Computer science is a wide field of study spanning over information processing, computation and Hardware. Its wide application to almost every discipline contributed to its fastest growth, interest and research. Covering every topic in computer science for seminar is a very difficult task. Here we tried to broadly categorized computer science and present few latest seminar topics under it.

This will be of great use to Computer Science Engineering, Information Technology (IT), MCA and MSc Computers students for finding a latest and Advanced seminar topics. The idea is to give a brief introduction, like Abstract to the seminar topic along with its applications and also add some reference martial and links for standers to investigate it further. There will also be book and a power point presentation added to each seminar for further study and understanding.

Our target in future will be to over 1000 seminar topics for computer science (CSE). It will be a well drafted, research oriented collection of seminar topics. We will focus on IEEE and Springer conference in the world to find these topics. These topics will be categorized under Bioinformatics, Machine Learning and data mining, Information retrieval and search, Computer networks, Operating systems, Latest topics in computer science (web technology, mobile application and apple related stuff), when we reach over 100 topics.

To serve many requests specially from MCA students we are now updating the following quick list on daily basis. As I work for samusung I have less time to do this after my hectic job schedule, please dont mine if I post a topics a day. I will try to make sure that your get good information here. Do not forget to ask questions i will definitely try to answer them over weekends. Thanks for your support and encouragement all the time.

The seminar topics for computer science. MCA and IT students are follows:

  1. Load Balancing in Parallel Computers
  2. Load Balancing in Internet
  3. Expert Systems and decision making
  4. Agent Based Systems and Applications
  5. Routing In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  6. Multicasting in Ad Hoc Networks
  7. Wireless Network Devices and digital convergence
  8. Mobile ad hoc network (MANET)
  9. Radio Network Controller for 3G mobile and wireless network devices
  10. Next Generation Protocol (IPv6)
  11. Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP)
  12. Computational Methods for Bankruptcy Prediction
  13. Privacy Preserving Data Mining
  14. Biometrics Authentication systems
  15. Palmprint Authentication Application
  16. Security in Mobile Database Systems
  17. Information or Data Visualizing Techniques
  18. Digital Watermarking Applications and Advantages
  19. Intrusion Detection System
  20. Embedded Auditors for Intrusion Detection

If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to post a comment.
Seminar topics for Engineering, MCA and MSc students . We are in the process of making over 5000 advanced seminar topics in coming days to server the ever growing need to good and research oriented topics for Engineering, MCA and Pharmacy students.