Inspire ‘n’ Ignite in 2010

It’s a great feeling when I turn and look back at 2010.

Inspire n Ignite has gone through an exceptional and exciting year. It’s just a year and a half old blog that started somewhere in the mid of 2009. It took several months to get ready with a blogging platform, selecting a design and start a serious writing.

To me it has been a year of tremendous learning, understanding and exploring. I learned the real meaning of being passionate, tried to understand what realizing a dream is, and explored the joy of doing what I like.

Seen ups and downs but never stood still. I kept myself moving a bit all the year. Sometimes I entered my computer room on Friday night to only come out of it on Monday morning. I was never tired all year long, because I was doing what I liked.

Inspire n Ignite went deep in all the numbers this year, that kept me and everyone who is involved in it very happy. In one year Inspire n Ignite

  • Reached over 1 million visitors
  • Over 3.5 million page reads
  • Reached 10000 active subscribers
  • Over 1000 Facebook likes
  • Over 10000 comments and most of them are answered by posts
  • And wrote over 350 genuinely helping and timeless post

With these amazing memories I would like to give a warm sendoff to 2010 and announce two new projects to welcome 2011.

An Inspire n Ignite forum
The amount of comments I received during this year made me totally incapable of answering them. To support the need of many students I would like to start a forum. This would be helpful for students all across the nation. I will try to make it available in the first half of 2011.

Resources at Inspire n Ignite
I would like to make a facility for students to share important documents and notices of technical universities in their regions. This will be very helpful for sharing Syllabus, Project Report formats, Seminar formats, time tables and other related information. This will be available for use in the second half of 2011.

With this I would like to ask readers to drop their comments, share their experiences of 2010 and plans for 2011. Also feel free to suggest your ideas about inspire n Ignite’s projects.

I wish you all a wonderful, hopeful and promising new year 2011.


  1. ameya

    hello,is there any gate coaching class for production engineering branch at mumbai town or suburbs or navi mumbai.i searched a lot on internet but no findings.please reply if anyone knows.

  2. Prashant nikam

    I don’t received my hall ticket & result score card of gate 2010.will u plz help me sir,what can i do now.

  3. Bakeel Khan

    assalam alaikum.. Sir
    Really great job you have done and want to say thanks for all you have done.. because many students like me take benefit from this website… and want to say all d best for ur future plans…

    Thanks and Regards
    Bakeel Khan
    [email protected]

  4. arsh

    hello. i want to know about the pgrpe-post graduate research programme in engg by csir.i will be really thankful if u can provide me with following details-
    1.admission notification for 2011.
    2.what should be gate score and %age req. in engg to get into pgrpe.
    3.i hv a aggreate of arond 71.5% in engg. what r my chances for being selected for a particular course.
    i will really apperciate if u could help me in this.

  5. Sumendranath

    2010 was the most informative year about GATE as i reached ur site. It really changed my approach towards the competitive exams. The only thing i knew before about GATE was the Brilliant tutorials. Now ther is more than enough info. The most thing i liked in ur article is the consideration of all kinds of students. Even if a student is struggling with low marks for his future education plan, after reading this article it generates a confidence in him and shows a point that “you are never defeated untill u accept”.

    All the best for 2011…. God Bless

  6. Kallol Dey

    Wish even more glorious presence of this site “Inspire n Ignite” in 2011.

  7. gaurav kalra

    thanku……. so much
    happy new year
    blog s tremendous it gave lots of information
    thank u for helping us

    2010 was the most memorable experience of my life and best year yet
    because i gt nptel and allm iit professors online
    although i ama doing engineering from an ordinary college
    but now i always consider myself an IITian
    thank u so much to MHRD NPTEL IIT PROFESSORS
    thank u so much u made my life
    at the end of the year i met biggest scientist and GURU of my life
    thank u so much bababaji
    u are ter greatest scientist on this planet earth

    thank thank u

  8. vinay

    ALL the Best……

  9. Swapnil A. Jadhav

    I was really clueless when I started studying GATE. But now I know almost all things required and mainly about “MS Research”.

  10. Bikram Ballav

    great going …. plz carry on with same pace… Happy Journey in next years 🙂

  11. oumzah

    Assalmou alakikoum h
    I’m sure u’ll rock the year 2011 nd u’ll achieve more than u could ever hope isnhallahe. I’m looking forward to watch u grow bigger nd be the best in eveything u do inshallahe. I eveyone else following u will support u till the end nd even after :P. Urs oumy ^_^

  12. jawed

    its amazing sir,
    this blog is mind-blowing ..really help us ..regarding every thing with respect to guide me take programme..
    i can’t amazine life with information ..just like same u information is remind us rises a hope ..
    i will do that! i am saying that u sir zahid make keep this massaging remain constant..

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