationwide famous universities for engineering and technology.
    One more thing,can you tell me if I can apply for admission to the same institutions you have mentioned next year with my Gate-2011 rank of 3268 in CS stream,since I’m a third year student now?

  39. Shantanu Kamde

    my gate score is 369 and rank is 8517 (mechanical)
    where can i get admissions?
    and where should i apply?

  40. santosh thota

    sir NIT calicut notification has been released , but the application will be made available from 9th April onwards.The site also contains LAST and FIRST admitted GATE scores of last year,by this I just wanna help my friends here,

    Thank you sir,
    keep going..

  41. Chandra Shekhar Yadav

    FIRSTLY THANK YOU FROM MY SIDE …for helpful site

    sir don’t mind 4 my argument…….bt from ur comment most of stdent became confused . i wants to tell u at 2500 rank admission possible in IIT’s …….and at 5000+ last year stdent got admission in IIIT -A..and seets became vacant in MNIT-JAIPUR.

    my be it socked by me admission mostly depend in GATE SCORE …..if have 700+ …..otherwise it depends on interview also means student B/W 450 to 600 GATE score treets as same….(by little difference)….candidate must need to clear the interview after shortlist for this.

    i wants to say my all friends ……any one can get IIT if he/she have 45+ marks(this year / in last year at 42+ marks IIT-G call stdents for interview in CSE and he selected)…….and under 5000 he can get NIT’s easily …..

  42. Mohit

    @ Nirav:
    I had written that the analysis for IIT & good NIT is correct but is completely wrong for the poor NITs, Central Universities & other state Universities.

    Before writing any comments, please read a person’s post completely & if you understand, then write anything.

    Calculation for IIT & good NITs are far more easier but saying about central Universities, poor NITs & state Universities is next to impossible.

  43. suraj

    Thank u very much ,once again,, for ur chart.

  44. rupak chatterjee

    sir anyone here could pls help me that whether i could get admission in nit jamshedpur with a gate rank of 7454 and gate score of 386 and gate marks of 37.33.pls sir help me out.

  45. Arjun R

    what if the AIR is above 10000 but the students got an obc reservation..please suggest
    the range of colleges..definitely there would be a good percentage of students who have just qualified but would like to join an average college like me..

  46. Nirav

    Zahid sir, Thanks a lot for such a great work. Its really helpful.

    The rank estimators were useless but this analysis is neither useless nor baseless.

    Rank Estimators are useless because no one can have idea about number of students and specially their performance in exam.

    On the other hand this analysis can be done on the basis of no of seats, cutoffs displayed by IITs (or other colleges) last year. The brochures of some colleges displays cutoffs(e.g. IITD brochure -ANNEXURE-IV). Also we can predict the cutoff If we have downloaded the short-list pages from IITs (or other colleges) websites during last year admission procedure.
    Hence the base (or say genuine data) for this can be these brochures, shortlists of last year and information we got from our friends studying in those colleges.

    Another thing is ranks are varying every year. In 2009 the AIR 1600 was around marks 36, in 2010 AIR 1600 was at marks 41 and this time AIR 1200 is around 57 marks. But if you see the cutoffs of IITs in terms of rank they will not have such a large difference.

    Zahid sir, Thanks a million again.


    good work

  48. Rohit Dahauliya

    when U r going to OUT the SURVEY results…

  49. krishna

    my gate rank is 3281,
    im interested in embedded systems, pls can u suggest me good universities offering the course

  50. chandan

    i want to know whether central universities provide MHRD scholarship on the basis of GATE score or not, especially with low gate score(around percentile 90%).

  51. krunal yadav

    what is difference between AICTE approved and UGC recognized college? which one is better?

  52. sai

    sir i got rank of 10717 is there any possibility to get into any iits if not .can u suggest me where can i pursue my Mtech

  53. mrunal

    I got 9261 AIR with a gate score of 421and 93.23% in EC.
    I have no reservation(gen. boy). my question is…….
    Is there any oppertunities for me, to apply for any of the NITs and/or oter state universities? If so, what r they? and which one should I prefer t”AIR to GATE score” to apply for these?

  54. sivaprasad

    @ Kalyan

    Are u sure about it? Can u mention those NITs. t ‘ll be a great helpful for me

  55. abhijeet

    please do mention about the entrance test of BITS Pilani for Higher Degree. which offers a good curriculam and course structure. This courses are recognized well in industries. Also it have good industry interface. All the 3 campuses in India are good.
    I study in goa campus and i am doing ME in Design.
    My seniors are working JCB, LnT case etc. Some of them got admitted to NUS,CMU for Phd.

    The exam notification comes in end of the april and exam is in june 1st-2nd week.

    Institute provide TA/PA with salary of 18,000-21000.(tuition and hostel fee is waived off….post depends on department requirement) + there are no. of scholarships available.

    as i strongly feel..very few know about BITS. Please also mention abt BITSAT for HD in your upcoming post so people can know about it.

    thanks a lot for your great work. It have changed lifes of some people.

  56. Mohammed Junaid

    Dear Friends,
    Here ,
    IIIT=Indian Institute of Information Technology
    These are Deemed Universities..

    IIIT Hyderabad M.Tech admissions 2011
    IIIT Bangalore M.Tech Admissions 2011
    IIIT Allahabad M.Tech Admissions 2011
    IIITM Kerala M.Tech admissions 2011
    IIIT Gwalior M.Tech Admissions 2011
    IIIT Pune M.Tech (PGDM) Admissions 2011
    IIIT DM Jabalpur M.Tech Admissions 2011
    IIIT Bhubaneswar M.Tech Admissions 2011
    IIIT Delhi M.Tech Admissions 2011
    IIIT D & M Kanchipuram M.Tech Admissions 2011
    IIIT Nuzvid M.Tech Admissions 2011

  57. Prasad

    I got 6512 rank in GATE 2011 ECE and my score 15.33 is there any chance to get M.Tech admission, my cast is OBC

  58. Prasad

    I got 6512 rank in GATE 2011 ECE and my score 15.33 is there any chance to get M.Tech admission

  59. Rasmita Rath

    My branch is mechanical engineering.My gate mark is 31.33.Iam just gate qualified.My score is 322.Where can i apply for?Iam really depressed………..

  60. kalyan

    10 new Nits are also starting this year no

  61. kalyan

    Zahid bhai,you have not mentioned about reservation category.Sometimes s.c students after getting just qualifying marks get into nits or iits(i have seen one).also central universities are giving admission on gate AIR’s through counselling without conducting any separate exam(iam from cse and uohyd informed me this).so how can 4200-5000 only state universities can be considered.also states like A.P has many state universities.so I think 4200-8000 could have been good choice.

  62. Mohit

    What is the meaning of the sentence

    Apart from these you if you are not getting into IITs and NITs, I recommend you to apply for Central Universities and IITs for M.Tech admissions.

    I believe, you want to write MS instead of M.Tech

    Another point, in your previous post, you had written that Rank Estimators are useless & don’t have any base for telling the expected rank.

    This post is similar to those rank estimators. Without any base, without any genuine data, you had said a lot about the upper cut-off, just on the basis of a mere analysis!

  63. Mohit

    Hello Zahid,

    Great Article but is true only for the top two rows. About the central Universities & the poor NITs, rank goes far beyond the 5,000. Poor NITs (I will not mention the name), Majority of the central University admit students who had secured just a little above the cut-off marks (General Category also applicable).

    About the state Universities, they admits the students who are not even GATE Qualified.

    I believe that you had not conducted the survey properly.

  64. nirmoy das

    is this table hold for computer science and it students

  65. Arjun

    was waiting for a long time for dis post.keep up the good work

  66. priyank tiwari

    hi sir,
    first of all i would like to say thanx a lot for this wonderful work u r doing.

    Now i would like you to focus on one big point which makes GATE 2011 different from GATE 2010, sir in 2009 GATE score was valid for only one year and therefore in 2010 competition was only in between the scorers of GATE 2010(ONLY ONE GATE SCORE COMPETE)……but this year fight will be in between both GATE2010 and GATE2011 scorers(TWO GATE SCORE COMPETE)….so don’t u think this will make a huge difference in the coming calculations this year.

    And so i think one could’t rally on the analysis of last year bcoz both cases are different and it will be totally a new game this year…

    please reply

  67. priyank tiwari

    hi sir,
    first of all i would like to say thanx a lot for this wonderful work u r doing.

    Now i would like you to focus on one big point which makes GATE 2011 different from

    GATE 2010, sir in 2009 GATE score was valid for only one year and therefore in 2010

    competition was only in between the scorers of GATE 2010(ONLY ONE GATE SCORE

    COMPETE)……but this year fight will be in between both GATE2010 and GATE2011

    scorers(TWO GATE SCORE COMPETE)….so don’t u think this will make a huge

    difference in the coming calculations this year.

    And so i think one could’t rally on the analysis of last year bcoz both cases are

    different and it will be totally a new game this year…

    please reply

  68. dinesh

    sir is dis all india ranks also applicable to students who hav reservations?
    sir if u can plz also give AIR’s range for students who have reservations like me then it will be more usefull to us.

  69. Labeeb

    There’s a typing mistake.. You have missed an ‘I’ when typing IIIT…

  70. Gaurav

    when U r going to OUT the SURVEY results…

  71. vamsee

    Sorry to mention am 4m ECE

  72. vamsee

    you have said there hardly there r 700 seats in iits in one of ur previous posts……….how can a rank below 1500 could xpect in iits ?

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