A Great News: Inspire n Ignite Community Is Alive Now

On June 27 2011 I gave a post mentioning we are going towards a community in Are we heading towards a community. I also asked for few early memberships to be a part of the largest community. Within 24 hr I got the early members and closed further entries. But the real game started afterwards.

A huge contribution form Kapil made it possible for me to bring an Inspire n Ignite community. He took care of the smallest details on I n I community. I and whole student community will remain thankful to him for such a huge contribution.

What we are launching today is not just a question answering forum. It’s a community, a community of students who are in same situations as we are now. We call it community because of many reasons few to mention are.

  1. Students answer and suggest other students. We do it regularly on commenting but this is an individual effort to help each other recognize favors. Have a look at how we help each other on InI now through commenting.
  2. We have 100 early members on community from different engineering branches, so everyone of us have few friend out here already : ) ( if you are an early member you will get a personal mail about your participation on forum)
  3. To avoid fooling around with some virtual names IDs passwords we used only facebook login method. This will give almost real names to know community members. Also it helps you with login process, without remembering multiple usernames and passwords. This will bring more real life into community and avoid rude language and personal comments. Best part is you won’t find many spammers here : )
  4. It’s your community your friends and your own batch mates you understand each other better and help each other too. You can make groups who are in same situation and communicate with each other. For example, after GATE exam if get 600 score and would like to know where other students are applying for GATE score 600 in your engineering stream. This brings lot of information exchange and right information at right time : )
  5. Not mention you will meet here your future classmate, even before you meet them physically in class room. There is no better place to meet them than I n I , in a simple, easy and efficient way.

Now without wasting time let me take you to Inspire n Ignite community. You can simply click the facebook connect and login to ask question and share information. There is GATE chit chat you can drop your suggestions or just share your thoughts.

Me and Kapil welcome you all to Inspire n Ignite Community . Stay connected with your future class mates here.

Thanks for your patience for such a long time and we expect your support and encouragement to make it a better place. Our Community policies are in line with comment moderation policy.

If you have any question related to GATE application form, just go to GATE Application Form Related Issues connect using facebook and ask the question many would help you in few hours.

Wish you all a great luck ahead and see you all around I n I community.


  1. satheesh.b

    i want to join this communiety

  2. piyush wankar

    even i want to join this community

  3. Madhushree

    sir, plz tell me how can i join inspire & ignite community??

  4. bakeel khan`

    Hi bhai, assalaamualaikum…

    thank u very much and thaks to kapil for his valuable contribution..
    I was feeling from last few months that many students those are applying or want to apply were very confused related to many problems.. finally we have a place where we can ask the question, can give the answer and can share any information.. I hope that it will be a place where we will get our all solutions..

    wish that this community will become the biggest one in the country… Insha allaah

    and will help many students..

    thank u very much again and kapil Sir also for the excellent idea and great work.. thnx

  5. Sumeet

    Hey Mohit,
    Let’s build an inspiring community with something purposeful and decent.
    A humble request to all InI members to keep the forum clean. Please don’t ruin the objective of making this forum.

  6. divyaraj

    hello sir,

    i want to join this community and want to be a part of it so can u just tell me how can i join?

  7. Mohit

    Hello Zahid,

    An extreme request, I would like to add to make this community one of the best in the country. Please take considerable steps to make the forum free of abusive language. Most of the educational website in the country is crawling with slang words & they don’t have mechanisms to control this. Reason is simple, most of the Indians use Hi-English for presenting the slang words & no software designed for this purpose can detect this.

    Again, we cannot design a proper algorithm to catch the slang words presented in Hi-English. For instance, we can block the word, kutta (Dog) but if someone writes like kuta, kutaa, kuttaa; it’s impossible to catch them as there is no proper English words for them. Just monitoring the words can work.

    Again, you can make guidelines that if a person uses slang word in the community, his account will be disabled. Again, before authenticating anyone to create a virtual account of your site via FB, please check the profile is genuine & was active within last few days. Again, have a look over the number of friend-list & the profile photograph before granting access.

    Other educational websites are business-oriented but your site has a plain look & I don’t feel that you have business-orientation in mind. So, you may limit the number of users.

    I uses Windows live family safety on my laptop & Kaspersky Parental Security on my desktop to prevent my younger brother from accidental access to bad contents. I was surprised to see that both of these family safety software is trying to block a portion of the page especially the comments after your article. They are feeling that your website contains adult materials or hard languages even nothing is present. This is the basic reason for writing such a long comment to your psot.

  8. shoaib ahamed

    JazakAllah..SUPPORT U LOT…………
    Good Decision ………Its helpful to all………:)

  9. LordGvD

    yay…. We,the readers of Inspire and Ignite would like to thank u n kapil for the laudable effort that u put in to help us… Thanks a lot.. 🙂

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