Why To Work For A Good Seminar And Project

Long back, I wrote posts related to Seminar Topics especially for computer science seminars. The idea is to bring some latest technology and its understanding in an easy way to the help students. Though I couldn’t do much in that because of GATE and M.Tech related articles and news.

Before engineering final year, I used to think, why I would work hard for a nice seminar topic or a project when I can get a descent score or marks without struggling much for them. But when I came to final year my perception of Seminar changed and I gave a good seminar during that time. I learned about the value of a great project in during my final project for M.Tech.

Project and seminars are great to learn about latest technology of your own interest. During regular we miss that opportunity, because the courses are defined and we have to follow certain rules and regulation to get good marks and complete the course.

There are few great advantage of working towards seminars and projects that you realize when you jump into the practical life. You will realize it wherever you go, right form higher studies to job. The few advantages are

  • A good seminar and project definitely lead to good scores in passing degree. Even sometimes teacher give marks on faces, a good project will definitely make them think twice before giving you good marks.
  • Help you push your overall percentage in Engineering studies, indirectly help you rest of your life. A mark gain additionally will remain on certificate rest of your life and a mark missed because of ignorance will be missed rest of your life.
  • A good seminar or project would help in M.Tech interviews. The have definite impact on MS admissions, as they are mostly dependent on interview and research attitude.
  • The struggle to give a best seminar (both in terms of content and way of presentation) would boost your confidence.
  • A genuine project would make you learn a technology, learn its applications and clear your concepts. This will make you understand the application of your learning for four years. This also helps in facing job interviews and explains ones understanding of the application of academic knowledge.

Apart from all these a good seminar or a nice project will make you more independent and confident about your abilities and work.

I was an average student in class and could not beat the best students in class in any of the subjects. In final year everyone selected some seminar topics and I took something of real application. No one cared about it as everyone was looking at the topics chosen by toppers in class or by smart students in class. The seminar was independent and to be presented by individuals, I searched all the IT magazines in library and found a nice topic related to payment method in ATMs and Cash cards. I titled it Plastic Payments and its working.

After the presentation almost everyone in class told I gave the best seminar in class. Though I did not get the highest marks in class because of an average guy reputation, I gain tremendous confidence that at least I surpassed the so called toppers and smart kids in class. This kept me going and still keeps me going.

To sum up, I would say, you will learn a lot with a great effort to make your seminar or project the best in your class. It’s just not marks that makes you happy but the confidence and really hard work will definitely help you one or the other way in life. I ask every one of you to give your best for a great seminar and project work.

Wish you all great luck ahead. Keep working hard and stay focused.


  1. surya

    Thank you very much sir….. For explaining the importance of projects&seminars.

  2. smitha galagkar

    gud evening sir, i myslf studing in final year b.e cse, could u plz suggest me the latest seminar topics on real time ap

  3. Radheshyam Shukla

    Zahid sir,you are an awesome and in my view very very much respected person and of course personality.I owe you a lot of respect dear sir.

  4. Nagoor Basha

    Thank you for explaining the value of a good seminar and project with your real life experience.. 😀

  5. sandeep sahu

    well said sir

  6. Aditya Lodha

    you have been really a very good inspiration throughout this preparation year. i really appreciate the work you are doing through this blog. please continue this gr8 work.

    thanks a lot man. 😀

  7. gaurav kalra

    thank u so much…

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