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What A Degree From IIT Can Bring To Me?

I received a question from an AIR 3 EC asking what can I expect at the best after doing M.Tech from IISc? The moment I read the question I felt excited, AIR 3 and asking a question deserves an answer. Just paused for a minute and asked myself what did I get after doing (PhD) a degree from IIT. Just present my thoughts here to tell you all what it is.

The answer, what would I get after doing something form IITs, is NOTHING … and on the same time EVERYTHING. It all depends how you take it move the whole life forward. Just mare a degree from IITs and IISc don’t change your life, it just bring something close to you but does not create something by itself.
A degree from top engineering school in the world would put one the interview session of the best tech industry in the world but may not get you there. It might get you the first look from CEOs but you need to have something extra ordinary to keep the eyes coming on to you.

When you started rocking with additional qualities EVERYTHING maps back to the place you studied, you would learn their to be best and when you are surrounded with most cunning people of nation, crook heads, the most shrewd, the smartest flocks of the nation. When you give a run to them all in all fronts of life you know what is packed ahead for you in life. Yes you got it, EVERYTHING you look for is waiting for you.

It looks like heavenly right, everything one desire gets to him so cool woow magical. Yes it is, but wait, reality is not that way, and this not heaven. This is what exactly you learn in IITs and IISc, and there is always an intensity of it every student learn it. Few rock it to max, bang the whole institute, make their rules and live the life and continue the practices whole life. Few just look for jobs and takes years to grow and follow the rules books of corporations.

Your life in IITs and IISc is the little reflection of your life afterwards. If you live with a confidence, if you are open to new technology and learning, if you are able to adopt, if you are able to change things and if you are able to influence the system and trend you will do all that when you are out. if you are just trying hard to survive, if you just have complains, if you think you have problems with standards, if you have issues with teachers, staff members, and friends, then thats where your entire life will be.

Let me share my views on it. I was a PhD student in IIT, many consider it as not so great, saying B.Techs are real game changers, but I have a different opinion. For me IITian is a nature of a person, a little arrogant, little rebellious, little extra courageous, a little smart, a little cunning, a little childish, and a bigg confidence. Anyone doing any degree at IITs have these will bang the world the way they want .

I shared few stories of my life at IIT and would share few more both through posts and vids and probably if get time will compile a complete book about it.
IITs and IISc can put you right in front of 100 billion people and leave rest to you how will you lead from there. Choice is yours stand on the stage or just get down and watch someone taking the stage.

I wish really good luck to all who are going into IITs and request you to keep energy levels, and learning sensors high. Do read another old post about how it feels to be an IIT student.

No complains please, if you have issues make change happen and thats an IITians real attitude. Grab that raise with confidence jobs and dream jobs will follow.

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  1. Anonymous

    IITs are a bit over hyped but yes they are like a VIP pass to a concert you get opportunities earlier…… everyone doesn’t dream of doing jobs which predictably will become monotonous in future.. do what you are interested in… you have the backing of the tag..

  2. Ajay Arya

    Hello.. sir.. now i am in BE second semester..i wanted to go to IIT for BE .but u coulnt.. Now i want to go to IIT for ME.. what should i prepair for that??
    please give me some name of awesome books.. i dont know any.

  3. chandan

    i am 2012 passout and gate 13 cleard but not chance of getting any clg . i go for gate 14 or for job? plz rply


    Even i want to get into IIT…Feels like i am on the right track.

  5. Shashank Ahire

    well said SIr, totally inspirational. Curiously waiting 4 ur book sir just go 4 it .

  6. P M G Bashir

    what for NITs sir…

    1. Bhalchandra S

      The IIT & NIT story is analogus to an ancient Greek legend. One day the immortals on earth fought a battle… those who won became GODs and those who lost became TITANs… The same goes for JEE and GATE… The moral is that if anyone can compete with IITians then it is none other than NITians…..

  7. abhishek......

    nice…..all who want 2 do somethin grt in thier life must hv the same i.e. the enrgy,confidence,and most important the spark for all the opprtunities they get 2 grow…no matter frm which institute they belong to or frm where they come……………..

  8. Zahid

    I think InI is missing like buttons in comments 😀

    1. Poornima

      SURE!!! 😀

  9. Poornima

    Good one… Everyone who reads this will wish the same… 😀 “I Wish I Could…” and YES, Everyone of U can. God Bless! 🙂

  10. kumar sourav

    absolutely right zahid, I too have got an opportunity to do a research intern in masters thesis from iit. and that really feels great. Although won’t be getting a degree from IIT’s but stiil that abundant knowledge and experience from the faculties will be amazing enough. 🙂 thanks for sharing your thoughts . InI is awesome.

    1. Poornima

      Yea truly InI is awesome 😀

  11. subha

    hello zahid sir,
    i got IISC ME in mechanical enng admission offer letter.
    my AIR 937 sc catgry
    i am confused now whether to join iit or iisc.
    i need some suggestions plz.

  12. kayenat

    very Well said sir…..It is really needed attitude for every institute..I wish i could make it to IITs…:) thank you for all your posts they really boost my confidence!!

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