This is the post I was working on for last few years. But every time I came to write this post there were lots of questions in mind and always got confused about what is most important factor for M.Tech admission application criteria.

Please remember to read every single line before taking these advices into consideration. The first and foremost thing I would like to say is, this post is not defining the criteria for M.Tech admissions. What we are doing here is to find out what are best possible colleges to apply for certain rank. We are just trying to find colleges those are good and have a hope of getting admissions into with certain rank or GATE score. One must not miss applying those colleges, but on the same time know that every college have their own admission procedures, thus mare applying for certain doesn’t guarantee admission.

Before I start giving the list of colleges where you can apply of M.Tech Admissions and you start giving comments I strongly recommend you to go through the posts like What Matters Most in M.Tech Admissions, Rank, Score, Marks or Percentile?, How Much GATE Score Or Percentile Is Required To Get Into IITs For M.Tech?, My GATE Score is … Which college should I apply for M.Tech (or Master of Engineering Degree)??? ( written for 2010 admission where 2009 GATE qualified students were not allowed to apply for M.Tech admissions) and Applying For M.Tech Admissions What To Consider? . This will certainly give a clear analysis of previous years and also give an idea why this post is based on AIR.

Before giving this table we considered different aspects like many students would go for jobs, there are many students from third year, few would go to MS abroad, and few might join their ancestral businesses. But one the same time it is very important to know that a seat in IIT or top NIT would change someone’s mind from job to studies because of better opportunities after the course. If we consider there are many third year students in top ranks, let’s not forget the third year students who had a good score last year. After considering these factors and taking a bigger upper limit I made this list. If you have a genuine question drop in comment that will help Inspire n Ignite to be more accurate and help thousands of students across the nation.

Upper Rank Possible Institutes
1500 IISc and IITs
3200 NITs (Top 10 NITs), ISM Dhanbad, JU, IT-BHU, DCE, COEP, Anna Univ., NSIT, HBTI
4200 NITs(Last 10 NITs), BESU, DIAT, Guru Jambheshwar University of Science & Technology, VJTI, West Bengal University of Technology, PEC Technological University, PTU and others.
5000 All State Universities like Osmania University, JNTU, Gautam Buddha Technical University, RGTU, Cochin University of Science and Technology and Deemed Universities.

Apart from these you if you are not getting into IITs and NITs, I recommend you to apply for Central Universities and IIITs for M.Tech admissions. These places offer a great Industry interface. Specially, Central Universities offer a great research interface. These two places have their own exams and give a great opportunity for student how could not do better in GATE because of some reasons.
This is just to give an idea to many students who are asking the question where to apply all the time. Hope this post gives you an idea where to apply for what AIR.

Please feel free to share you experience and give suggestion with a valid reference. I will definitely try to make it go to thousands of students and hope your analysis will help thousands.

To conclude, I want remind that this is just for reference. It doesn’t mean that everyone applies to IITs and NITs get the seat. On the same time, any GATE qualified candidate is eligible to apply to any institute, if you want to knock the doors of big institutes you can definitely try.

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