Bioinformatics Seminar Topics

Bioinformatics is one of the fastest and most promising research fields of the era. Bioinformatics is mostly of the misunderstood and classed with Biometrics and DNA computing. Whereas, there no relation between these three fields. To make it very simple Bioinformatics deals with application of computer science methods in analyzing the biological experimental data. Biological experiments usually result in a huge data, for example single human genome project result in 3.2 million base pairs of nucleotide data. Analysis to this data will help in finding possible gene affecting a particular disease and also provide other biological insights. The challenging part is to analyze these huge data sets. Their huge volumes make it impossible to read and analyze them creating an opportunity for computer scientist to analyze and predict the results. Existing computer methods are tuned according to biological problems to help Biologist in understand the complexities, causes and biological entities involved in diseases like cancer and aids. These insights will help biologist to develop drugs, those are more effective, affordable in short span.

Under Bioinformatics Seminar Topics we will try to explore tools and methods available and application of each field in bioinformatics. We skip the minor details about each method. But I recommend you to have a look at the introduction to bioinformatics at Yale University and some introduction to molecular biology will a great help to understand bioinformatics tool and application.

The following topics discuss a biological process and a computational tool for that. We all provide links to biological data sets. There are links and resources given where you can read about the methods. Read articles, download tools and data sets. Install tools and learn using them by applying the real biological data sets. Visualize results. Once you are done with this make a presentation. You can follow this guide for making a presentation. And run the application during presentation and share the results with fellow mates.

Bioinformatics Seminar topics are:

  • Sequence Alignment
  • Genomics
  • Proteomics
  • Evolutionary Biology ( Phylogenetics)
  • Systems biology

Constantly we add new topics to this list. Every you visit you pay here will be an encouragement for us. Your comments and suggestions to improve this section are high appreciated.

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