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Where Would You Spend 100 Hrs?

I am a big fan of great work, productivity, learning and contributing. Because of this nature it’s obvious for me to look for and listen to the people who really have done something great and made contributions to the humanity with their ideas and practices. This is another reason I hang on TedX talks more than youtube and facebook.

Frankly speaking I don’t watch all lectures in full length even on TedX. Whenever I feel I have a better story to tell than the speaker I just drop of it and do something else. On the same time I love to complete a lecture if the presenter is doing something or done something great impacting of challenging the limits.

I don’t miss extreme sports videos, and don’t spend time on social entrepreneurs lectures. I believe that social problems cannot be solved until the root causes of those problems are solved. My focus is to be and help others to do best and be honest to their goals leading to solving all problems.

This is Sunday morning, cold around -9 degrees here but beautiful bright day. I took a nice coffee and watched an excellent TEDX talk One hundred hours: Matt Webb @ TEDxAthens delivered in December 2011. It was slow when started but I kept looking for that 100 hours story because it mattered me most since early days of my life. That remind me of my grand mom (may Allah forgive her bless her with jannah) telling me, pray 100 days without missing the first call for prayers you will be in jannah (paradise).

The whole idea of the lecture was to plan 100hrs on something that you like to do and do it. Yes I mean do something not just wasting time like we do every single day. Please don’t say that you want to spend next 100 hours on facebook, watching TV, movies, dramas, chatting with friends or just spend time thinking.

Spending 100 hours on something that increase your value in some sense. Help you make a better person, contribute to society you live in, increasing the knowledge the world has, is the essence of hounded hours.

Another most important thing that I learned from the grand mom statement and the lecture is that all these numbers will help you discipline your life. You need real effort and discipline to do something consistently. 100 hours is one hour a day for next three months. If you can do it you can do anything you wish in your life.

The idea of 100 hours is taken from Malcolm Gladwell’s bestselling book Outliers: The Story of Success. Based on different example from highly successful people in the world he concludes that the key to success in any field is, to a large extent, a matter of practicing a specific task for a total of around 10,000 hours.

All these modren theories of success and stories of success people reminds me basic fundamentals I have been believing and try following. Just sharing one of many beautiful saying of prophet SAW.
Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) said: “The best loved deeds to Allah are the ones that are continuous even if they are not very many.” Bukhari and Muslim.

You move mountains with tiny continues effort and make it the world more beautiful place to live with a tiny good habit that you pursue continuously.

That is what we the famous quote mean ” Rome is not built in a day”.

With this I ask you to be more consistent and focused in your effort and keep doing something good continuously and consistently.

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  1. arindam samanta

    hi zahid,
    i am passing out 2010.At present i am working in a softwere company but i want to complete my mtech. can i get a job after completeing my mtech….
    pls help me about this……

  2. ashlee

    good one !!!


    Assalamalikum Zahid,

    This is Mustafa Shareef from Riyadh.I hope u r physically sound.u r doing a great job keep it up. i have ur e-mail id i made so many mail but i have not received any reply from so i am usingth is medium to congratulate u and ur family.


  4. Niks

    realy inspiring:)……………

  5. Prabu

    Hi Zahid,

    Can you pls give us some idea about Ph.D admissions in korean universities..

  6. partha307

    well said as ever .

  7. Vikram

    Thanx zahid thanx a lot for dis post I needed such post….n many in 2days scenario where students quit bcoz of frustration need dis! thanx once again!

  8. Prateek

    Hey zahid, need your help. I am really struggling with lack of concentration while studying,just cnt able to concentrate ,not even fr shorter period of time. I want achieve sum thng big in my life, i am intrested in study, but concentration is d major issue. Plz help me on this…
    Have a good day

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