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Why Companies Hire Experienced Employees And How To Compete With Them?

It was quite fascinating week for me, I did too many things in a row and learned a lot about different things. The most important among them was why we always try experienced hire than a fresher? In this post I would share some thoughts about it and few tips to trick the HR of any company you want to enter. Sounds great right, yes it is. It’s a key to land wherever you want to land but not easy though. If you really want to be there you can be there for sure and you will follow the recommendations I give here.

Recently I was asked to review top applicants for my division HR. I did this many times in past couple of months, but this time I was very mindful because the review panel included VPs and Senior VPs and hiring is urgent. Considering all constraints and thinking about the project deadlines I had to sideline many fresh applicants, even they are from top universities in the world.

Later in evening when I sat down after prayers and was thinking about applicants I realized the most of the recommended candidates are experienced and their CVs were very narrow and close our demand and one fresh CV. Out of ten recommendations by the panel I see only one fresh graduate. What made that CV unique and why did we considered is a key. I felt if I share my experience with hiring (recommending) for one of the leaders in tech industry would help many more students looking really challenging job in fortune one hundred companies and beyond.

All members in panel look for certain thing in a candidate, but one common thing we all look into a CV is, how fit a candidate is in our schedule and deadline. Too meet that we always look for someone who already know how to tackle some of the practical issues during the completion of project with least disturbance to existing members. If a fresher is hired we need to spend much time explaining the project to him so that he can accommodate the team and take time to perform. Usually big companies don’t have time for training, as they pay more and expect the product to be delivered on time. Developers, who are recommending, look for a candidate that disturbs them the least during the development process. But if someone is really talented nobody wants to miss him/her.

Now the key question is how to compete with experienced people and beat them right there in their domain. Its simple show your potential. World has grown so big and interactive, you don’t need to be in a company to do a good project. Visit open source software project, they range from different domains to different languages and platforms. Select what interests you and learn about it and contribute to it. Once you do this you will get to know what and where to apply. Many big shots have people in this open project they have an eye on contributors so it’s highly likely that you will get hired by someone even before you apply. If not your CV is as good and weighted as an experienced guy.

One more important thing, never apply to a company, apply to a job. This is the key for hunting a happy job that makes you grow. Just to share with you, good people are need in all walks of life. So never worried about a well-paid job just know what do you like and want to do. In coming post I will share with you how to land in a dream job.

For now just remember that you need to do a real solid work for landing in a real solid job. Otherwise you will be serving other people rest of life and never happy and satisfied. That’s the reason why people change jobs every two years just for 5% hike, because they will be doing same stuff in other places too, that is serving others demands.

With this I call you to understand what you want to do. Do a great B.Tech or M.Tech project, contribute to real project through open source projects. Just don’t do projects and seminar for the sake of formalities to complete degrees and land in a place where you don’t like anything.

Before managers take control of you better you take control of yourself. Instead of complaining how can a guy get experience if everyone ask for experience like movies, value your time and do a great contribution for yourself.

Wish you all a great luck ahead.


  1. Nagaveni patil

    thank u sir

  2. Prashant

    Could someone clarify more on open source project????

  3. Ratiranjan

    Sir, the open source project experience idea is great. i think my problem will be solved.
    Would you please post more about PhD.


  4. dipankar

    great post…ur post realy inspired me

  5. Joseph

    Thank you sir for this valuable post…Very helpful..

  6. whizzy

    Any suggestions for an electronics guy?
    Many of the skills related to computers can be developed independently with the help of courses like Udacity,Coursera,doing projects etc.

    But Sir,may you suggest something for someone inerested in electronics???

  7. Parasram

    Pls sir post about CEED.

    1. Zahid

      woooow what a coincidence. I just wrote that in to write list. It is my next post 🙂 thanks for you a recommendation..

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