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What Is AICTE Recognition And NBA Accreditation?

Yesterday I received an interesting request from a regular reader. The request was for information about AICTE recognition and NBA accreditation, as the question was very interesting and I think the answer would help many others too. Hope this post will answer his question and also give an idea about these two organizations.

First let me start with the abbreviation of these terms AICTE and NBA. AICTE stands for All India Council for Technical Education and NBA stands for National Board of Accreditation. NBA was established by AICTE for periodic evaluations of technical institutions & programmes basis according to specified norms and standards as recommended by AICTE council.

AICTE was established on 1945 to plan and control technical education in India. As the time passed the council grown big spanning over different department, such as UG Studies in Eng. & Tech., PG and Research in Eng. and Tech., Management Studies, Vocational Education, Technical Education, Pharmaceutical Education, Architecture, Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Information Technology, Town and Country Planning. To organize, plan and functioning of these departments AICTE developed nine bureaus. Over all its shows that the organization grown very big spanning over several departments and offices all over the nation.

The simple and most important thing for a common student to know about AICTE is that it is the only organization that approves an engineering college all over the nation. If a college is not approved by AICTE their engineering degrees are not valid at least in India.

AICTE recognition mean before an engineering college start taking approval from state govt. and state technical university they should fulfill basic requirements for starting an engineering college. AICTE check those minimum conditions at the beginning and gives its approval. Once a college gets an approval from AICTE they can associate themselves with the state technological university for start taking students for Engineering studies.

As AICTE grown big in years, it became highly difficult to have a constant check on the quality of education in approved colleges and on the same time assesse the new application for starting engineering colleges. To deal with AICTE established an autonomous body known as NBA to have periodic evaluations of Engineering Colleges & courses according to specified norms and standards as recommended by AICTE. It has the full authority to recognize or derecognize institutions and programmes under them.

In 2009 AICTE and UGC official were raided by CBI under corruption charges after that Union Minister of Education formally communicated his intentions of closing down AICTE and related body, the University Grants Commission due to corruption and inefficiency. The Minister also announced that National Board of Accreditation (NBA) would be set up as an independent body and would take over the AICTE’s responsibilities.


  1. Wasim Sheik

    Good Morning dear

    Which recognized colleges have more benefits among AICTE & NBA.
    My College has only AICTE approval but I need NBA Accredidation for continue on my job.
    Can I use AICTE apporoval letter instead of NBA Accredidation.

    Kindly suggest me .
    Thank You.

  2. Gokulraj

    Hello sir,

    Is Ms by Research in IITM approved by AICTE or not?

    1. Zahid

      All IITs degrees are approved by AICTE.

  3. Balmukund

    Now I want to start new engg
    Collage what is the new processes to do it

  4. Zoya Khan

    Shree Ganpati Institute of Technology is committed to provide govt. approved, job oriented, professional courses in the field of business management, computer science, Electrical and Electronics Engg, Mechanical Engg and Pharmacy.Our Management education in the country can roughly be divided into four groups. At the top are the reputed institutes and some university departments which have maintained the high quality of their education.

  5. raghvendra sinhg

    engineering college SRIIT (SHRI RAM INSTITUTE OF INFORMAATION TECHNOLOGY) near gwalior ne farji document se affiliation liya hai to uske against koi action nahi hoga kya agar kisi ko evidence chayiye to mujse le le

  6. sunil parimoo

    Is the BTECH degree valid through colleges of Delhi University as it is under UGC and AICTE approval is not there.

  7. Annie

    Is NBA accrediation necessary for a college to get autonomy

  8. krishna

    I wanna do MBA from good. Business. School so way type of recognition does college. Should. Have?I mean does. It require both aicte ,NBA and ugc old help me in this query

  9. V.C.Ravichandran

    I would like to know about the NBA Team visit to institution and their functions and also how much to pay for NBA Team like TA/DA conveyance hotel stay further i would like to know is there any special rules or concession for minorities to form governing council for thier colleges and appointing all uneducated people hooligans rowdies in the council without getting approval from AICTE and also appointing all low profile and inexperienced people in their colleges by getting bribe and is BISHOP Moderator samiyars priest gurukkal are above AICTE and can they misuse the minoroty symbol for their own bebefits. Further is criminals , accused , social bad elements are allowed as correspondents A.O., and principals ? is there any check and balance system in AICTE ?

  10. Abhisek panigrahi

    What are the minimum conditions a college should have for AICTE approval ?


    Is Guru Gram Business School, Gurgaon approved to AICTE or any other,,,any kind person please tell me because i want to get admission in GGBS, Gurgaon

  12. Prof S K Soni

    Prof S K Soni, M- 09303124944

  13. Prof S K Soni

    I am an Technical education Services consultant with a focus on Quality Assurance of Learning by Pass-outs. I retired in 2003 from National institute of Technical Teachers training and Research.

    I wish to point out that the Website http://www.nba-india.org is lost from INTERNET Space. I am badly in need of information about obtaining accreditation of Engg Diploma programs and its application form etc.. But I am searching the site with a lot of efforts but in vain.

    Can some body help me in locating the where about of NBA’s web? I complained to some so called responsible organizations but no response for more a fortnight?
    Is Govt of India functioning properly, Is Govt Property is secured any more in India? are the questions which are troubling my mind!!!

  14. Benjamin.E MBA,LLM, MA, MSC, Mphil

    Dear All

    The questions which you arised is very valid and relevant.

    The central university is a university incorproated by an Act of Parliament and it is under the direct control of the Central Govt.
    AICTE approval is also mandatory for them

    NBA and AICTE approval is two different entity. AICTE is a preliminary approval body which approves the preliminary approval to start a college, whereas NBA is the secondary thing which is applied only to those existing colleges, NBA is somewhat related to Quality of the college.

    If the college closed after issuing the certificate the certificate is valid. the certificate can be used for Higher studies and for employment.

  15. Amrutha

    I want to apply for M.Tech course in Pondicherry university. I want to know whether the university has the AICTE approval….


    sir. NATIONAL BROADCAST ACADEMY COLLEGE.IN NEW DELHI IS AFFALIATED TO AICTE OR NBA.Is AICTE still necessary or it is same as NBA.if a college is NBA accredited, what advantages will the college have

  17. Pushpendra

    if candidate passed from aicte approved PGDM college and than after sometime institute closed . passed out student were valid or not

  18. SP

    if a college is NBA accredited, what advantages will the college have??(in terms of profits)

    1. mani kanta

      if a college is NBA accredited, what advantages
      will the college have??(in terms of profits)

  19. somesh kandgal

    kindly any one inform me CMJ University , Meghalaya is a recognised by UGC. I would like to pursue PHD over there.

  20. Ankit

    I am a student of J.I.ET JIND, it was approved by aicte..but now it is not approved due to cases on this college…….what to do.?i am a 2nd year eee student.. I got addmission in this college through counselling

  21. Pranav

    My college is not approved by AICTE but approved by NBA. Is AICTE still necessary or it is same as NBA.

    1. bhupinder singh

      what is difference in nba and aicte

  22. Vineeth .A.C


    I have read this from some website. Is this correct or what? Please have a look.

    “Under the AICTE Act and its subsequent Regulations, Universities established under a State or Central Act in accordance with Section 2(f) and 3 of the UGC Act. 1956, do not require AICTE approval”

    I would like to know, the above statement is valid or not. Kindly do the needful.

    Thank you,


  23. Vineeth .A.C

    I have some serious doubts regarding the affiliations of Central Univ’s. I have seen that the Pondicherry university campus college, which is a central university, has only the UGC affiliation. There is no AICTE affiliation to that campus. What does it mean sir?

    You already said that, a college with out AICTE has no value for its degrees atleast in India! And the deemed universities like Amritha,SRM univ etc has only UGC affiliation, and they also dont have AICTE affiliation.

    So what exactly does the AICTE affiliation mean? Well does the AICTE is necessary for only Private self financing colleges or is it applicable for the deemed universities and central universities also? kindly have a look into the matter and do the needful.

    Thank you,


    1. Arjun Rachtih

      Maybe you should open your eyes and see because atleast Amrita has both AICTE and NBA accreditation. But you are true about SRM and others

    2. ismail

      hey, even i hav the same doubt…
      if u r clear wid it please do clear mine too…
      reply to ur erliest

  24. geethu

    is ms by research from nit’s aicte approved???plz reply fast..

  25. arnn

    How i get my coll. aicte no. my coll. govt.
    What type of no. is tis plz tell

  26. Mohit

    Sir, i want to know that the correspondence course of b.tech (civil engineering) from KSOU (KARNATKA STATE OPEN UNIVERSITY) Is AICTE AND NBA approved..

    The study centres in gurgaon offers b.tech (civil) from KSOU but at university’s website i didn’t find the b.tech (civil) course..

    After b.tech (civil) from KSOU WOuld i be able to appear in GATE..?

    How can i check the AICTE, NBA, UGC and DEC accridation of an institute/university nd the courses run by them..?

    Pls reply nd answer my queries..


  27. manikant goswami

    sir ……….my college is ugc recognized only.am i eligible for all the goverment jobs..in defence also…………

  28. Ankita Goswami

    thank you for the info..i have a question..i will pursue my pgdm course approved by aicte and nba..but i wont get any mba degree, and will this diploma will prohibit me to pursue any futher study like research work? or going into academic line? or do i need to get a master degree from any university?

    1. ShanmugaSundaram

      Dear Mam,
      I have the same query.I completed pgdm from aicte approved and NBA accredited B school and I dont know whetehr I am eligible for phd admissions or faculty jobs.so if you know the answer please reply me…..

  29. joe

    it is necessary for a college to get NBA ACCREDITION . in tmail nadu some colleges are running without NBA accredition .sir pls comment on this

  30. digu

    what about AICTE approval for a deemed university? they r havng UGC approval but they say they does not need AICTE approval coz UGC is the main body & what is mean by ‘university accredited by NAAC with ‘A’ grade’.
    i got admitted into Amrita university (banglore) for m.tech. I would like to know whether doing M.Tech from such a university would cause any problem in future.

  31. priyanka

    very informative.This really help us to get detail knowledge regarding AICTE and NBA.

  32. aziz

    thanks for providing insight about aicte,till i have aqyery that does it holds any importance as for as distance learning universities.

  33. Srivathsa

    Thank u for answering my question abt AICTE.I think this is one of the most imp. info. But still i am nt clear;when i enquired one professor abt d issue,he answered that AICTE approval is a must for every cource in every engg. college.but he told NBA accreditation is nt .mandatory(could b taken 5 years after starting a cource).Ironically,many colleges accredidated by NBA are still nt recognized by people/industries(i mean placements).can a student relay on media survayes abt top engg. colleges?or is ther any criteria for selecting a college.plz excuse me 4 asking this lengthy question.

  34. Angshuman Sarkar

    I want to admit in Sant Longowal Institute of Technology in Post Graduate Course.But i am confused,is this course A.I.C.T.E approved?They told me that The institute awards its own certificates and Diplomas approved and recognized by AICTE, New Delhi.But Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses are affiliated to Punjab Technical University (PTU), Jalandhar. Please help me?

  35. GC

    hey zihad ,

    plz give me info about the streams like ICT,ENERGY started by iit jodhpur..

    how r there future
    nd wht r there motto
    y not core streams
    i’m very confused to get admitted there plz help me out …

  36. k mahesh

    thank you for your fabulous job. just i want u post a suggestion “if u can rank the colleges branch wise it will even more convenient “. once again thank u for ur guidance.

  37. deepthi

    tat was a very useful article sir.. im having many doubts about it.. what about AICTE approval for a deemed university?? they r havng UGC approval but they say they dsnt need AICTE approval coz UGC is the main body..! as for my case, i got admitted into a deemed university, Amritha Institute of Technolgy (coimbatore) for m.tech with my gate score. I would like to know whether doin M.Tech from such a university would cause any problem in future.. I enquired about it a lot..but cudnt get a convincing answer.. still my mind is filles with doubts. expecting a reply soon…

  38. Avinash

    Sir i want to know about how well the placements go on in IITs or NITs for the m.tech students compared to the b.tech students.

  39. chandranshu

    sir , i want to did ms from manipl udapi .Is it aicte approved.and how is the placement. please reply.

  40. ABHIshek

    also tell about NAAC accrediation………….BITS PILANI HAS IT…………

  41. samir kumar

    How UGC differs from AICTE and are the independent of each other?

  42. RONAK

    Hey, This is good post but mostly colleges are not AICTE approved,they are approved by UGC. So, plz can you tell me the difference between this two.

  43. Krishna Bhalaji R.V

    I scored 34.702 in Tancet M.E/M.tech exam 2011 under mechanical stream. What are the top colleges i will get in mechanical stream under BC category.

  44. Ankur Modi

    I heard tht university approved by UGC does not require AICTE approval. Is it correct?
    for e.g. Amity Univ. , they say the same above thing & tht they r formed by act of STATE (viz. UP, Raj.).
    If u know abt it plz share this info. coz it is equally important.

  45. Sagar

    The Bits Pilani’s MSSS distance learning course is approved by UGC and not by AICTE. What does it mean?

    Will it be possible to do PhD from other university after pursuing this degree?

  46. Mohan

    This post is very helpful to get away from fake institutes/colleges. Thank you Zahid.

    I want to know the difference between NAAC and NBA Accreditation.


    which 1 is bettr for m.tech.!!!nit kurukshetra,nit nagpur,nit jaipur or DCE????

  48. ramya

    please tell me clear about NBA advantage to the colleges

  49. Ramakrishna

    thank u very much for this info…..
    can u plz provide info abt

    “ISO 9001-2009”

  50. kalyan

    zahid bhai,thank u for posting something on aicte cause i feel its mighty important.In one of ur posts i checked ur article AICTE recon colleges in AP(andhra).u mentioned colleges like having cbit etc having an aicte recognition.But the truth is they r not
    (yes they r not)they have recognition for BTECh not for mtech.many colleges wont display this.they admit that they have aicte recogn but dont say its for btech or mtech.so kindly verify that post again because AICTE recogn is very important,if there is no stamp of it it is something like a distance degree,isnt it?so kindly answer this post

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