Why And How To Do A Good Project

Recently I wrote a post about why companies prefer experienced employees over fresh graduate for some cool jobs and positions. After that I received a lots of queries related to doing good projects and where to find open sources projects. I was little reluctant to make a video but finally I decided to answer all those questions with a video to cover as many things as I can through it.

The evolution of internet can with huge opportunities and possibilities for people who are really trying to grab them. Open projects are one those great opportunities. Open Source projects are now covering almost all spans of science, arts, and engineering. It’s just that you need to open up and see the opportunity and grab it.

For more please follow the video.

To know more about many opensource projects visit sourceforge, google, Microsoft open projects, and apple open source projects. For more projects just go ahead and search for specific project and sources. Students from other domains of engineering can also visit the company websites and research papers for very good problems to work on.

I hope this all will help you to grab a project that suits your interests and help you in future.

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  1. punit

    sir how to contribute in opensource project.. i google it but i cant understand how to start it?… i m in ec5th sem ..i m really instrested in programming ..i ve just learn c launggage nd i want to improve my skills…help me abt opensource

  2. Nagaveni patil

    thank u sir

  3. mohd shahjad tyagi

    This is Good post and a great guy.

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